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Monday, November 27, 2006

for the one i have not met....

To you... whom i have not met... you're a gift from god... thank you very much... for loving me the way no one can ever....

If I fell in love with you
could you promise to be true
And help me understand
'Cause I've been in love before
And I've found that love is more
Than just holding hands

If I gave my heart to you
I must be sure from the very start
that you would love me more than her

If I trust in you, oh please
don't run and hide,
if I love you too, oh please
don't hurt my pride like her

'Cause I couldn't stand the pain
And I would be sad
If our new love was in vain

So I hope you see that I
would love to love you
And that she will cry
when she learns we are two

If I fell in love with you


Weirdly enough... i find myself listening to feel good mellow songs, john mayer, ray lamontagne, corrine bailey rae, Etta James (Ferr!! download this one! go for 'At last' first!!!), Norah Jones.Listening to rocking songs doesnt really fit me that much anymore. although i really really know i love them... back in the 90s and before i graduate... but now... simple guitar riffed songs... are the best... shaiits... im getting jack shit old....

went jogging yesterday morning... AND evening...

in the morning... no one was around... i jogged, slowed down my headphones, and suddenly heard the beautiful songs of some weird birds... not a sparrow but nevertheless... soothing. and the breeze from the sea went through.

in the evening... there were people around, parents taking their kids around the park by the beach, kids being curious when im doing my pushups, and tried to do the same thing.... beautiful kids. two tatooed guys were taking their wives and kids in the park, one of them pregnant. 'you dont have to be rich and succesful to have the best things around you in your life', i thought. on the way back as i was jogging, passed by some stalls, and people just bbqin by the beach... hanging out with friends and family... how i wish it was me and the mcGiffs havin 'Our Sunset part II'.

the evenin... just really... really caught me... nice....
(okay... i DONT care if u guys think... aaawww irfan's turning sappy..... aaaww)

this morning... wokeup with pain in my legs hahaha... too much jog i think. but... nice day yesterday, and... this morning... thanks for giving me a good smile for the start of the week. i owe you....

Summer came like cinnamon... so sweet....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The names Bond... James Bond... MOTHERFUCKER.....

Went to watch Casino Royale last weekend. i thought it was the typical Bond movie with those stupid over exaggerated gadgets with flipping cars and where he does almost everything with that expensive watch that i can NEVER afford.

Instead... what i saw in the really sad theater... was a damn kickass movie. Definitely a Bond that's much better than Sean Connery. Pierce Brosnan was a bit on the pussy side. Now Daniel Craig... is the BAD ASS BOND. like... he'd definitely would want to say... 'bond... james bond MOTHERFUCKER'. and then he'd just shoot you down without mercy.

Less gadgets more intense drama... and darkly depressing. my kind of movie. its like batman begins version of James Bond.

Great week indeed....

well i had a good week that could last me till the weekend... which is today. thanks for my visitin friends from KL for a course. lucky marketing ppl... travelling everywhere. i wonder if id ever travel the world.

well went for a lot of jamming, with some great groupies. had fun... and exchanging songs and stories....

but the actual thing that made my week had to be... knowing that i actually created an impact on others to do something good for the needy. thanks.

Sighs and wonders

like usual... mondays are the worst day for most mankind in this world. i loathe to go to work... and i cant stop thinking of the work i have to do. wanted to do some today but just didnt bother to. am gonna push myself tomorrow morning.

why do stupid people tend to give stupid hope and statements to ppl who dont like where they are or what they do seriously? dont they know that's just gonna bring them down more. i have so much rage and revenge in me for these people. i dont even know when i will ever actually dont mind accepting them. go rot and die ignorant fools.

We be Jammin?

our adorable groupies....

last week's wedding... aaawwwww (yeah... sure that's how 'I' felt...sigh)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

currently... i think....

I think... I have the greatest friends I could ever wish for,
I think... people only see my outerlayer... and not the real me,
I think... I kinda hate weddings because it makes me feel sore,
I think... I feel miserable but its important for my friends to be happy,

I think...
no matter how people give their advice to put a smile on me,
i feel its useless because deep down... they cant really see,
the pain and the stress that creeps slowly,
into this life, which i think i know, where i'll die... very... very... very... lonely.

by Irfan....

dedicated to myself... sadly... and only.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stupid humans.....

So seriously... i was browsing through BBC middle this week... and bumped into a video at BBC website in regards to the Japanese inventing a very humanlike android. it cant perform complete tasks yet, but the skin is very human like la basically. even the facial expression are like almost surreal. A lot of people think its AWESOME. Next step to technology revolution.

  • android neews

  • do you know what I think? I dont need to be an evil scientist to know the repercussions of genius human like robots. all i need is a whole stack of Terminator from 1 to 3, and Matrix all of it (yes i'll try endure the stupid part 2. sampai skarang tak paham reloaded). from all those... i could sum up... Artificial Intelligence, if not controlled properly, will wipe out the whole mankind on this earth, and start a revolution on their on. well at least... its not gonna be like that for another 100 yrs hopefully. when they start sucking on our life source for energy. AI can be really scary. can you imagine you succumbing to robots who will boss you around, and if you dont listen, they can just flick their finger on your arm and they'll break it? scary shit there!!! seriously... man.... Or.. or... humans start stop being in love with other humans... and besides heterosexual, homosexual preferences... later on, they'll have androidsexual. damn us guys CANT compete with that!! the android man robots could probably have like huge Wangs that's adjustable size, and vibrates. damn... i definitely cant compete with that. DAMN JAPANESE!! STOP TRYING TO IMPROVE THE ROBOTIC TECHNOLOGY!!!!
    (No Nooooo... i'm NOT high while writing this entry)

    It's almost a year.....

    well... it's 10 more days to 1 year being here in this forsaken place. doing work that i hate, i feel depressed on, and people say, give it one year, things will be okay for you later on. seriously... one year is almost here... im still at the same stage of depression i was in. in fact... worse. i thank god everyday... im a muslim. otherwise id be doing something really stupid that no human will be proud of.

    after i finished my jog today... i tried to think of what are the good things that i gained here in bintulu... so this is what i came up with.

    1. I learned how to swim
    2. I'm learning how to play better guitar, and sharpening it up.
    3. I'm learning to appreciate things that I used to have in KK, KL and US.
    4. I'm much healthier now... although i think i can still be as healthy elsewhere.

    the negatives... i dont even need to start. let's just say... i wish i was really doing marketing or at least they give me the chance to understand and explore other work areas to see if it actually fits me. can't THEY SEE IT????? it's killing me everyday. i look at my past writings... and found out... the ONLY time im happy... is when im not doing work. its too painful too endure.

    Time travel or something like that.....

    okay... so today i watched this chick flick... 'Lake House'. I'd say... it's ~~okay. It's in regards to this two people on the same date but separated within 2 years, communicate to each other via letters on a mailbox at this lakehouse which Keanu Reeves is in 2004, and Sandra Bullock is in 2006. so well anyway... yes... the movie is somewhat sweet... in a weirdly time confusing manner. but anyway... any movie that relates to time travel, time difference in so related manner... is stupidly confusing. seriously!! the only movie yang aku rasa paham giler2... is Back to the Future I all the to III. Steven Spielberg really did his work well. that's it. other than that... Lake House, Frequency, aper ke jadah lagi... dude... i CANT grasp the concept. like... if someone in the past changes something... with the person in the future knowing it.... suddenly EVERYTHING changes... so technically, NEW memories HAS to develop... and he probably shouldnt be there doing the thing he was doing right to the moment the guy in the past did something to change the future.... faham ke? SEE?? i dont even know if what i wrote make sense. SHHEEEEESH! bongok gilerrrr.

    latersss mofoss....