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Thursday, October 28, 2004

dah nak masuk setengah bulan dah puasa. so anyway, i've had some shitty comments regarding some stuff but i just kept it in me so long that i dont remember what to say anymore. okay let's see what i remember...

international fest...
hmmm... ntah... dikir was well... okay. i'm still wondering though how'd the indians could sing in their native toungueand nobody's complaining. well i see it this way though, international fest is to promote our origins, culture roots, and aper2 lagik yang kaitan camtuh. last time i remember there was an issue where we tried to go somewhat traditional in the Asian awareness weekend but sadly the american asians prefer to promote asian americans, and not asian asian. and some of us kinda think that was rather stupid thing to think about it. but anyway, i just figured this out after the international fest, and should've gave my suggestion earlier. maybe could be useful for next year's event. for international fest stick more to the tradionational way to promote our homeland and the pure malaysian culture because more malaysians attend, more elderly people attend and more families attend. for AAW, kalau nak american kan malaysian kita sehabis nyer sila lah, coz less malaysian attend, less families, and almost no little kids. truthfully i was kinda sad for the international fest this year. kinda shocked no food and all. yes mmg kita nak hormat org puasa, tapi apsal saudi jual makanan? pakistan jual makanan? morocco jual makanan? dont take it harsh, this thing has passed, just something to think about for next year at least, although im not here anymore.

i think ive been really ignorant for keeping up too much with the excitement of Akademi Fantasia. yes they were taught to perform, and yes ppl like them, and yes we see them live everyday. now AF's finished, like other reality cast in this world, they are nothing but has been. tengok AF 1, setakat vince nyanyi cam katak, muka tak hensem (hey, im not saying i look better than him, but there a million guys who sound AND look better than the dushbag). ive never watched AF 1, but what i know, they are terikat dgn contract with Astro, and now making ananda krishnan worth more than ever. yes i admit i watched it a lot too. but because somehow everyone was watching it until i get caught i the stupid hype itself and sinking to the stupidness until i myself get dipped into it. the only thing i really like about it is the malay songs that ive never heard before and kinda looking for something malayish to listen to. but then came in malaysian idol. honestly, i dont watch msian idol. but then i saw the final video, and shit, their singing are way way much better than AF. what an ass was i. nih af siap ada class lagik. ah fuck it. its human interest, doesnt involve my life unless someone i know is on the stage.

screen names....
seriously, i think a lot agree with me... what is up with ppl expressing their love with each other on the MSN. ex:- "Hantu... alalala cayang u gak walaupun u nyer hidung cam babi" or "Unta... ingat tak arinih kita makan ice cream cama2?"... BUTOH. unless dalam satu msgr kau tuh just you and your significant other, nobody else gives a fuck. ppl just feel more icky and disgusting. please be considerate. well, kalau nak letak tgh down pasal exam ke, happy dpt kambing ke, org lain sumer tak kesah sgt. but when it comes to intimate feelings, really... Wut the fuck? sorry laa kalau ada tersinggung, but seriously, dont be ignorant. i think you'd feel the same if somebody else is using the same concept as well.

i just got back from albany waste water treament plant on monday... best field trip ever... involves a lot of shit... and i ended up smelling like shit. literally. but i know a lot more ppl who blurts out a lot of shit, and that smells fucked up. they think they know everything, abis gempak laa bleh buat itu ini. ntah2 aper dier buer tuh satu dicipta, unoriginal, and claim original. bleh la pegi mampus. kau bagus sgt, pegi balik, buat negara sendiri, buat peraturan sendiri, kau lah raja, kau lah puteri, kau lah taik kambing. terima kasih.

really... ada one thing aku seriously tak suka. org yang gelarkan awek2 dierang atau awek2 org 'bini'. seriously, ada masalah ke? annoying laa motherfucker. lahabau mcm nih seriously takdek respect utk awek dier, utk awek org lain. tak kawin tuh takyah laa buat mcm you own her or the guy owns the girl. abis manly laa nak panggil 'bini'. bunyi cam taik kambing ada laa. selagi bapak minah tuh tak cakap 'aku serah kan anak aku, kepada kau, jembalang bin kepala hangguk' jgn nak claim bini. another thing, buat camtuh, especially kalau buat kat aku, and tak rapat dgn aku, biler2 jekk aku bleh baling sandal kat muka. pastu masa kau terblank kene baling tuh, masa tuh laa aku buat miero de frenchi kat penyawa kau. there's a wall between personal and public. this relationship thing, selagi ko tak dalam inner circle aku, jgn berani nak tanya. pastuh jgn pandai2 nak amik tau and bagi comment. butoh awal2 aku cakap.

another thing, aku paling menyampah, org2 guna benda personal kutuk kat public. nih libat kan relationship problem ke, family problem ke, friendship problem ke, aper2 yang personal. butoh laa. depan public ko address aku pasal what ever personal shit ive done, jgn harap aku nak layan kau mcm member pasnih. mampus aa kau satu skolah rendah ke, satu alam shah ke, satu uniten ke, kau makan taik kambing ke, jgn harap aku nak ada respect utk org cam kau. i know much more about you. really, more than you can think about. i just dont go telling others about it. anytime bleh jekk nak bring u down prick. anytime.

aaaaand that concludes for my bitchin for a while..... selamat berpuasa. heheh.

anyway, some ppl has been spreading rumours about me, that i hit a girl. honestly, tak pernah lagik pukul pompuan kat sini, even laki pun tak pernah. selagi its not in any of my martial arts class... tak pernah. at least not yet alhamdulillah. and never will insya allah. so jgn pepandai nak buat assumption tonggek taik kambing camtuh. :). saper buat that rumour mmg seriosly takdek self dignity, self respect, and just a pure dick/bitch. :). have a greaaaaaat ramadhan!!!

top ten richest men in malaysia....

1.Robert Kuok

2.T. Ananda Krishnan

3.Quek Leng Chan (Hong Leong Malaysia)

4.Lim Goh Tong (Genting Group)

5.Teh Hong Piow (Public Bank)

6.Lee Shin Cheng (IOI Corporation)

7.Syed Mokhtar Albukhary (AlBukhary Foundation)

8.Mustapha Kamal Abu Bakar (MK Land Holdings)

9.Lim Kok Thay (Genting Group)

10.Tiong Hiew King (Rimbunan Hijau Group)

There are nine new faces in this year's 40 richest list, among others are #19 Dr Jeffrey Cheah (Sunway Group), #20 Abdul Hamed Sepawi (Naim Cendera/Ta Ann Holdings Bhd) and #27 Hasmi Hasnan (Naim Cendera).

amazingly, the top four, is way richer than JK Rowling. haha. amazing. just not as famous.

Friday, October 15, 2004

selamat berpuasa semua. i'll try my best to lessen the usage of four letter words and other related curses. observe the word TRY. no promises. hee hee. ramadan mubarak!!

Monday, October 11, 2004


i just got back from a quite memorable hiking trip with some of the guys yesterday. how was it? well... basically, i WAS an avid hiker before i graduated from Alam Shah. I must say going back to nature has to be one of the coolest thing one could ever do. But then, life isnt as flexible as it used to be. BODY and SOUL. especially body. the nature was nice. you see the fall, the nice brisk, the manly conversations at the earlier stops. I've never experience being lost before, and we were lost last nite. damn. first one wasnt that scary. the second really was. the third time was pretty much okay than the second. it was getting pretty dark, as we were hoping to get back before dusk. as fun as it was, the track got rocky and rockier every descend. heh. by the time it was getting dark, everything was getting quite shitty. the only thing that was falling at that point were our legs, the 'nice brisk' started to become fuckin freezing, and the manly conversations converted to no conversations, but comments or questions 'uish, lama sial' or 'babi, biler nak sampai nih?'. heh. but was it fun? after going through all that, yes it was fun. would i do it again? yes, but this time i'll pack sufficiently. torch light, knife, rope, extra socks, energy bar, choclate bars, energy drinks. all that. well, i think personally we got lost couple of times, maybe we were boasting of the fact the forests here arent like the jungles in Malaysia. nak kencing kene mintak izin, no swearing, no shouting, you had to respect the forest. we nearly did exactly all the opposite. heh. pasnih tak nak cakap besar dah. and i'll try to be there before sunrise.


okay, i used to work at this citgo gas station with this old bangladeshi guy with his wife and son. i ended up quitting the job firstly because i was selling alcohol, but mostly because his son told me to charge extra cash to some innocent individual so they could compensate from a person who just took off with their gas without paying. aint that shitty. another thing i kinda disliked so much was the father. he kept stressing that country comes first from god. business comes first from god. money comes first from god. btw, i didnt think i mentioned it before... the family are muslim. the only reason i go to the gas station now is just pop in say hi, and fill up air for my tires, since other gas station's air pump is either out of order, or they just dont have one. so right before im typing this i went there to fill up air for my tires and popped in to say hi. what he said completely annoyed me and made me decide to look for another air pump here in troy. i dont know where but i'll find it. he started with a question 'how's malaysia? good?' i answered with a smile yes. and then he started saying that he read in the paper that a lot of muslim in malaysia are killing each other and bombing ppl everywhere. then my face was flushed. he just ticked me off. i felt like showing him the finger. but instead i answered with a smile, no, nothing like that ever happened in malaysia. he then told me that he read that thing in the newspaper and stressed that muslim ppl are no good. okay, im not such a good muslim, i confess. but still i have that belief. kinda pissing me off and i said no. i had to stay since he was still holding my money for change. if not i was gone just like that. than he started with the fact that muslim has no unity. that, i have to agree. why? last time ive heard this imam said in jumaat while in the uk. muslim everywhere in the world arent that united. tarikh nak tetapkan puasa pun tak boleh sepakat. ni kan pulak nak united. kalau satu negara tuh dah setuju nak puasa hari nih, konon nyer, tetiba ada plak org nak puasa sehari awal, dier kata org lain kat negara dier puasa sehari awal, tak pun org lain sekaum dier puasa sehari lambat, tak pun dua hari lambat. now that is a problem. anyway, it is true anyway, dah hujung zaman. umat islam mula berpecah belah. but still islam is islam and that is my belief, so im sticking to it. dont ask me why, or cakap 'ah poyo nak mampus aa mamat nih. bullshit. macam fucker aper dier cakap. baik aku dengar cakap monyet tepi jalan. dosa buat gak.' fuck you i dont care. ko ingat ko perfect sgt? butoh. anyway, this bangladeshi guy started saying 'i think in this world all very religious muslims, are no good.' personally i thought it was Bullshit, so then i started defending what i think, smiled took my money and just went off. really, not going to fill up my air there for a while....

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Today is somewhat an unexisting day to me. lately my life has been moving past so fast, that i feel like everything is happening in the blink of an eye. woke up in the middle of my sleep, and i lie here in bed, all alone, i cant mend, and only hoping my tomorrow will be okay.

I was once a great hiphop fan when i was back home in Malaysia. listening to tupac, bone thugs, cursing angrily at ppl telling how they want to shoot 'niggaz' and motherfuckers and smoking weed was somewhat makes me feel like im livin large. That was then. lately as i drive into my life in the morning and turning on the radio, i would then turn off the radio, and listen to my old cds. why? as i flip on from channel to channel, i hear thumping bass, and the same fucking concept of women shaking their asses, men looking for women for pleasure, party up with their bling bling all out to the nite. same shitty concept for the past four years ive been here. kepala banar. sorry to the hiphop fans. but personally, im praying for the day hiphop's legacy ends up like disco. DEAD. it just starts to get annoying. look at the video, and you'd see the same stupid thing. i may like some hiphop song, but mainly because its different. Black Eyed Peas, Eminem (well now it just seems the cliche for eminem. yes from your first album we already now how you want to kill your mother and bury her at the backyard. no need to say that in ALL your albums). I watched a short clip of Chris Rock, and it really was informational. there are to types of black people. there are black people, and the niggers. that's what he said. black people are the ones who are trying to change the concept of cliche blacks, when you live in the ghetto, you dont have to rob, you dont have to be gangsta. but there's nothing worse than white trash. now that's scary. well at least to Chris Rock. I'm not from the ghetto, but having to deliver pizza for nearly 3 years to the ghetto, the hood, i know how to differentiate between nigger and blacks. im not trying to be racist. but its just a fact. true fact. and nih org malaysia nak ikut. bodoh nak mampus. ingat jadik hiphop abis cool la. selagi tak asal sini, tak grow up sini, tak payah laa nak pandai2 jadik mat rap mat hiphop. if you look at the mirror you'd see an ass. Basically same thing as skinhead kat mesia. Come on laa wey. kat sini skinhead racist ke atas all non-white. yang korang nak amik idealogi to apsal. mak bapak ko tuh melayu. org asia. dgr lagu taper laa. tak payah laa nak ngada.

ah... fuck it. i shouldn't even be saying all this. bak kata sorang member aku yang agak mengada dulu.... 'alaaa dah besar, biar laa org buat silap dierang sendiri'. it seems less caring, but i think its true. but i work it differently. sound sekali. then fuck it.