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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ketupat dan Rendang.....

Dear all,

i'm writing this on the night of Raya. It's usually the night where our phone lines are all jammed up because almost every single muslim in Malaysia, yang puasa ke tak, sends all these text message of wishes.

So, to not contribute to that jammed up network, I would like to bid to everyone with a typical ucapan from URTV

Saya, Mohd Irfan Mahmud ingin mengucapkan Slamat Hari Raya dan Ribuan Maaf Zahir & Batin. Bila makan ketupat rendang tuh, ingat2 la saya, kalau memandu tuh, kalau ngantuk, berhenti la ek! kehkehkehkeh.

I hope that sounds perfectly spot on. i only dont have the typical picture with baju melayu beside the pokok bunga.

have a great raya guys. muslim or not, malay or not, it's a time to celebrate. Selamat Hari Raya again, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Holiday....

What an update of the zombie huh? anyway, i'm back in my lovely hometown of which I will always love no matter where i am... Kota Kinabalu.

So many things have been going on these days in this world from the United States major economy drop, current world market for fuel dropping, to the very volatile political state of our own country.

Honestly, I would so love to blog about all these especially on our own country, but to be honest my knowledge of our country's politics, especially our own country's historical political journey is very minute compared to others like Rocky's Bru, Marina Mahathir, Jebat Must Die, KickdeFella, etc etc. I've learned from my point of view, a very wise man, that it is best you learn more about our country's political history and her journey and just scream out 'Reformasi'. it's so much deeper than that. My only advice to my readers are, do research, learn about our history, and keep yourself updated on news from blogs, online news, both on the government and opposition side and do not ever make judgment if you are engulfed in anger.

plus, to blog about it will spoil my holiday raya mood... so i'll blog about more of a Raya thing....

Soul searching again....

So far, every year I've made a point during Ramadhan since i started working to do as much donation as I can and tell people about it not to brag but in hope that it will affect others to do the same for the needy and remind themselves how lucky they are, to have what they have during breaking fast, to know they have new clean clothes on their back and to know that they have someone who loves and care for them.

This Ramadhan was probably one of the most emotional time I've felt in my soul. With the help of my beloved mom who works for Baitulmal, she helped me distribute the donations through some of their own events. This year the money I collected among three people including myself was split into two. half to be given to 22 kids among the orphans and fakir miskin, the other half given to a group of island villagers of Pulau Gaya categorized as fakir miskin mostly elderly.

The first half, the kids, I've been to school a school that, honest to say probably the second poorest school i've seen in my life, even compared to the one in Tatau in Sarawak. I was told however, the condition it is now is far better than what it used to be where the students' tables were only plywood, and one of the classes once had only ground dirt as the floor.

the little girl who's being taken care by her sister while her other sibling has been given away....

one of the 3 yatim piatu (has no parents at all) and now living with the grandfather

The old school....

the new school....

A teacher introduced all the kids one by one as they came over to me to receive their gifts handed out. The first one... the first child... almost dropped me down to my knees and cry my eyes out with all the snots. It was only a very little girl, i think around 7-8 yrs old. an orphan without both parents, and currently being taken care of by her own elder sister, of whom i was told had to quit school. they actually have a younger sibling, but they had to give the sibling away as the sister could not afford to take care of more kids. the teacher... while explaining this, was already crying. it was so difficult to hold in my cool as some of the mothers attending were also crying their eyes out.

most of the kids were fatherless child where the fathers left them. and most of them come to school using a boat from a nearby island. during low tide, they had to help the boatmen to push the boats across and come to school dirty, but that's considered lucky. sometimes they couldnt even come to school. and i started question myself, for not being thankful at times going to school or work feeling bored in car with the radio volume at the max while these kids had to go on a chartered sampan. and believe me, i think i'm not the only person who think so. sometimes we throw away unfinished food after dinner when in actuality, you can pack it up nicely and place it in the oven or microwave the next day, sometimes even 2 days after. and yet we overlook this sometimes.

my friends, take your time to ponder of the things you do, the doorgifts you get at work or events, things you buy just for fun and couldnt even care less of, and compare it to these children, to these people. see that you are far better off compared to them. dont be too choosy of what you eat and what you wear. go out there and do this yourself, to an orphanage, to an old folks home and sit with them, learn more about them and look back to what you have.

Well the next day I went to Pulau Gaya. For most of you who dont know, Pulau Gaya is right off the coast of Kota Kinabalu probably about 10 minutes away from the port. Pulau Gaya has always been perceived by the locals as the island of immigrants, the Sicily for filipino immigrants, the Macau for filipino gangsters. It is the biggest island of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Island parks in KK and yet one of the least commercialized for tourism. and im willing to bet, about 90% of the KK locals here has never ever visited Pulau Gaya.

this is the Immigrant side...

What most people also dont know about the Island is, it actually is also a residence for real locals of the Bajau ethnic group since the British colonization. Currently it has roughly 500 local villagers staying on the island. there's 2 mosques on the island and one primary school and one secondary school. and almost all these houses, including the mosques and the schools, are on water. now... how cool is that?

my initial thoughts of the village was that it would be dirty, and turns out the only dirty part of the island is the immigrant area while the locals and the school areas is pristine. yes there is some clutter here and there, but i think that's from when people were still unaware of cleanliness back then. now they even have nettings that trap the trash before it goes to shore. cool huh? and again, honestly, the school is probably one of the most beautiful school i've ever seen in Malaysia, period. like, it's a school surrounded by ocean!! who wont think it's cool??? the goverment has helped the schools to also look like a resort! yeps... at that time in my mind, damn it would be so cool to go to school here. only thing is i realized the kids could not skip class... as they're surrounded by the ocean and to silently get out of school is get a boat. yeps.

These are the schools... on water!!

the local village... see the contrast between the immigrants side?

Well, part of the donation was distributed to the villagers here who have been categorized as fakir miskin. regardless how poor these people are, most of them were always smiling, and even though age has caught up with them, they still managed to walk stalwartly, shake my hand, and carry that huge sack of rice. and we complain with the fact that we have all the facilities within short driving range. these people has to look for someone to hitch a boat ride to even go to the bank or watch a movie... and they're not even complaining.

These are the local villagers of Pulau Gaya....

it warms me up and lifted me a bit to see this and i hope, this short stories and pictures will give you a thousand words and create a spark within you... to always be thankful, and fortunate of what you have, and with what you have, also help those who in need, for their prayers that go to you would be one of the most 'makbul' ones.

Finally, I would like to thank Yusland Radin and Dayana Aishah for all your contribution as well to help our muslim brothers and sisters in need in this month of Ramadhan. On behalf of them, thank you so much.

well then... it's the night of the 27th Ramadhan everyone... dont forget to do your late night prayers guys!

and for the non muslims, have a great weekend!!

I'm gonna try my best to post one before the night of Syawal and wish everyone a great Aidilfitri but in the mean time, kalau sibuk sangat...

I would like to wish everyone a very Selamat Hari Raya and a Happy Holidays to all muslims and non muslims. and to everyone regardless religion, age, race, i would like to sincerely apologize for anything that i might have done to make you uncomfortable or maybe even hurt you. I sincerely apologize to everyone. for my mistake, comes from my own carelessness and the good things I do comes from Him and His blessing.

Slamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Happy Eid Mubarak!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


okay... i dont think i'm seeing things... BUT lately... honestly... i've been seeing a LOT of locusts here in Bintulu. it's not like there's a huge swarm of them coming in buzzing, eating the trees and crops and all the plants here. but honestly, weirdly... i have been seeing a number of them in so many places.

i remember one of God's wrath upon unbelievers and sinners was having locusts eat their crops and anything eatable by them. So it did got me thinking a bit. although there's no crops here in Bintulu, but there is an abundance of kelapa sawit... they might eat those. or heck, maybe even our clothes. scary seriously.

i hope it's just a coincidence.

How to defend yourself from a zombie attack....

okay... seriously... i bumped into this like SUPERCOOL website, and honestly i dont even care how dorky u might think i am coz i think you'd definitely think it's like super cool as well.

it's this website called HowStuffWorks, and everyday, when i surf that site, there's always like a super cool fact, like top 10 computer virus of all time (they taught me how does the Trojan Virus worked... HAH! bet most of you didnt know that!!snort), Top 10 scariest hotels of all time, and the coolest thing of all... i bumped into this one when i was about to sleep after sahur. yes people... sahur is important. one gulp is still good enough.

but anyway... about the website... i bumped into 'How Zombies Work'.

like seriously man... they know it kinda doesnt actually exist, but they researched it anyway!! now seriously... how awesome is that. i have a soft spot for zombies u know. always imagined what would it be like if there's like a zombie attack and you're like running away from a throng of them and you're like the only 20% people in that area who were still alive trying to figure out how to save mankind (my guess is definitely to procreate... A LOT).

a brief history summarized by Moi on zombies.

turns out guys, this zombie thing actually comes from Haiti. the word 'zombie' could've possibly been derived from the haitian word 'jumbie' meaning 'ghost' or nzambi from the congo word meaning 'spirit of the dead person'.

i actually think it might've been derived from a group of delinquents where one of them looks like a retard and coincidentally his name is zabie, or jomie or something, and his gang was having fun by saying 'duuuude... that stupid guy's pulling a zabie!!' of course in haitian slang which probably sounds so much cooler which created a tipping point that eventually created the word in the dictionary later on... hence... zombie. yeah... i think mine's more convincing. and yo... stop pulling a zabie while you're reading this... sheesh.

and well basically, the 'bokor' or the sorceress poison this individual until their reach a coma state like dead... u know, like Romeo & Juliet thing... where Juliet drinks that fake potion thing (another thought crossed my mind on this). yeah... and so when the person drinks that, they wake up in the grave only to be dugged out by the sorceress dude who in the end claim they brought them back to life so they have to devote their life to him. so yess... that the short summary of zombie history.

now, if in god's green earth, one day, there's really is a zombie attack, like the ones in the movies... what do you have to do? (the ones in italic are my own thoughts)

1. Don't panic. (yeah right, try having a horde of zombies, probably your own mom or kid trying to eat you up. try not panicking in that zone of mind)

2. Get away from the zombies. Most of the time, you can move faster than they can. (unless if the zombie version of the new Dawn of the Dead or 28 days later. if you're not fit... i consider you excess luggage man. so start working out!)

3. Gather food, water, an emergency radio, flashlights and weapons, and retreat to a secure location. (this is really important. radio to look for signs of life, flashlight to find out where you're pooping, weapons to crack open the can of food coz obviously, in these dire times... you cant find a can opener. i wonder how'd they do it on tv. there u go... one more on the list... a swiss knife!)

4. If possible, retreat to a shopping mall, general retail store or other location where you'll have easy access to food and supplies. (oh man... if i was a kid... this would be heaven. all the toys, the DVDs, man. well actually, if i was an adult too, that would still be pretty damn cool. can you imagine being stuck in something like Midvalley Megamall?? AWESOME!)

5. Stay away from densely populated areas, where the infestation is likely to be heaviest. (well i dont have to worry much then... Bintulu's probably a bit too lame for the zombies to live in)

6. Barricade all entrances and stay put at all costs. (dude.. have you even SEEN a zombie movie? they'd get through ANYWAY sooner or later!!)

7. Don't get surrounded or backed into a corner or other enclosed space. (at this point, just think of, being bitten by zombies is relative... it's not a virus, it's just evolution, and you're being proactive. that way, even if you're a zombie , you're probably zombie-CEO material)

8. Remember that anyone bitten or killed by a zombie will become a threat to you and your party. (i believe this man... u dont wanna see you're own little baby suddenly running around looking like a gremlin who ate after midnite... no sir you dont)

9. Wait patiently for rescue and make long-term preparations for your survival. (may i suggest burn all the dead or rip out their clothes to make a hug 'X' sign, or if you have more access something that reads 'Help I am a Survivor', or 'you come pick me up and i give you good lovin')

Of course... dont go into the common mistakes guys...
1. Sheltering in a vehicle to which you do not have the keys

2. Leaving blades, cudgels or other basic weapons out for zombies to find

3. Teaching zombies how to use firearms (this would be so funny)

4. Giving your only weapon to anyone who is hysterical (i suggest bring a zombie dvd movie with you as a surviving guide as well... it helps)

5. Retreating to a basement or cellar without taking supplies with you (OR a can opener!!)

6. Getting into an elevator in a building infested with zombies (go into the see through elevator, and some keroncong song pops out while you see them eating your bestfriend isnt exactly relaxing)

7. Letting personal feelings and arguments get in the way of survival (reality TV applies as well, maybe try form an alliance, and vote one person to be the scapegoat for you to run away if they get hysterical (refer to point no. 4))

See... there's something you probably dont know much about zombies before. HAH! who's the dork now!!!???

Monday, September 01, 2008

It's that time of year again....

it's that time of year again and i would like to remind people its also the time for them to do their best to give and do better for themselves for Him. we usually only fall on our hands for prayers to Him when we are in dire need, but most of the time, when we're happy, when things aren't difficult, we usually tend to forget. And worse thing is... sometimes, the good things are also but mere challenges from Him to see how strong and thankful you are of His rewards... the air we breathe, the muscles that enable us to move, our sight that shows us the best and worse of the world, the sounds that enables us to listen and make us better, our minds that can be the strongest weapon and also the library that can never be much better than your latest laptop running on Windows Vista, with Microsoft office 2006. All his rewards... and demands only one thing... our loyalty....

Happy Ramadhan guys... and for the non muslims... happy buying Ramadhan food from the Ramadhan stalls...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

flat lined.....

im just really super tired... like super super tired. i cant even think straight. need help of input or any randomness from anyone who's reading this. help....

mock interview....

i was reading FHM like god knows when... basically the multilingual Janet Hsieh was interviewed... she's not only super hot, but super bright as well. suddenly i wondered... what would an interview me look like? am i, 'The Edge' type? 'FHM' type? 'Men's Health' type? or some weird cosmo sci fi type?

im just gonna base the interviews from different interview questions in magz.

So you studied in the States? how does it feel studying back in the country you were born in?
hahaha (laughing while he sips his favorite lipton green tea). well... honestly it didnt feel like much. i went back home to malaysia after i was 2-3 ish, and been there since. so i was actually bred in Malaysia... and honestly... damn proud of it.

So i understand you went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, first of all... can you please spell Rensselaer for me?
oh damn... i never get to figure that one out properly. R.E... double N? no no no... R.E.N double S, E double L.A.E.R? im always confused on the spelling.

i'm sorry, that's wrong.

So were you a big geek when you were studying?
well, i wont consider myself a big geek, but i was a bit geeky. studied engineering, but i was never really good at it. i was ok, sure... but not good. i excelled in my electives though, language classes and psych classes.

now you're back in Malaysia, do you still keep in touch with you homeboys there?
honestly i dont have ma homeboys back in Nu York... yo yo! (flashing the east coast sign). hahahahahah. snort snort. i'm so not gangsta. most of my friends were still malaysians, and things didnt change much coming back here. they're still my friends and my rock and we chill out, make fun of each other, and laugh till our heads blow up. honestly one time, i think i laughed so hard that i think i almost got a hernia.

what's the coolest thing you've done this year?
oh man... this is difficult... hmmm i didnt do any crazy things and all. oh yes, i remember. i went scuba diving. it was actually cool coz i managed to cross something on my list. hehe. and like dude, one time, when i was diving, there were like 10 - 15 stingrays that were swimming around me. now if that's not cool enough, wait till i dive in Sipadan one day.

a list? what do u mean by list? can u share?
laughs... well i cant remember much of the list, but one of them has to be doing my Haj, bungee jumping, watch bull fighting in Spain, eat croissant in Paris, dive in Sipadan, open a coffee shop... well there's more but i cant remember it on top of my head right now. its a to do list before i'm 55. i think it's important for everyone to have it, kinda reminds you of things you've yet to accomplish in life.

who would you want to be with? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Connelly??
Oh man, that's difficult. Angelina Jolie would be my first choice, but she's just way too hot and sexy and wild. i would wanna settle down with Jennifer Connelly. her cute mole on the top of her lip, caring motherly look. Jennifer, if you're reading this... yes... i want you to have my baby.

what's on the top of your playlist these days?
I'd say Yuna's Deeper Conversation and Dan Sebenarnya. Also Colbie Caillat's realize. and finally... Gavan... or as us malaysians know... Gaban. it's amazing to know our old anime tv shows had like super cool soundtrack.

Well thank you so much for joining us in our magazine Wira Tunggal. Our readers would be fairly delighted with reading about you.

if that doesnt spell wannabe... i dont know what does....

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Stripper.....

Okay, so yes... i know i have not been updating for so long. i truly apologize for that. just getting way too caught up with work. i'm currently working on shift, struggling to understand every operational process in my work since i've left teh engineering field for roughly 2 years. i work 2 days, 2 nights and i got 4 days off. as of today, the only day off i got since 3 weeks ago was half a day. interesting.

just to show you how a major nerd and dork i can be, i've been reading through this equipment called The Stripper. in my head, as i was writing an email in how to troubleshoot our stripper, i cant help how damn hilarious would this sound to most of my friends and my readers. and believe me... i'm so damn serious.

First of all... how does a Stripper work (i'll tell you in a very simple way... hopefully)? Well a stripper is a tall column that's full of packing that looks like a manual hair curler roughly 20 meters. It is utilized to reduce some concentration of our plant discharge by spraying our high pH (alkali level) discharge from the top of the column. with high pH the discharge is unstable in ionic form. The discharge is evenly distributed throughout the packing in the column to add surface area. simultaneously, external air is pushed from the bottom of the column and goes up. this way, the air STRIPS the desired unstable ion, absorbs it, and goes up and out through a stack, while the discharge goes down and further treated by other process that all of you might find boring. heck, i bet most of you are already confused. go google up 'Ammonia Stripper' for further detailed explanation. hehe.

okay so anyway, it was in maintenance, so i had to write an email on the process to troubleshoot the stripper.

Our Ammonia Stripper (sadly, Ammonia is not a hot actual Stripper name huh?) is currently having very low flow. we need to troubleshoot the stripper and figure out what is the cause of the problem. we've opened the manhole (yeaaaaaah) and saw only two nozzles discharging (eeeewww). next, we've proceeded in shutting down and discharging the stripper. then we connected the 5" diameter hydrant into the stripper (yeeepssss) via the drain valve. when the hydrant valve was on full blast, we immediately saw white precipitates coming out of the line (doesnt get any more coincidental than that). this may have been the cause of initial low performance.

so yepss.... just a brief explanation of what the email roughly looks like. and believe me, as kinky or sick as it may sound, it's all technical, and my correspondents took it seriously. yeeepsss. Ammonia Stripper, low efficiency. maybe she's made in china. heheh. snort snort snort. this is where you can call me a dork.

E! Channel's major poyoness.....

i dont know why some people still watch E!. i honestly cant take it as much anymore. what makes them so good to comment on other people's fashion & style, and most of all mock the people who dont have it? sure sure, it's a boost to make the person they're mocking to improve, but these are the kinds of degrading shows that makes the generation behind us conscious on how they look, how others look, and insults them quietly, laugh at them at the cafeteria while the person walks with their shoulders slouched to the table that says 'Rejects'.

and they wonder why suicide rates gone up, depression rates gone up, and scandalous rate creeps slowly into our culture. Don't they realize it? i'd say just block the channel from our satellite receiver and boost everyone's morale. they shouldnt be judged on how they look, what's their size, what's in and what's not. the hell with it. the hell with it, i say. you make what you are, your personality matters more. of course, it doesnt hurt to clean yourself up. that's obviously important. its hard to concentrate talking to a person with bad BO. Dont listen to everything what E! says.

but of course, there are times, while you're browsing through, suddenly you find yourself stopping at E! and next thing you know, it's been two hours and you're glued. it definitely is a guilty pleasure. (like i said though, let's just block it on our receivers).

Olympics... is a shouting competition....

in the light of the Olympics... i've realized one thing... besides the fact that Michael Phelps is a ROBOT... i've realized that humans get stronger & faster everyday. Take Michael Phelps, the current faster swimmer alive has been breaking world records (others AND his own) for like six or seven times? dude... how fast can you go? maybe he tested negative for drugs... BUT have they tested his urine for motoroil?? like i said... he is a Robot.

It really makes you wonder how far can the human push themselves to their highest capacity. how would the olympics be by then? will they be running just so super fast for us to even cheer? will the 100 m run by then be humans running on their arms and legs? will the swimmers then have fin like fingers and gills? will the weightlifters have biceps like an elephants leg? it really makes you wonder.

on another note, what's really so cool is that most people on the Track & Fields events scream after they finish their turn. excluding the Runners where they scream when they finish first and celebrate while the losers weep and cry or congratulate the other when in their heart they actually wanna say (i sooo wanna break your hands now). so, when people jump, they scream. when they throw a javelin, they scream. when they throw their shot put, they scream. the longer and louder they scream the further they go... at least that's what they want to think.

here's what went through my mind when they do that.

1. after they throw that away, they turn into a complete retard, and only groan and moan when interviewed, like 'Garrr, AArrrr, blarfgg, gargle' and all that shit. and his name's actually kronk, Plank or something.

2. screaming is how they actually are. like 'Dude, can you pass me the keys please?' and the guy threw the keys from him and suddenly screamed as much as they can, and suddenly the next housemate just runs up from behind and made a measurement. that'd be so freaking cool.

Read While Waiting Project....

Well, one time i was browsing through online and bumped into the 'KL Unison Freeze' project. it was superbly cool where everyone just suddenly stands still for 5 minutes and then leave. it was based on the 'Improve website'. The americans did this Improve thing and was just SO awesomely cool. 250 people just froze, and other people just wondered. like the happening, but instead, something is ACTUALLY happening. hehe. everyone just completely Froze and after 5 minutes, they just left like nothing actually happened.

Now here's the comparison with the one in KL, god knows how the press got there, and at the end, instead of freezing, they all clapped, interviews etc. that was a bit of a spoiler there. However, it was cool the fact that everyone froze on queue without any alarm or anything and like the person said... everyone no matter age, color, race froze. unison. coolness.

The only thing that gets me is there's some of the project where it just got waaaaaay to mainstream, with all the countdowns and people winking when freezing and it's no more a statement... it's just trend. blows big time. but anyway.... good step though.

finally, there's another project the malaysian's are doing and i think majorly in KL.

On 23rd of August which is this Sunday at 3pm, currently 6500 people everywhere will just stop and read where they are for 15 minutes.

The major venue has yet to be decided. you can check it out RandomAlphabets website.

why am i supporting this project?

Simple... I love reading... and my only hope that this will instill in our culture the habit of reading. hopefully it goes on, and instead of waiting doing nothing, you'd read and this will not only fill yourself up with so much soul and knowledge, but you might effect other people while doing it... and the best thing is... it's a damn good thing.

I wish i was in KL then and I would definitely do it. sadly i'm working that day. hehehe. so, i wont be waiting and reading. i'd be running around, probably putting my hydrant into a Stripper.

Anyway, here are some interesting links for the improves....

Sigh... sometimes it makes me freakin wonder... why in the world dont these cool things happen when im around?????

When durians attack....

enjoy Some pics....

Durian Rocks.....

abe's office....

when i take these pics, how i wish fera was here.....

Great people, great company... as always....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

tangled up in a web....

finally... internet's up and kicking. cant stop surfing. our new house is almost complete... with one exception... we dont have a stove. yepsss... memang dah cukup bachelor pad abis, but the absence of a stove makes us starving bachelors most of the time.

nevertheless... i get away with making myself my own tossed salad. yes... i'm not attempting to be jamie oliver or something, the best thing im at in the attempt of being the naked chef is probably be naked. and that's only in my own room and toilet. cant imagine doing deep fried fish naked. can you imagine all that sparks on to yourself?? made you imagine didnt i? hahaha. you make me sick.

alrites... i'm all geared up for writing....

you're a lonely muslim brother/sister? i've got just the thing....

So i woke up this morning... logged on to yahoo messenger... and you know when the mini yahoo updates of the week come popping out once you're logged on write?

so today was something that caught my eye on that mini-ad... besides the story about Anwar, and Britney Spears side by side (makes me wonder why). a Muslim Matrimonial website.

still not having a clue what is it about? are you're too religious to go out to pick up girls? or too shy to pick up girls? or just keep ending up with the wrong girls? or still searching endlessly and hopelessly? Well look no further my friend... log on to Muslim Matrimonial website, "marriages are forever". yes... THAT's the tagline. if you have some special preference... may i entice you with the choice of either Sunni or Shia or Other types of Muslim practices? yes brother and sisters of Islam, rejoice, pray and date online. hopefully your prayers and your efforts will take you to the ONE soon.

oh dear god... i was looking through... i know im not supposed to laugh... but check it out...

We are seeking suitable alliance for our daughter. She is slim beautiful and very fair.She is humble and caring.She is pursuing Ph D in Bio-Technology. We have three children, two daughters and one son. She is eldest one, second daughter is also pursuing Ph D in Economics and getting fellowship.My son is pursuing B Tech from AMU.We belong to a very reputed Syed family.

PARENTS!! PARENTS are matchmaking their child online!!!! AMAZING!! it's amazing that there's parents looking for a match for their child, what's more amazing is them advertising them online. yes... the power of internet. i should probably put an ad for my friends

We are seeking suitable alliance for our very good friend. He has a pair of a bit saggy man boobs, but nevertheless he is very stylish with his collection of Tshirts and a very pimped up White four wheel drive. He graduated with bachelors in Computer Engineering (I think), and currently is a very popular radio announcer in Malaysia. been mentioned charming by so many ladies of different ages (and disturbingly enough by some doubtful men). Our friend is humble, caring and a gentleman. He belongs to the very reputed McGiffs clan.

We are seeking the perfect match for our very good friend. He is a bit dark, and short, yet very funny, and sometimes may have an adorable laugh (most of the time a bit scary and to an extent annoying). he is a very gifted person with his hands and makes art sneakers for his past times. he'll undoubtedly make one for you if you decide to marry him. besides that, he has a collection of shoes that i bet your daughter's collection can never surpass his. adding on to that, your daughter will never surpass his tshirt collections. if your daughter isnt able to accept that, maybe you can refer to our previous friend the radio announcer. also, he graduated with a bachelors in Computer Engineering.

We are seeking the perfect match for our very good friend. She is funny, has a bit high pitched voice when she's excited. She is very pretty, witty, and masya Allah brothers, looks very hot in a two piece bikini. but of course you cant see until you marry her or we will bury you neck deep and stone you to death. She is the epitome of a dork and nerd as she graduated in Electrical Engineering AND Minored in Math. she has a very eclectic mix of music that completely blows you off and frankly, she'll dance with you throughout the nite with her songs collection (again brothers, after you're married).

Ferr... Faidz... consider yourselves lucky. hehehe.

skin of an elephant....

i was flipping through a mag and bumped into 'the best insect repellent'. when i read this, i realized one thing... the more modern we get, the pussier people get. yes, i wont deny, being bitten by mosquitoes sucks, and the fact that they keep buzzing around close to your ear doesnt really help. but people, putting insect repellent on will either:-

1. drive them away
2. drive them away and attract weird animals (snakes, tigers, monkeys)
3. attract them more, like a different breed of mosquitoes.
4. give you skin cancer. for real. or some other type of cancer. i bet it says on the bottle, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

one of the best ways to stop the mosquitoes is actually not waving your hands around too much because they are attracted to heat. hence, slapping their friends on your skin only attracts the other coz slapping them generate heat. so people... toughen up. of course, if you're going camping for days, make sure you recognize what malaria/dengue/west nile looks like. hehe.

Now why would you wanna do that for? criminals get confused when you do that....

if you have no watched Dark Knight... get your ass up... and watch it. it's just so damn good. too bad Heath died... the Joker Franchise could probably catapult outside this universe.

nevertheless... one late night, Abe and I were standing at 24hour KFC one late nite and it came upon us... Batman is just like one of us right? see, a lot of people think they know about Batman, like he's Bruce Wayne's alter ego, Joker's his exact opposite and arch nemesis and all. but seriously... how well do we know Batman??

Things we probably dont know about Batman.

1. he probably drives through a fastfood drive through during nights when he is terribly hungry.
2. he probably eats fries while sitting on the edge of a building listening to police radios
3. alfred probably packs him healthy food to keep batman fit which makes batman whine 'aaawww alfred, now why'd u have to do that? i want my red meat! you're my slave bitch!'
4. he probably gets a huge sore throat after doing that weird husky voice and had to pop in lozenges like strepsils endlessly.
5. he definitely needs to pee. i dont think he can easily take off his batsuit. either there's like a diaper in the batsuit or a latch for him to relieve himself
6. he cant stay up late all the time. he probably passes out in one of his night watches and sleep in his batmobile while some innocent grandma robs a liquor store with a shotgun and saying 'Why SO serious??'

there you go... it's a good update.... hehehe. catcha guys next week....

btw guys... enjoy my collection of clips....

This one, storyline isnt that much, but i personally like the camera shots. rasa macam jamie oliver pulak. its basically on behavioral safety

had to promote the green earth. my colleagues loved this one....

Oblivia's first project... viral video for astro. yes, i personally think we need some improvement, but it's a good start....

i know it's very amateurish but it's a pretty good start....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

No net, no update……

So, yeps… I know it’s been so long since I last updated, might be a bit more than a month. Honestly, not that I don’t want to, it’s just that, I do NOT have internet. Seriously, in this new house, it used to be worse, I didn’t even have ASTRO! Like, seriously. But now we do have astro, so it ain’t that bad as much.

Well currently im updating while breathing through my own snot, woke up feeling sick and every time I swallow, I feel like I’m swallowing a rock. But nevertheless, had a great time to sit down alone at home, watch dvd, tv and just relax.

Not that I have not had some interesting thoughts going through my head throughout my ‘no update session’, and a lot had happened since then.

1. Gas increase (I just knew it!!!)
2. My 26th birthday (of which, ATI is the LAST of my closest friends to wish me :P!)
3. Don’t watch ‘The Happening’
4. Malaysian Artists are GETTING BETTER

Gas increase....

Yeps… I think I wrote once when the price of oil per barrel increased for an all time high of USD$100pb, and I mentioned that im not gonna be totally surprised that the government is gonna increase the petrol price throughout the nation again.
This is a heavily sensitive issue in this country and the fact that a majority of people out there aren’t so well informed of the issue, and start blaming other innocent parties for example the Oil & Gas company. They think it’s the local company who raised the fuel subsidy, and the local company are going to get a much high profit from this.

My dear readers, please realize, that is NOT true. Even though if they get a higher profit from this, I bet you big time the employees down there, who work so hard to bleed the earth for her sources & energy, I assure you, that these people do NOT, I repeat, do NOT get a raise. In fact, most of them stay middle class status and if you know the facts, the people who are struggling the most from the fuel hike is actually the middle class rakyat.

Now try to see things in the bigger picture, for example, let’s say the road tax and tax on cars. Now, imported cars are taxed almost 200%, heck, maybe even more. Now, where does ALL the rakyat’s money taxes go? Hmmm I wonder. Maybe, since they reduced to fuel subsidy, what I think is best next, my is REMOVE the tax on cars, or maybe reduce it to a reasonable price. At least with that extra cash, people could actually:

1. Buy fuel efficient vehicle (like the hybrid)
2. Actually complain LESS about the fuel hike

Btw… where in the world does that tax money GO??? Hmmm I wonder.

I’m 26....

Yeps… I’ve turned 26. For those who wished me thank you so much. Not a big fan of birthdays usually. I prefer having just a nice quiet dinner or just chilling out alone listening to my favorite music and eat my favorite cheesecake.

Well… whatever it is, i’m cool with being in this age. I’m just praying for the best for the years to come for me. Btw… my best bday present this year....

Bob marley’s CD LEGEND. It’s a damn awesome album, I’m not kidding you. When you listen to the songs all you feel is like just chilling out beside the beach having an iced tea and reading a book under huts made of coconut tree branches during sunset while you have seashells selling and people dropping by buying them to listen to the ocean waving in the shells. If that’s not elaborate of how I think this CD is awesome, then you really have to go buy it and listen to it.

Thank you so much for the CD sayang.

Latest movies....

Seriously guys, do NOT watch ‘The Happening’. I honestly don’t know what was M Night Shyamalan thinking when he made this movie. I much preferred Lady in the Water even though that movie still sucked.

I don’t care if I spoil it for you guys, mainly because I wanna save you that 10 ringgit and go watch something else, maybe even the HULK the second time. About the movie… NOTHING HAPPENS. I repeat that… NOTHING. Hollywood should consider changing the movie title to ‘The NOT Happening’.

Malaysian Artists are getting MUCH better....

I remember when I was a kid, I am honestly not a big fan of Malaysian songs. Kept thinking it was boring and lame AND it was the same for like almost 15 years!!!!!
But a lot of changed since then. Now you have Malaysians coming up with soulful songs, catchy, deep, and most of all, different and NOT sengau based. You have bands like Hujan, Meet Uncle Hussain, Hunny Madu & the Basics, Yuna, Love me Butch, Seven Collared Tshirt etc. and these are mostly out there, the indie ones that people don’t often talk about are probably much more. So yeah, come on guys, let’s support our local talent. But of course, I’ll support them if they SHOW talent and not start create the same ol genre again.

Well that’s it… im tired… sick, flem, and full of snot and contemplating so much whether I should go to class or not. Hmmm. Thinkin thinking thinking. Oh well… laters guys!

Btw, pictures below mostly are the ones when we went to Sabah's the tip of borneo. if you still dont have a perfect clue, basically Sabah looks like a puppy, facing to the right on the world map. and where we are in this picture, is basically at the tip of the ear of the puppy. hope that helps.

see? the tip of borneo!!get it people??!!

danger can kiss my ass....

spread the love, spread the peace, and no to danger....

sunset at tip of borneo... and yes, do only go there during sunset... during sunrise... it's a bit lame. i thought you could actually enjoy both.... darn it. oh and also make sure you stay in kudat for 1 night. the drive from kk - kudat alone takes 3 hours. from kudat to the tip of borneo aka simpang mengayau takes 1 hour. and you seriously need to go down to the beaches, AND watch the sunset til it's dark. dont swim, but do bring some snacks:)....

i am... herculeeeeess!!

wonder if she's confused... of if it's sunset or sunrise....

it's a long winding road... for a lone wolf... chewah....

the drive is surrounded by coconut tree plantation... kinda amazing coz i've never seen coconut tree plantation. it looks beautiful really....

He sells seashells by the seashore... seriously, im gonna employ this guy when i buy a land there, and make him look for shells for me to sell and for myself.

Tanjung Aru Beach... the sunglight covers out the rubbish... hahaha.

a nerd and her kacang in Tanjung Aru Beach....

Monday, May 12, 2008

When Mosquitos attack!!!!

Alrites... last nite, i was just really really really sleepy when i was typing about the mosquito. was thinking of editing it, but meeeaaaah. just gonna type a new one instead.

Well basically there's some people who genetically engineered a breed of male mosquitoes to kill all the Aedes mosquitoes in Pulau Ketam. Yes, these mosquitoes are engineered genetically, to have some sort of ability to kill other mosquitoes by mating with them, and contract some type of virus that'll kill the other mosquitoes.

They say they've tested it in labs and said it is very safe. okay, sure, rite. safe indeed. what they dont really know is that they've never actually tested it in an actual real life condition. they still havent figured out what would the decrease of the mosquitoes in Pulau Ketam would do to the ecosystem.

I got a feeling, the mosquitoes are there on Pulau Ketam for a reason. well one way of decreasing the problem significantly naturally is just CLEAN that island UP you ignorant ignorant mosquito person. seriously, at least clean that place within your area. that way, the mosquitoes wont even breed around you and hence decreasing the number of highly dangerous mosquitoes. CLEAN ur own PLACE!!!! (sheeeeesh)

Also, how would they know that these bugs dont react with something else in the household and immediately create a new strain of virus that probably could change humans into extra aggresive irrational and hairless creatures, which can then affect other humans, and immediately causing an international outbreak which then balances out the number of earth's neverending significantly exponentially growing population.

yepppss.... dangerous animals these soldier mosquitoes can be indeed. you're going against nature. anyone who think they can do part in not letting this happen, please do inform me and any of the readers here. support the green natural earth. spread the loooove.

Hippie Monkey....

So i got this entry below from a forwarded email. thought it was just nicely funny. not DAMN funny. but pretty cool enough. hahaha. good ol days.

A monkey is sitting in a tree smoking a joint when a lizard walks past and looks up and says to the monkey. "Hey! what are you doing?"

The monkey says "smoking a joint, come up and have some."

So the lizard climbs up and sits next to the monkey and they have a few tokes together.
After a while the lizard says his mouth is 'dry' and that he's going to get a drink from the river.

The lizard climbs down the tree, dittybops on thru the jungle to the river and leans over the river to get his drink.

Well, the lizard is so stoned that he leans too far over and falls into the river.

A Crocodile sees this and swims over to the lizard and helps him to the side, then asks the lizard, "what's the matter with you?"

The lizard explains to the crocodile that he was sitting in a tree and smoking a joint with the monkey and got too stoned and then fell into the river while taking a drink.

The crocodile says he's gotta check this hippie monkey out and walks off into the jungle where he finds the tree where the monkey is still sitting and toking on the joint.

He looks up and says "hey you!"

The Monkey looks down and says, "ff****ccckkkk dude.............how much water did you drink?!!"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ratu Hatiku....

Well... got nothing much to say for my mom... but... i LOVE you, thank you so much for every single thing that you've done for me, your support and making me the man i am today =). Love you loads.

Bite me... NOT.....

Sometime end of April this year, a good friend of mine forwarded an actual article on Genetically Engineeered Mosquitos. Basically the scientists created an anomaly within the MALE mosquitos of which feasts on fruits as main source of food. So now, they could not only fly, they also mate with the female of which will then kill their young and also the gas a result of the vires the male will carry.

They're thinking of releasing these engineered mosquitoes in Pulau Ketam. Now, how scary would it be if the mosquitos became like super mosquitos? Fly faster, biter harder all that jazz. the nyamuk would also be carrying a virus, a Zombie virus and start affecting everyone in Pulau Ketam. Would you want an island full of hungry zombies? that'll be a scary messed up situation to be in. and then the virus will start to expand all over in the world. all started from the quiet dark alleyway in malaysia. yepsss... zombies....

apa laa aku ngarut nih.... so sleepy rite now....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mercy mercy mercy....

Hey guys... labor day holiday just ended, im flushed, tired, but every moment spent in KK was a bliss. tired... but a bliss.

no matter what, i'm a sucker for nature. i just love sitting down by the ocean closing my eyes feeling the wind brushing by me, and the waves coming up to say their hello, and birds flying and sometimes just glide on a static position... probably feeling the same way im feeling. i love sitting on the balcony where my room faced the green mountains while the clouds just hangs around the top covering all the creatures from the drops of scorching heat. when the sunsets... the mountain would just glow and it gives you this chill behind your neck, and uttering the words of
'Subhanallah' silently while the mists creeps slowly towards and around you to calm you down from all the pretentiousness and ridiculousness of the world.

yes... i'm a sucker for nature.....

Understanding is not just Reading....

okay, i decided to write this one short and simple. i read this book given to me by Dayana's dad, and i think it's kinda inspiring and triggers something in your head.

basically the whole gist of it is about the Book of Islam... the Al-Quran. i think we've all mostly been thought since kids, even our parents to just READ the Quran. most of them didnt state the meaning of every word within the Quran.

i also found out from some of my time visiting the house of God, every single word, every single hum, has a reason into it, has every meaning. The whole summary of this part of my writing is just serving to you as a reminder. start with the simple Surahs first, and understand them. dwell in the meaning, the beauty of the whole ayat constructed and feel it going into you. understanding how it applies in your daily life and making yourself into a better person everyday you wake up. Understanding... is not just Reading... do your part.

Famine... are you sure???

Early last week or was it the week before, the whole world has been told by the media that food prices are hiking intensely and it will affect and contribute to more famine, depression, uprising, civil war and most of all poverty throughout the nation.

Immediately the first headlines read something like 'World bank declared....' 'World bank announces....' bla bla yadda yadda. and i think i saw the news where President George W Bush declares that they are requesting for more funding to tackle this problem and World Bank to offer more support to all struggling countries.

Now... my question... how deep can this really go? Yes, i must admit that due to the hike of the energy prices throughout the world, it is slowly creating a whole domino effect on every other prices of your routine items (bread, rice, flour). the fertilizer business is growing exponentially these days to USD400++ per tonne this year as compared to last year and the year before where it's only USD300++ and USD200++ respectively.

But in my view... all what's happening currently should only make a very slow increase of the food prices worldwide, not immediate. However due to the media that's mostly owned by the 'Great Power' it just completely escalates the t = time factor due to human psychological effects. the media injects everyone in the world this FEAR of what would happen and tell them... 'Hey... dont worry, we have the resources, we're here to lend you the help you need'. Keyword people... LEND. if most of you dont know, World Bank, IMF, belongs to the 'Great Power'. this desperation would cause the affected countries to go to these international fund and cause them to be in a very huge debt.

What affect does it do? Okay, it's like this, you meet an Ah Long (malaysian Loan Shark), he says our interests are low from the bank, all that blas and yaddas, simultaneously you're desperate. you borrow... you're HIS. you cant ever payback, and all they need is your help... in a very dirty way. ask you to stab your own friends in the back, ask you to support them no matter what they do, no matter how deceitful and heartless their project is (obviously covered with a batch of flowers around), so on, so forth. you BELONG to them.

guys... i think it may actually be, the modern way of colonization. probably, we may have not even noticed... that they're already actually here. hmmm. whatever it is, as a citizen, do your part. Lead, not mislead. Develop with considerations and alternatives... not destroy everything. I cant imagine what's in store for us 10 - 15 years from now in this country. let's just pray for the best.

Community indeed....

well... currently i play basketball every Tuesday and Sunday here, and for the first time ever, i sit down and play with a whole group of chinese of whom i have no idea who they are. Some might be CEOs, some might be an Ah Long, some might be just a normal guy who sips their coffee on a Sunday morning reading the news with the family.

Here's the thing, i find it awesome playing with them. I may not understand most of the time what theyre saying to each other, but playing with them, somehow it opens up your eyes how they work hard to help out each other, doing things together as a team... and not pulling a Kobe almost every single second. and these people are a group of strangers. It's just different from how i used to play it in highschool and Uniten. but all in all... it's amazing.

which triggers another thought it my head. my chinese friend, who's leaving the company this month to work in Singapore (congratulations to him for pursuing something that he feels best for him) told me that, when he was studying in the US, playing Basketball was a gathering of group of unknowns. you sitdown by the court, say your Hi's shake the hands around you, and ask if you could join in, of which, almost always, they say 'Sure man, we're short anyway'. it triggers your ability, playing with unknowns, some are really good, some so-so, some are just feeling the leather ball on their skin to see if they're made for this game or not. not only does the game make you a better player... but also a better person, increases your PR, network... and most of all, your sense of community.

when you play this game, you dont need to make appointments with your friends (who either dont come or are fashionably late, of which annoys you). you go, you play. Sadly, i've never played much with the locals in the US. mostly inferiority complex. they're tall, they strong, they're huge. but i should've just gone and build that confidence and build that skill.

now... how does it work with the people in this country? do you sit down by a field, and wait for an existing game going on let's say, Football, and you ask them, 'hey, can i join in?'. you'll get replies either:-

1. shrugging... 'oklah, oi guys, this guy nak main. masuk team saper nih?'
2. 'sorry la brader, dah penuh'.
3. or a classic BS, 'we're practicing rite now, all member2 nih'.

why is there that mentality? i wont lie, i had the same thoughts too. worry of them clicking, worry that they dont understand our level of playing, worry that they're just way too serious. i saw this in futsal, i saw this in paintball. some people are just really good, they wanna join in, but everyone just dont think it's cool. how does that develop your level of playing, your thinking, you ability? how? why is there no sense of community? why? what can we do to change all this perception, this barrier?

yeah... maybe i'm thinking too much... but... i know im making all the sense in this world dont i? think about it again.

Labor day pics....

well here are some pics just for a quick update...

my dad, myself, and Azman (my Sis's BF)

family trip up on the mountains... Nadia is still sleeping....

mountain view during the sunset....

two faces who has not showered and feeling really cold and smelly....

i think i might be constipating....

hehehe... my new shoes... made out of HEMP. those who dont know... please la dont be ignorant and just smoke em... ahahah

Azman commented on this picture... said it's not bad at all... i created an anticipation for the viewer. he's a tutor as a grad student for MMU in Film & Animation btw... so it was quite an honor....

these are special kinda fish. crazy tame. you put your hands in the water with the food, and they'll suck on your hands (they have no teeth) and create a bekam-ish around your hands. verrry cool. basically for therapy la.

Spread the loooove... peace out....

at Sabah Tea... a very beautiful place... serene, overlooking the mountains and calming....

okay okay... i was just trying to be in the mind of a Colombian Drug Lord. wont that be amazing if all the tea are actual poppy and weed grown illegaly, and we're silently surrounded by people with AK47s and sniper rifle waiting for you to make the wrong move? i looove Tea. Green stuff is always good.

okay... my attempt on photography... seriously thinking of an SLR....

alrites... just noticed it's a damn serious topic im going through. hmmm oh well. once in a while, it doesnt hurt to think that way.