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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Cheese....

You know, i was just wondering, the hidden job scope of being a leader is brag about the leadership books you read. really. i'm honestly wondering. i've been bumping into so many of these characteristics, i wonder if i should start bragging about the books i read too!

of course, part of being a successful person is being a very well read person. that's a given. however, in my point of view Lah, everyone needs to identify the line between SHARING and BRAGGING.

well... maybe you're not bragging, but then there are times you need to find out the words and the correct expression of how to explain a book. too much expression is annoying like you're trying too hard (bragging lah lebih kurang), too little expression looks like you just being poyo (bragging jugak lah kiranya). i think there should be some type of self help course, or self development course out there that tackles '7 Expression to talk about the book you read'. Maxwell or Stephen Covey should cover that really.

sometimes when i wonder, if i do ever become a superior one day, will i be in this position?

"So, I read this book called 'The 10th edition of 7 Habits with 6 more habits added!' and honestly, if you dont read this, and dont indulge it, dont breathe it, dont live it, well my low life subordinates, your life is undoubtedly screwed. After i read it, i feel like a better leader already!".... yess.... indeed. your subordinates looks left and right, putting up thumbs up to everything you say, when deep down inside, there's only really one finger they would want to put up with all the given pretentiousness, you know what i mean?

it really does scare me truly... how will people view me as a leader later on in the future. how do u make people listen, and not just 'yeeep... sure', and do the stuff you ask them to do whole heartedly. what makes you the best of the BIG CHEESE without jeopardizing any poyo level. now that's a challenge.

COPS... bad boys bad boys....

do you guys ever watch the cops show on tv? here's another curiousity that peaked me. when did this show initially started and why are most of the cops look the same. from the women to the men. most of them have thick mustache,dark shades, and huge beer belly.

and they'll first be in a car, drive around and here's how the conversation usually goes

Cop A: As you can see that man in white looks like he's hiding something we'll drive around and see what he does.
Cop B: Ten-Four. (obviously im just throwing numbers here)

The cops start to turn around, the guy turned slowly in a different direction, and then the cop car approaches, drawing the windows down.

Cop A: Scuze me sir, can i see your ID please.

obviously this guy slowly turns, checking his wallet, then throws it to the Cops face, and start bolting his ass off the scene. Cop B opens the door and starts running like there's no tomorrow with his beer belly in the way. meanwhile Cop A makes a call.

Cop A: This is patrol car 15 requesting for backup. we've got a black male 6'2" heading northbound of hoosick street.

and suddenly the camera was running behind Cop B's big ass, and somehow, Cop B caught up with the dude, pushed him down, took off his shirt, and cuffed him and start reading him his rights. finally, when they frisk him, turns out, he a real working partially deaf executive, who just accidentally forgot his wallet at his apartment and went running to his apartment. now that would be an awesome twist.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Feeling Good....

I think i may have talked about Nina Simone's song, Feeling Good when i first heard the Muse version of it. Since then, i was in love with Nina Simone, Muse, Jazz, Blues, 70s Rock and other awesome groovy songs.

Here in Sarawak we dont have Thaipusam but lucky me, i got an off day today, which obviously any rest day is a very cool day. Woke up early, had breakfast with my colleagues, lunch, then in the evening went for a nice Hiking in the jungles.

I'm a person who is so VERY against listening to earphones when you are in the jungles or in any kind of moving adventure like white water rafting, mountain climbing, hiking and all in that line. but today i tried listening to it while i trek. initially, it felt really nice. humming and all. then Muse's Feeling Good came out, completely summarized how i felt about the weather and myself that day. it was sunny, productive, and i feel good. coincidentally, my complicated little head had an intersection of my thoughts on Amelie movie. of which, those who know me, is one of my favorite movies of all time.

in the movie the narrator explained the main characters of the movie on their likes & dislikes, and it makes me feel like i should type out my likes & dislikes of that week just like that. should you need anymore elaboration on my preferences, please do tell me.

1. I like the feel of new fresh towel from my closet on my skin

2. I like turning around after friday prayers and watch others do the sunnah prayer

3. I like country music this week

4. I dont like bangsa penjajah who are terribly arrogant

5. I dont like seeing my car dirty

6. I dont like seeing the living room in a terrible mess not caused by me

7. I like writing... & reading.....

8. I like the smell of Earl Grey Tea seeping through my nose and gives me goosebumps....

Anyway, towards the end of my trek, i was still humming not hearing the surrounding, when suddenly, something fell down from the trees, and turns out to be a baby snake. which, completely strengthens my theory, dont listening with your earphones/headphones in the jungles coz you never know when's the jungle coming for you. and yes... i ran far away from the baby snake before mummy jumps down on me too.

Process of getting married....

yes, it is one of the thing that gets to you really. you need money, you need a budget, checklist, think about the guests who, being Malaysian, kejap cakap datang, then suddenly during that day itself tak datang. yeps. that complicated. lagi lagi when the wedding is a buffet style. how i wished sometimes i was shit loaded and i could have a wedding in a garden for 1000 guests. oh, if only.

and yes, people do have dream weddings and all, apparently, my dream of having it by the beach doesnt fit the Malaysian culture with Makcik2 coming with what they wear, and the fact that Malasia's humidity is amazing here. So people, when you're getting married, i'm telling you this, right now, it's not easy, and there are shit load of things you need to consider.

i just have one thought in my mind in all this, 'I so wanna get married'. If you want it so bad, nothing should stop you.

Stephenie Meyer....

Since the movie Twilight came out the book has been at a time sold out in the entire country. from internet sources, the book and the movie has spanned a huge throng of followers who also created a costume and band evolving around the Twilight theme.

Simultaneously, since she is a very very new writer (twilight is her first book ever), there were some comments followed. some critics agree that it's a fun series of book. but there were some other critics who think she sucks as a writer, for example, Stephen King.

But what do i honestly think about her writing? Well i'm now on the 3rd book, Eclipse, but reading the series doesnt mean i LOVE it, head over heels on it, no. i just love the story line and the characters portrayed in the stories. as for writing, i'm honestly sick of the main protagonist's infatuation with her lover, and keep explainin how hot he is, how he keep melting her and all that. and it goes on and on THE whole way throughout THE WHOLE SERIEES. yes... Steph, i know you do have a lot of followers, but yes, we all GET IT, she's head over heels with Edward.

However, these critics may have said all this shit, but which of their books were on the hitlist of 2008? and which critics have fans dressing up like the characters. she may not be a great writer to us, BUT her statistics of the of her readers, say something totally different. New Moon is pretty cool....

Mt Kinabalu Expedition....

A lot of people asked me last time what's the view like up there, what to bring and all.

here's one thing for your info... i told this to many people, and i cannot stress how important for you to take it seriously and TRAIN. yes... train by doing a lot of jungle trekking. and dont forget having weights to bring in your backpack. i trained with 10 kilo, and ended up during the actual time having to carry something that weighs 12 kilo. seriously, pancit. bring your drinks and chill out. and dont ever forget to look around at the beauty around us.

Hope you'll love the pics, it goes from the peak, down to the middle of the process going up, and then the process of going down. why is it like that? i'm tired to re-organize. i spent my whole week monitoring organizing, i deserve to be a confused person once in a while.

yeps... up there... it completely amazes you, how you are above the skies, and yet you're no in the plane. you feel the cool wind breeze whispering to you 'YOU ROCK'. the nice chill that runs through your face reminds you of the good old times when we were younger. the breathtaking view just reminds you... that you're alive and there's so much more to this life than just you....

what amazing is, one of the pics has a small pond up in the mountains due to the rain. these ponds then overflow and eventually turn in to huge rivers & rapids. if that doesnt show God's power and existence, creating something so small and yet creating big differences, then you probably missed out on a whole lot.

should u be interested to climb anytime next year... please do give me a call.

Training week 1....

I signed myself up for a Silat Closed competition, and now i only have 2 months to train till i throw up every single day. last time i learned and really trained real silat was 2000. now, i'm doing it again.

i'm not scared if i lose, the only thing i really truly look forward to are the insane trainings and learning curve that i'll be going through. plus... things like these keeps me going.

Of which, i think, no matter how good you think you are, it will not matter if you dont have a goal, a check and balance, to prove to yourself, and NOT other people. to remind yourself, you can do it, and if you want it so bad, you'll work hard for it.

summary of week one training... bak kata my cikgu... 'muntah angin'. bunch of late 20s and mid 30s men trying to join a fighting competition. we so need to train....