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Monday, January 31, 2011


i've been in this place now coming to my sixth year. currently im so sick but i cant afford to take annual leaves. there's so many weddings i have to go to this year, it involves me traveling from here on this damn island to KL so many times. which in turn, costs more money.

im sitting in my dark room with one light wondering when will i be able to move on to a new place and really pack my things properly so i can store them again properly in a nice permanent place.

my friends are slowly resigning from the company, and some are transferred, which eventually leaves me alone here uninspired. this cant be. i've always wondered as a kid, things only get better when you get older. less depressing and shit. but no, actually it can in turn be worse if you dont play your cards right. so right now, im holding to my cards, waiting for the right time to fold and leave the table to a new one. however, right now, im still stuck.

sometimes its so hard to believe that my room is now stuffed with 6 years worth of shit in here. i dont put my books and all other nice stuff i have out in the living room because its a room i rent with 3 other guys. if it was a house that i stay with my wife, sure, why not.

basically, right now, im always wondering, when will my cards turn up, or at least when will it be the right time for me to fold and leave and sit on a new table.

i've been literally sick for the past 2 weeks that its ridiculous. my throat hurts and ive been stuffing myself with random meds i dont even know what the effect will be. i got an antibiotic that smells so bad like rotten egg. why or pharmacist why must your create such capsule? cant you create a capsule that tastes like oreos? at least it'll make me wanna swallow more of the meds.

you know you got a good set of meds when you wake up from sleep, and you're walking to get a drink, and during all that, you're feeling like you're floating and at anytime you can fall, but you're not. great feeling, but shitty feeling because it makes me break with cold sweats.

worse thing is, im working tomorrow and my job consists of me running around at the field managing people and getting things in control. if i cant do that, then fuck me what the fuck am i doing at work?

Witty... or not so witty?
i'm not so sure if i have any witty thoughts for now. oh wait here goes.... wait... nope its gone. i had one but its unoriginal. well, talk about relationships. how bruno mars say, he'd catch a grenade for the girl?

first of all, why is the girl being thrown a grenade at in the first place? 

second, is it that easy to get a grenade for someone to throw at people just because they dont like them? where is this? Colombia? Afgan?

third, my close friend got punched unnecessarily by a group of idiots because they werent satisfied the girl one of them likes preferred my friend. people kept asking "so was she worth it?". well, i guess she must be. because if she isnt, then dude, you've just set the bar for the next girl so high. professing your love will be difficult. now you might really have to jump in front of the bus or really catch that grenade so they wont go saying

"you got punched for her! what would you do for me? hah? hah?"

and come back to Bruno, yes, if you're already catching that damn grenade, it doesnt work out, what is it gonna be like for the next girl? hug a nuclear bomb? my friends, the lesson here is, start small. catch a tossed crumpled paper for a start. at least it's subtle.....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

These are not the droids you're looking for....

Well i had this thought in my head about 2 weeks so here goes. Last two weeks during my monthly conjugal visit to my wife, on a fine Saturday morning we had breakfast together at this place called "Village Park" in Uptown at Damansara. For those who dont know, great place for nasi lemak.

So my wife and i had some kuih along with our meal and one of them consists my favorite kuih kacang. So as i've already munched and finished with mine due to being famished (another professional word for glutton), my wife was still savoring hers and somehow, mysteriously left a tiny crumb of the kuih kacang, of which I thought she didnt want. So being the oh so loving husband i am, i savored (another polite word for gobble) the crumb.

Coincidentally she was not looking when i did that, of course which was not my intention at all, and next thing you know, she was asking,

"Sayang, where's my kuih?"

Immediately, after having disposed the evidence, i didnt know what to do but somehow a defense mechanism occurred. and the conversation went somewhat like this:-

Wife: Where's my piece of kuih?

Me: huh? What kuih?

Wife: Did you eat it?

Me: huh? eat what kuih?

Wife: the small piece of kuih on this plate...

Me: huh? What kuih?

Wife: takde kuih ke tadi? (there was no kuih earlier on the plate?)

Me: huh?

and then she was quite and changed the topic and stared far in the distance. At that moment... i thought i might have been a Jedi. I wanted to tell the world,

"Men, we have found women's weakness, like Obi Wan, we only need to answer a question, with a question!"

yes... i may have found the solution....

However... less than 5 minutes after, i found out women has another set of Jedi powers when she looked at me all weird. not weird weird. but laughing borderlining with pissed off, if you didnt tell her what actually happened to the kuih. and of course, i said i ate it. my wife might be a Jedi.

Sorry men, apparently we have yet truly interpreted Obi-Wan's method. Maybe next time ok? next time... "What droids? These are not the droids you're looking for"

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Laters 2010, Hello 2011....

Well... same time NYs in 2009, i was spending it lying on the bed in Bintulu, alone staring at the ceiling while "listening" to the fireworks roaring the skies. This year i was spending it still in Bintulu, alone, watching Van Helsing on HDTV. Do i sense improvement? oh yes i think i do... (smirking and showing two thumbs up despite the sad tears flowing down my cheek).

As i was driving off for my second breakfast this morning, i started thinkin of the first day of my 2011. Why not a simple journal of 2011 engineer Log style?

0712hrs - woke up thinking how it blows with the fact that i couldnt even try to stay asleep past 0800hrs is sad

0730hrs - turned on TV and watched family guy & simpsons

0800hrs - browsed through ppls new year's greetings on FB and thinkin how some of them are so lame and if not, sad.

0815hrs - wanted to pee... but there's simpsons is being really funny on TV

0830hrs - still watching TV

0845hrs - i went "the fuck?" i forgot to pee... this time i really went

0900hrs - made myself oats and a bowl of fruits.

0910hrs - eating and watching Family Guy on TV

0930hrs - got a text from a friend to have bfast out.

0940hrs - still watching despite not having showered

0959hrs - showered and watching TV msging my friend - i'm "on my way". horrible person i am.

1002hrs - i'm really on my way

1005hrs - first song im listening to on radio in 2011 is Fresh Prince's "Boom Boom Shake the Room" and thinking how catchy the song is.

1010hrs - Saw a super drunk Indon guy walking in the middle of the road causing unsafe driving and i went thinkin "damn, he must've had a hell of a new year's night to end up across the border and looking like shit".

1013hrs - had my 2nd bfast which consists of Roti Canai cheese and bland Kari ayam. well it's good. Had a conversation about work and the usual complains and wishin we were transferred back to KL

1115hrs - wanted to have my car washed. the shop's open, but when i was there, carwasherers (if there is such word) looked at each other and went, "i'm sorry we're closed". some NYs indeed.

1130hrs - went to Guardians to get soap. i went out of the shop with soap and floss.

1145hrs - checked out the most adorable cat at a pet store. thinking of hugging it till its eyes pop only to find the store owner jeering at me waiting to call up the gangsters just in case.

1151hrs - ran off the store politely before anything

1152hrs - got in my car and driving back home

1200hrs - feel pissed off on why the roads here in bintulu is just so fucking messed up.

1210hrs - stopped by Shell and got myself a Magnum icecream. oh yes... things are gonna get a little wiiiild.

1220hrs - at home thinking of what to do before my maid comes in

1230hrs - watching Inkheart on HDTV while writing this blog. yes, i have to tell ya'll that i watch in HDTV all the time coz its just fucking awesome.

1300hrs - maid comes in and i'm thinking "damn ur late"

1330hrs - thinking of what to do for the next 11hrs to make my offday so much worth it.

1345hrs - some celebs just really do suck at giving thank you speeches in award ceremonies....

1350hrs - i wonder how does kristen stewart feel her "small co-star" wins awards and got her first Oscar nomination as compared to her? i guess "SHITTY" would summarize it

1404hrs - folding my dried-for-3-days-already and thinking... oh wait... Vanessa Hudgens on tv... she Hawt yo - i know i can say that confidently... coz she's over 18... oh yeah...

1408hrs - Jason Segel is funny... nerdly funny

1409hrs - shit... California girl SUCKS

1410hrs - thinking of getting a facial... my wife hates blackheads... since it's been a month and im craving for makeouts... why not have a gay moment for 1 hour

1411hrs - "California girl" sucks and oh Katy, did u realize u woke up orange? did u make out with an Oompa Loompa?

1430hrs - drove off thinkin of having KFC and talk like a viking alone... in public

1445hrs - looked for that facial shop. couldnt find it and decided that it wasnt worth paying 100 bucks for a gay moment. u know how cheap they can get. Oh suh-naaap

1500hrs - got some dvds instead... i loooove malaysia

1505hrs - making synthesizer sounds outloud while walking to your car spells You Are Weird by the public

1510hrs - on the road thinkin if i should get KFC... and decided not to. had a big breakfast damnit.

1540hrs - watching "The Knowing". I dont know if anybody noticed this before but Nicholas Cage has a superbly big forehead... either that or he's just balding... which brings to mind... poor Abe aka Hafiz Hatim of Flyfm.

1557hrs - just finished making out with my Magnum almond ice-cream. yummy. sigh... i miss my wife....

1615hrs - shit... im hungry

1631hrs - Abe aka Hafiz Hatim called. obviously we were talking shit and thought he talking about Marion Caunter when he actually wasnt. you suck Hafiz Hatim

1700hrs - wow... "The Knowing" really is a movie that kindaaaa gets ur attention, but kinda NOT, after 30minutes or so.. but u still leave it on anyway while u phase in and out. damn this is a long movie.

1712hrs - i dont understand why do they have to bring rabbits into the spacecraft? dont they know the term "fuck like rabbits"? and i definitely know there should be a term "poop like rabbits" too. they're soooo gonna have to clean loads of shit... literally. Aliens are stupid i guess....

1730hrs - sending maid back home. damn it so late. my plan to jog went poof just like that.

1735hrs - decided to get that KFC this time round.

1740hrs - getting a foot massage would be great i guess. oh no wait a minute... getting a bekam would be cooler coz i've never had one.

1831hrs - holy shit, what a coincidence. am eating KFC and the KFC Malaysia CEO is on news. damnit... i feel like he's judging me. i went through shit this month ok!! i deserve that Hot & Spicy and a break from my diet. stop judging me old man... stop judging me.... (turns away from the TV)

1840hrs - fuck im stuck watching E! THS on former Mickey Mouse Club. bloody hell... i hate u E!

1915hrs - watching russell peters while eating. now i feel chicken in my nose

2050hrs - finished with Russell Peters, now on to Sorcerer's Apprentice. havent watched it, ppl say it sucked but fuck it. that's why piracy's there.

2120hrs - shit... i fell asleep. rewind the movie. okeh 2120hrs. this i wont fall asleep.

2145hrs - shit... i fell asleep again. damn im definitely tired. maybe i should watch TV

2315hrs - fuck that didnt help. cleaned up the living room to sleep upstairs

2335hrs - brushing my teeth and realize my gums didnt bleed this time round unlike most of the time. well... it has been a good 2011 so far.

2346hrs - well... time to post this blog and sleep. gnite yall and hope you had a better start of 2011 than i did. but then again... i did have an awesome ME time. so... guess i purposely wanted to feel bored. HAH! gnite again!

2347hrs - zzzzz