wait, i can do this.... sorry what was i supposed to do again?

Thursday, April 29, 2004

well.... havent upated for a while. but i cant too much today anyway. so freakishly busy. to imagine that by next tuesday evening, i'll be a senior already. wow. slept late last nite. with a warm feeling. i went somewhere in the evening that day. well my mind did. hahaha. sheesh, i sound like i was high on drugs. anywaaayyyy.... happy bday izzy, hope you have a great 22nd bday. lagi 8 thn dah 30!! can you imagine that? tgh nk imagine by that time mesti ko dah kawin. damn. aku nih ntah laa. haha. aper2. btw, i bought this aviator sunglasses. and damn. everytime i wear em i feel so good. i feel... cool. hahaha. so, i finished class this evening, drove to the movies, alone about petang camtuh. opened the window lil bit. and as i was driving along the highway, it felt so cool. relaxing. with my shades on, the sun in my face, the windblowing in my car. felt like i was flying. anyway, reached the movies, and watched, KILL BILL 2. to admit it, yes, Lan, ija, you guys are right. not what i expected. i was hoping michael madsen (budd) did some great ass kicking with uma, who by this time her name known as beatrix kiddo. although the movie did not have as much action as i was hoping, i kinda liked it. it was funny, deep, and knowing the full story of the movie, is just feels great. i dont know why. maybe i think its... coool. (tiru bill). drove back home, had that same kind of groovy feeling driving. hmmm. felt like i needed that feeling. hmmm... maybe one day i just want to dissappear. and then come back two three days later feeling like a better man. heh. blaarrggh. bang bang. concentrating in mmy finals shit..... wish me luck!!

Sunday, April 18, 2004

okay, here's my day.... i woke up early at 7am, went to my enve geology field trip where i found out more about GE, and overall off the trip was great, even though i really felt that i had to pee. then went to latham biryani, then practice for the AAW, then came back for a shower, and then came back for the REAL thing, which was scary, the good thing is a lot of ppl laughed at the jokes, so it wasn't as bad as i imagined. so it was a tiring nite. my highlight for this whole PACKED weekend was kill bill.... and as i written in my msn, tonite... i will, kill... bill. well.... that DID NOT HAPPEN!! i reached hoyts, only to find out i missed the show, and practically made my night worse. and i watched the rerun of the whole show and stuff, i think i sucked at acting, but thanks a bucnh anyway for acknowledging. and, i came back to my room, and just plain silent... hush... nothing!! my head is spinning, i have to wake up early again tomorrow, my alarm clock rosak, i'm DEAD tired, i have a very crappy mood right now, no one to talk to, and ayun, i just got your msg, kol 3 pagi, nak sgt tepon balik, tapi tak nak kacau u. the person who i really would like to talk to is just not here right now. and thus, i cannot express my feelings my whole day, and thus, i feel so crappy. BESOK KENE BANGUN AWAAAAAL!!!!!!!! and skang dah kol 3!! kambiiiing!!

"kalau marah kan nyamuk, jgn di bakar satu kelambu"

Friday, April 16, 2004

currently, i'm having a fever..... KILL BILL FEVER. i must say this has to be one of the greatest movie ever made. i'm sooo psyched to see the vol:2. some ppl might say its gory, but you have to take the elements of the movie. every single aspect, the way the camera was shot, the color background, the way they play with shadow, and the sound track, GOSH! it just keeps oooon coming. you have to take every aspect and elements of the movie, and not a lot of movie directors are capable of implementing these effects all in one movie, and at the same time, making the movie GREAT to watch!! so.... gi tengoooooooooooooooooook!! especially saper tak tgk part I lagik, kene tengok!! hush!! tengoooooooooooooook!! btw drop by AAW wey.... murah jekk... kalau tka nak tengok benda fashion tuh pun, tengok laa malaysian nyer performance. MASA!! MASA! M... A... S... A... MASA!!!

its all goood....

Saturday, April 10, 2004

well... it turned out i did not win at all. yupp... i guess i really dont have the credentials and stuff. out of all comments i heard, david's was the best. thanks. after the night, we went to see hellboy, as i was driving on the highway, listening to Coldplay as my background, i felt relaxed. just seeing that seemly endless horizon, wondering if it could really take me away, far away. when we reached crossgates, it turned out we missed the movie, but manage to catch "The Girl Next Door". SWEET. out of all this, one thing made me happy. well let's just hush it. Well, i trust the new committee will do a pretty good job. so congrats....

back to playing my sax and my jazzz....... heh

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Mohd Irfan Mahmud For Presidente!!

Well basically, i dont really have any skills of web making or better yet computer skills as my other competitors do, since i major in Environmental Engineering, thus my only medium of campagining is through my blogspot here. What i'm about to say is maybe 'kata-kata manis' as other politicians in this world do, but somehow, usually 'kata-kata manis' gets done about 30 to 50 percent. So here goes.

I dont need to explain anymore details of what my background is since people already know. so let's cut the chit chat and go to the serious matter.

By far, i think the current MASA committee has done a GREAT job perhaps, the BEST i've seen ever since i came to rpi. perhaps maybe the best yet.

Why do i say this?

MASA committee is more well organized than it was compared to two years before. This was especially triggered by the ex- president Kamek, and the current president Amin. They now have a system, now is a part of the student union, and we currently have better relationships with other clubs especially CASA, MSA, compared to the previous years. I also feel that our community now has done a lot of activities that involves the whole community for example the MASA movie nights, Jamuan Raya, MASA indoor soccer, and others on the list. There are perhaps maybe more contributions the recent committee has done and because of all this contributions, improvements, it has triggered me to join the committee in continuing to make the MASA community more vibrant, interactive, and intellectual. In my own thoughts, I think MASA committee didn't bring the community through the same thing as i was in the previous years, but i think they have push it up another notch. Conrgats...

However, i still think we could improvise. So this is what i think that could be done, if i'm the president.

1. Another thing that I think why the committee pushed it up another notch, is how they started by inviting non-committee members, in joining their weekly meeting. I think a lot of the members of the community are kinda oblivious of what is going on around them, and they really do need the input. One thing that could be improvised is now, instead of making a closed meeting, and only inviting two non-members to the meeting, it is wise if the committee could have some open meetings and inviting the non-committe to drop by anytime, and feeling free to ask questions regarding their minutes.

2. Instead of having a top-down system of organization, we could do a bottom-up system where the committee should get feedbacks or survey on any acitivity that they propose from the non-members, this could actually avoid the 'ketidak puas hati' some MASA community members after the committee organized the event.

3. I feel that the committee has done a GREAT job in having MASA involved in various activities and having us being established and recognize in RPI map, rather having the same image of "a group of loud asian people, that always sticks together". Plus, this is a great essence to write down in your resume, instead of just having your academics written down bla2, and have nothing of any activities of a sort. In real big companies, they prefer hiring recent graduates with an average GPA, who are also active in sports, and club activities. and this is true. yes they may hire nerdy 4.0's, that always stuck on their books and works, but they wont go on the level as easy as the latter.

However, academics is also important. takkan ler nak giler active, sampai our main priorities of studying in the states di abaikan. I think that our community are intelligent community, and most of the students maintain a 3.0 above GPA average. So i dont really worry so much about that. But, i think in terms of academic advising, our friends, have the most power. I consult more to my malaysian environmental engrs of what courses to take compared to my own advisor. and i think all the other malaysian students apply the same style. But, sometimes, i think that we need system of advising. a more organized system. why? because i have been making mistakes in RPI of registering into too many psychology classes due to the seniors encouragement. whereas, until i find out that it is not as useful as Management classes. of course psychology classes here in RPI are easy A's, but still, i prefer something that could provide me with an experience to go through the "business world" as we are going to face it soon after graduation. So, it is essential that we have a better advising system and avoid the students from taking the wrong step and regretting ever doing so.

I think I have said what is needed to be said for this time being. I'm not banging the committee as personally, I feel that they have done the best. even if its not the best, they really put out a lot of effort in keeping the committee together. two thumbs up for all!!

All in all, if you vote me as the president, yes, I will do my best effort in doing what i have said, and not only, it is best that i also get feedbacks from the people, because the people chose me for a reason. and the main reason is to make a difference. I love what we have in the community now, but like i said, it could be improved. and yes that is what i would love to do. to the MASA committee that have appointed me in doing some tasks, i know i did my job well, and i did it all out. in other words, i really DO my job. its just not another blaaa that i put up. :). So a vote for me, is a vote for the people :D....

however, if i dont turn out to be part of the committee, i still do think that they should look into my suggestions, because i think it makes sense, feasible, and so reasonable that it doesn't hurt the community yet, it would bring us to a better position.....

YUPP vote for me. merah macam wakil UMNO tak??

Personal thoughts (this is not my campaign. more of what i think what running for president is)

Personally, I wont lie, but sometimes I think that running for president is usually a popularity campaign. Which is actually true. But there are two sides of what i think. If one is so popular, YET they dont do a good job, and another, they do GREAT job, but, they dont really have that PR skills. you may do a great job, but what makes you think that people would want to listen to you? you need to have their trust, you need to be in their group. in other words, you need to BE the people to represent the people. yes maybe i'm talking crapt, but doesn't it make sense? The best bet is having the people, and the dedication. true? that's what i think, and that's why i'm sticking to it. for example our current president. i remember him saying that 'malas duh nak jadik prez', but when he got vote, he did a great job. he got the people around him, and listen to him. because, not only he joins the people, but also he represents the people. unlike a people's representative (tak kira laa alam shah ke, mana2 ke... haha) that i knew (not in RPI), people chose him through first impression maybe. but then, it turned out that, it wasn't the best bet. because, he represents more of himself, rather than the people. when you represent the people, you know its hard to go wrong coz the people got your back. heh. well... that's just me.... I dont know if i can win, this time, since it has always been a tough competition, and i have always lost, but if i do get selected, i'll definitely do my best.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

i've decided to be in character all the way until after aaw. please... call me johan. its not easy being a malaysian in love with a chinese american. however, i was hoping valerie's character was played by Eda. ke Ada. mana satu ntah. you wont even need to twist my arm to run through the scenes 100 times if she was playing it ferr... heheheh.....