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Saturday, July 26, 2008

tangled up in a web....

finally... internet's up and kicking. cant stop surfing. our new house is almost complete... with one exception... we dont have a stove. yepsss... memang dah cukup bachelor pad abis, but the absence of a stove makes us starving bachelors most of the time.

nevertheless... i get away with making myself my own tossed salad. yes... i'm not attempting to be jamie oliver or something, the best thing im at in the attempt of being the naked chef is probably be naked. and that's only in my own room and toilet. cant imagine doing deep fried fish naked. can you imagine all that sparks on to yourself?? made you imagine didnt i? hahaha. you make me sick.

alrites... i'm all geared up for writing....

you're a lonely muslim brother/sister? i've got just the thing....

So i woke up this morning... logged on to yahoo messenger... and you know when the mini yahoo updates of the week come popping out once you're logged on write?

so today was something that caught my eye on that mini-ad... besides the story about Anwar, and Britney Spears side by side (makes me wonder why). a Muslim Matrimonial website.

still not having a clue what is it about? are you're too religious to go out to pick up girls? or too shy to pick up girls? or just keep ending up with the wrong girls? or still searching endlessly and hopelessly? Well look no further my friend... log on to Muslim Matrimonial website, "marriages are forever". yes... THAT's the tagline. if you have some special preference... may i entice you with the choice of either Sunni or Shia or Other types of Muslim practices? yes brother and sisters of Islam, rejoice, pray and date online. hopefully your prayers and your efforts will take you to the ONE soon.

oh dear god... i was looking through... i know im not supposed to laugh... but check it out...

We are seeking suitable alliance for our daughter. She is slim beautiful and very fair.She is humble and caring.She is pursuing Ph D in Bio-Technology. We have three children, two daughters and one son. She is eldest one, second daughter is also pursuing Ph D in Economics and getting fellowship.My son is pursuing B Tech from AMU.We belong to a very reputed Syed family.

PARENTS!! PARENTS are matchmaking their child online!!!! AMAZING!! it's amazing that there's parents looking for a match for their child, what's more amazing is them advertising them online. yes... the power of internet. i should probably put an ad for my friends

We are seeking suitable alliance for our very good friend. He has a pair of a bit saggy man boobs, but nevertheless he is very stylish with his collection of Tshirts and a very pimped up White four wheel drive. He graduated with bachelors in Computer Engineering (I think), and currently is a very popular radio announcer in Malaysia. been mentioned charming by so many ladies of different ages (and disturbingly enough by some doubtful men). Our friend is humble, caring and a gentleman. He belongs to the very reputed McGiffs clan.

We are seeking the perfect match for our very good friend. He is a bit dark, and short, yet very funny, and sometimes may have an adorable laugh (most of the time a bit scary and to an extent annoying). he is a very gifted person with his hands and makes art sneakers for his past times. he'll undoubtedly make one for you if you decide to marry him. besides that, he has a collection of shoes that i bet your daughter's collection can never surpass his. adding on to that, your daughter will never surpass his tshirt collections. if your daughter isnt able to accept that, maybe you can refer to our previous friend the radio announcer. also, he graduated with a bachelors in Computer Engineering.

We are seeking the perfect match for our very good friend. She is funny, has a bit high pitched voice when she's excited. She is very pretty, witty, and masya Allah brothers, looks very hot in a two piece bikini. but of course you cant see until you marry her or we will bury you neck deep and stone you to death. She is the epitome of a dork and nerd as she graduated in Electrical Engineering AND Minored in Math. she has a very eclectic mix of music that completely blows you off and frankly, she'll dance with you throughout the nite with her songs collection (again brothers, after you're married).

Ferr... Faidz... consider yourselves lucky. hehehe.

skin of an elephant....

i was flipping through a mag and bumped into 'the best insect repellent'. when i read this, i realized one thing... the more modern we get, the pussier people get. yes, i wont deny, being bitten by mosquitoes sucks, and the fact that they keep buzzing around close to your ear doesnt really help. but people, putting insect repellent on will either:-

1. drive them away
2. drive them away and attract weird animals (snakes, tigers, monkeys)
3. attract them more, like a different breed of mosquitoes.
4. give you skin cancer. for real. or some other type of cancer. i bet it says on the bottle, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

one of the best ways to stop the mosquitoes is actually not waving your hands around too much because they are attracted to heat. hence, slapping their friends on your skin only attracts the other coz slapping them generate heat. so people... toughen up. of course, if you're going camping for days, make sure you recognize what malaria/dengue/west nile looks like. hehe.

Now why would you wanna do that for? criminals get confused when you do that....

if you have no watched Dark Knight... get your ass up... and watch it. it's just so damn good. too bad Heath died... the Joker Franchise could probably catapult outside this universe.

nevertheless... one late night, Abe and I were standing at 24hour KFC one late nite and it came upon us... Batman is just like one of us right? see, a lot of people think they know about Batman, like he's Bruce Wayne's alter ego, Joker's his exact opposite and arch nemesis and all. but seriously... how well do we know Batman??

Things we probably dont know about Batman.

1. he probably drives through a fastfood drive through during nights when he is terribly hungry.
2. he probably eats fries while sitting on the edge of a building listening to police radios
3. alfred probably packs him healthy food to keep batman fit which makes batman whine 'aaawww alfred, now why'd u have to do that? i want my red meat! you're my slave bitch!'
4. he probably gets a huge sore throat after doing that weird husky voice and had to pop in lozenges like strepsils endlessly.
5. he definitely needs to pee. i dont think he can easily take off his batsuit. either there's like a diaper in the batsuit or a latch for him to relieve himself
6. he cant stay up late all the time. he probably passes out in one of his night watches and sleep in his batmobile while some innocent grandma robs a liquor store with a shotgun and saying 'Why SO serious??'

there you go... it's a good update.... hehehe. catcha guys next week....

btw guys... enjoy my collection of clips....

This one, storyline isnt that much, but i personally like the camera shots. rasa macam jamie oliver pulak. its basically on behavioral safety

had to promote the green earth. my colleagues loved this one....

Oblivia's first project... viral video for astro. yes, i personally think we need some improvement, but it's a good start....

i know it's very amateurish but it's a pretty good start....