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Monday, November 29, 2010

Well currently im planning to start blogging again. Will this time around last as i have failed to maintain aa early this year? God knows. Will my entries be as boring compared to the ones i had when i was still studying? God knows. One thing for sure, ive always missed my writings.

Back then ppl catch up with blogs as compared to regular emails of which i kinda understand the reason why. Basically u dont want to immediately reply to ur correspondence which can actually show either:-
1. You're currently bored
2. You have no life
Either way, these days ppl hv the pleasure of expressing themselves on Facebook (watched "The SocialNetwork btw, and it was awesome!) or on twitter which displays a more brief expression of one's self however sadly slowly diminishing one's constant creativity & also one's articula y (if there is such word).

However can we solely blame facebook/twitter on impeding ur creativity from expanding? I think not. I however blame it on growing up. Well to be honest, it's not a bad thing at all. Well not completely. One thing for sure, commitments start pouring in, personal time starts dwindlig down to driving to work, showering, eating and sleeping. Unless you manage it or reduce your sleeping time, there mayyyy be some improvement there. Well it's those little sacrifices that one has to make.

But really? Juz commitment? Which brings my final point. Location... Location... Location. As Malcolm Gladwell puts it, "location means opportunities". Well somewhere in his book he definitely implied it. Either way, to me location means opportunities, but also motivation. Which to be honest, something ive might hv lost few years ago. However Alhamdulillah, as demotivated i am, my work was never completely ignored. Which means there may stillmbe some reserved gas left in my jetpack to propel myself away from here. So, there's still hope. Let's juz pray for the best.

Here's a true story. Few nights ago, i bumped into someone from highschool. I remember back then this guy was well not to say THE best, but he was there. He excelled, he studied, got really good head on his shoulders and was even one of the earliest persons to acually leave the country to pursue further studies. Along the way, i heard, not really surr, but something happened to him and he became utterly depressed. He became a normal maybr slightly less. What was even sad is when he got back, he got let go by the compny and he was lookin around, and seems to be still, depressed, if not worse. So when i met him, he was smilin and all, sadly i wsnt doing a good job in making the conversation less awkward in asking him "What you up to now?". Hesitantly he said he's now studying again but to become a teacher. Not something you expect from him back then. No matter what it is, to me it is still a halal job and a very noble job.

But the point is here, in my perspective, i think he fell, and he never got back up fully. Didnt recover. He may have lost his jetpack completely. That is when it hits me, and i pray that im thankful no matter what situation and still maintain whatever gas reserve i have left.i pray that it wont happen to my family, and my friends dont ever go through the same thing. To my readers, hang in there no matter what, remember that you'll alwys have your support system, if not your friends, your family, if not them, turm to God and just hang in there. For my friend, i pray for him the best and may he become a better person and may even be the best teacher out there for our future generations to come. Amin.

PS:- i apologiZe for any grammatical error. Using my phone to do this.