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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the Preacher Man....

To those who really know me, they'd know that i'm definitely not the most religious person around. i've done things i'm not very proud, but to be honest, not a lot of those i truly regret. i remembered it being my choice and my choice only and also happy to know that unlike those who preach without knowing, at least i know what "bad" really is.

Well, i'm not about to preach about The Book, nor am i going to really preach, as who are we kidding, my writings could actually end up as a disaster or could actually end up as a masterpiece. either way, i know it's something that most of us Malaysians have been living with since, like, forever. and to be honest, it may have been slowly ticking like a bomb waiting for it to explode into pure angry writings and raising up my hand high up in the air and adding that one finger just to place the insult high up in the sky just to make my point.

what is it that ticks me off already? Us Muslims. what? offended? let me put this correctly... Us Malay Muslim. sorry... still offending. oh well. here's the thing, i'm definitely not referring to every single malay muslim out there. definitely not. i know some others who actually do share the same view as i do and please be reminded dear readers, this is my point of view. should you want to discuss, do it professionally and nicely.

so, here's the thing. i dont understand, why the Malay Muslims in this country are so isolated, are so silo within their own religion? they are just being stuck in a bubble without trying to make others understand what the essence of Islam or what the meaning of being Islam really is. I may not be the most religious guy, but I know I am proud of my religion. Must we be so insulting and so accosting towards others who dont share the same belief as us? Is that truly the way? You say "Dont do this, Dont do that, Never do this, Never do that" and the worst thing is, most of you just take those "Dos and Donts" from what you've heard but not researched. Isn't that already something wrong?

In surah Al Isra' 17:36, excerpt by Yusuf Ali,

And pursue not that of which thou hast no knowledge; for every act of hearing, or of seeing or of (feeling in) the heart will be enquired into (the Day of Reckoning)

Read and understand it. No, it doesnt mean that, if you dont know something, then dont do it. No, it means, if you dont know something, then, go find out more about it, understand it, research, absorb into it spiritually, all in all, to make you a better worshipper and most of all, for you to share the knowledge with everyone eventually. and if you dont make that effort, all that ignorance, not using what God has given to you, your eyes, your ears, your brain, YOU will be questioned.

Now why must I mention something like that? Readers, i think we are repelling non-muslims who can be interested in our religion away. Must the preachers be too negative all the time? "Dont do this or you'll burn in hellfire" someone would say. Dont they realize that Islam is such a wonderful religion and the book is written so perfectly that the religion is about peace, hope, being devoted and loving your religion. Why must we talk about the "Donts" most of the time? why can't we talk about the "Dos" more? won't that give a more positive view of our religion?

I read this article once, and it was basically about how a very prominent western figure came into embracing Islam. What caught my attention the most was when she mentioned

"Each Individuals' journey to Islam is their own".

No one could've actually explained it better concisely. You make a point to explore, understand it from different aspects, some people delve into the books to understand more about religion, some people will travel the world, to whatever countries despite religion, and if they are there, and see the wonders that has been put on this earth, they will absorb and feel what has He provided to all of us.

Never find it just within our community of Islam, the Malay Islam. Come on my friends, Islam is all over the world. Never find Islam just within a general Islamic community as well, in fact, if you mingle around with other religions, with other cultures, you start understanding more about the Book and create a bigger appreciation of your own religion and feeling thankful with what you have been blessed with.

The article writer also mentioned this,

"Don't hurry, Lauren. Just take it easy. Allah is waiting for you. Ignore those who tell you: you must do this, wear that, have your hair like this. Follow your instincts, follow the Holy Qur'an- and let Allah guide you."

Everyone has their own journey. Some have gone through shit and been brought back to be a better person. I've definitely seen who's so pious back then and suddenly turned completely messed up and gone astray of the world handed over to him. Take that journey, but also be wise, learn, and be passionate about it. and always come back to what is true.

To one point, some people in this country, even start thinking Islam as part of the Malay race only. Going to the mosque, some people condemning other races, and you go "yes, let's hate that race!". Are we supposed to grow to be so hateful? Some don't even know there are actually Chinese and Indian muslims out there in this country. I've heard some people shun the Chinese muslim from coming into the mosque, because they're chinese. dude, seriously, did you realize that the Chinese people learned about Islam waaaaaay before we did?? back when we still thought paganism was super cool then?

I wonder,why must we repel others and say "let's burn churches down because they etc etc etc!". Is lynch mobbing really the answer? wont it even more strengthen the already negative vibe of unnecessary attention that we are getting from the rest of the world saying we are a religion of hatred?? NO! we are a peaceful religion. Prove it to the world, prove it to your family, prove it to your friends, most of all, prove it to yourself.

My main point here my dear readers, why must we be so negative in promoting our own religion? why? why can't it be something that's more hopeful, something that's more inspiring, and not repel those who really are interested in learning our religion. Isnt sharing and discussing about your religion with others, be it informal or formal is still a form of Dakwah? Isnt wishing someone well wishes during their holidays gives them a comfort which then eventually make them feel,

"hey, i wanna wish him too during this festive season"

isnt that already some part of dakwah despite how minuscule the effect may be?

Always remember, Al Kafirun Surah 109 at the last passage,

109:6 "To you be your way, and to me, mine".

We have our religion and we are should hold on to it, no matter what lifestyle we may be or have gone through. Religion is a choice. If you want to believe in the force and pull a Luke Skywalker on me, fine, as long as I did my part in making you understand what i believe in.

Yes my dear readers, Islam is peaceful religion. Do not get it mistaken by the media, nor other words of mouth. and please dont get mistaken by one act of a person and immediately judge the whole religion. In fact, don't even think a person's race defines his religion.

I may have been rambling because i'm super sleepy, either way, my point is simple, find out more about Islam from the so many different sources available and reliable sources. Be polite and inquisitive to others so they too take that initiave to be as inquisitive on us as we did. 

till, then, laters ya'll and have a great happy holidays.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its funny because its true....

Well i was at my aikido class today. Most of them in there i would say are pretty conventional men. So in class today there's a new guy. Its a first as well coz the guy is a chinese. This is interestin because its actually an aikido/silat class so there's a number of hardcore malays in there. What's also interesting is, of which i think no one in the class knows, is that the guy used to be a "she". Lucky for the "guy" im x conventional. Sucks for evryone else though when they wanna do a new move that involves groin punching or grabbing. Imagine the horror. Hahahaha. Its funny because its true.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Existence of smartphones....

well, with this new coming of age, i guess everyone is slowly, or may i retract and say rapidly moving towards the smartphones usage. i remember reading someone's FB stats saying that "never have i realized choosing a fruit would be difficult" in which referring to Apple (iPhone) and Blackberry. 

how much have these smartphones change people's lives? seriously, i guess to a totally whole different level. before this people have to take out their laptop, or go back home to check out work emails, now hell no, standing in a train? pffbt... take out your smartphone on your holiday and you'd find out that something's wrong at work. wondering what's your FB account is like? notifications and all that shit? pffbt... take out your smartphone and you'd find out who tagged you on the latest uncool photo u have probably when you were sleeping and unintentionally grabbing your package. 

yes, literally, we are living in the world of technology, and i may have once mentioned in one of my blog entries, that one day technology will definitely rule the world, and hopefully not without us (damn you Arnold!). Either way, we're bridging gaps that has always seem to be difficult and all. but along the way, most of us dont realize the non existing gaps that we've now created. what gaps you say? those gaps that may actually matter much more than your stupid smartphones. 

go to a dinner, or chill out session with your 4 of your friends and all. sit down, order drinks, catch up for the first few minutes, and suddenly one person would take out their smartphone to check out something that just probably vibrated the orgasm out of them. next thing you know, now we're down to 3 friends. then you start catching up and all that, a person points out like "did you check out the news on Glee this morning?" then that person starts opening the clip to show everyone. now while searching for that clip, we're down to 2 converses who coincidentally these two friends probably has the least to talk about within the 4. however, there is a catch, which is , somehow they talk great in chat mode, so, in the end both of them takes out their smartphones and chat away with each other catching up despite sitting close to each other a fist punch's length and by the time the first person who was checking out their phone is done with their thing, s/he looks up and find that no one seems to pay attention to the person. which eventually, slowly diminishes these group of people's relationship with each other. yeay smartphones. 

now don't deny it, this actually happened to most of us. once i changed into my smartphone, i started to get into it too and to be honest, i am not proud of it not even one bit. back then when everyone was quiet, and just checking out smses, someone would eventually strike up something intelligent and started the ball rolling again. then when the heated argument ends. small gap, then someone else would get the ball rolling and so on and so forth.

we are destroying actual social life and culturing intangible social living. no wonder researches estimated sometime in the near future, that there will be a majority of unattractive people as they are consumed in this intangible world of theirs. 

now i was talking in the Relationship: Friends view. how about those Relationship: Family view? some people already dont talk much to their parents, wives, kids and family much due to over commitment to work. then "hello smartphones". going to an event with your family and then instead of sitting down with your in laws listening (or trying listen), or your even your own family talking, you'd be taking out your smartphone and mingling with it instead. where's the courtesy in that? i may have done it too... to be honest, it's an ethic we should not adapt at all. so what if the phone buzzes a bit? look at it, dont delve in to it. what's 1 hour with the people who matters instead of those who really dont? 

we are slowly digging a big hole and creating a huge gap that wasnt even there in the first place! even if there already was a gap, we're making it worse! there should definitely be an ethics when it comes to smartphones. and who are the ones to start it? we are. otherwise, things will come around in the future, and our kids will do that to us. ignoring us in their own world looking all fat and ugly and not even sure what does a stapler, a cat or a real life chicken look like. 

well, let's start, embedding this culture within us, the importance of being a forward yet strong family and cultural values and not have our people totally westernized and ignoring what matters. a community, a close group of chill out buddies, and most of all, your family. 

Here's so far the ones i've come up with

Phone ethics my point of view
1. set your phone on silent during meal hours unless alone. 

2. dont mingle with your phone unless its really important (like telling the group of people you're otw, but you're actually just tying your shoe and about 45 minutes away instead of the 5 you mentioned)

3. working hours... silent your phone! (hate those phones that ring during meetings)

4. when you're out on date night with your other half, definitely not check out your phone in front of them. glancing is ok. god knows suddenly there's something really urgent (like your dad sending you a pic of his old religious notes only to find out 20 yrs later that his then 8 yr-old son drew a robot on it, *not guilty!*)

5. those stupid idiot who tweet/update their facebook stats like every 2 minutes, and worse of all mentioning where they are, are only inviting stalkers tracking their every single movement. you know who you are....

6. if necessary, download an icebreaker app where people go 'That is so cool!' and then when intended reaction is received, immediately keep your smartphone out of reach and start with something basic like 'ya, funny shit kan? so what were you guys up to during the weekend?'

7. let's go for 7, just because i can. let's see... ah yes... when you're on a holiday, a weekend, or a break, do NOT spoil that recharging moment with those emails or calling work. it'll spoil every single moment of it. then it'll unintentionally destroy the mood of your family whom you know would definitely be there for you no matter what whereas a smartphone wont. 

laters yall.

Friday, December 03, 2010

it's my sixth year....

fuck this place. it's my sixth year here. i really tried to like it. i never did.
i've impede my creativity, i've never felt any miserable ever in any stages of my life.
i'm sad most of the time when i leave from anywhere i am to come back here.
i've been praying that i'll be able to leave everyday, and when hope seems there, suddenly it's seems lost again.

i hate being on night shifts. i wake up all pissed off. i feel like screaming my lungs out. i feel like i wanna punch someone immediately when i wake up. i hate pretending that it is ok most of the time. to be frank it's not!
i want to be with my wife, try and start a family of my own, but i'm stuck here. and truthfully it's not easy. this is not my place. why do people assume that everything they suggest is good for you?

"do technical, orang plant bagus"
"keja technical kaya, keja plant penat tapi bagus"
"keja kat plant skejap jek pastuh mintak la transfer. untuk blaja la"

well guess what, it's so difficult to learn when i feel everything is inconducive. i have no motivation nor a catalyst to study. when during my fucking off days that was said will be my time to come to the office and learn more, well, i had to come down to cover others. which in the end, im busy at the field most of the time. and when i try to sit down and study during my shifts, all ya'll say i sit on the desk too much. you have to be on the field. AAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGHH.

i dont want to be here. this is not my place. please help me leave this place and be some place that can help me grow, give me better motivation to do the best in my life. not here. not here. not here.

losing it.....

Monday, November 29, 2010

Well currently im planning to start blogging again. Will this time around last as i have failed to maintain aa early this year? God knows. Will my entries be as boring compared to the ones i had when i was still studying? God knows. One thing for sure, ive always missed my writings.

Back then ppl catch up with blogs as compared to regular emails of which i kinda understand the reason why. Basically u dont want to immediately reply to ur correspondence which can actually show either:-
1. You're currently bored
2. You have no life
Either way, these days ppl hv the pleasure of expressing themselves on Facebook (watched "The SocialNetwork btw, and it was awesome!) or on twitter which displays a more brief expression of one's self however sadly slowly diminishing one's constant creativity & also one's articula y (if there is such word).

However can we solely blame facebook/twitter on impeding ur creativity from expanding? I think not. I however blame it on growing up. Well to be honest, it's not a bad thing at all. Well not completely. One thing for sure, commitments start pouring in, personal time starts dwindlig down to driving to work, showering, eating and sleeping. Unless you manage it or reduce your sleeping time, there mayyyy be some improvement there. Well it's those little sacrifices that one has to make.

But really? Juz commitment? Which brings my final point. Location... Location... Location. As Malcolm Gladwell puts it, "location means opportunities". Well somewhere in his book he definitely implied it. Either way, to me location means opportunities, but also motivation. Which to be honest, something ive might hv lost few years ago. However Alhamdulillah, as demotivated i am, my work was never completely ignored. Which means there may stillmbe some reserved gas left in my jetpack to propel myself away from here. So, there's still hope. Let's juz pray for the best.

Here's a true story. Few nights ago, i bumped into someone from highschool. I remember back then this guy was well not to say THE best, but he was there. He excelled, he studied, got really good head on his shoulders and was even one of the earliest persons to acually leave the country to pursue further studies. Along the way, i heard, not really surr, but something happened to him and he became utterly depressed. He became a normal maybr slightly less. What was even sad is when he got back, he got let go by the compny and he was lookin around, and seems to be still, depressed, if not worse. So when i met him, he was smilin and all, sadly i wsnt doing a good job in making the conversation less awkward in asking him "What you up to now?". Hesitantly he said he's now studying again but to become a teacher. Not something you expect from him back then. No matter what it is, to me it is still a halal job and a very noble job.

But the point is here, in my perspective, i think he fell, and he never got back up fully. Didnt recover. He may have lost his jetpack completely. That is when it hits me, and i pray that im thankful no matter what situation and still maintain whatever gas reserve i have left.i pray that it wont happen to my family, and my friends dont ever go through the same thing. To my readers, hang in there no matter what, remember that you'll alwys have your support system, if not your friends, your family, if not them, turm to God and just hang in there. For my friend, i pray for him the best and may he become a better person and may even be the best teacher out there for our future generations to come. Amin.

PS:- i apologiZe for any grammatical error. Using my phone to do this.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kings of Peons....

Well, it's been a while. read a comment posted on my last writing saying that i may need to express myself more. i couldnt help but smile with the note. sadly i agree with the guy. i used to remember way back when, when i was still studying & heck even post studying, i found that my writings improved, even i enjoy writing it. comments always came, even i enjoyed it.

sadly, since the new responsibilities that i've undertaken, with my new life, new work, (sadly i'm still suck at this place may i say, i'd call a hole, for those locals i apologize, but it's what i think anyway), writing something interesting, or actually, even being interested to write has been a problem. i know i wont ever quit, but i know i'll slow down. Unless in the future, near or far, i work in something more interesting, or going to places i find more to write of, i'll be as witty & interesting as i was before.

i remember how it took me just almost 3 days to complete one entry, and including the pics i post, i really had fun with it. nevertheless how long it was, oh well, it was always a great hobby. im just hoping that ill regain that soon.

Anyway, the past few weeks i've been workin through holidays, weekends, and in fact, almost every single day, i find myself growing lethargic, drained n demotivated most of the time. like most of those who already know me, i'm never thrilled of this place i call work, and neither am i thrilled with the poyo-leader thing.

And somehow, when i was younger, feeling to work with corporate, being able to go on business trips, wear all the cool suits & carry a briefcase, and talk all that leadership crap people seem to want to be these days was what i wanted to be. but when i've actually started being in that world, well, let's just say, i've now managed to divide leaders in two. those who work hard lead, and those who try too hard it comes out as poyo. sadly i see a lot of the latter of which also, projects the most people who really are there.

sometimes, looking where you are now, that feeling slowly dwindles down to a distance. you see it fading as you start to see you've always filled up with false hopes too much positivity, that it becomes annoying. and for you optimistic people out there, it never hurts to be realistic, nor does it hurt to be pessimistic. just a bit. not too much that it drags the whole crew down. that's just being ignorant.

sadly too though, you start seeing the thing you've been really wanting to do in life as well, does seem further away too. and you start noticing, that the real world has sunk in on your shoulders, and as much as reality and optimisticm (if there is such a word) bites, and bites you damn hard in the ass, not before kicking you in the schnitzels, that almost everything in your life, you'd have to suck-up. it's sad to know that's how it is. oh well. we'll get through it eventually.

then it starts playing in your head, the previous thought, may actually be THE most reasonable thought. should you fight what's fated for you? bring a truck, bulldozer, one of those john deere mega tractors, will it ever be sufficient to take you away from what's called as fate.

my fate? well... there's a bit more to go. i guess patience and working hard to get yourself somewhere else now, it severely... important.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Getting in a basket and carrying it yourself.....

My lovely wife apparently went through a whole lot of my writings (actually all of it i think!) and i was a bit shy of it, i dont know why. All i can remember during that time of my life was... i was a truly emo dude. like waaaaay emo. there was even one part of my life where i remember i was listening to aaaaall these rock emo songs, i mean, hey, they're really good songs, but i found that if i listen to it too long, it did kinda affect my personality in some way where i'm almost always utterly pissed off. But anyway, one thing my lovely wife commented on my writings was... 'Sayang, well, i know for a fact you really dont like your job... and the writings are very... expressive'. 

heheh. well for those who do follow my writings... they mightve noticed how my writings actually mellowed down so much after i graduated but may still be a bit depressing after i started working, although not as bad lah

Well, talking about jobs, one of the things i kinda derived is, that one's gotta love, be passionate of their job. but then again, the world's really big, and competitive... love it or not, eventually, there may be someone out there who's working hard, and not loving it. may be a whole LOT of them. but i've yet to meet someone who doesnt love their job, and be like on top management. it's someone's view who's honest and sincere and is willing to share how he got up there like it or not. 

Also, in regards to jobs, i was looking at my watch (well not literally lah), and its been more than 4 years of me working in various position albeit in the same company. and i guess it's high time i actually update my Resume or how most malaysians refer to it as CV. to be honest, i dont know what CV means to this point. i know i can google it up, but i guess i'll just be honest................... okay got it... CV stands for curriculum vitae

at times, i've been staring at my resume and decided to come up with two types of em actually. one is for creative side of which i know is more of my passion. like producing, writing, events stuff. The other one is more of a technical side of me, my engineering geeky side. well as much as i prefer the creative side, i wonder who would want to hire a guy who has no experience in producing, editing at his current age and where they can get so much fresher ideas from those newly grads. hence, i know ive got no choice but to have my technical resume updated to be used in the near future. it might be something i might not love, but maybe i dont love it because i'm in Bintulu, far away from great motivation like family and friends. plus, if i want something i know i'm passionate for but is at big odds, i should always have this technical thing with me. i have a wife to care for now, so i dont have much choice do it. 

nevertheless, it doenst hurt one to be honest about it and dream about it the best they can. 

One thing about writing resumes also, is that how it actually (and might actually NOT!) represent yourselves. heh. some people lie, some people just jack up the information from what they already input. but then again, i guess the best way is of course to put down everything about you there, coz you'll never know how they're drilling you down to the bones for information and details during the interview. 

Another thing about resumes (which also may be the cause of the previous paragraph) is jacking yourself up to make yourself standout from the others. most people find it difficult as i know a lot of humble people, but when it comes to the resume, its a dog eat dog world and hell, you need the job, you need the money and relieve your heavy responsibilities. well, you cant blame those people who wants to hire you too because they just want the best for their company and they definitely want to invest in someone who's worth investing it... so i guess its a fair world. The world is for people who work hard for it... but then again, u know not everyone works hard and yet get something beyond what they are worth. i'd guess you call that maybe 'luck'?? or politics? hehe. 

well, i guess, what i'm trying to say here is, no matter how much you wanna do what you love, finally it boils down to the people who are important to you the most, your family, your wife, your child, your gf. everything probably wont matter when you know you want the best for them. but, never stop dreaming of something you love, because you'll never know how things will finally turn over for your and it's your big break to that dream of yours, then the people you love can also feel and enjoy how you feel. 

oh well... for now, let's just keep it deep inside, dream about it, and not to forget, the most important thing... prayers to Him, and faith... a LOT of it..... Amin........

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top movies of 2009.....

Well, I know it might be late for countdowns, but as a movie geek, i have to say, i need this state this countdown. One might wonder what goes through my head at times... id say, at times there's just too much information too process to the point im starting to think i might actually suffer from minor ADD. and there are times where there's not much in my mind rather than a blank wall waiting for someone to paint Graffiti on it.

Either way, one day as i was sittin down at night, at random, i just wondered what most ppl's view of what's the best top 5 movie of last year 2009.

Obviously, the highest rated movie last year and actually brought to this year was definitely Avatar. that was no give away. i must say, the story line is a cliche, but everyone still loves their confused hero gone rogue on his own team. but if James Cameron didnt have all that cool 3D shait going on, Avatar is probably just gonna end up as one of those cheesy weekday afternoon Star Movies.

Another cool movie i'd say i like on those lists i got was Drag Me To Hell by Sam Raimi. I gotta be honest, when i saw the poster, i wasnt expecting much at all. it was like, this movie is gonna bomb like all the horror movies asian horror wannabe shit. but then, when i watched it... it was a totally different game. Sam Raimi makes his horror movie CHEESY, FUNNY, yet poked fun in the cheesiness to the point you actually enjoyed it. now that is what a guy i would name Persuasive.

I'd have to include Zombieland as my fascination with zombie doesnt end and seeing a movie that pokes fun and reality of how woudl the world be like when she's infested with zombies, like driving hot cars, shooting thing in the brain, and have so much fun living life does seem super cool. and the flashing rules that pops in... genius.

Another personal favorite would definitely be Hangover. As the title and the synopsis of the movie may drag you to a distant memory of your peak teenhood life with all the pimples and uncontrollable hormons and actually enjoying 'Dude where's my car?' Hangover actually represents something so much better. funny, adult adventure (not the raunchy type), and so much funny stuff in it which includes Mike Tyson come gunning for you.

Come on who does not like District 9?? either im a sci fi freak, or i just think being able to man a robot and cause so much badass destruction around u is cool. SUPERCOOL. the story line was great, they were all unknowns, but yet, they truly DELIVERED. it was an underdog, but the promo was great, the movie was cool. I was totally into it. shows u no matter where or what we are, prejudice is a contstant moving object that will follow you to where we are made into pure energy. no bills, no power, no structure etc. Right now, we're alreayd struggling with kyoto protocol yet alone create ourselves into pure energy. as long as we dont end up in some container waiting for some weird robots to take u out of ur lying misery, im cool with that.

Finally, other great movies i would say UP! and startrek. the ride while watching the movie.... great.

There are also some movies that had so much hype but in the end blew like that annoying pimple you have on ur nose and u just like it squirted and gone and give you that satisfaction you may have found the best cure to acne. Among them are Transformers 2 (oh dear goooooood why does a bumbleebee have to be a bloody cchevy????unacceptable.

welll that's all yall...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sugar Rush....

Well, recently after the high rise and fall of the Oil & Fuel price, the government has announced a Sugar price hike. and in actual fact, the sugar price hike isnt only an issue in our beloved country, but actually throughout the world.

Obviously, in regards to this decision, there have been some retaliation, protests, by everyone around due to the price hike. if people had their own way, like all other millions of ignorant protesters who dont get a permit, or go parading a cow's head like a bloody group of neanderthal douschebag idiot, these sugar loving folks wouldve marched through putrajaya or KL, and try to bring down the pain and hit every stalls that raised the sugar price like a throng of angry zombies hunger for flesh.

my take? unlike the fuel price hike, i'm actually totally RELIEVED that they're increasing the sugar price. i'm hoping, this way everyone would start to realize that they should bloody well reduce on their sugar intake, and start noticing a better healthy living. seriously. dont they realize that obesity, is starting to plague the world. no no no people, the world's number killer i think isnt aids, or cancer, or bird flu, or whatever new virus that comes on the grid suddenly. i think it's obesity!

obesity is fucking killing everyone physcially, mentally and their social lives. that indulge themselves in that countless plates of rice, food, supersize my bigmac to extra titan so i'll bloody choke to death with it. a slow death. and that sweet teh tarik that just engulfs you slowly, taking you in even worse than weed.

these days, when i sit down at pizza hut, or McD (simultaneously not feeling proud of it, although i know you need to indulge it once in a while) id get a glimpse of a normal looking parents, feeding their obese child who's probably only about 4 years of age. normal parents, obese child. no people, realize that the child is not big boned, not just eating profusely just so he needs the energy to play (of course if he did he'd probably wont look like a cow at such an early age).

I also truly hate the fact when you sit down, eating dinner with a group of people, and you only take half a rice or a small portion of food compared to others, they'd say you're on a diet, or that typical 'alaa muda lagi, makan kenyang2' in translation 'hey, you're still young, enjoy all the food you can!' and try to force feed you more food than you can already handle. 'young' they say, so what? you wanna wait til you get sick and regret every moment of your life for overeating? you had your chance.

seriously, people you're not your parents, you're not your grandparents who eat a lot but bust their bones working hard PHYSICALLY to earn a living. most of us now live a SEDENTARY life and most of the time you'd sit down in front of the tv or the computer being slaves of technology and make fun of those you-so-call-idiots who go jogging, workout coz they want to feel healthy. people, at this current time, the hell with age, the hell with status, you need to say healthy, and work out and stop binging on that bloody sugar. YES, bloody literally coz if you make a mistake of it, it'll be stained with your blood one day (lame gila perumpamaan).

But then again, as i was typing through, this sugar hike will only help people if the stores who sell the drinks actually DO reduce the sugar to meet with the same price instead of maintaining the sugar and INCREASING the price... what a twisted world we live in.....