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Friday, May 26, 2006

Geek in the Pink....

well its friday. just 3 more working days, and im in KL ppl!! kepada sesiapa berminat... jom Wall climbing kat OU!!! jom aaa. telur dah tader ke? jom aaa. its not just A ROCK. hehe.

anyway, earlier this week a program that im a secretary of was launched. its called this My Ideal Weight Program, a program to help ppl lose/gain weight. but that's not what im trying to tell u here. anyway, i had to write a speech for my CEO, and was expectin him to use roughly about only 20% of my materials, and modify most of it. but... he actually like used 80% of it!! and even the jokes and all! and im like... whoa.... did NOT see that coming. i dont know what to feel, honored, frustrated because of my expectations? ntah la. but he is a cool guy la. but either or, i found out that day... no matter how high your level is... you're still human. so please my friends, if i ever be at that level, and be some cocky guy, please do remind me... im stil human. but gee, itd be awesome if i was a CEO by the age of 30. seriously, damn cool.

its been a hectic week, and now i start understanding how to snake my way through this corporate world BS and try my best not get into trouble. so i started seeing different kinds of ppl on top, some, the mean ones, some the ignorant ones, some are the caliber ones, some of which shouldnt even be there i think. but sometimes i kicks in, that, on matter how cool you are, how relaxed a person you are, there are times you have to be an ass and push ppl. otherwise, work would not be done and people dont really listen to you. i wont deny it, sometimes it feels a bit awkward giving ppl stuff to do... but face the facts, you cant do everything yourself rite? even superman cant do grunt work all by himself. its a whole new different basketball game here. there's more politics, there's more strategy, there's more psychology and all that BS. things ive never imagined seeing in real life, actually happening. one thing for sure... growing up sure sucks.

well... enough about work stuff... all i know... i need to set up my schedule of wat to dos in KL. muahahah. i know... one for a fact... is im smoking at havana club. that's a definite. i dont even care if i was alone. i just wanna chill and sit down and listen to jazz. good times boys and girls... good times.....

atieee update blog!!! hehehe. pizaa letak gambar saya banyak lagiiii, tak pun gambar yang elok lagi.... faidz... see ya next week jackaassss, ferr miss ya so muuuuch!! i want more pics of you on ur blog laaa dum dum. lama tak nampak new pics of u. abe... have 'fun' in midwest.... MUAHAHAHAAHA. im too old for this drama bullshit.....

laters... (geek in the pink playing in the back ground... )

Monday, May 22, 2006

A boring weekend... but i didnt die.....

so... it was a weekend of nothings... hence... nothing to write about... but oh well... i didnt die did i?

thoughts... random thoughts... dont seem to have it right now. oh arrested development....

probably one of the funniest series on TV, where i just found out that it lasted for 3 seasons mainly because insufficient audience as Fox tries to concentrate on Family Guy much more. however, critic have acclaimed that arrested development is a very awesome show. i sadly... accidentally downloaded the last episode of it which was really, a buzz kill for me.

One Tree Hill... my housemate just bought the 3rd season installment to OTH. what do i think about the show... utter bullshit... but it doesnt stop me to hop on the couch and watch the show everytime i pass the tv room to go to the restroom if my housemate is watching it. yes... a show full of hot girls, and drama... and sweet sweet words that both men and women would love to hear within their relationship to spice it up with uuuss and awwwwwws. well one thing for sure... those shows has too much fucking drama, as it has shown me that those words either wont come, or if similar words do come... it will be responded by... 'words are cheap,' or 'words are just words'. well if words are cheap, and words are just words... so you expect ppl to communicate in relationships just by silence, makeouts, and hand signals? that way id be better off looking for a mute gf. probably much more action and less words.

what is basically relationship is based on these days? scandals? doubt? if a person feels all that, the other would just say 'what? you dont trust me anymore?'. if a person just gives too much freedom... waaaay too much freedom... something is totally not right over there. i remember when it was a talk between the tripods (abe, faidz and i), and strangely enough liyanna (ehem) and Di was there in Santai. they were talking about how strangely enough these days, lately, most relationships they see is spawned by ppl breakin up their relationship and to go to another. basically, kene curik laa. disregarding men and women.... please.. dont dont dont ever do that 'oh my god, men sucks, all men are liars...' where lo and behold, the women do too. i know... I KNOW... and it aint pretty....

its gonna be a fucking busy week for me, but at the same time im excited to go to KL next week!!! 6 whole days!!! actorlympics is on, and come on faidz, dude, come home man!!! cakap laa adik ko sakit ke aper and tader orang nak jaga. come ooooooon. let's rock KL biaaatch!! i bet my entry rite after i come back from KL would be utterly depressin i think. hahaha. mainly again... this godforsaken place has that Bintulu Factor or Bintulu Jetlag. shait. have a good one guys.....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Your Graduation....

To my dearest friends who are graduating in RPI this year... know this... the 4 years of your lives that you spent in RPI... are 4 years that you can never experience back, it will most probably even be the best part of your lives that you wont to experience it back oh so badly. sometimes, even the sucky ones, where you're stripped out of your best face, and just left in the dark alone, being depressed, with the person that you want to notice doesnt even care of your existence.... yes... weirdly enough... you would like at least to see that again... and learn from it. hanging out with great friends in outback, chilling together at their places, watching DVDs, playing games, smoking, flowin, listen to jazz, cook together, or just that sitting down together in a circle... mkaing a video, laughing our asses off together until god knows when will be the next session after that.... 3 months... 6 months... 1 year... 5 years? god knows....

but what you know... the friends that you've made in RPI, are the best group of actual friends you've made in your life... and the possibility of you hanging out with them... the way you guys did... will never return that way again. they get married, they grow older, or they just grew apart. but... that memory... will always be in that big corner of their heart, knowing that... you guys... your friends.... have made you a big part of a person you are going to be in the future.

as for me... i will always miss... the mcgiffs... watching TV in 303 mcgiff... with abe... eating pizza that's already 2 days old... and fera would be coming up knocking asking us what is our plan for the rest of the day... and sung would come out of his door, doing his smile, and talking about the new japanese songs that he downloaded while my head is thinking... what he really hopes to be japanese one day huh? then todi would come in barging through the door in his orange-t, saying... 'aaaah, weekends at last!!' since he was the only one at that time doing research shit. marien would come out from behind him in her cute face... just saying 'adiii... i penaaaaaat'. then wanzaw would suddenly come out from his room after downloading more games to play, and going down to open the door for sweet hanim to chill with us. then abe and i would then go down to fatah's... just to meet the monkey in front of his door, and listen to jazz.... not to mention waiting for ellias who god knows asleep somewhere probably where we were hanging out earlier, and didnt realize he was nicely cuddled on the floor of abe's room, or taroi's room... and we'd be looking for him just wondering if he would like to chill with the four of us as well... and saying... to bad... baem is not around.... he went back home already....

yes.... i miss it. i still do miss strangely enough... those times i spent late nites at the pizza place, getting tired, and insulting the mat salleh's in malay, while taroi gets pissed with every customer who kept staring at him making pizza. and after work... we'd pack so much drink that could last for one whole week. i'd then go to nawaal's place... seeing them all sitting down watching dvd... adilah would probably be asleep already... julie would sit down beside elle screaming out as they watch the cheesy horror movie i bought. then nawaal would tell me to go to the kitchen as they have some food leftover, while elle suddenly runs into her room coz the bf called. in the middle of the room... would be ija. laughing out her life... while i just smile and stare at her thinking how cute she looked. then i'd tell her its time to go home, and she'd pack up, helped the girls clean up... and both of us would carry out the trash that has already piled up after a week... hehehe.... mainly coz ija dah tak tahan tengok, and nawaal dok gelak jekk. id tell them see you guys tomorrow, probably going out for a movie or something like that. then... both of us would be in the car... and ija would tell me how was her day like, and i listened, and laughed, and call her names, and she'd do the same. id pass her the hot warm mushroom pizza with the lipton green tea with honey and sit down in her room watch tv rite after.

some of it i miss... some of it.. i wish i could see it again... and frankly... i didnt regret my life there in RPI for all the things i did, no matter if some of it probably made me sad, but... you will always know.... your buds... will always always be there.... i love you guys... mc giffs... and thompsons, taroi, pizza bella, barnes and nobles, denny's, johnny rockets, outback... and anyet.

graduates of 2006... congrats....

after AAW... at abe and todi's crib... that's always filled up with these ppl.heheh.

happy bday abe and wanzaw dude 2005....

me and maid marien....

on the way to LA....

congrats girlss....

my coolest brother there... miss ya you twisted man....

kumpulan pompuan gileee

masa games nighte.... again... congrats girls....

happy graduation anyet....


last bit of ur freedom... enjoy it guys....

celebrity... encik ellias yg cool....

miss ya guys as always....

moving on....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why worry?

When i was a boy, i was very close to my nephew, who's 3 years older than i am. i must say, we were pretty cool. when i mean cool, i mean we'd go to each other's place, play supermario, castlevania, read the gamebook mainly Lone Wolf as we need to save the people of Ishir from the ravenous Drakkarims. Luckily we started with book volume 2, Fire on Water, and we obtained sommerswerd. do i sound like i nerd yet? heheh. yeaps... we were cool. one time we were playing top gun game, while wearing top gun hats that his dad bought for the both of us. we were sooo maverick and goose. yeaps... like i said... we were very cool. anyway... one of the things in his house i remembered was this writings on a board... and strangely enough i still remember the words til now. even when i went back to KK last week for a meeting, i went to lunch with my sis, and i saw the same words, only on a different board. i dont know if it makes sense, but somehow, it got stuck in me until now....

Why Worry?
There are only two things to be worried about,
Either you're healthy or you're sick.
If you're healthy, then there's nothing to worry about.
If you're sick, then there are 2 things to worry about.
Either you get well, or you die.
If you get well, then, there's nothing to worry about.
If you die, then there's 2 things to worry about.
Either you go to heaven, or you go to hell.
If you go to heaven, then there's nothing to worry about.
If you go to hell, you'd be busy shaking hands with your old friends....

yeapss... that was the writings... i still remember in my heart now. i sound like the character from terry goodkind's books, Richard Cypher Rahl, where he memorized the Books of Shadows to save the world from the Evil of Darken Rahl.... i'm really putting my geeky level way up a high notch huh? ehehehe.

btw... when i went back to KK... my nephew and my cousin by marriage went out to this really nice fancy rotatin restaurant in KK. well... my cousin by marriage nih is a 'bit' ... ermmm awww. so anwyay... my nephew asked him... if gay ppl took a look at me... what is my gay scale like. shockingly... he said... in an aww way...

'well i'd say Irfan would be 80% gay.... '

tak abis lagiikkk read on....

'Until he opens his mouth... his 95% straight.. very very straight'

thank god for that. he also mentioned....

'but dont worry irfan, you dont have any gay vibes at all...'

so yeaps... i'd say im probably a very metrosexual guy then. hehe. btw... i have to say this... im homophobic, as long as they dont start touching me though, im cool with it. and as long as they dont start talking gay shit like 'nak gam? kan u bleh buat sendiri...' gay shit.... gaaayyy shit....

well catcha later energizer...

some pics btw....

My attempt n making steamed fish... kerapu steamed fish this one.... hopefully i get some good brownie points ladies... ehem2....

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some Gay Shit going on....

i just got back from a meeting in KK... so i was there from the weekend... all the way til yesterday noon. I must say... KK... is KK... you can never take away her essence, her beauty, her magic. somehow... since i came back from the US... almost every session of staying in KK... has been educating in so many different ways. i really dont mind at all, if i settled down here. the ocean is there, the mountains are there... those who have not been in KK, you guys are more than welcomed to drop by even if im not there. spend each moment possible asking me wat to do, as 1 week stay... is probably not even enough.

anyway... some random thoughts occured to me since i last updated. one of those that kept ringing up is this one... well on friday morning was about to leave work. i usually leave at 0715. so i was already dressed up, packed, and walked to the car, started the engine, and placed my bag... when suddenly #2 calls out so urgently. well sometimes it happens kan? so i had to go, and hence, i went to work about 10 mins later. suddenly a thought came into my head........

do you know how it would suck really really bad if you were in a very intense situation/scenario when suddenly wham... #2 calls... it'd be SOOO uncool. imagine you were being chased by a group of fast moving zombie, and you were running intensely, and suddenly... #2 calls. but you cant go that time because you're being chased. but than you cant control it as well kan? damn... it'd suck so bad. you were chased by a group of bad guys with armed weapons, and you're running for your life here... then WHAM... or more like BRRRR in your stomach sound... and it turned out... you HAD to go, but you cant... then ppl start shooting, and you die at the same time crapping yourself. that'd be a sad saaaad way to go. i can imagine the situaion like your friends talking to each other...

'wey, did you hear... irfan was killed by a group of bad men?'

'yeap... heard he crapped himself at the same time too...'

'yeah... like a bitch... eeeeembarassing....'

damn... NOT a good way to go in a VERY intense situation.

atiee the pompuan gilee has tagged me..... so here you go.....

1. My mother once : took a picture of me in a huge cowboy hat when i was 1 yr old.
2. Never in my life : have i made out with a french woman
3. When I was five : I had childhood girlbest friend whom i sleptover at her place in the same room. weird.
4. High school was : what made me part of the man i am today... and damn proud of it regardless what some ppl say about my school.
5. I will never forget : the two balls that i have with me
6. I once met : rachel weisz... but so star strucked that i didnt go shake her hand.
7. There's this person I know who : makes me feel with so much uncertainty
8. Once, at a bar : i fell as i was going down a short steps. not because i was drunk, but because it was a rotating restaurant. btw... happened last nite in kk. eeemmmmbarassing.
9. By noon I'm usually : lookin forward to the end of the day during weekdays.
10. Last night : had some gay shit talk with my nephew and his uncle which is my cousin by marriage.
11. If I only had : 500 million bucks and a big field of ganja... (jst kiddin on the latter part. who the hell smokes that shit anyway)
12. Next time I go to salon : i'd be queer eyed by my friends
13. Brad Pitt : is my brother... and we're hot... full stop
14. I like : to spend one whole week in paris with my significant other growing old together... (now its my turn... all together... AWWWWWWW... (kibar2kan tangan di muka))
15. When I turn my head left, I see : i see an ugly looking drape, and a workin out mat on the corner... and mostly emptiness of the room
16. When I turn my head right, I see : a door..... again... emptiness of the room (is this trying to make me depressed again? damn it atiee tonyookkks!!)
17. You know Im lying when : i laugh my ass off while saying it.... muahahahahaahah. OR am i......
18. In grade school : i was a very asthmatic boy who was bullied around.
19. If I was a character written by Shakespeare : i'd be Cyrano, the freak with the long nose... but his poetry... awesome... (now... i sound like a nerd, bad tag atiee.. baaaad tag)
20. By this time next year I : im less than a month of being half way to 48
21. A better name for me would be : Adrian Shah b Mahmud
22. I have a hard time understanding : why people lower their four wheelers. BONGOK!
23. If I ever go back to school I'll : pull the biggest school prank again!! so proud of it.. i should be in MTV high school
24. You know I like you if : you like my bestfriends
25. If I won an award, the first person I'd thank would be : my parents for being horny that nite.... muahahahahaha.
26. I hope that : I get to go to all the places i want go before i die, with the person i love.
27. Take my advice : dont pick your nose with a knife.
28. My Ideal breakfast is : Oats.. yes... i suck... you guys can laugh now.
29. A song I love but do not have is : the other songs from nina simone, bb king, led zeppelin that i dont have
30. If you visit my hometown, I suggest : you call me up. i'll make it worth while. and bring gifts as an offering for me.
31. Tulips, character flaws, microchips & track stars : are things that i would like to shove up the asses of ppl who ask this stupid number 31 question
32. Why wont anyone : give me a million dollars??
33. If you spend the night at my house : my cat would probably sleep between your crotch or on your head... very weirdly true.
34. I'd stop my wedding : right before the nikah... and kiss my wife to be... to tell her i still love her when we're married then, now, forever.... sap... i know... awwwwwww.
35. The world could do without : appendixes. i still dont understand why its there
36. I'd rather lick the belly of a roach than : dancing naked in front of men
37. My favourite is : catching up with buds... and other buds...
38. Paper clips are more useful than : appendix. i really dont get it why it's there??
39. And by the way : I have not showered... and missing all the important ppl in my life
40. The last time I was drunk : I dont drink... sorry... im very lame.
41. My grandmother always : loves me... and i'll always love her for that....
42. I'm tagging : Fera yang ber pipi, faidz yang tak pernah update, and Mel if you ARE reading this. hehehe.

catcha soon guys.... so much to tell.... have a great wesak weekend... to my indian friends... and that goes for you too todi...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


rite... as promised... (tak tipu web audience), i update again on the same day. mainly because the earlier part was just for u guys to read since i didnt have time to write anything at all.

Rite now... i'm listening to a LOT of Jazz and blues, mainly by my girl... Nina Simone, and The Blues King, BB King. two of the greatest talents of this world.

it was a damn tiring week last week. i was climbing up and down the plant, the heat, the noise, mainly because i was doing noise audio monitoring. i wonder how our operators make it, sometimes without ear plugs. just walking through the compressor house makes myself melt, and my head blow. it was a hectic week. i came home usually around 8, then most of the time id go swimming, meet up with my friends there, and then went out for dinner. but... in this all hecticness... i actually was quite satisfied, because i really pushed myself to do it. the feeling... somewhat priceless.

as most ppl in malaysia know, its our labor day weekend, hence, we had a 3 day weekend. i really made my weekend worthwhile, with the help my good bintulu friend, Sza2.

Saturday, i woke up around 830am, went to pick up my air tix for KK meeting next week. next i went to buy some contacts. good news!! my left eye has gone down from 275 to 250!! muahahaha. after that, i went to this pasar tani just about 1 minute drive from my home, by the beach. i was looking for ikan terubuk for me to bakar. however, i thought it would be a LOT of hassle to start the fire and all. in the end, i bought one nice ikan bawal, sotong, and then decided to do steamed fish for the first time without my dad's supervision. i totally forgot to take pictures. muahaha. but with the help of Sza2, we had steamed bawal, eggs, and Sotong goreng tepung. muahahaha. at the same time, we were trying to decide what to do on sunday. best thing we could come up with 'randomly' was going for a short road trip to Miri, and eat at this really nice nasi lemak store for breakfast.

Sunday, woke up early, Sza2 came, drove there while listening to songs, and talk about ppl. muahahah. then reached the Nasi lemak place... oh yummy. it was worth the 2 hour drive. after that, decided to watch another Random movie. we both didnt know what movie was Lucky number slevin about... BUT it turned out to be such an AWESOME movie!!!! seriously, from twist to twists, to twists. amazing. after the random movie, decided to go for coffee at San Francisco Coffee mainly because Coffee Bean was not finished. just chilled, read magazines, drank my strawberry frap... and we left. it was a great day. my day didnt end there though. at night, went to Wan's place for a bbq, and again... watched Russell Peters for like the 15th time. and still laughed our asses off. i also borrowed Yus's DVD Mospeada. it was like one of THE coolest anime ever created!! it was still ahead of its time, and turns out i still memorize the lyrics... 'blue blueee raiiiin in maaaa soulll'. hehehe. i really enjoyed it as a kid then, and as a dude now.

Monday... woke up a wee bit late, around 9, then again, went for groceries. bought ikan kerapu and some two fish i dont know what its called. just wondering how'd it taste like steamed. hahaha. so damn addicted to cooking. then i was looking for serai, and went to this one makcik, asking her how much is satu ikat serai, 1 ringgit, but A LOT. and im like... alamak... taper laa rite. then the makcik was suddenly pissed and saying something like 'Sik mau? ingat mo jual lima puluh sin ka? hah?' im like... damn.... woman, i was just looking around. she looked like she was literally going to stab me with that satu ikat of serai. psychoooooo.

Around noon, watched 30 hari mencari cinta with my friend... when i say with, i wasnt talking about the same room. my friend was across the ocean, and im here. its cool to watch something and talk about it... mainly because i was alone at home... and it does get dull sometimes. damn call me slow, but it was my first time watchin 30 hari mencari cinta, and i think the movie is OK. it turns much much better when the three girls get more adorable and gorgeous everyminute. mereka perlu laki2 yang ganteng banget macam gueee!!!!

After that went jamming, tried to learn the drums... still not that good. i soooo want to have those drummer arms that atiee sooo likes. Armand... you better watch out... you have competition. muahahah. one thing about jamming though, i keep forgetting the first line of most songs, but then remember most of the part. heheheh. my fave songs to jam to so far are Creep by Radiohead, and No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley. in case you're saying... cheh... macam laa sedap sangat suara ko irfan. yes i have to admit it... Mawi probably has much better voice than i do. heheheheh. but it was a cool jamming session. oh and NOT to forget Mr Brightside... whom i dedicate to a group of ppl out there. muahahah.

so at nite... i cooked again... yes... kerapu steamed. muahahaha. felt soooo good. although quite tiring. but it felt good. towards the end of the nite... one thing i kinda found out... my 3 day weekend was quite cool. i filled up the gap, and did as much as i can for two days... and just relax... it was tiring... but i was satisfied. i didnt feel down like i usually feel before work starts. it felt really awsome.

well... im sleepy now.... and its 11PM... latersss guys... hear from ya sooon.... B-Iaaaatch!!
quick flash....

well it's a three day weekend... and i usually update the day before i go to work. however, i made myself so occupied, that i was so tired by the end of the nite, and just wanted to sit down and watch Tv. so i'll give u guys a short update. a lil in the evenin, i'll give a good update.

so... some things to think about....

1. What do you guys think about a guy who can cook?

2. I think Jazz and blues is probably one of the coolest genre ever made. Nina simone is the Queen of jazz, and BB king is THE king of blues. you need a soul ma bratha... souuul....

3. i would soooo love to be these two women's toyboy... Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria.

4. Weezer is such a cool band. and so is Led Zeppelin

5. I miss my friends... do u guys miss me? =P

6. Atie owes me a hug!!

7. Fera owes me a kiss on the cheek =P

8. Abe and Faidz owes me a slumber party

9. Ija owes me a bigger nose

10. I cant wait for todi to be in iklan Dove, kulit nya lebih putih dan berseri.

11. Why do you think Indonesians make much better movies than Malaysians?

12. If you could go to three different time periods what would it be? mine would be the 70s in DC, the olden times with the courtesy of travel from one country to another so i could go to zmn kesultanan melaka, and the dark ages. lastly, the 1950s in Malaysia. just sounds cool.

bluesss ma brathaaa blueesss..... catcha later in the evenin ppl!!