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Friday, May 20, 2011

4 months....

Well, its final. I've gotten my letter and i will be leaving for Terengganu by End of June. Feelings? Mixed.

I remember watching How I Met Your Mother this latest season and one of the things that they mentioned before the point of resigning, or leaving something for something new, majority of people go through as what's called the "Graduation effect". The effect mainly causes some nostalgic feelings and at times makes you nervous to move to somewhere new and sometimes to the point of on the verge of changing your mind.

That's what's happening to me lately. Once I held the letter, I was even having some nostalgics looking at the shrubs beside my office; of which i think is superbly idiotic. But then the great thing is, lucky for me, there's so many idiotic drivers here and the roads are just sooooo messed up! everytime i bump into either of these, i do feel much better.

Other things i did tell myself about this new place, well despite the drive is about 4hrs away from KL, the great thing about it, my wife is just a drive away. And it'll be easier to start my own family insya Allah.

Well, weekend? what weekend? Terengganu's weekend falls on Friday and Saturday. Sure, i'll never get used to this, but you know what, when i drive back to KL on Thursday, i'll be able to have the whole working day on Friday in KL and then maybe i can focus on my writings (suuure... i say that a lot, but well, let's just try).

Where i'll be working, they dont have great Jungle Trekking sites nor do they have a mini stadium for me to jog safely and comfortably on the nice red running track. Despite all that, they did say there's one hill where it is a nice run. Also, i am kinda hoping there's a mini gym where i'll be working. if not, either way, i might be joining the gym at the local club.

Martial arts... well im pretty much into martial arts. I think there's Taekwondo, but i'm definitely not into it. too robotic. There's no Aikido, pretty much the one that i'm into, so what do i do? I heard there's Silat Gayong, but i dont know, after leaving that more than 10 yrs ago (shaitss!! that perspective makes me feel old!), my only option would probably be to attend a class in KL on Fridays or Thursdays at least once a month. There's Capoeira close to where we currently live in PJ, that might help a bit.

4 hours traveling time from Kerteh to KL? well let's see, if i work in Bintulu, check in an hour before, go on the flight, reach there, if i have bags, then i usually take the bus or the train to KL which is almost another hour. So? that's a total of 4hrs too! well sure, traveling time is more or less the same, but i guess its a cheaper... then i did some calculation. Assuming i'm driving back and forth every weekend, with toll and fuel, back and forth (does not include my normal fuel consumption to work and back), i found out that the total cost for me is roughly RM640 permonth! that's even more expensive than flying to KL from Bintulu. but wait! i just found out a lot of people drive out on Thursday, and yes, they give rides, and you pitch in. So, cost optimization on that side. so yeay!

from my initial judgement, Kerteh seems like such a better place than Bintulu. Mainly on the cost of living (i found a room that's RM80/month, but was also told its crazy small, so gonna keep on looking) and also with the new Mesra Mall, there's Starbucks, Secret Recipe, and most of all, GSC/TGV (i dont know which) there! and its new too!! so? YEAY!! Big point there for a movie geek like me.

One of the things was that, insya Allah, a great thing is gonna happen this year and praying for the best of it. and i got a feeling, that's the biggest reason why i'm moved to Kerteh. Sure, it might not be KL, but well, it's closer... somewhat.