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Sunday, October 30, 2005

around this time last year....

So... its almost hari raya. why am i not psyched? the fact that i'll be celebrating raya in a 6 year old baju melayu with kain pelikat? no... the fact that its raining and i cant light up the pelita? no... the fact that i could not enjoy my hari raya since ive been a hypochondriac? err... maybe... but mainly because... celebrating raya 4 years away from home... and having the time to spend with really close friends, and do nothing but eat and watch cheesy malay movies, and watch chick flicks where the chicks who were watchin it end up sleepin, and the balls end up watchin.... yes i love my family... of course... but ntah laa... i think even my dad kinda accepts the fact that i am who i am now... an 'orang dagang'. 11 years of my life... ive been bunking my friends place, hostels, campus dorms, ive actually grown accustomed to that situation. and i really do miss chillin with my friends... and around this time of year... me and pizha would hit the cinemas, watching scary movies, from the first year... the ring... then texas chainsaw massacre... then Saw. and around this time of year we'd be still going to class although it was raya. and eventhough they have dull takbir raya there... but the nice crisp breezy weather, was nice.... what can i say... that's the path i chose since i was a kid. the path i chose to grow up in. and one of the reasons why i think Allah sent me to bintulu. ive been given challenges from time to time... dat now its my life. i bet im going to tackle this one insya Allah... and go scuba diving, caving in Mulu, boating and fishing in rajang. probably even kayaking. hmmm... thinking about it is already making me psyched to go. but anyway... i miss all those little things of my four years of raya abroad. but hey... its life... and changes, challenges, are things we have to accept....

HAPPY BDAY NAWAAL YG COMEL. sorry tader present this year!!! take care!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Boredom... it kills....

yes... i am so fucking bored. i know i shouldnt say this, but i soooo cant wait to start work. at least im getting a lot of cash, and meet friends, and probably even new people. heck, i'll probably try my best to learn how to speak sarawak. sigh.

so basically kotak dari pakcik2 emwhy patut dah sampai dah... 3 BULAN YANG LEPAS!!! demmit laa... i packed my current baju raya, my songkok, my work clothes, all that shit in the boxes. and i honestly, i'll be wearing my old baju melayu hitam johor with KAIN PELIKAT!! ah fuck it... hari raya is just not the same without my friends anyway.

i forgot to mention this last time, when i was in KL, as faidz and i were about to exit his homely home, i saw one of the gayest thing ever on Malaysian TV. one of my closest friend doing the gayest thing ever... Abe, saying 'Saya nih memang peminat Adam lah... cara dier menari, sangat cool lah.' well something in that line laa. about adam joget and all. and it doesnt end there, my other friend, marien, who was sitting across abe, just had to spice it up with 'Saya pasti Adam tuh boleh laa penetrate international market.' basically something along that line laa. nice act guys. you're faces were rather priceless... and might i add... 'convincing'. hahahaha.

so i got back from a medical checkup yesterday, and turned out i have an excess of earwax problem, especially on my right ear. and hence, i had to use this earwax softener last nite, pouring it on both ears every 2 hours till i get almost completely deaf. then went to see the doctor in the afternoon today, and he completely sprayed out the wax. and dear god i must say, the whole chunks of earwax that came out, especially from the right ear, are big enough to be a single bead of un grinded black pepper. and it came in all sorts of color, dark red, red, orang, yellow, black. i dont even want to know how long has that thing been in my ear. i was just laughing my ass off with the doctor as i watched that whole pile of crapt being cleared out of my ear. its just soooo amazing. so remember people, get your ears checked once in a while. because this is a normal case, and one of the reasons is basically the shape of the cottonbud itself. instead of taking out the wax, it only cleans the wall of your ear, and it actually pushses more wax into the ear. and seriously, after that session... my ears are SO CLEAR. BIG TIME!!!

im happy for a very good and great friend of mine rite now. although no one, including himself knows what is his position right now. but he's carpe diem-ing. and the whole team is behind you dude. honestly. strangely enough, i dont know if i could ever actually really move on. people say its hard... but never did i know it is this hard. fuckar... hate to think about it so much right now. i dont know if im even ready yet to actually start jumping off the river and leave all my belongings like James Blunt.

probably work life is not as cool as college life, but that college life, will always be in this 23 year old executive. muahaha. college life fucking rules. sipping green teas dude. well.. im getting really sleepy. have fun for the rest of week people.... wish me luck... in wutever... if you know what i mean. hahahha. (whose line is it anyway.... )

miss you guys!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Se7en... my turn....

As most of my friends know me, im not really good in playing soccer. if there was an award for a sucky soccer player of the world, id probably be on the top 100 list. but then again... it doesnt mean that i dont have any cool memories of it. somehow, suddenly, while i was playing futsal with faidz and his crew, i suddenly hve this flashbacks of my very first goal. if im not mistaken, i was in standard three, and if most people remember, during primary school, there'd always be more than 11 people in one team. and it was during PE period, with two different classes, so i was playing for my team. growing up as a lil kid, with my chronic asthma, lack of fitness, i was always overlooked, and in fact, some of my friends weren't really nice to me. heck, if i think it over, i wont even regard them as friends. so being able to play that day was pretty much made me feel excited. and i remember how everyone would swarm over the ball like hungry wolves trying to get a kick at it. and somehow, i wasnt part of the swarm. then sudenly, someone kicked the ball, it went up, and got in front of me. i dont know how i did it, but i dribbled (well being the not a good soccer player, it wasnt even dribbling, it was probably some sort of nerdy kick), and got to the front of the goal post, and i kicked, and this kid, who was in yellow, (that time i was in red), chested the ball, hence, it bounced back to me, and i kneed it, and it went back and forth for the second time, till the third time, i kneed it to another side, and hit the goal. it was probably one of my most memorable moments in primary school. and my classmates were jumping on me, and cheering and all. although things revert back the period after, but the fact that they actually cheered for me during that time was... well priceless.

Faidz's blog had this seven things of bla bla. and it seemed pretty cool... so here's mine....

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
-> Hike up Anapurna (i heard its challenging, and having a sherpa carrying ur stuff sounds so damn cool
-> Own a chain of restaurants called 1999 Burdett Ave. (with the setting that me and my friends been dreaming about, which is a classic nice old school setting)
-> Make out with and Unduk-Ngadau, and she'd actually sincerely say, i was the best!!
-> Sky Dive.... (without a tandem)
-> Scuba Dive in Sipadan
-> Be a cool TV host
-> Taubat. Then baru buat haji.. (strangely enough, this wasnt on my list, till i watched National Geographic, on the documentary of Haji, and comparing it between three different individual from three different continents. VERY AWESOME)

7 Things I Can Do
-> Scuba Dive!!
-> Suddenly coordinate the shortest route from one place to another, taking into account the amount of traffic at that particular time, the number of traffic lights and what is the distance. (i blame this during my 3 years as a pizza delivery guy)
-> 3 different Martial Arts (Silat, Taekwondo, Capoeira) and actually be into it, so in this, id have headstand, handstand, flip, i have yet to be skilled in backflip, but i am trying)
-> Do what i think a very good scottish/irish accent
-> Imitations.... best imitations of scottish, popular school girl who thinks she's the coolest girl in her class, my hated warden
-> Make a pizza... probably even a good one
-> Fishing... it sounds boring, but it is very cool, especially if its in the middle of the ocean

7 Things I Cannot Do
-> Ping Pong
-> Play Guitar (currently, i only know how to play 4 songs. that's it)
-> Sing... hahah sadly... i wish i really could. my 'best singing' are all in a vehicle
-> Dance... (the best thing i can do is do the robot, id probably should try real dance one day)
-> Eating without regrets... (as most of my friends know, im a lil hypochondriac. so when i eat a lot, id always feel bad for doing so)
-> BACKFLIP!! (i'm practicing, almost though once.)

7 celebrity crushes
-> DENISE KELLAR (id love to be with her, heck even once, heck, if she kisses me, id be happy enough)
-> Angelina Jolie
-> Alizee (french singer, look her up... hotness i tell you... HOTNESS!!)
-> Heidi Klum... mmmm
-> Meg Ryan... back in her short hair under 35 days... so cute....
-> Laura Prepon... what can i say, i have a thing for tall women
-> Gabriell Union

7 often repeated words/phrases (mine arent that much different than Faidz's haha)
-> duuudeee
-> serious shit??
-> fuckerr!!
-> damnnn....
-> bollockss laa wey...
-> shaiit
-> tension siall

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
-> Bubbly... in a cute way
-> great personality
-> being able to blend in with my random thoughts, and join in as well
-> Being slightly possesive when she sees competition... slightly
-> childish at times
-> height... somehow im attracted to tall women, as tall as i am, maybe slightly shorter, or slightly taller. im weird... what can i say....
-> English... have good grasp of english... so i can complain, and she could actually understand, and give her 50 cents in english
-> Great sense of fashion... stylo...

Loaded complex....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

In Memories....

Semoga Allah Mencucuri Rahmat ke atas Roh Beliau... i may not know her... but she did so many things to create the best individual in all of us... insya Allah....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

She's Beautiful....

right now im sitting down in quiet ol' sabah. last week, on tuesday, i was called up by petronas at 1030 am to come for an interview in Bangi, hence i had to be there by the next day with my own money to go to KL. i dont know why'd they need me there, but i was excited enough because... hey... its KL. the sucky thing was, i had to cut my hair. and then later around 530 pm, when ive packed and all... petronas called again, saying that i dont have to go to Bangi, because they made a mistake, and im now posted in Bintulu. sigh. unrefundable tickets, but hey, i kinda really need the break from my family and stay there in KL. and strangely enough, i still went to the interview.

so stayed at faidz's, and i must say, he is a great friend, and my stay there was very VERY cool. no wonder abe loves him so much. i went to the interview with sneakers, shirt, unironed slacks, and armed only with resume and my copy of diploma. mainly because the person told me the day before it was an informal interview. and strangely enough, they asked me for my thesis, all my sijils and all. mainly because ive never been in a job interview here in malaysia. hahaha. but you know what... i got it jugak. hahahah. i can say i really blew them off. but then i had to merayu at KLCC for me to be posted in Bangi. but sadly, to no avail... im now posted in Bintulu. so if u guys are EVER in Bintulu, do look me up.

went to watch 4 brothers... with a cool group of people. cool enough, i think i clicked. faidz's friends were great. met lili, the sabahan stewardess... trying to build some networking there... probably she could introduce me to some businessmen later when i do... business... things like that. she could probably introduce me to some stewardesses, who also may have some connection to other businessmen that i can talk business with. things like that. its called NETWORKING. ehem.... anyway.... had a pretty smashing time, havent had a sabahan friend who's from around kk, and lives like 5 mins away from my place. so yeah... NETWORKING.

then the next day bukak pose in Souled Out. met more of faidz's friends. got some more talking, some more networking. had really really good lamb shank. yummm. then went to uncle don's, with faidz, lili, fairul, and lili's hot stewardess friend. she's like, cute, sweet, dark, tall, cute, friendly. but of course unavailable. but yes... its all about NETWORKING. her boyfriend probably knows a businessmen as well. for my business later in the future....

i must say... staying with a kelantanese family... is actually VERY cool. i really have to listen what they say. and the cool thing is, i understand. i dare not speak it though, probably i'll be laughed at. but hey, its fun knowing that kecek kelate is not that hard to understand. and faidz's mom cooks really really GOOD. honestly, i prefer eating at home than outside. hahaha. and a very cute niece. feels like gigit2 jekk the 6 year old's pipi. (okay... that sounds sooo gay).

on sunday, we went to mid valley, and man, i havent been there for like 1 year. that place is HUGE. im not sure which is bigger, OU or midvalley. but midvalley definitely has sooooo much more people. period. felt slightly suffocated. went to san francisco steakhouse. great steak... great steak. and met with more of faidz's friend, and a his friend brought a model friend. pretty, petite, cute, model-like laa basically. but then again... its all about networking. she probably knows a modelling company that is interested in my business... and all.

the last day, i went to uptown... which i havent been to for 4 years. and holy shit. it sure isnt the uptown i used to know. i thought i walked into petaling street or sumthing. freaking weird. but got some more aviators. hahahaha. me and my aviators. very VERY cool.

by the end of the day... i get to say that... it was a great stay. and yes... id say faidz, you really compensated with that Rexona thingy. hahaha. i get to do a LOT of NETWORKING, with men, women, and stewardesses. hmmmm... networking... a cool thing to do.... :D.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Speaking of the Devil....

remember last post, when i said livin it up? so here's a recap that day, i wrote that until aroud 10 am. took a bath 1030 am. watched tv 11 am. 1130 am my nephew called me up, asking if i want to join him for a speedboat ride. muahahahha. and you know how i love living life. i forgot to ask what was the top speed of the boat, but it is sure damn fast, and at one point the guy was only inches away from the sand, and then he made so many 360 spins, and the spin was so fast that one HAS to hold on the bar with both their hands, other wise they'll be flying out of the boat so fast, they wont even have the time to say their mother's name. so people... live it up!!

btw.. playing CS, 4-1 on the terrorist side is pretty cool. i just obliterated a whole team of counter about 5-6 of them in one go last night. hahaha. okay... that's a nerd talking there. now here are some random thoughts...

Crazy Frog....

oh dear god... can someone tell the entertainment industry in Malaysia to STOP playing those irritating stupid songs??? i mean seriously, its just some techno freaks replaying the famous 80's soundtrack and mix it up so badly, and makes it sooo irritatin 'ding ding ding!!!' the sound keeps ringing in my head. im sorry to UK and europeans but i definitely know that americans dont come up with those irritating type of songs. they come up with irritating rap songs, but now annoying froggy character that repeats the whole songs for 4.29 minutes.


i was at the airport one time, waiting to meet my alam shah teacherss and there was a big screen TV on the ceiling, showing clips of sabah, and some informercials as well. so then suddenly pops up siti nurhaliza, drinking tea, you know the corniest way imagine, it would always go like this 'hi saya irfan, setiap kali sebelum saya ke pentas, saya menghilangkan dahaga saya dengan segelas teh T-Fan yang diperbuat oleh herba2 tempatan yang kaya dgn vitamin B kompleks.' then i take a sip... 'mmmm... enak sekali!!', then i grin. that was how C-tea's commercial was like. corny, and to put the corny level up a notch, they had clips of other extra drinking and saying... mmmm... enak sekali. sigh. Siti is a very good singer, she's almost impeccable, she's beautiful, she's so rich, i dont think she had to even do that commercial. those are just one of her agents trying to score some cheap money or so. poor her. but you got to love siti's voice though. that's her life. oh and not to mention her cute face. mmmm... comel sekali....

Second Dive on a big boat last weekend... coolness.....

Ze Zpeedboat from Ze Land....

The V8 engine....

The sweet ride....

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Livin' it up....

In retrospect of dear ferr's past entry - Growing Pains, it kinda triggered me of how most of us are currently living our lives. ive seen myself 10 years from now, being out of shape, slaving under some corporation, doing something that they REALLY HATE eventhough they studied their asses for that major in college, without a decent pay, and debts of houses, cars all over. im ugly and single, and i sit at home every nite, INCLUDING weekends watching an illegally downloaded movie, and on certain nites, id go out to meet my great married friends abe, faidz, and ferr. hence, it dawned me... is that how i want to be living life? of course we need to earn something for a living, but to live an actual life... and living it... i think that's something everyone needs. everyone needs a certain mecca, certain getaway, to make sure there's always something to get you through life in these hard times.

yes... aku menganggur. ive had some ppl who kind of question me of doing the mtv audition, and even considering being an mtv host if i actually got it. some say it was a waste of college, some implemented it was a waste of time, some implemented i'll never make it. but hey, if i didnt even get it... im proud to say... i was very close to the best thing ive actually REALLY wanted to be than most people out there. most people who works a life that they bitch about, being bored, doing paper work, in front of the computer day and night. and say, yeah sure, work is okay, but what they actually want is to be a professional surfer, be in a rock band, own their own company, be a zoologist, be a doctor, in fact, be the best thing you can be.

and alhamdulillah, although being unemployed, currently, i AM living life. i dont always sit at home watch TV, chat, go to CC. ive always wanted a relaxing morning where i jog leisurely, beside the beach, in the jungles, breathing each and every breath, each and every second that He has given to me. i got my scuba diving license, something ive always wanted to do since i was a kid. discover new wildlife in the tropical forests, tracking my way through wild pitcher plants in the early morning mists, admiring the endangered majestic creatures that was made by Him, go on boat rides to the middle of the sea and fish, relax, and do leisure dives, watching creatures most people has only seen from a fish tank, on their plate, and text books. and yes... instead of being a wuss and going out of the stereotype of being engineers, lawyers, accountants, ive really actually tried for the thing that i really actually wanted to do. yes i know, adult life will most of the time be sucky, will be boring, but if you let it get to you, and always find your mecca, your getaway, it'll always remind you that you are alive.

so my dear friends... you have to question yourself, besides sitting down relaxing at home, watching TV, go shopping, chill with friends... what are the things that you have ALWAYS wanted to do but never did. surf? be a professional photographer? be a race car driver? be an equestrian? sky diving? wind surfing? travel somewhere so randomly alone? push yourself to do it... stop bitching about your life... and live it. and dont ever think im wasting my life away... coz i know... im living it.... :)

Selamat BerPuasa....

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Back to you....

BeHold... En Nik Faidz's cool videoclip... one of his first steps into becoming at director. the clip may take sometime to load, but hope you bear through it. it's worth the watch.

So its a Sunday morning... and guess what am i going to do in 1 one hour. SCUBA DIVE!!! muahahahah. hopefully get to see some barracudas or better yet, baby whale or sumthing like that. heh. kakak lana-chan, i wish you were here, you could probably join us. :).

Earlier this week, i got a call from MTV. i was in the final consideration for a VJ. But i never got a call back after that. so i dont think i got it. bt strangely enough, i never thought i'd be even getting that close to the dream job of my life. big time. i was sad, but... it still amazed me that, i actually made it through one phone call. it was a great rush. and thanks for the support to my loving friends, especially abe and faidz. thanks dude. kalau korang tak tolak aku naik pentas arituh, mmg tak sampai sini laa gamak nyer.

my current past time, its not my favorite, but this is the only thing that gives me action here in KK is going out with my nephew and my biras, to the local CC, 3way.com. and damnnn... aku kini setaraf dgn cina2 lendir yang giler terer main Counterstrike. my favorite weapon is definitely 3-4 now. it lasts longer than an mp5navy. i gunned down 4 men in a row with that without having to reload. hahahah. shit... i sounded like a nerd. damn it!! i wish i got mtv, at least that would've compensated my coolness level. we'll usually play from 8pm till 3am now. hahah. and then hit out to the worst mamak ive ever seen, and then drive back home alone. sigh, i wish i could hit the clubs here. never actually been in a club at all. never really liked it. but i do want to know what the scene is like, here in sabah.

but then again... although im always surrounded by so many people here... i always still feel alone. its just not... the mcGiffs, the RPIians... not you....