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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Focus me Arse....

Halluuuuu people!

I know, I know i've been gone for a while. I really do need someone to keep bugging me to update my blog. Thank you for those who did. it took you guys a while to bug me jugak. haha.

anywayyyy... i've had sooooo much stuff going through my head since i last typed. like massively a lot, cynical, serious, but most of it slowly faded with time. but lucky me, some of it are articles i bump into and immediately forward it to my email as a reminder.

let's do this one first....

Hey look at my tiny brain!!!

Well, someone sent me a link of one of Allah's best creation. i thought it was so amazingly unique in SO many different ways.

Basically this article talks about a fish that has a transparent head.... yes... it is very very true. if that doesnt spell coolness, then you should get yourself checked.

Can you imagine having to be in that fish's shoes??? or fins of that matter... of course first of all you'll be labeled as a freako. but now imagine the possibilities if you were COOL having a transparent head. you could even be a superhero... aaaaand you dont need a mask. someone comes attacking you from behind or the top (god knows, maybe some bad spider man juju shit), you'll be able to act like a ninja and just say 'aaaah... dont you even think!' and pull off some ninja stuff on them.

also... you could actually SEE how your brain works!! and ladies... now you can finally figure out what are men thinking about every 1 minute..... besides sex.

you can even check out that booger that has been annoying you in some hard to reach places in your nose and craft out some equipment to help you extract that amazing discovery.

yes... i think transparent head is cool....

Facebook in 30 years....

Now i'm not a big fan of forwards... but those good ones... I really do keep. since i need to save memory in my laptop... here's one good forward which i thought was possible and funny at the same time.

I can probably imagine mine....

M Irfan M thinks his children are adorable yet very annoying and would like to give 250 ringgit if someone could babysit them for one week while he and the Missus go for a holiday. Half now Half later... his pay only comes in at the end of the month and he does have other bills to pay....

Final Countdown....

Sometime early last month, i had a very cool course on Plant Performance Monitoring full of engineering calculations that made me feel like i was back in Rensselaer studying.

anyway, that's not the main thing. Since i drank a lot of water in my course, i pee quite frequently. and knowing the hotel restrooms, they'd always have some kind of songs to serenade you to make everything peaceful, jolly and nice while you take a shit and pee. but not this hotel... of which why i think this hotel rocks was because, in my urgency to pee... the song "The Eye Of the Tiger" came out while i was waiting in line in pain. yess... the song where Rocky was training extensively for his fight. the song pumped me up to do the best while i pee and do it my best. and i wasnt even doing number 2.

I think they should come up with these awe inspiring album compilation for Hotel Restrooms rather than the normal romantic, classical ones. Here are my suggestions for the album compilation for you to play and hopefully help to ease you during your toilet sessions....

1. The Eye of the Tiger
2. Final Countdown
3. 25 minutes too late
4. Back at One
5. Feeling Good
6. I Smell like Teen Spirit
7. I'm Not Gonna Miss a Thing
8. Gone, going, gone
9. Lost Without you
10. Hard to Explain
11. Hard to say Goodbye
12. Harder to breathe

great songs for your toilet session... :) enjoy.

Currently so much stuff going on with my wedding preps... so will share again soon :). in the time being... enjoy!