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Monday, August 29, 2005

Corruption Junction, What is your function?

So, since i dont have as much activity as i would have in KL, i will then again start my ramblings. ~Boombiddy buzzing in headphones~> thus one of the unsolvable issues where people my age talk about in coffee shops or mamaks these days is the Corruption issue. yes i am usually weirded out by the fact why is our country one of the most coruppted countries in this world. and as sucky as it may sound, the one of the most corupted groups are the ones who enforce the law in this country, and the ones who actually rule our people. These groups of people should be a good example to normal citizens, but instead, they harrass us with blackmails, threaten us physically and mentally, and sometimes tend to do the same to the closest people around us. What is sad is the fact that this country is one of the third world muslim countries which is advanced, both technologically and culturally, and supposedly a country that practices Islam. With those attributes, the nation is automatically an example to most growing countries around the world. But with this attributes, how could we actually make a difference? with the strong corruption vibe in our environment, normal citizens also evolves into cavemens with very little moral values. hell, even the coffees paid in coffee shopes or mamaks by some people are for their 'duit kopi'. nak catch up konon, tup2 they're just trying to pay for the people's break time so they could actually sneak in some tight security so that they could get some really classified documents and leak it out to the public. i had roughly the same chat with En. Hatim, who i must say not only looks like a man with principal, but also acts it. he stresses out the fact how young accountants can be way much richer than he is now, although he has been in the accountant business for such a long time. yet he refused to take part in the 'trend' mainly because he knows if he would have done so, the education, the food, the roof that he has to offer his family, would be haram. as simple as that.

but basically from my own analyzation, money talks. as long as you dont start doing it, you'd be okay. but once you do, you know money flows to you like diarheaa. it just keeps coming. and you know the only way to stop it is true heavy medication, strong mental, and lots of tea. ( i dont know if drinking a lot of tea can actually help you stop corruption but i know it definitely works with diarheaa.) hopefully one day this is an issue that i dont need to be involved with, but if only the world is perfect. sigh. i think what actually matters right now, is our own values and how we take care of it....

@ Rexona "IT WONT LET U DOWN!!" (screamin it out till your throat tears).

Saturday, August 27, 2005

1 month holiday.....

wow... now im back in luvly sabah. muahahah. after 1 whole month spending time away from home. i was only like 2 weeks in sabah, and was supose to spend only 10 days in KL. but muahahah... with some twist and turns, i was in langkawi for two weeks, and came back to KL for another week. i must say, thank you abe, faidz, fera, and sung who made my stay in KL heavenly. strangely enough, im probably hunted by bfs from around KL. muahahahha. no2 not really. tuh perasan namanyer. (right now listening to jammin' by bob marley).

so some recap of what did i do during my stay in peninsular. well one thing mainly.... BORA OMBAK. muahahahah. sigh. im missing that place already. such a cool place to chill, lay back, aaand relax. thanks ferr. muahahaha. and really really lay back and relax. while i puff away my first ever CUBAN cigar. hahaha. adik2 jangan merokok, tak baik utk kesihatan. tapi curut elok lagik, coz "cigar you dont inhale, you puff... it's style and class"... (from the words of a manager in havana club). anyway, back to BORA OMBAK. it was such a nice place to chill, especially with the nice ambience, setting, and quite nite to just relax with our pantuns kicking along. about pantuns, man, ive been doing that a lot during my stay in KL. muahaha. kat KL, kat bora, kat kedai mamak, kat keta Abe... yeap... sgt menarik.

Also, went to hani's party. i thought i would see some hot looking chicks there. yes i did. but mostly really snobbish. peh. but i must say, i hate fraternities BIG TIME, but damn it, i was such a frat boy during my stay in KL. hahaha. saksikan Rexona "No Sweat Challenge" episode 7 - 9, setiap selasa, jam 7.30 malam, di TV3. hehe. but seriously, what is up with malaysian audience? very attentive. come on, hype it up a little. like insturactor Furacao stresses, 'energia, energia, camaradas...'.

went to watch AF with abe and faidz while seeing faidz cry... priceless. muahahaha. well most of the time, it'll just be the three of us, me abe, faidz, chillin somewhere in KL, eating, smokin, and makan nasi lemak waterfall. hahah. so good. and like most of the time, itll just be testosterone, talking why the hell are we single, or just listening to someone talk about some girl... i wonder who. hehehe. and again... in a manly bonding way. very manly.

also, went to audition for MTV VJ. hahahah. sigh. hopefully dapat, if i got it, damn it son, it'd be such a rockin time. i could do shows with my dear denise... sigh. she is soooooo hot. period. with the skinny hips. it was like whoa. and she's like sooooo sweet. and ah man... i was seriouly on cloud 9 that day. that was like the only time in peninsular that i had that feeling. man. on that day. she's like.... sigh... tatau nak explain camner. my idea of THE GIRL. hahaha.

btw, arituh masuk TV... 3R. okay... i SUCKED. things just went blur, i wish i had more preparation, i didnt know that she'd be asking immediately after the movie. i couldnt even re-organize my thoughts. aah... blarggh... dah lepas. like did anyone even see it?

went out with Ili, i must say, (in thick english accent), smashing good time. and ungu violet... just so sweet. but then again, now i hate romantic movies. because they potray all that sweetness that someone should do to get a girl, or basically some media bullshit, saying its not that hard to get a girl. BULLSHIT. it just pisses me of because reality is NOT like that. NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. there's more back stabbing, cheating, heck even complaining about they're significant other to they're friends. one word... BONGOK. okay... let's put that topic in one box, and throw it away into the sea.

well kalau panjang sangat tader orang baca kot, but anyway, a great time, i didnt come back with any aquantainces, but i know i came back with the thought of satisfaction being able to chill with my great friends for the last time, before we all start going on with our lives.... to abe, may you have a great semester overseas, to fera dearest, hopefully i'll see you again in the future as prettier as ever, to faidz, may you grow taller when we meet again, to sung, may you become a family man with your new work, and to others... may we meet again sometime in the near future... definitely......