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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oil, Gas, Rakyats and Betrayal....

This year showed huge concerns on the continuous dive of the world's market which caused endless uncertainties from retrenchment, economic stability, value of production and debts. Everywhere in the four corners of the world people are scavenging for any job that can help them provide for their family, working they're sweats off to ensure the family has sufficient to live with, while government are giving advices through mass media to ensure their citizens would not have to sink and suffer as well.

Now here's my major concern, the economic trending was as suspense and unpredictable as the next scene of a horror movie where the hero was done and suddenly something from the deep just grabs you in with him. The biggest issue last year was the increment of our Fuel price worldwide which caused riots, demonstrations, by each person in this world. that 70 cents sudden hike was abhorred by each section of the country and fingers were pointed everywhere except to the correct party. as a part the so-called human survival, it's only normal for people to start increasing the food prices (you name it, milk? beef? rice? veggies? italian food?), cab prices, and other necessities that involve any shape of money that way.

Then suddenly around October, things started plummeting, shares drop, FUEL prices DROP, not once, not twice but three times!! Amazing, at this time, we were hoping after those crazy comments of dissatisfaction at least some gratitude is shown throughout the country and god's will to ease the pain of the suffering to make them spend less for the same item.

Or SO we thought. Here, now, we see, the betrayal that's done by the rakyat themselves. to think after more than 3 months of reduced prices world wide, the cab would cost cheaper, food would be cheaper, and everyone would rejoice that stability is slowly going as progressed. No mention of thanks or any hints of gratitude by the same people who complained, and worse, cab rides, food still are sold at a higher price even though the cost has reduced. this means that with these difficult times, we are digging deep in our pockets for the less money we get, while these so called 'businessmen' get much more.

of course i'm not saying it's all these ignorant ungratefuls' fault. what is the government doing to monitor all these as well? they only concentrate in Peninsular Malaysia while here in Sabah Sarawak, which is listed as having one of the poorest group of people in the country are being the victims. Where is the action?

So, for those who read this, please convey that necessary message across to the ignorant ungratefuls and to the authority who were supposed to monitor and take action. for, if there is going to be another hike in the future, the price isnt going to be on the dot, yet it's going to burn our hands in looking for any extra cash we can.

my current thoughts....

Roads here in Bintulu....

Seriously, out of all my curiosity of this dead boring place, i've always wondered, why in the world does the roads have potholes as big as an elephants footprint? i'm not kidding. yesterday, when i was driving, i saw a sinkhole, where you can fit half of your car. i am not kidding. can you imagine what would happen if you were driving a kancil through and suddenly the roads just collapse under you??

I've wondered what kind giants that comes out and night and are so pissed off and just decide to stomp the roads for the residence to go through in the morning. i'm serious!! some of the potholes happen overnight! there were also some potholes that caused major 1 hour plus traffic jams!! who were the civil engineers? have they been educated properly on how to construct a road? what influenced them to create such horrible roads????

Marriage process....

I'm honestly looking forward to marriage. however, one thing im quite annoyed with is the documents i have to gather and all in the process.

1. Surat Pengesahan Bujang dari Majikan (Letter of Proof that you are single)
2. Surat Kebenaran bernikah di luar mukim (Letter of approval to be married outside your residing area)
3. HIV test
4. Sijil Kursus Kahwin (Certificate for Course of Getting Married)

yes... i'm okay with the last two honestly. the class would teach me how to be a responsible husband, father etc. HIV test, well along the way i get to do my cholesterol check and all. number one? okay, tolerable la... with the fact that some men already have a wife/wives and decide to marry, knock yourselves out.

but number two... i didnt know i was bound to my area forever! it's like, 'hey, i want to marry Dayana Aishah from KL, but dear god, i do must alert the elders of my village!! god knows they already have a whole list of virgins for me that i have to reject!!'. i didnt know there was a mafia that i had to submit to for marrying an outsider. and yes guys, it doesnt only apply in Sabah, if your IC address is in Kelantan, and you've been residing in KL your entire life, i bet you now that you have to get permission from Kelantan. i am not kidding you. it's like when you decide to print your IC, the villagers of your area decide to say 'We own your ass Irfan!!'.


Saturday in this place sucks....

It's saturday, and this place SUCKS. if i was in KK, id be driving around and read somewhere soothing. or watch a movie. they dont even have underworld here with their already sad dusty old movie theater. watched TV and slept and read, so probably tomorrow i'll be cleaning my tank. as cool as that may sound, if it was an actual Tiger Tank, hell yeah. but i'll be cleaning my fish tank. that's the most action im having this weekend. cant believe i was in KK just three days ago.

Mt Kinabalu the second time of my life....

What more can i say... i did it twice... and hell yeah im gonna do it again. not this year... i think. but yeps... i totally did it.

pictures? will put it up later on. do remind me....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blood suckaaaa.....

So, I've been reading twilight as i mentioned last time. usually i read it at nite before i go to sleep, excluding last weekend. my review of the book so far... not bad at all. there's a lot of hint of sarcasms between the girl and the vampire lover, funny, but it's still a bit too mushy. but, i was having more fun reading about the other characters and their origins.

however, the whole mood of my reading was completely great as it has been very cloudy with 3% sunlight throughout the whole 2 weeks. yeps... Bintulu is totally pulling a Seattle.

would i recommend the book to others? yeps... read it, then watch the movie. there's some part of the movie is actually better than the book, but there's also some parts of the book which is better than the movie. it's intriguing, and... entertaining.

Mt Kinabalu my 2nd time.....

so yes, this Sunday, it'll mark my second time climbing up Mt Kinabalu. last time i climbed up the majestic beauty i only had 1 week of training and i was 19 yrs old. in other words, i was fairly fit.

I'm not so sure about now, however, one thing i know for a fact, to conquer her, its all about Mind Over Matter. as ridiculous some may think it is, it's the huge truth. you have to be positive, and visualize yourself conquering her, and coming back down to tell the stories to your friends and family.

with one week to go, i dont have the time to be pessimistic. especially knowing the fact that there's gonna be another 18 people needing my hope and motivation. i shouldn't have scared them on how difficult the climb was really. darn it. well looks like i really have to pep talk to everyone definitely.


Everyone has dreams... and i think, it's best that if the dream is a GOOD purpose, the purpose for the better, they should always pursue it, no matter how their life is during that time. should they be young, old, married, engaged, kids, grandchildren... GO.

DONT ever, EVER say 'oh well, i tried'. you tried once, doesnt mean Allah doesnt want you to try again. He has always given you CHOICES. everything is in your hand whether you want to make a difference or not, and dont let no one, NO ONE, take that dream away.

Everyone has dreams... they need it... to keep on living, to keep on knowing... that they lived... lived with meaning, and everything was their choice. When you want something SO much... SOO damn MUCH, 4As in UPSR, 8As in PMR, all As in SPM, study in the USA, the whole world, the whole universe, will conspire to inspire you, and help you get what you wanted SO SOOOO much.

never let anyone take your dreams away, and never let anyone tell you, you cant fulfill it... no one.

just something i need to tell everyone as well as myself. a reminder, a lesson, a prayer.....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm updating... with NEWS and Random Thoughts!!!

Hey guys!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I'm really sorry i havent updated for so long!

And now I am updating, i just dont know where to start! I'm quite psyched to talk about everything since Raya last year, but there's just too much to talk about, i cant even keep track. but no worries, i'm gonna make it a point again now. Will make a point to update like usual, Thursday nights.

Last time i thought being on Shift would make it easier for me to update, turns out, that's not the case. I still go to work during my offdays and fall asleep early at nite to wake up early in the morning.

so, here's short random thoughts i can think of now

1. Damn... Abe updates more than i DO!!! now you know you suck at updating blogs when Abe does that. but at least tak seteruk Faidz or Todi.

2. I'm proud to say, i bought 3 items that i've been eying on for the past 3 months, and they are:-

a. Ipod Touch
So looked everywhere for a cheaper ipod touch, of which initially i wanted to buy a Nano. Then, after 3 months of browsing to the point my fiance (yes, take a good look at that word of which i shall explain later), i got an ipod 1st generation, first hand in KK for... now get this.... RM 600!!!! RM 700 including the leather casing. Amazing!! they dont even have that offer in KL and Miri! well... if they did, i couldnt find one. the differencen with 2nd generation is only, 1. it doesnt have speakers 2. the body is flat (i guess the curved one is where the speaker is ) 3. it has an external volume control. oh well.. RM 600 to RM 900 beats all that anytime.

b. Swiss Laptop Bag
I've been browsing for a good laptop bag for 3 months because my old bag was slowly tearing asunder (i dont know if i used that word correctly... haha). i keep seeing this nice reddish black doctor like laptop bag which costs RM 350. I've been eying it since October or maybe even earlier. then... my laptop bag strap broke... and a miracle happened... i went to the same bag, of which no one bought, at the same store, for RM 295!

c. A pair of good running shoes
Well, I remembered last time when i ran with my dear classmate Meredith Langille and she told me i need a good pair of running shoes. one thing i hate about running shoes, they're mad ugly. i was so very loyal with my red walking shoes by Puma which i transformed into a pair of running shoes and lasted for 2 years. So, since mid last year i've been browsing, and since now i got a good pair of walking shoes (my loving adidas hemp sneakers), i decided to buy a good pair of running shoes. guess what i found... 50% off on Reebok's running shoes... RM 120 total. the feeling? AWESOME!

yes... im a guy who takes an average 3 months to buy something after heavy decision... USUALLY. sometimes there are some cases where im unable to filter, and usually it involves people poisoning me to buy it. if you need something, might as well it takes time and heavy consideration.

3. Have you guys heard of Arctic Monkeys?

Well i've been listening to it for a while, and for those who dont know about them, i think it's time i share with them how awesome they are!! seriously, listen to them, fresh, cool, and chilled. I would recommend Mardy Bum, Certain Kind of Romance, Despair in the Departure Lounge, Fake Tales of San Francisco.

Listening to it is just such super bliss and keeps you in the mood. if you havent heard of them, GO!!! the Kooks arent that bad too, but i'm still in all for Arctic Monkeys.

4. IP Man... watch it!

well... first time i saw the name of the movie outside a theater, i thought it was I.P Man. as in, some stupid hong kong comedy called 'Heyyyyy I'm Internet Provider Man! no sweat if you have no reception, IP Man will save the day by applying to you through the legal government process!!'.

Sadly, it wasnt. it was actually a very freaking awesome movie. it's actually chinese pronunciation, Yip-Man. the movie was based on Bruce Lee's Master, Yip-Man, master of Wing Chun Martial arts. the movie wasnt like the typical martial arts movie. it minimizes on the special effects as much as they can to ensure a more gripping and real feel to it. definitely best movie to close with 2008.

here's the coolest thing, Wing Chun was a martial arts that was created by a woman. so, dont under estimate women, and ladies, if Wing Chun can kick ass and have an art under her name, so can you guys.

5. I now have 2 aquariums!

Yes, I have 2 aquarium. it was initially because sometime in November, my house was almost robbed. lucky the police were doing their rounds so they saw our fence were cut open and woke us up. they said we were completely hypnotized like the previous house that was hit before us.

after that, we lived in fear, and yes, sometimes i just dont understand why is would there be people breaking into your house and put you and your family on knife point without any feeling of remorse and yet enjoy while doing it. i curse those people and pray may God teach them one day. yes, bintulu's crime rate these days are crazy with people end up being tied up and their family threatened.

anyway, after that, we tried as much as we can to protect the house with prayers and all, and one of the things people said was, to protect our house from hypnotism, was keep 'ikan puyu' in the house. so, from there, i tried looking for ikan puyu, but in the end, ended up with a 4' x 1' x 2' aquarium with a lots of cute fish and no puyu as the shop there didnt sell any. not long after that, about 1 month after, me an myhousemates bumped into another store that SELLS the puyu, but we also bumped into a huge ass aquarium, about 4' x 2' x 4' 1/2". yeps... it's huge. now we have a huge family in the big ass aquarium, and i have a black and red Oscar Fish, which has evil written all over him. we decide to name him George.

George is awesome, we fed him little fish, big fish, and also, yesterday, i gave him a baby frog. he ate all of them... clean. every time during feeding time, i get excited and i have 'The Eye of the tiger' playing in my head in the background.

btw... we bought the Puyu as well... and dear god... he's ugly. anything it takes to have my house protected.

6. damn i miss my writings....

Dear god, i do miss my writings honestly. without it, i cant create any random thoughts, which means, ive stunted my creativity a bit. i need to write as often as i can and let my thoughts wander effortlessly!

7. anyone watched twilight??

So yes, has anyone watched the movie 'twilight'? i went to watch it without any knowledge and thought the movie was so very very high school-ish....... but then, there were still some characters, some plots, some stories that were left unsaid and unexplained. then i found out it was actually based on a book called 'the twilight saga'.

i wont say it was a bad movie, but it has kept me aching to read the book. but i would say the movie was entertaining and leaves you wanting to know more, hence, i had one of my friends to buy the book in KL, got it today, and going to read it soon. i also heard all of Stephenie Meyers books, the writer of the twilight saga, are all sold out. i was lucky to get it. yes... the madness has been unleashed and now, it starts.

8. I'm gonna climb up Mt Kinabalu for the second time in my life!!

Alrites guys, i climbed it once, and im gonna be climbing it the 2nd time. and honestly, i think this climb is gonna be super difficult! now i'm less fit than i used to be, older, and i do less sports. so, i've been training as much as i can by jogging, hiking, and doing jump ropes as much as i can. it's gonna be ass difficult i know. but i'm going to do my best and get up there the 2nd time, so wish me luck. and this time, the party is about 18 ppl. last time i did it, it was only 5 ppl and we completed it quite fast (as commented by the guide). but... i have to remind myself, this is NOT a race. NOT a race NOT a race. wish me luck guys!

9. Faidz... u ooold

Dude... honestly, i cant believe you're 27, and i cant believe, we're all gonna be 27! crazy. we're getting old ppl... things just gets more complicated, but everyone gets wiser... hopefully. so dude... Happy bday bee-yotch.

10. this is THE news!

SO, here's the BIG news.

I'm now engaged. sorry if most of you guys dont know. i kept it on quite on the low side until im engaged. now everythings good, i would like to invite everyone i know from my times in Sekolah Alam Shah, Uniten, RPI, and now working with a 'company', to my wedding in KK in June. please do buy your tickets now, and having you to my wedding is definitely an honor. please do make it and tell me early on my facebook or msg me on yahoo/msn, or sms/call me if you have my number.

PLEASE do come.

Date : 6th June 2008
Location : Somewhere in Kota Kinabalu Sabah

i know both my fiance and i are very honored to have you as guests, and at the same time coming for my wedding, you can have the time to travel around KK and learn more about this state and the people. there's so many activities to do here, you wont regret it insya Allah.

so please, DATANG!!!!!!!!

Finally... I apologize again i have not been updating for a while, but i would like to thank you so much to everyone who kept reminding me too, and it is such an honor to know that there's actually so many people reading my writings and actually enjoy it. some say it's fresh, some say it's different, i say... thank you. i'm just trying to be myself and make people enjoy reading it at the same time.

Catcha in the next update!!!!!

Here are some pics....

my team got 2nd in a local Paintball competition

see that cool guy on the furthest left... yep... he rocked it....

my team got 2nd in the local Treasure Hunt Competition!! And yes! proof of how good i can look in an afro!!

this is my fiance :)

my engagement....

my loving family, Raya 2008. wonder where i'll be Raya-ing next year. missing them already.

my awesome aquarium....

little orcish george....

ikan puyu's very shy... maybe coz he's ugly....