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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Peons, Peasants, Ghouls....

yes... its been two weeks of working non stop. going in out of the plant, getting sick, sniffing all the chemical dusts, and exposed to extreme heat of bintulu. the only thing that keeps me alive rite now is my desperation of getting extra holidays for every overtime i do. i dont get paid extra, shitty... yes i very shitty. i get coupons though... bunch of paper money that is soooo much that you cant possibly eat that much, and also can only use it inside the company. i feel so 'psyched'. with the world cup going around, not being able to go to KL, just really brings me down so much. oh sigh. wutever. dont wanna think about it as much. i'm thinking of getting one day leave next weekend. initially i wanted it tomorrow, but because i have some essential stuff to do, i have to push it next week.

due to utter boredom... i wrote this email to my dear atiee.... (keep in mind, i had to take out some as i thought some were very erm.... personal. hahaha)

(imagining i was p ramlee singing 'oh azizah')
oooooh atikaaaaaah,
muka mu manis mulut terbukaaaa
senyum mu comel macam orang Mukaaah,
sexy kemain aku pun terdugaaaa

what can you say? im bored to the bones here in good ol bintulu. hehehe. let me update you my day so far since i woke up at 6am. so... i woke up at
525 am, then slept, then the alarm rang again, but somehow i managed to
ignore it up til 6am. weird. imagine if it was a fire alarm. id probably be
beef jerky. so then... i woke up, check out WC, only to be pissed off
because Koreo is out of the game completely now. hence, we dont have an
asian representative anymore. bollocks. so then i showered, listened to
music after that, then watched tv, while munching on cereal. left my home
at 730, picked up my friend, then off to work. reached work...

then... i went to the lab to weigh some filters that i used for an experiment yesterday. i recorded its end flow on the pump, then i recalibrated the pump. had to make a few phone calls to my coach coz i was a bit blurry on some stuff especially on the cyclone pump. heh. so then after i recorded the end flows of the two pumps, i recharged them, and took two new pumps. then i weighed the filters. actually the chemical monitoring was on dust sampling since this unit needs a catalyst change, so these catalysts produced a lot of dust from the previous process. anyway, after i weighed it, i went to the unit again, and they've alraedy started the catalyst change out. the reason i do this monitoring is to check how much dust these guys are exposed to. it was interesting to see this sometimes because i feel a bit like a doctor (a BIT la), and then helped them to realize what kind of hazards these operators or technician might be exposed to. after all the talking with the operators and all, i went back, and now, typing this email but faking that im reading a manual for noise monitoring which i'll be doing in the evening......... by this time... you probably
think im the geekiest nerdiest dorkiest guy you've ever known.

heheheh..... my boss baru masuk tadik... i did the stupidest thing
ever..... just wanted to be polite laa punya pasal. tup2... i ajak him to join me do noise monitoring!! damn it, now i REALLY have to read the manual!! bongok irfan mahmud. bongok!!

atiee's reply.... (try to derive what i edited... muahahahha. between us ek atiee gilee)

hehehe.. mulut terbuka???? like, wtf?!??!
btw, since u mentioned mukah, i think henny is fr mukah.. hmmm.. not quite sure tho..

sorry dude didnt reply ur email earlier..
got back fr dinner n terus tido.. hahahah
cos my toe hurts so bad, i telan painkillers n terus tido.. u remember rite

i told u abt the toe treatment, or more like torture that i hv to go thru every week?
yeahh.. hurtsss like babs!

so omg, u proved it irfan! u totally proved it!
i knew u were the dorkiest guy ever stepped on planet earth.. i just needed a confirmation, n u totally did it! hahahaha! gileeeeeeeeeeeee dorkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
all those jargons!! i was like, eyeeewwwww.... duddddeeeeee!!!!!

so how's the manual going?
muahahaha.. tulaaaahhh nk suck up sgt to the boss..
kan padaaannn mukeeeeee!!

i woke up to go to the loo tadi.. n sempat tu sit down at the lappie..
n now im stuck.. not quite sleepy anymore.. tee hee hee
im gonna be cooking tomorrow..
cos its therapeutic!!! prolly gonna finish off all the stuff in the
if thats what it takes for me to be all calm n ok..

oh btw, just bacause some girl has a smoking body, doesnt mean everyone

to fall for her..
sometimes the spark just isnt there, know what i mean?
so dont worry abt it.. i dont think ure gay or anything..

oh well, if ure still in the office n bored, can email me..
nway, u take care

yupppsss... i was really bored. tomorrow i'll probably write to fera, or abe, or faidz, or todi, or angelina jolie....

work is getting to my head... neeeeeed reeeeeeest

me taking KL ppl around at the port to see how we export our product, and how it affects the staff's health based on their ergonomics, basically for a health risk assessment la. (yes atiee... im a geek... hahaha... at least im a geek with a walkie talkie!! nampak tak?)

catcha guys laterssss......

Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm Older....

yes... i am 24... by this Sunday, i have been 24 years and 1 week of age. celebrating it in bintulu was... ermm... oh well... its not KL, but its slightly okay. i just sat down, watched DVDs, relaxed and got a visit from a friend, and that nite i went out for dinner with Sza2. nothing much. it was simple. i didnt get to eat my cheesecake though. kinda sad. on the morning the day before my bday, they had a picnic, which intially i didnt wanna go because i was just too tired from entertaining ppl the week before. but it turns out... they had a cake with my name on it. i didnt eat the cake though. hahah. i dont really eat other cakes besides cheesecakes. maybe some fruitcakes, and some kek batik (sarawakian traditional cake). thanks fera, atiee, and ija for having a nice blog entry for me. i love you guys so much. hope to see you guys soon. btw... i was trying to recall what i did for my bday the year before, until i remembered i was driving with my best of friends to connecticut, only to arrive at kak zef's house with my car broken down, alternator dah rosak, and it was my bday, the thing was expensive, and somehow, the guys still managed to buy me a cake. sweet of all of you. thanks so much guys. really.

it was a nice simple picnic, nothing much. played with a baby, who keeps pointing at something which i dont know waht. but was sooo adorable. that afternoon, i had to become pengangkat dulang for my friend's housemate's engagement. seriously, i was only a pengangkat dulang, and yet... i was freakin out!! i was hyperventilating and shit. i cant imagine if I was the one who was getting engaged. untuk tunang jekk dah 10 ribu lebey. im sorry to say but... if im forced to get married the malay traditional style, i would probably die single. i DONT want a normal traditional wedding. Which IS, expensive, and ada majlis pertunangan, then majlis nikah, then majlis pompuan, then majlis laki. to my friends who are doing that please invite me, at least i get to see my friends do it, coz i know i AM NOT. call me tak bertradisi, but if tak bertradisi saves me much more money, and could make me use the money more for a LIFE, or at least a ROCKING honeymoon in aussie or New Zealand, or Phuket then fuck IT western wedding it is.

I'm just gonna do it western style, proposal, randomly bend down on one knee... something like that, something you'd see in TV, and just propose to her. cheesy corny, but hey... i think its much more romantic no~? then i'll just have my nikah at another date which is not far from the the proposal, and just have my nikah in the morning, and then have the reception together. in one day hopefully. guests just includes close families and friends. i dont need too much attention. i'm happy to tell ppl that... hey guys... im married. kan ke senang tuh? but please ppl who think im wrong, please dont take it harshly, its just... ermm... me. maybe im just over worried. but i know i want it that way so much.

after that had a nice jamming session with my friends which... again... im telling you not the best... i dont have the best voice, but damn it... its all about havin fun. same as karaoke and shit. heheh.

well... to those who complain about their work.. complain no more... you have a winner here.

1) i work in bintulu... (what more can you say?)
2) i am currently working 0700 - 1900 everyday
3) im working everyday... including weekends
4) this will be going on for one and a half months
5) i still get paid the same. and no overtime.

yes... that is the company i work for. soooo not going to let my kid apply for a scholarship from here.

im forced to work extra due to the plant's scheduled TA. a lot of repairing around, and im walking aroud every morning doing audits and all. dah laa time world cup. by the way, yes, im not a fan of soccer, but when it comes to world cup.. i AM GAME!! i vote for the underdogs, but i think USA and Japan wont make it to the 2nd round, which leaves me Korea. however, i do have one giant... Argentina. they're playing quite good. especially this game im watching rite now. dier tgh laukkan Serbia. hah. take that you jackasses. not a fan of england or brazil though. i think they're just too over popular. im on for brazil than england though if they ever face each other. hehehehe. sorry... have so much hate for england. i dontknow why. brazilians seem more humble than the english. oh well.

well... you guys have a great week... unlike me... have a great weekend does not apply anymore.

enjoy the pics of KL and the video of Faidz 'lapar'. HEE HEE.

Faidz lapaaar.... hehehe....

jammin for fun to bob marley.... =P.

we're a naturaaaaaaall playaaa~~~

afdlin shauki and rashid salleh....

beautiful sabrina hassan... and funny afdlin

en ashraf sinclair. aper ntah. well i know i did much better than he did in questions game. hahahah.

ami yang vaiiiin... heheh. padahal i take pics like that tooo. hahahah =P

happy kawin muiz dear friend....

celebratin my bday with a baby....

selamat laa bertunang......

shit im old....


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oprah is an evil genius....

Rite now... its techincally 10th of june, and im watching Germany vs Costa Rica. kinda an awesome match. i love the world cup. mainly coz the fans are so hyped, that even the TV audience gets hyped up. damn... german just scored. well i dont really support either german or costa rica,just the match is awesome. especially the 1st goal. memang kat bucu abis. i wonder how'd it feels like if i was a soccer player. mesti rasa cool giler. im a supporter of korea, japan, US (yes... they're good in 2002) and argentina btw. italians are just too well groomed. they look more like some fragile models who cant get a scar on their faces. poyo jekk lebey. tader laa hensem sgt pun. setakat hidung mancung and terer main bola. but oh well.. like i said... its all about the benjamins... or in all about the fazools. heheh.

My stay in KL last week... hmm... was... well not the best i must be honest. but its okay. it was so much better than bintulu. only spent 1 day with lili... wish there cud be more. well it was a short 4 hr. nothin much pun. ntah laa.hmmm. oh well... but one thing i know... i got to meet most of my friends. ayun yang never cease to be very comel, rina, aida, phatma, inductions guys, rozanna, fifi foi joe bashir and other high school dudes at the wedding, and of course, one of my current cool friends, faidz.

what'd i do there? hmmm nothin much... just relaxed, my 1st day, was nice, my dad had hotel room, i woke up early for breakfast, watched basketball while was in the hotel gym, and then did a very nice sauna. muahaha. very cool. shaiiit... wachope just scored again. i love it when the underdogs give them something unexpected. like how US bummed Portugal in their 1st match. haha. awesome there. anyway... 2nd nite met up with fifi and foi... hehehehehehehehehehe. nothing much. ended up them driving me back to the hotel while singing to Ali Setan's song. hahaha. and i was wearing a seatbelt at the back seat. weird but it wasnt weird at all that time. hahahaah. btw... FUCK.... Frings scored!!! i think the best goal of the match!! just passed through like a group of ppl. awesome shit.

3rd nite... picked up faidz with kak farah, and then went to uptown to buy some damn good burgers. that nite... was chilling with faidz, haz, and i. nothin. hehehe. just talks, lengkapkan ayat, pantun, stuff like that. and i was watchin road trip, ended up sleeping around 4am. hahaha. next day, just walked around OU, then went to actorlympics. hahaha. well, personally i think it wasnt as fun as the last one i watched, but it was okay. BUT... i got to get on stage for the questions game with afdlin shauki, and Ami got to do the videoclip thingy. hehehe. i sucked at the game, but the opportunity to stand beside afdlin and try be in their shoes of playing the question game... really was an experience... and it WAS NOT EASY!!but.. i had fun.

my last nite was just spending some good time with my teacher's family, everyone is all grown up. and her little boy is just so damn adorable. really makes me feel like part of the family. the last day... as i was about to leave... a friend came in to pass me a tshirt. heheh. thanks again.

so.. ntah... nothin much. i wanted to go for wall climbing but didnt have the time and the friend, wanted to have more time with lili, but na~na. so ntah... wasnt the best times in KL, but like always, it was worth it. oh well... there's always next time to have more time in KL... abe.. u better make damn sure ur there jackass. hehehe. ferr, i wonder when will u be comin as well. :). i wonder when will the gang be complete for a nice reunion.

so... i have some random thoughts here.....

OPRAH is an evil genius:
dont u guys think so? she sits on her show, trying to improve ppls live, try to feed some chicken soup for the soul... and everyone is filled up with UUUUs and AAAAAs all the time. she gives cars, cookings stuff, expensive dolls and all that. she also made up and OPRAH's book club, and everyone practically reads most of the book she recommends. so far... ive never followed her recommendations, if she DID recommend any, i didnt even notice. hahha. but yes... she managed to influence so many ppl,feeding them with UUs and AAs and at the same time make so damn much money out of it. she is... a freakin genius. damn it... good for u woman.....

DONT talk to me while ur holding ur twinkie or sittin the crapper:
seriously... im soooo pissed if someone talks to me while im sitting in the crapper. seriously... annoying laaa bongok. its my solitaire time. the greeks didnt design that sitting guy thinkin for nothin. sitting in the crapper is for tyour alone time AND for u to SHUT UP!! btw i dont pee outside at the peeing machine stuff thingy. i always use the closed door where u take a crap. in other words... a normal toilet. heheh. but anyhoo... another thing aku tak suka is... i wash my hand at the toilet... and someone's holding their twinkie, and suddenly turns and talk to me. seriously... what is wrong with you??? just SHUSH and aim straight!! tolooooong la weyy. if anyone who reads this... especially the dudes (i dont know if women talk while they pee in the restroom... hehe). uncomfortable okay? unless ur fainting or dying in there, or dont pleeeease DONT talk while ur doing the deposit.

pics and videos comin soon. hehehe. latersss.... ntah... gambar pun tak tangkap byk kat KL. sucks gak laa that part. i dontknow why i didnt take a lot of pics. hmmm.

well guys... have a great WC 2006.....