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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Well, i was sitting down mellowing once in a while, and at times, i feel that the peak of my youth has been robbed of me because of where i am.

But as much as i wanna complain, i know for a fact there's a reason and my dad keep telling me to recollect where you are now and compare it to those you know who are less fortunate. as much as i'd hate to admit it... he is true and that im in a love hate rship with this place. oh well.

Mega Disaster....

As most of you know, about a month ago, Japan was hit by a mega quake of 9 Rich which implicated to a tsunami which then caused another hazardous disaster of the nuclear plant in which, sadly, is still in the process of recovering and sadly, may never recover.

For a country that's been experiencing tsunamis since we can ever remember, and has come up with numerous interventions & emergency action and response to such a situation, they've lost about 11 thousand to date with 17 thousand still reported missing.

its sad and at the same time eerie on how powerful and amazing the disaster was and it got me thinking (of which i ended up dreaming). if it ever happened close to our shore, of which, im obviously praying that it may never, how are we ever going to mitigate or at least minimize such impact? i was discussing one time with my fellow colleagues on what did they do upon the warning that was given to them, and they all said they were flabbergasted and didnt even know how to react if such incident does happen.

the scarier fact that i work in one of the most hazardous place in the country which can then cause major implication to the nation if such tragedy happen (only slightly smaller scale as compared to a nuclear plant). it really does scare me. and what scares me more is how our country still seem a bit ignorant in developing such plans and mitigations should such things happen, and the fact that the aftershock quakes are starting to happen close to home, ie:- Philippines and Myanmar around 5-6 Rich.

i dreamt that i was stuck in a building after pushing everyone to leave when such incident happen. luckily i woke up before knowing whatever happened to me. to be honest, i dont think id wanna know. some inception thing i wouldnt ever want to learn of. at this point however, all i can ever think of are the safety of those people i love so much in my life.

here's a short fact, the tsunami that happened is an normal sized tsunami which is about 10 meters highs reaching the speed of 800km/hr. seeing how the cars that were driving unknowingly on the road of their coming fate as such disaster happen was very very heart wrecking.

however, scientist are saying that the 10 Rich earthquake has yet to happen, and there's thing called the Mega Tsunami or another one that's called a Meteosunami or sumthing? the waves can go up to 500 - 800 meters caused by major landslides or meteor falling to earth. speed? i have no idea. and in this modern times, it did happen a number of times and one of them was in Alaska (google it up) but thankfully enough, due to the remote area of the location, only two individuals died.

if we're not prepared for the 10 meters ones, are we even prepared for a 500 meters?

all in all, life's too short to be bitter all the time and hold a grudge. i guess being positive is important, as long as we dont piss others at the same time.