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Friday, December 29, 2006

ding dong ding dong!!

As i mentioned... Since I've been missing for a while... will place a lot of entries during the whole week...

so... for now... i would like to wish... one of my closest friends... which... until now, i still keep in contact as often as i can... so atiee gileeeee!! HAPpY 23rd Birthday!!!! you're halfway to 46!!!

atie... u know i suck in photoshop... so... here's something i think i'm good at....

Once there was a sweet girl named Atie,
she's very very crazy,and always senyum nampak gusi,
She's into guys who are baldy, hence i think she's very into me,
too bad i'm only meant for angelina jolie,
never mind lah atie... u can try again lain kali,
all i want to say for my dearest atie,
is happy birthday!! you're twenty-three!!!
now you can buy me that wallet I've always wanted which is a burberry!!!!

miss ya lots pompuan gilerrrr..... HAAAPPY Birthday!!

I know you post this on your blog on my bday... but damn... i reaaaaally suck at photoshop. so... recycle's the name of the game.... muehehehe.
Globe Trekker Wannabe....

So what have i done since last thursday??

basically, I met up with my older nephews and cousins, took my friends around KK, and just chilled at home due to my asthma and fever that just seems to pop out at a never better time. oh well... what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger.

On the day i arrived, got a privilage taking my cool marketing friend, Sese around the KK night life, and just chilled at shanny's and talked.

The next day, took her around KK from one end to another, while we listen to songs, and she help me intepret some cool songs that I've always had some misconception or have always taken for granted.

for example, Bob Marley's 'No Woman, No Cry,'. I know it's a song of revolution, but my interpretation of it was, one of his friends in the government yard in trenchtown, was feeling sad since he was left by a woman. hence, he was trying to console his bud in the midst of the chaos. But actually... my good friend Bob, was actually saying... to a woman... No Woman, No Cry. Or in normal english, oh please dear lady, don't cry. Or in other layman term, woit pompuan bongok... dah tak payah nak nangis... aku sepak kang baru tau (okay... i went too far on the last one). And she was crying due to the revolution... how'd you like that interpretation? Cool huh? And to think I used that song to lift me up when my mind flash through some stupid women I've met in my life. Oh well. But anyway, I really love taking people around KK as much as i can since I really want to leave the best impression i can for them so that they can visit Sabah more often and bring people around and experience its wonders.

Sese and I sharing some gossips and pasta in Little Italy, KK. A nice Italian restaurant. Hey I know it's not really Malaysian... but... it's good food. home made. go try it when you're in KK!!

So, my cool friend Sza-Sza came up to Sabah due to my very convincing persuasion... obviously being left alone in Bintulu is NOT GOOD... especially during the holiday season.

Basically, I went all Ian Wright from Globe Trekker on it. Did my own video travelling documentary on our trip. Had so much fun. We trekked, climbed up some canopy walk, smelled some guano in the bat cave, I walked through a waterfall in my jeans and boots (which was VERY stupid), then after that, drove up to Mt Kinabalu Park, which is registered as one of the World's Heritage, had some nice hot drinks up there, and went down.

Boy was it a rush. I'd love to get into details... but wait till i compile the video properly. Someone please remind me to!! I tend to forget really. hehe.

But for now, please do enjoy the pics of my simple roadtrip with my bud...

Stopping by for some traditional souveys.....

Makcik di kaki gunung....

Being all cowboy at the canopy walk....

checkin out the equipment for some blair witch project shit....

relaxing after the hike and the stupid bruneians who were so fcuking rude on sabahan road. sheesh. Sabah and Sarawakians hate bruneians like West Malaysians hate Singaporeans....

finally relaxing with some hot choc at the base camp....

It was chilly after all....

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Break... and SICK....

i know i know... i've been missing for a while. i'm sorry very very sorry. had some guests coming to KK, so needed to show them the best part of KK the best i can.

i wanna start writing rite now... but its very late, and im not feeling in the 'pink of health' as they might say back in those days... shit i'm old.

but anyway... one of my plans for this break is write an article and send it to NST and hopefully it gets published. the article is about how fucked up i think airasia is. hopefully that gets done soon. also, need to sharpen up on my cover letter which will hopefully get me a transfer to marketing position. i really dont like this job, and will try my best to get it.

then gonna get a haircut. mom's been complaining about it... plus... i think with my longer hair, it adds some shades to my cheeks and i look heavier. hopefully im not in actual. plus... atiee doesnt lke me with long hair too. actually wanted to shave it all off... but all my hot close friends, mary, ferr, atiee... think i shouldnt. so... just gonna cut it normally... which is spiky hair like usual.

what's bad about this break is... im a bit under the weather, with flu and slight fever. so that's a bit of a spoiler really.

actually last week i think i had a really good topic to talk about... but then i forgot... since its been more than a week. but i do have a new topic.. but will keep it in mind and put it in before the end of the week hopefully.

so... hang in there... got some good pics and vid too!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Oh baaarbara daaahling, you look beauuuuutiful today (in total snobbish accent)....

Okay... so seminggu lebih tak update. 'sibuk' laaa katakan. chet atiee. okay i wanted to write something on sunday, but fell asleep. didnt like to write on a weekday. hence carried on till today. but to my frequent readers... my bad.

Well anyway, this week was an interesting week for me. busy, hectic week, with some interesting twists in it. however... im not a person who tells my single life in every detail. hehehe. i just like to observe, and things i think i can tell for the benefit of others. but occasionally there are some slips. hehe.

so... earlier this week... I attended this one course... perhaps one of the coolest course I've ever attended. it's part of this something like Quality Leader Development thingy. yeaps... to whom are so used to this term... it may be quite cheesy and typical. nevertheless... i had great fun.

basically the course was on corporate image and grooming or something like that lah. so basically i had to learn the proper corporate way of dressing up and what not. with how to match tie and shirt, how you greet people, how to treat a lady and BE a gentlemen and also how to do fine dining. so basically its something to add class and quality in a person. hence going through the course was awesome. the actual position of the spoon on the dining table, you actually scoop the spoon away from you, NEVER dip your meal in your soup bla bla bla.

Here's my god knows how many cents on it. personally... i think it was a good course to unwind from my work. But to say it didnt have any effect at all on me... hmm actually... not yet. for those who have gone through this thing... where some people might call it very tedious way of eating (menyusahkan diri), my take is this... it WILL apply... later on in the future... maybe when you're sent by your company for a meeting, and then you are invited to a fine dining in the presence of the president or something. Or maybe just simply you'll be invited to my wedding with Siti Nurhaliza's daughter when i'm 44. So please, do learn this. hehehe.

but anyway, believe it or not, our malaysian people who were not exposed to this classy culture did so many faux pas (macam kesilapan laa to this culture), and the country/company sent complaints for the company to educate them. hence... just be reminded, you dont only represent yourself, but you also represent your company (regardless you love it or not), and also your country. but basically... yourself la.. tak malu ke nanti? so... if you havent attended such course, at least force yourself to meet others that can actually help you out.

Growing up... is sure damn hard....

To a serious note... i guess last nite... was one of the turning points of certain qualities in my life. thanks to my two friends/bandmates.

As i was having dinner with my friends... i got a text message from this guy... probably one of the snobbiest person I've ever met in my life. I've always had some vengeance on him due things he did to someone i cared about, plus the fact that he boasts all the time added the more reason to give him a swing. so you know how much i abhorred this guy.

when i read the text, the guy told me, he wants to pick me up, face to face, and settle things. i was like... wow... this is good chance. my adrenaline rush pumped me up until i was so restless. my two friends, one if probably one of the most sarcastic funny dude ive known, one really cool guy listened to what I had to say. the cool guy used to like to get into fights and all. but then... they both told me something i didnt see coming... it was actually a lot of talking la but to summarize it they said something like 'dude, we're all grown-up now. for REAL this time. you have a career, sooner or later you'll be married, and this time you really have a reputation to take care. When grown-ups fight... it either ends in jail, or death. but even if the guy doesnt die, puas hati pukul... that's it. but then, your reputation is tarnished. simple as that'.

I really had to soak it in for a while. I couldnt believe that I had to supress my ego. So my friends say, if the guy wants, come to their place tomorrow, sit down, and talk outside. they're not gonna interrupt, they're probably just gonna be asleep anyway in the morning. (yes.. the guy wanted to pick me up at 9am). he probably wants to have breakfast in the afternoon, and attend some function at night. oh well. but anyway, i thought why so? and the explanation was simple, two grown-up angry men, should not be left together. and they also kept telling me... down sink down to his level.

so basically, that's what i texted him... and after that my friends told me... if he comes and talk, he'll be screaming, he'll be pointing, he'll be rude... all you have to do, is calm down, and be a better person. and just say sorry even if you know you're right. in the end... he'd be the bad guy anyway. dont start flippin out, and just be patient. but if he starts, of course la i have to defend myself, then, keluarkan la silat, taekwondo, capoeira, kage bunshin no jutsu, rasengan yang ada my friend said. but they kept saying, dont go down to his level. you're a MAN, and adult now. and at the same time, my family was going through my head, my career progression, my reputation and it did made me think... a lot.

then comes in another text msg from him sarcastically implying that i'm a pussy to meet him and fight him in front of my friends. I was aggravated. really. for those who know me, when i'm pissed... i am. but then my cool friend... who used to love to get into fights and all, told me, 'i know its an insult man, but really, you're the better man so far, you didnt provoke him or anything, and better yet, he keeps provoking you to fight... so who's an adult now?'. damn... never knew that those words would come up from him. and really... it was the biggest challenge of the week for me. i really had to calm myself. it was difficult honestly. then, without my friends help... i sent him this txt msg 'if you wanna talk, meet me... and talk. just know i'm not going to fight. that's it. abis cerita. simple.' initially i wanted to say sarcastic stuff... of which i will not say la. but my friends kept telling me... hang in there. and i did.

in the end... he didnt wanna see me. that was it. my friends told me, you did the right thing. I drove back trying to figure out was it the rite thing. and told myself... 'wow... growing up sucks, and its difficult. never had to supress my ego that much'. yes... it was a challenge. there are other things that matter now... my friends, especially the mcgiffs, tonyokest girl in wichita, pilot brother in langkawi, my loving family, and my job... as much as i think i prefer to be somewhere else... which i know i'll be there sooner or later... at least i have a reputation to take care. if it was the right thing or not... ntah. did it feel good? ntah. but now i know i can bump into him, smile, knowing that, i'm a better man. i think. ntah. am i? man... growing up... is hard.

damn these things confuse me seriously... but i'm okay now. plus... the hotel actually made a mistake. the smallest fork on the left should actually be on the right. and the water will always always be at the tip of the knife of the main course. its a hotel here in the middle of no where. of course you cant expect them to be experienced in such classy thing except buffet eh?

my facis wanted me to give the speech of honor for the honored guests and all, last minute. well not last minute la, about 1 hour before the event. hence, its called extaremponues... aperntah... pegi mampus la nak eja camner. pandai korang la carik kat webster. sigh. ahah. i didnt do bad, just okay... so thank god....

What ever high class shiiite that is... salmon something (yes... i also found out officially... its a silent L. to Ms azu... if you're reading... hehe... yes... you're rite. brits... sigh... hehehe.)

me and my uniten mate/office mate/friend.... wow... i know her this long...

yepps... there goes my speech... and my hands... and yessss atieee... rambut i dah panjaaang. okay2... will cut it okay? its my holiday hair... sheeeeesh. heheheeh.

Oh I forgot to say... my cool faci is Dr Sher. some may know him from AF. dont jump into conclusions about him and his style. if you do... you just really dont know what you're talking about. :). a very cool guy, who i'd say i'm very happy to know, an honored to be a friend of him.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jungles and me....

So yesterday rite... i went jungle trekking. been trekking the same track 3 times now. But yesterday was... okay, i wont say it annoying... it was challenging... somewhat. Since it has been raining almost everyday for a week, and including the morning i went for trekking, the track was actually very slippery, and usually id wear boots for my trekking, but that yesterday i was already somewhat late, hence needed to rush and had no time to put on those boots. had to wear my sneakers instead.

So yes... as i was trekking in the jungles, yesterday i became the sweeper so didnt really mind since i was familiar, and it gave me more time alone... as long as i didnt get lost, im cool. but anyway, the tracked passed through a very small stream, and what really kinda caught my attention was in that very small river, on top of a hill, were SOOO many prawns. im like... how the hell they get up here really?? and then there was an ikan keli my colleague pointed out that i missed. again... i asked myself... how the hell did they get up here? then after waiting til i was alone to walk again, i asked myself... well yes of course actually I've been asking this question a long time ago, now it bugged me again.

So, how does a pond, or a stream directly from a well, have fish in it??? like dude.. seriously??HOW?? okay, I've been told that pond in golf courses, usually some buddhist monks would put fish in it to let it free or something... for what reason i dont know. but how bout those ponds that doesnt have any tamper with humans? how'd fish come out from it... out of no where? they dont just fall from the rain rite? like... they're eggs are just way... waaaaay to heavy to be evaporated along with water and dropped down along with the rain. They didnt evolve from insects into fish. nopes.. not even from snakes. so how the hell does these prawns and fish appear out of no where??? SERIOUSLY??

trekking down memory lane....

As i was trekking last nite, i was trying to remember when did i first do my trekking. and i remembered that it was actually an unplanned one. i was probably primary 2 or 3, and my mom, at that time a lecturer, brought her students somewhere between Papar and Kinarut (my semenanjung friends, its in Sabah), the place if im not mistaken was pantai manis. So my dad, my cousin and i went to fish somewhere instead of hanging out just watching university students have fun and being all lovey dovey with the uuuss and aaass and all. so, initially i cant really recall, but there were rocks, and the river was quite murky. and my cousin caught a catfish. a big one. he let it go coz the family aren't really into ikan air tawar... or some might say ikan darat, or non-saltwater fish (i know there's an english name for these but i just CANT remember!!).

So after that, my cousin and my dad decided to try look for a better spot. so we had to trail along the river, that really has NO trail at all... and my dad told me to take off my shoes because it was just really slipper and dangerous. so i did what he said, and walk on the rocks barefooted like the both of them did. little that i know, since we were trailing down the river, the rocks we stepped on eventually had barnacles on it. and first cut it really hurt, and plus... the water got saltier every moment. so you know how it feels rite? and as we approached the oceans, the cut just really multiplied, and wow... it HURTS. we tried to look for the best part to fish but in the end, we just decided to go to the ocean and cast our rods there. everybody went shirtless since we were waist deep in the ocean. well i was... since i was like 2 feet god knows then. it was difficult really bleeding all over my feet.. initially. but then when we all started to fish, and i actually caught my first fish ever there. with my dad. hmmm. after the trip, my feet still stings, and i walked like i just stepped barefooted on a field of durians.

but in all the pain, and the challenging track that i went through with my dad and my cousin, i actually had fun. and i'll always remember that place when i pass by to go back to my dad's kampung. and most of all... it was my first fishing trip with my dad. caught my first fish... it was small, and butt ugly... but it was yummy... i think. i didnt really care. it was my first fish. it was... great. really. wonder if i ever thanked my dad for that experience.

well... in the words of Ozzy Osbourne in the reality show, the Osbourns show, on the episode where he took his son jack to fish for the first time at a very very old age... 'You're not a complete dad if you don't take your son fishing at least once....' something like that la... but you know what... as fucked up as i think the old guy is... I have to agree with Ozzy. my dad did... and hopefully if i have a son, i'd do the same thing for him... assuming that there are still fishes in this world at that time. even if there isnt any, im just gonna take him to cast rods and tell him how it felt like to fish for the first time.

good times it was... good times.....