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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the Alliance of the kids who cant read well institute....

all of these times, i've always posted videos of faidz doing his thang, being man raped by Abe, so as a tribute to faidz for being such a sport... here's two handsome wackos... in the Middle of KL, Malaysia, dengan julat suhu tahunan 29 darjah celcius, sambil sorang memakai winter jacket dan sorang memakai sweater.

if there are any demands for me to paste in the My Chemical Romance I video of Abe and I singing to Helena, please do tell me. for the time being, enjoy the video....

btw... i'm going back to KK tomorrow for Raya Haji, so everyone, Slamat Hari Raya Haji!!

to the non muslims... HAppy Christmas!!!

to everyone... if i dont update next... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (damn, i think im gonna update it anyway, so yes yes, see you again soon). for the time being, enjoy the two wackos.

single hot ladies out there... please do contact me for Abe or my number.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Previously on Hippie dude smokin Cubans....

My list of awesome TV shows

1. Family Guy (FUCKIN AWESOME)
2. Band of Brothers (macho shit going on)
3. Heroes (what man didnt grow up wanting to have a superpower?)
4. Arrested Development (sarcastic, sharp, unique, one of a kind)
5. Entourage (makes us boys feel smooth, cool, and wanna walk in a straight line and pickup all the hot ladies)
6. Friends (well i grew up with it, wasnt so funny towards the end, but it was good)
7. Weeds (watching it right now... AWESOME. sigh, those were the days... ehem, and Mary Louise Parker is HOT).

Grey's anatomy used to be cool initially, but then too much drama. it's like watching a soap. so, decided to bump that out... sorry atie sweetie. i know u love it (throws up). Scrubs is awesome, but its a bit Ally McBeal-ish. not so original, and very family guy-ish. Naruto should be on my list, BUT it's just way too freakin long. too hard to follow. u know what, let's put Kenshin on that list. number 8.

8. Rurouni Kenshin: the Battousai (which guy dont wanna be a cool Samurai and speak in a cool voice every time you're about to fight aaand dont look stupid doing it??)

My List of baddest bad ass characters in Entertainment....

1. Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting of Gangs of New York.
This character is just totally bad ass. with that fake eye, and how he respects is arch enemy even after he murdered him. now that's how you be a Man.

2. Sylar of Heroes
seriously, he plays the character so well, i hate him so much every time he comes on screen.

3. Jules Winnfield of Pulp Fiction (played by Samuel L Jackson)
come on, a guy who preaches before he blows your brain out is not badass? even I wanna preach before i blow up someone's brain away. and yes, surprisingly, his name is Jules.

4. Tyler Durden of Fight Club
Amin R is right. Tyler Durden punched Jared Leto into a pulp, and is definitely just totally bad ass when he kicks others' ass. it doesnt end there. who can ever forget 'first rule of fight club, you dont TALK about fight club'.

5. Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development
Now who dont hate the mom? you just totally hate the Bitch? great actress.

6. Brick Top of Snatch
This guy scares you. feeds you to the pigs if he dont like you, and it's all about business. kills his henchman who sucks up to him.

I wanna add one more, but he's only a cartoon character. cant remember the name of the character. he was in Kenshin. The rightman to the burning guy. he only smiles politely and kills without a regret, or remorse on his face. slits their throat while smiling. now that's bad ass.

Make that step....

Okay, a lot of people come to me for relationship stuff. unless you're in the list of my Entourage (refer to facebook), please continue reading.

So here's the thing... if you like someone, dont just sit down and have all that crush swell, and swell, and swell, and next thing you know that crush just wilts away, goes on to another person for attention or whatever.

Dont give me that shit that you or your crush dont have time. MAKE time. if you like your crush so much, just fuckin say it before it's too late. of course, i know, the timing has to be right as well. and that, you should base it on your instinct. and TRUST your instinct of when.

seriously, dont waste time. say you want your crush. do you want to look back, 30 yrs from now and think about the what ifs? if shit goes down when you confess, profess, or whatever cheesy shit you call these days, at least you know you tried.

So, kesimpulan di sini, jangan buang masa, go for it. or how the creators of Nike would say, 'Just Fuckin Do it'. well i know they dont have that tagline, but damn they should. i'd so by the merchandise.

Frozen images....

it's been a while... and going to be much longer after this... sigh....

i'm not kidding here... that phone on the table is a functional phone. i was too stumped seeing this guy using it til i forgot to take a picture then. and i thought it was just me, but the whole starbucks were in awe that people actually still USE that phone!!

u talking to me? seriously, who has the upper hand here? EAT LEAD!!

boys will be boys... give a dude a gun, no matter how old he is, they're just gonna feel that macho charge come flowing in.

more than 2 years i've been in this 'Primatech' company, pocho2 comes to me just so easily. haha. it's a company thingy. and seriously, who says armies can't have fun?

we had a kids creative session, gave them plasticine to create robots or insects or something. they're still pretty adorable. it sucks to know your creativity fades away the older you get... you stop coloring, you stop drawing, you stop sculpting, you stop pointing... you just become really old and boring....

Take me to your leader earthling!!!

one of my favorite pictures this month!

inflatables ROCK!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

pretentious bitches....

it's amazing how that these two words 'pretentious bitches' rhyme. what's even more amazing, these two words almost go hand in hand with today's world scenario.

1. stop thinking you're so pretty. if people think you're pretty, dont be a fucking blonde about it. those who do, deserves to have their big shades that cover up their ego and their 'too far apart' eyes and shove it up their ass. if u think you're so pretty, i bet u there's more prettier ladies out there than you. and coolest thing of all, they have better personality than you, of which im guessing most are just backstabbing, backbiting biatches. guess what finger am i holding up?

2. ladies... i learned this when i was still on my predeparture prog to the states. come ooooooooooon. dont bitch about your relationship to other people. 'oh tapi dier best friend aku'. guess what finger im holding up? UNLESS... u want your relationship to crumble... well that's the way to go. oh btw... some guys do this too. come oooon... people, it's called relationship for something. the guy's or lady's weaknesses has to be accepted and improved between each other. 'till death do us part' wasnt put into the minister's speech for nothing.

3. dont be too over sensitive about everything. everything happens for a reason. and i especially hate it when people jump into conclusion. making assumptions without basis. here's something... 'assume will only make an ass out of u and me'. guess what finger im holding up again? and im betting you it's not my thumb.

damn im on fire tonite. hahaha. too much entourage and watching how Ari Gold expresses his every pissed off moment just pumps the FUCK out of you to FUCK other people's emotion. FUCK yeah. hahahaha. damn i havent written like this for so FUCKing long. miss those good old angst times.

btw... if u really followed my writings, i dont write like that as much anymore. we have to grow up. life's too short to hold a grudge. but i think i just needed the message to get across.

fooking forward....

this is awesome. i dont usually forward emails except those i think are damn worth it. here's one.

At a recent U2 concert in Glasgow , Scotland , lead singer Bono asked the audience for total quiet. Then, in the silence, he started to slowly clap his hands, once every few seconds.

Holding the audience in total silence, he said into the microphone, "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies."

A Scottish voice with a broad accent from the front of the crowd pierced the quiet... "Well, foockin' stop doin it then, ya evil bastard!"

if only it were true.

i'll add more post soon. 1 week to HOLIDAYS!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Tipping point....

I believe in fate...

I believe... that even that minute decision, that minute gesture, like moving a small pebble from a path way, avoiding yourself from being hit by a falling coconut, could create such monumental result. a result that would create a chain reaction like a domino effect, a nuclear bomb, that would change a person's life forever.

I believe... when you try so hard to be something, and then something happens especially when one foot is already there, that completely changes the course of your whole life, and unexpected move let's say, would completely make you a totally different person.

I believe... now i have to set my priorities straight...

I believe... now it's time i should start growing up fastter.....

and I believe... as much shit as you have to go through, there'll be something out there much better.

I totally believe in... in Karma....

and most of all... now, i believe or at least i have the feeling... that everything happens for a reason. it's up to you to take it like a man.... or keep it to yourself and work your way through alone.....

believe in yourself.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Love hurts sometimes... if you do it right...

okay, i've been trying to update so many times throughout the week but every time i try, i either get home late and too tired to start typing... OR i go out jamming and by the time i get back, it's too late coz i need to start sleeping before 12am since i work on morning shifts everyday including weekends 7-7. the only off i get is Sunday. and today, when i wanted to update my blog, i was occupied cleaning up my room, which took me quite a while, since.. i think the last time i tidied my room it was like in July or August! so imagine the dust. yeech. and when i was done, was changing new strings on my guitar, tuned it up, played a bit, and tup2, i decided to go jog since i didnt go swimming in the morning. then at nite, gi jamming around 8. but since i told myself i have to update once this week. i'm gonna!

okay... it's been 1 minute... and completely forgot what i've been meaning to write. had a lot of ideas. okay2... so i said i was gonna write a note. but i keep forgetting!! haaaa... okay... here goes.

(this is a REALLY Long entry as it turns out. took me 2 hours to finish it! Take your time.)

Schizo Friendly?

Okay, so i bet most people right now have seen movies like Beautiful Mind by Russel Crowe, Secret Window starring Johnny Depp, heck even the Machinist starring Christian Bale (of whom which, btw... i just found out... NOT american!). basically the whole movie revolves around a person who has schizophrenia.

For those people who dont know what the hell is Schiz (pronounced skit-zo-fre-nia or skitz for short), it's basically a hallucination, or imagination that someone has of another being that they converse to something like that la.

so basically... it crossed my mind really. you know sometimes, on weekends you'd get lonely and stuff. or well anytime la. you'd either be home alone, or with company that you dont really enjoy. but i wonder... do people who has schiz ever get lonely? it seems that they probably have someone to talk to most of the time! if the person is a powerful schiz, like level gandalf ke aper, you could probably create so many company in around you. probably a hot hot HOT lady from Victoria Secret or that cover for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and has this sexy voice (u know ladies, the one that you guys do when you guys sound tired and shit... yes... that one... dont act like you dont know... it is such a turn on for guys. try ordering Thosai at a mamak stall and see how they react), then probably have a talking hawk! uuuu talking hawk! i think that's damn cool. and the hawk probably has a deep black guy's voice. maybe like James Earl Jones' (alaaa the guy who does the voice for Darth Vader... yes.. the voice owner is a black guy, to those who are really ignorant, not some old white guy at the end of Star Wars:Return Of the Jedi). then to top it off, probably have a hobbit with thick scottish accent. now can Schiz be lonely???

Is US economy Fucked?

Those who read the news, you basically know that currently the US is facing a bad economic downturn. some analysts even say that it could be as bad as the Great Depression period sometime before World War II if i'm not mistaken.

Everything there has gone expensive, and risky to buy, especially in the real estate business. what happened? well please anyone out there... correct me if i'm wrong okay, i'm just starting to get really friendly with this game. Basically before 2007, banks have been giving out housing loans with a fairly cheap price, especially to people who cant actually afford it just so they can sell the house. around the early 90s onwards everyone thought it was quite secure since if these people who cant afford it cant pay, the bank will basically declare bankruptcy something like that and get still get profit. suddenly this year, someone in the market realized that even if they seized it, they wont get much profit and in fact they'll lose money. plus, they suddenly found out that the real estate costs in US is actually much cheaper than the loan. it's not how they estimated at all. so basically, bank are losing MUCH more money. hence, they pulled back all the loans, no more investments, and shares go down... while prices go up. there you go. please someone, if i'm wrong, correct me.

thank god i'm not in the US anymore, kalau tak, balik mesia, i dont really get to spend a lot. hehe. currency down. or even go to europe. okay, so now, it also makes me wonder... currently buying real estates here in Malaysia is also a fad. yes you make profit they say when you buy properties. prices go up even after a year. but is it just part of the gossip, in attempt to make the property market analysts make more money?

A big chunk of how the world economy goes up and down, i think has got a lot to do with the speculation, prediction, whatever by the Market Analyst, Traders, bla bla bla, hence, prices keep going up. maybe yes, it should go up, but not as high as it should be, i think. these group of people could actually have the aim to take over the world's economy and be rich mofos on the face of the earth!! Last time i read, oil price is at USD98 per barrel. THAT's a LOT! i wonder how is gas per gallon in the states right now. i think last time i was there, it was close to 4 dollars per gallon kot. craaaaazy.

if anyone's out there who'd love to invest... i think india and china are the best country to invest in with their current growth and booming market. problem bout india though, corruption's probably bad. so be careful. i think it fluctuates. and as fast as it grows, i bet it's still unstable, and are just trying to buy as much stuff as they can. i dont know if they can actually cope.

wow... i've never wrote something like that EVER. hahahahaha.

Relationships... same ol same ol....

okay... so i think i wrote about this so many times. but somehow, it's a conversation that never gets people bored. it's gossip-ish. it's something that everyone relates to. it's drama.

so yes... most of those who know me... as of September last year... my life has been almost drama free. there was a bit a long the way, but since i wasnt prepared to be in a relationship... it wasnt much drama for me. i keep telling myself... i really hate dramas in relationship. and some people even tease... 'oh come on... fucking dramatic laa', or 'alaaa... drama laaa, i just wanna go out with my friend pun cannot ke?' stuff like that.

yes... i hate drama. BUT really BIG BUT, i think, when you're in a relationship... drama will exist either way. why? because believe it or not... it's something that spices up your relationship... no matter how much. but sometimes to an extent laa. So, i know, either way, there will be a point, when i do have someone again, that i'd have drama again in my life. But so far, my life's been quite Drama Free, No Cholesterol shaite going on. the thing is about having no drama is, when you're friends start asking what's up, the only thing you can talk about is the your routine life! seriously. i mean, some people do have drama, but they dont wanna talk about it, but there's sometimes an urge, and you really do feel it if you have it... u just dont wanna share. which makes them very interesting people still.

When you have 0% drama, Gossips go 0%, and seriously, you start coming up with dramas that probably dont even matter. like...

A: Dude... per citer? takder pompuan baru ke?
B: ntah laa.... hmmmm (thinkin hard). haaa... harituh, aku gi starbucks, pastuh ada sorang pompuan tu... i think she was checkin me out man. she was hot... model-ish. tapi ntah apsal i dont have the balls to approach her.
A: haaa tuh la kau. sayur. lain kali pegi jekkk.
B: eleeh, ko pun sama, macam kau approach jekk pompuan lawa yang harituh. setakat 'Hi' pastuh sengih tak kira okay (at this point of the conversation, the topic has shifted).
A: haaa... tuh la pasal. nanti aaa. kena ada wingman bagus la.
B: haa... tuh la pasal. (yes... repetition of the sentence). Anyway... about the starbucks girl...
A: haa... about her....
B: i'm suddenly not sure if she really did check me out...
A: hmmm.
B: But she was hot man. HOT i tell you!
A: yepp... i bet she was.
B: yepp... she was. (again... repetition)

Btw... this conversation... never actually happens in real life. ehem. so.... anyway....

about relationships kan... here are some short tips about it. you know, like macam, if you were doing something on Microsoft Word, and suddenly the annoying Talking Clip with Eyes has a tip or hints or whatever.

Hint 1: If you like someone... and especially if you see all the pieces coming together... spending time with the person is heavenly, and the person spends so much time with YOU. yes... with their friends as well... but most of the time... they look at YOU... that kinda thing piece. SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If the other person doesnt say it, doesnt mean they dont like you! maybe they're just pussies... maybe they're just nervous, maybe they just really suck. either way, SOMEONE has to say it. so might as well be you rite??? so.... FUCKIN SAY ITT!!!!! 'I like you', or 'i want you', or the ever cheesy line 'i love you' and eyes twinkle2... or blush or whatever. SAY IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!! (am i more annoying that the Talkin Clip with Eye now or not?)

Hint 2: okay... serious tone. If you break up... you have the very right to cry, look for a shoulder to cry on, or to lean on. that's why your friends are there for you. you might suddenly go MIA on them when you're in a rship, but they're always there for you. that's why they're your friends. they're there when you need them. you have the right to wallow in the sadness... you have the right to miss the person, you have the right to want the person back even though your friends think otherwise. BUT that's how ended rship works. so dont apologize... dont be shy....

Hint 3: If you love the person so much and was in a long term rship, and the person broke up with you... believe it or not... as cheesy as it sounds... time helps. it helps a lot. keeping your distance helps. doesnt mean you shouldnt call the person at all. just less... coz you dont want to get hurt all over again... UNLESS... you feel secured about it... then, i'd say it's good to go.

Hint 4: If you're not ready to be in a relationship... dont gamble and try. you might hurt yourself all over again... and worse, hurt the other person who wanted you so badly. make wise decisions, and think about it. think. take time to think. dont gamble. you'll know when you're ready. you'll know.

why suddenly this topic comes up? well... i do have a number of friends who were going through a bad patch... and i'm only talking from experience. shaits... now that makes me sound fucking old. if you guys have any other hints... to drop them by for others to read.

Weirdest Laws....

I'm not gonna dwell on this topic too long. but basically, i think it's hilarious. and... the coolest thing is... it's true. well I had this list from BBC news. But the next day when i went through it again, they made some editing since they say some of the facts didnt have a very reliable source. but i'm gonna post the first new pre-edited. i think it's just hilarious. Bolds are my favorites....

The UK 's top 10 most ridiculous British laws were listed as:

1. It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament (27%)
2. It is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British king or queen's image upside-down (7%)
3. It is illegal for a woman to be topless in Liverpool except as a clerk in a tropical fish store (6%)
4. Eating mince pies on Christmas Day is banned (5%)
5. If someone knocks on your door in Scotland and requires the use of your toilet, you are required to let them enter (4%)
6. In the UK a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants, including in a policeman's helmet (4%)
7. The head of any dead whale found on the British coast automatically becomes the property of the King, and the tail of the Queen (3.5%)
8. It is illegal not to tell the tax man anything you do not want him to know, but legal not to tell him information you do not mind him knowing (3%)
9. It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour (3%)
10. It is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls of York , but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow (2%)HAHAHAHAHA. how bout if a White Guy carried an AK47 and a bomb strapped on him?

Other bizarre foreign laws voted by those polled included:

In Ohio , it is illegal to get a fish drunk (9%)
In Indonesia, the penalty for masturbation is decapitation (8%)
A male doctor in Bahrain can only examine the genitals of a woman in the reflection of a mirror (7%)
In Switzerland, a man may not relieve himself standing up after 10pm (6%)
It is illegal to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle in Alabama (6%)
In Florida , unmarried women who parachute on a Sunday could be jailed (6%)
Women in Vermont must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth (6%)
In Milan, it is a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits (5%)
In France , it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon (4%)


Important things i have with me now... and oh... dont forget my camera that's taking the pic

What's in my wallet???

The return of the Shaggy Dude... i didnt shave for a bit more than a month before Raya! it's the only pic i have though. i know... it's a blur. the more mysterious is for you guys

My stupid adorable cat... Furball the Second....

A complete Raya... everyone didnt plan to wear blue. it just happened. only my dad was wearing purple. but my mom forced him to change and wear his old baju melayu to match us all up. hehehe. poor dad.

weirdest thing i had for Raya... Turtle's Egg/Telur Penyu. Don't get me wrong, i'm totally against it. but it was already there... and the last time i had it... was when i was 12 i think. not more than that. back then, it tasted ok... but now... it's just weird. the yolk, even cooked, looks like your snot. clear though. but still slimy. best eaten with soy sauce. but hell no. not gonna eat it anymore. bleech. Save the Turtles!!!

My adorable nephews and nieces....
This is Amanda....

This is Adam... the whole family been saying that Adam looks almost like me when i was a baby... but ntah. anything pun, if it's true... he's gonna be good lookin la. hahaha. padampampush. Btw, Adam and Amanda are siblings....

This is Erra... a bit kerek... but still pretty. i think she's gonna grow up to be a beautiful lady.

This one in the cap is Alia, behind her is her brother Kiki

I didnt take a lot of pics this raya. i dont know why. but anyway, the very beautiful lady in white is my 27 yr old nephew's gf, ms Shirley... and very beautiful voice as well....

Three young cool ladies i got to know. More Sabah friends!! They make me feel old though. ahah.

Finally... here's Waking Up Faidz... part II

Oh yeah... one more thing... (which means i shouldnt put finally at the video, but it's my blog... so i write it the way i want it kapiche?). to my sweet annoying adorable little sister Nadhrah... you're SPM is tomorrow and... Abang wish you the best. I love you loads... and everything's gonna be okay. take it easy, go in with prayers, and go out with prayers and syukur. The whole family love you loads.... after this you can start driving, and do that culinary thingy you want to. can probably even be in Food Network. hugs n kisses...your Abang.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Swamps, marshes... you name it....

Sorry guys... I cant actually update right now. it's 11.30 at nite... and i just literally got back from a stupid meeting in which i've rejected to be a part of so many times but still pulled into anyway. totally exasperated with the thing. im just gonna keep it to myself.

Starting to find that i keep a lot to myself these days.

well to fill up your time... here's a short Irfan's Superbowl Commercial... enjoy.

will update when i have time... definitely.....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chocolate cream chip frap....

right now, you're probably reading this.. and wondering... why chocolate cream chip frap? have i been mugged by a kid over my chocolate cream chip frap since i last updated? Or did some nerdy loser, who's trying to impress the starbucks lady accidentally flipped chocolate cream chip on me while i was queuing in the line? well, in actual fact... neither of those happened. it's probably the only non coffee drink that i got here in Starbucks KLCC while i updated my blog. i dont really have much idea what to mainly write about other than my thoughts and ramblings.

btw... sitting down updating my blog on my white laptop here rite now seems probably one of the coolest things to do in KLCC!! why havent i been doing this? well i've actually wanted to do this for a while but either the power source are all occupied, or i didnt bring my laptop. but now that im actually doing it, it's pretty cool coz i get to sit down, and since i have the ability (chewah, macam citer heroes jekk) to type without looking at the keyboard, im having the privilege of checking out people, especially ladies while im not even looking at the screen. dam im pretty good at multi tasking. just now i just saw this one girl in a black tom abang saufi-ish batik pass by.. not baad. not baaad. but still... like i mentioned, kebayas are THE hottest.

So Ok, enough about all that... i actually thought about some materials.. (whoa... hot girl again.. and yes, while im typing)... where was i... yes.. materials during the past week and yes also during raya weekend.

How was Raya? well it was same ol same ol. but this time the family was having a complete first raya since i started working. made some more cool friends, got sick, got into an accident, got a ticket summon (whoa.. tall hot swedies lady wearing 70s looking aviators!! how do i know she's swedish, she wore a name tag that says she's from sweden), made a visit to the orphans in hoping to spend time with them before raya starts, but due to some bad miscommunication on their side, i ended up buka puasa with my friend and sister in gas station. blows. yeps... not THE best raya, but KK was always awesome, and holiday is always nice.

yes sure to people every monday is a black monday, initially i thought so too, until something weird happened. not weird la, but very rarely. i was already about to leave for work early but i could because my car was blocked by my housemates, so then i decided to take my sweet time instead. so when finally i left for work, i stumbled upon a VERY heavy traffic, and for people who live around my area, crazy traffic like this would only conclude three most likely things that could've happened. a) road construction, b)road accident, c) there was an attack of killer pigeons pissed off at the raging growth of the industrial business in the area.

i wanna go with c) coz i'd be really pissed off if i were a pigeon, but i was guessing b) instead. but seriously, those damn pigeons should start doing something about the pollution. rather than just pooping on our cars, they'd should start taking some kickass action seriouuuusly.

so yes, my guess was correct, so i wasnt suprised... initially. then i saw the accident... or my i say.. accidentS. with a big S at the end. because it was a freaking 15-car pile up!!!! so i started thinking not long after, that it'd be scary if i actually did leave early, i could've been 16! so, regardless i got to work a bit late, well... my sweet red sophie is okay, and im okay. so yeps... i try my best to look at things a bit more practically but still realistic and comparable. jangan la sampai compare 'people in palestin are dying!!' yes yes they are, but it's not about making you sucky for their predicament. we need something in which we can at least laugh on. am i even making enough sense here?? or is typing while looking at people isnt really the best method?? hahaha. but oh well... you got the idea.

Superman or Supervain?

during the raya holidays, HBO was showing Superman returns for like god knows how many times. yes it was a great movie. and yes, Superman is definitely, without a doubt, whether you like it or not, is THE most influential super heroes since he was created in 1938.

but these were some of the thoughts that both me and my sister went through...

first, there was a scene where superman was in the ocean, and then he flew up to the sky since he drew all his energy from the sun. and here's the thing... about his hair. i just dont really understand, how in the world did his wet hair sudden got dry, and nicely combed and fashioned? getting it dry might be explainable since he could've flew so fast and the temperature was so sufficient enough to induce condensation at a higher rate. but having your hair perfectly shaped as it has always been since he was a kid, how'd he do it??? yesss... maybe he styled and combed his hair on the way up there, but then where would he keep the comb? he's just wearing a tight spandex people!??

okay next, im really puzzled, when he disguise himself as clark kent, where'd he hide the red cape? wheeeeere? did he folded it nicely into his back pocket?? if he really did, wouldnt there be creases on the cape??? where'd he have time to iron especially in a cramped space in the phone booth? and even if he did iron it in fast speed, the speed of the iron heating up isnt as fast as how he moves! im thinking that the cape is probably custom made by dockers no wrinkles.

if you think about it, Superman is probably the most Supervain metro sexual guy on earth that he didnt actually go to the phone booth in that nick of time, but actually went home to iron his clothes, make his hair, take a crapper instead and go out back to the booth!

and lastly, about superman, cant people realize it? it's just clark kent, without the glasses and a dorky suit!!! superman only had that little hair curl in front, that's it. back then i thought it was cool, but now i think kids who actually DO do that, has some parents who's just a bit weird. they'll probably putting the kid through a heavy trial tribulation in school and a social outcast!

oh dear god... im soooo sleepy rite now. work hour is almost done. i slept late last nite coz i was catching up with the usual suspects. and probably tonight will somewhat do the same. tapi dengan kata line... soooooooooooo sleepy. the hot women passing by pun dont have much affect on me right now. blows big time....

Best action movies of all time....

So i tried listing this out since early this week. here's the thing, i've had my top 5 best action movies of all time in the 90s. well, i named it that way mainly because i was still in high school when i made that ranking. hehe. and i realized i my have to re evaluate the ranking.

here's the ranking in the 90s.
1. Face Off
2. The Matrix
3. The Rock
4. Speed
5. Bad Boys

but when i started thinking for my new list, i realized there's a lot of great action movies i've seen since the past 8 years of my life in the new millenia. Kill Bill I, Casino Royal, all the three Bourne movies (damn kick ASS movie with MACHO written all over it!), Bad Boys II, Mission Impossible II, a lot more!! so i cant really decide. i may have to really sit down and evaluate it.

but regardless what, i still think Face Off would probably be one of the greatest action movies of all time. seriously, think about the plot really. so damn unique and utter genius. there's no main actor in the movie! and both Nicholas Cage and John Travolta executed their character as good guys and bad guys very very well! and i dont care no matter how illogical you think it is, switching faces is just totally an awesome, AWESOME concept.

holy shit, white girl on phone with short hair and tall and very pretty, like the ones you see in guess magazine covers just pass by. sigh....

but anyway, yes... i think it'd be really difficult. and i think i'd have to make Bourne trilogy as one story, mainly because all three movie is just so damn good, that you cant possibly separate it. they're all just so gooooood.

but i know two of the movies that has to be in my list is this two set of movies, bourne trilogy and face off. gotta figure out the rest... hmmm.....

more weird lists im coming up with.....

okay, there's this one list im thinking of coming up just for fun. 5 people i'd sit down and have a drink with. yeps... i think that would be a good list to do. and you also have to take into account the other guests as well, and not just picking the person for the sake of the person, coz then it wont be a very cool hangout session.

to my friends, especially those who has their blog, like Fera, Atie, Faidz (mangkok yang takpernah update), Lana, Jaja, Nini, Lya or whoever, try it, come up with a list of people you'd want to sit down and have drinks with. the person could be a historical figure, stalin for example, any awesome figure, with reasons. Right now, i have some random names, Hitler and Osama so far are some of them. hmmm suddenly in random i think it'd be cool if i could sit down with jack the ripper as well....

but then, i dont know if Osama would get along with PRamlee... heck, i dont think he'd get along with Stevie Ray Vaughan.... Damn... this is a difficult list of guest.

Well.. i think that's all for now... maybe not as interesting, but i'd definitely spice things up soon. pictures... sorry maybe not now, but soon la. have to choose which pics first.

till next time guys.... laters.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2007!!!

okay okay, very short one since I've been moving around too much hence i dont get to get online that frequently.

I would wanna say sorry to everyone, my friends, or even my non friends who stumbled upon my blog and got offended. anything that i've written, said or done is just my own opinion and i have no means of making anyone uncomfortable. The reason i write is to make ppl laugh, smile, and probably even lift themselves up after a day's of hectic day.

So, Slamat Hari Raya, kepada yang Jauh and yang Dekat, to all my Semenanjung friends, please do know i miss you guys, and yes, i've never celebrated 1st or 2nd Raya in KL. hehehe. I wish flight tickets were so cheap that i could travel there in one day and come back later that nite. hehe. but the reality is, i'm not a pilot nor am i a colombian drug dealer. okay okay, i know this is a freaking hallmark moment, but so what, once a year pun rite. so fuckit. McGiffs, miss you guys a lot. Dont get that weight after that one month of hardwork... FERA!!

Fera, i just wanna say, you are pretty and cool and very far away. so selamat hari raya. (good save? heheh.. peluk peluk cium cium).

Atie, Selamat hari raya lah orang jauh, sorry no kad raya, bintulu's option is really bad. i have no idea why. i'll make it up to you one day okay? in fact i'll hire a male stripper for your bday, or heck, if ur in town, i'll just make a silly dance for you okay?

Abe, Tod, Faidz... wahai mangkok sekalian... ketahuilah bahawa encik todi skarang sudah jadik player, en Faidz dah jadik pelakon tetap hallmark moment, dan en Abe orang yang takde progress sampai ntah biler. actually, i think im in the same boat. but at least im meeting ladies. mnuehehehe. but anyhoo... slamat la wei.

Selamat Hari Raya dari kami... Four You Two SEE!!! (play your favorite 'bergema takbir' by 4U2C here)...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top 3 men's attire women find a turn on....

Alrites, i actually wanted to write this on Sunday, but i was too occupied on sunday that i didnt have time to convey my message.

So roughly last week, as i was chatting with my friend, i mentioned to her that i went to a hotel using kain pelikat (okay, dont ask why, i just love kain pelikat). and she thought that was hot. and she said, top three hot men's attire would be 1. Men in work attire, with loose tie and folded up sleeve. HOT very HOT she says. 2. Men in complete Baju Melayu. HOT. with sampin HOT. 3. finally a guy with baju melayu and kain pelikat.

So i couldnt believe that baju melayu and samping was high on the list, so i decided to make some short research or survey. so i emailed some of my friends, chatted with some of my friends and this is what i find. the results... were amazing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the top 5 most repeated answers within that countdown

5. Guys in full suit....
i think this is quite normal. they like the George clooney or brad pitt image from Ocean's eleven. some mention no tie, just a guy in a nice suit. with white shirt and the top button unbuttoned. and yes... with nice cufflinks. couldnt stress enough on the cufflinks. number 3.

4. Collared tshirt/polos in shorts....
Some say these kinda guys have classy look. like they own a boat or something. and most of them say this same thing... this attire has to be finished with either a pair of nice leather sandals, or loafers with no socks. yes men, women somehow find it hot. i'm soooo gonna stock up on my polos now.

3. Work attire
okay, i would say not bad. coz i do find it very uplifting when i wear office attire. and yes there were more request from ladies to let it loose after lunch. loosen the tie, fold your sleeves, and top it off with some nice shades. if you work in KLCC, after work, go to starbucks beside dome, buy a cup of joe, sit down with an intellectual magazine, and look confident. ladies seem to love that chilled out confident working guy image.

but another thing, for work attire, half of the other women who voted on this like it very smart. no loose stuff. nicely fitting. and they all keep stressing on the same thing... CUFFLINKS. some even say... 'irfan... it's aaaaall about the cufflinks'. i didnt know, so since my dad is a colombian drug dealer, i might as well spend more money on cufflinks.

2. White Tshirt with god knows how many variations of combination....
okay, i think there's something about white. even guys like women who wear white. okay, i dont know about other guys la, but i know women in white shirt... HOT. but this is not about what us men want... yet. this is about what women want in us men. so yes, white tshirt, finish off with blue jeans boots/leather shoes.

but the other half prefers their slabs of meat come in white shirt, with shorts and sandals. they find it really hot.

1. finally... the TOP list... men in baju melayu.....
ladies, honestly, i've never thought that baju melayu could be so appealing to you. some like their men with kain pelikat and baju melayu. they say these guys look wiser and older. but most of them prefer us in full baju melayu with samping and songkok. most of them think it's really hot. it may not be on top of their top 3 list, but almost everyone had this on the list in comparison to the others. that's why this, my friends, is THE number one for TOP 3 men's attire.

Other favorites but not mentioned
well not much but there are ladies who prefer their men wearing shorts, those beach shorts... only. but also, they say, provided the body has to be nice lah.

another favorite actually is a guy in black tshirt. not as many vote compared to the top 5, but yeps... they like their men in black. and also top off with jeans or shorts.

one lady likes it if a man can pull a red shirt.

and one of them likes men in a white tuxedo. i dont know why tuxedo... kinda rarely seen in this country. but sure.

and finally, men in white uniform. US navy, sailors, even a company's standard issue uniform in white is already pretty hot for these group of ladies.

So ladies, you dont agree? men you think it's ridiculous, dont hesitate to buzz it up.

My top3....

So my top 3, i would have to go for these:-
1. Kebaya is THE hottest of all. HOTTEST. seriously HOTTEST. hot HOT HOT. nuff said.

but the highest ranking kebaya for me is a woman in a red kebaya. that's hot. seriously. especially with the kain jawa style at the bottom. perrgh. next awesome kebaya is... white kebaya. top it off with black brasserie. awesome. same concept as the red one, HOT HOT HOT HOT. nuff said. if i get to go on a honeymoon, im soooo asking my wife to bring a kebaya with her.

2. Women in white Shirt.
women, in white shirt, with the at least one button at the top of the shirt is unbuttoned. more points if it there were 2 buttons released. finish it off with a pair of black pants or checkered short skirt. Ladies in checkered short skirts are SO hot!! HOT!!! the checkered short skirts with white shirt could probably ALMOST be in the same league as kebaya.

3. finally... women in jeans.
they are so hot. tight jeans, and fitting top. doesnt matter what top, but fitting. halter top ke, singlet ke, tshirt ke, yang penting, nice curves. nice body and beautiful curve. respeeeect.

so there you go... my top 3 for ladies.

btw... only one thing can trump all this for me. a women wearing MY shirt only. of course i have to be there and see it lah. hehhe.

what about you guys?

this is a good model for white tshirt. beliau mengenakan warna putih untuk menunjukkan simplicity. Di Model oleh Bakar, escort service for men inc.....

this is an example of black tshirt. baju tersebut dimodal oleh en Dolah, tukang kasut di tepi jalan masjid india...

finally, men in baju melayu. it's a big thing for the ladies. baju in di peraga kan oleh En Buden jaga skolah di skolah rendah kebangsaan kanak kanak spastic.

a good example of women in white shirt with black pants... yes very hot. this attire is modeled by our local model... Tijah si penjual ayam.

Two good examples of women in red kebaya... and white kebaya. the lady in red kebaya... SO HOT. Cik Tipah berjaya memperagakan kebaya merah walaupun beliau hanya bekerja sebagai bibi di kawasan bangsar. Cik Milah di dalam baju kebaya putih... SO HOT. beliau senyum dengan penuh keyakinan. Cik Milah so pengecat rumah Ah Tong.

Harap maklum kepada semua bahawa nama di atas bukan nama sebenar. Jika anda mahu berkenalan dengan modal2 saya, sila merujuk kepada saya dengan segera. tempahan hanya hingga hujung bulan ramadhan.

Happy Bday SUNG!!!!!

my boy sung...

HAPPY 25th half a century!! i know not much, but hang in there ma brothaaa..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rainy Saturday....

nopes, nothing metaphorical, just yes... it is raining on Saturday. and, probably unlike 40% of the population here in this boring town, i'm not asleep enjoying the nice chill. Just felt like enjoying the nice breeze of the weekend with some TV, and definitely catch up with my writing.

This week i tried a new approach of retaining my ideas of what to write about. okay, i dont think it's new, but i think i shouldve definitely do something about it. well basically i keep a small note in my wallet and anytime i think about something that's worth writing, i'll put it down. so yeps. again people, readers, whoever, it's just my point of view. you can disagree anyway you want. or, you can just put up your own blog, and write anything you want.

Let's start with a short tazkirah....

Okay, so i know this is not so much of me, but it is ramadhan, and it doesnt hurt to spread some tazkirah a bit.

Well, I go to this one mosque for terawih prayers, a lot of people get weirded out why in the world do i have to drive roughly 15 minutes away from where i stay for terawih. yeps... i pass by two mosques on the way. well, because like almost everyone in this modern age, they aim for fast, and yes... the mosque has AC. hehehe. but, besides that, before the terawih, there's a nice tazkirah. i dont think it hurts to listen to it once in a while, especially at this rewarding month.

So... one of the thing that i remembered the most in one of those days was this.

Take your time to pray right before you break your fast. not during, not after. before. one of the most mujarab doas is right before berbuka. The ustaz was stressing this so much, he even said, if you're a married couple, and the wife has to prepare the table while you take care of the child, take turns to pray. that's how important it is.

there you go... short tazkirah for the week.

Games for REAL men....

For those of you who dont know, the World Rugby Cup is on right now in France. yes it is. As for me, I've always kinda liked rugby for the game, been wanting to play it, but my high school coach said i was to skinny then.

but all i knew, i like the game. then came this month, coincidentally everytime i have my sahur, a match is on. amazing game. finally i understood how... how, okay, not to say it's complicated, but yes, it was graceful, but also i think it was a fairly balanced game.

i say this because, yes you move forward to score, but you pass to the guy before you, not to the front. that way, it creates opportunity for the opposition to move forward and steal the ball away from my team. dont understand it? watch it.

in terms of kick ass macho, i think rugger could kick an American Football's ass anytime, and definitely make a football/soccer player look like a little girl. you see, if a rugby player gets injured on the field, and have their nose bleed or head cut, they dont go roll over the field like some pussy football player. and the best thing is, they keep on playing. that's how 'kickass macho' should be defined. sure they fall to the ground, get their head stepped on by cleats, but nopes... they keep on playing. damn i wish i could play the game.

and another cool observation i see, if a football player gets called on by the referee, probably he'd run up to the ref and argue, and show dissatisfaction or what not. and sometimes the whole team goes up. but a rugby player, weirdly enough, whatever the ref calls, they look, they shake their head, and keep on playing. when people say rugby's a game for gentlemen, in a bloody, muddy, gutsy way, i'd say... duuude.. totally.

if you dont understand what i'm saying... watch the game. just watch the game.

Seriously I hate kanye... but....

okay, seriously, i dont like kanye. especially after the concert i went. freakin played off the freakin laptop playlist and sung along with it. what a waste of good money. his cockyness is another thing i dont like. you put napoleon dynamite beside him, you just feel like hitting kanye much more. but of course i think kanye would fight back ghetto style. Napoleon would probably just say 'gosh'.

however... i do know he has talents, and his rap is different than the normal 'yo hommie check out my bling bling with the curvy woman sitting on my sports car with the spinners yo'. ok not sounding any close to rap singers, but you get my point. and i think in terms of song styles, kanye and the black eyed peas are very unique. the song styles are different and varies, whereas, for example, my friend fiddy, his songs sound the same most of the time. oh i think yes, eminem is crazy, but, he definitely rap differently. not the songs only, but his lyrics, it's something only he himself feels. so that's respect to him. so yes... kanye, i hate you, but you know how to make a good album.

listen to 'Stronger', i'd say itd make a great running song, a driving fast song, a good breakup song (well, to pump you up and say 'fuckoff bitch!!' or anything of a sort), bla bla bla.

talk about prejudice....

earlier this week, israel bomb syria's bomb factory. the thing is, they're not talking about. it wasnt even hyped up there in the news in comparison to the never ending iraq issue. the US isnt even making one bit of cricket noise to anything the israel has done the the neighboring countries. why is that?

amazingly, i was informed by one of my friends, the CNN controversial show 'God's Warriors' that it was mentioned that the US congress is dominated but jews, and that's why the US is financing a LOT of money to israel. not only that, President Jimmy Carter was against this but if he went on with it, he'd be voted out by congress.

Why when israel is slowly invading the countries around them... 'subtly' with the good media backup, nothing much is brought up in the UN, NATO or US so called the most powerful country in the world?

But somehow, if N. Korea, Syria or Iran wants to build a nuclear plant, suddenly the whole world is shook and every media is saying that they're going to start a war. I bet China is moving their pieces slowly as the whole world is looking at them to fluke so that the giants can start banging them for the mistake and then could cause events in great proportions we would probably wish we wouldnt live to see the day.

it just really sucks these days u know, watching the news, the real thing, and how suck life really is all over the world. in the Gaza, people losing their loved ones is already something they're prepared for and will accept. and the worst thing is, Israel has restricted Gaza's travel in and out of the city, which leaves the residents in Gaza in starvation with limited resource of food.

how did our world come to this? why this major prejudice? why the hidden facts and figures?

thinking about this sometimes, it does make you thankful to god that we are in a much better situation in comparison to them. may Allah give them strength there in Gaza.

Sleeping with the fishes....

Well currently i'm following this new series from NBC, the Black Donnellys. I used to be a big fan of gangster movies, and then i stopped, and suddenly i tuned on this how on tv one day, and i thought the script writing and the storyline of it was amazing. it's like a Michael Corleone thingy, where he doesnt want to be in the business, and suddenly he's the MAN of the business. same thing here, but irish vs italian mob. however, i'm not gonna talk about the show. but good show though, watch it.

i'm just thinking, so there's some part of where they dump a body in the river (not before they beat it to a pulp using a sledge hammer), and i thought, is it that easy to commit crime in public these days? you have a major security issue. CCTV is everywhere these days, and yes, people are google earthing you from the plant. and if im not mistaken there's a google earth 90 degrees? 360? aper tah, but basically, almost whatever you do in public, you're being watched. so is it practicable to commit such crime in public? i'm just wondering.

Well... i have one more cool entry, but i'll put it down tomorrow. heheheh. just that one, and i think that's gonna be interesting really.

being a nerd rocks!! that's why someone's a math minor. snort snort snort.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

rock on ramadhan....

Well... here's Ramadhan again. somehow, since my first year in Malaysia, I've been having quite nice and memorable Ramadhan and Eid.

Anyway, in regards to that, to my friends close or not, to my readers, I would like to apologize for everything and anything that i've done to you within the past year.

I pray that all of my muslim readers that you have a great Ramadhan, and yes, i'm not the most alim guy you can find on the internet, but i'm just gonna say it, dont miss your fast, and dont take it lightly. plus you got nothing to lose anyway, in fact, more to gain. this is 30 days of fasting withing 365 days. might as well you try your best to be a good muslim within the 30 days. at least u can look back and say 'hmmm... i didnt do to bad at all.'

AFUNDI Puasa....

I think it'd be a kinda weird and funny if what i'm about to say happen. well besides the nation's outburst, some might find it really funny i think.

My housemates and i were watching TV3 yesterday, waiting for the announcement for Ramadhan... in which we never bumped into. they should put it on like a specific time la seriously. 20 million ppl sit in front of the tv waiting for the announcement, and only a fraction knew. the other 1/3 is just so confident of the calendar, the other 1/3 just dont really care.

so... can you imagine, if, you know those headlines that passes by at the bottom of your tv screen that's like a survey for example last nite's was 'patutkah harga ayam di naikkan?' and there was a) ya, b) tidak. and a number for u to sms rite?

so can u imagine one day, in the midst of all this crazy smsin thing going on, suddenly one day we look at the screen there's something that says

Q: Bilakah anda mahu berpuasa?

A)Rabu (esok)
C)Saya tak nak puasa

sms jawapan anda di 33456 Survey TV3 Puasa .

yepps... that would be the day.

wondering how....

okay, so you know that our PM, Malaysia's PM got remarried to Jean rite?

So, out of randomness... well u know me and my randomness....

have u ever wondered how he felt marrying his late wife's sorta bestfriend? someone he probably sees coming in and out of his house like almost everyday?

And i do kinda wonder how'd he propose? was he romantic? was he being political about it?

assuming it went something like, 'Jean, i'm a politician, i cant be romantic, so here are my terms... be my wife, make me happy, and i'll make you happy, and we'll both be happy, and malaysia will also be happy. See, ur not marrying me to only improve my personal life, but Malaysia's progress and motivation as well. So? how's my proposal?'.

well, all in all, he's happy, and i kinda agree, that no matter what age you are, when love finds its way, you'll find your love. and yes, again, no matter what age you are, everyone needs someone to love and needs to be loved. so, rock on Pak Lah. (wow... it took me a million years to congratulate him!!)

Friends till the end...?

So, on sunday, before i left for this boring, boring place, my mom got a phone called saying that one of my parents' close friends back when they were in Uni has passed away. Yes, my mom was devastated, my dad was calm about it, and they couldnt make it to his funeral which was towards the other end of sabah. plus my mom had a business trip, and my dad had to take care of my sister who's home alone.

So, it kinda dawned me, it'd be scary to know what would happen to me, if i 'went' on, will my close friends come down to KK? well let's not put it that bad lah. let's saaaaaay, i had a bad accident and was in a coma, would my friends come down and see me?

but anyhoo, back to the actual situation, u know, 30 - 40 yrs from now, our address book is bound to have less names, and i wonder how it feel to lose ppl who made such a great positive impact on you back in high school and uni. I dont think i can bear it as much. most people who i regard as great friends, are truly friends that i wont want to ever lose. but life's is what it is.

guys, my close friends, high school yrs, uniten yrs, RPI yrs, I wont be the matured person i am without you guys grooming me along the way. thank you so much, and yes, as un macho as this may sound, you guys rock and damn i love all of you.

lastly, again... happy ramadhan guys....

some pics of my highschool reunion....

some has lost their hair, some has really awesome hair, some has gained some spare tyres, some still has that six pack, some looks like brad pitt, but everyone was still an Alam Shah boy at heart....

Ketua pelajar SAS for my batch. masih lagi ada power untuk memerintah. rock oooon macho... rock ooon. and yes... his nickname IS Macho....

The teachers who came... kinda honored... they came because of whom they taught... which was us... we werent as fucked up as i think we were... hahahah. here's the part where u say 'aaawwwwww'.....

okay, this was probably the teacher that loved us the most. She came all the way from Perlis, by bus, and then stayed at her sister's in Shah Alam, and took the train and hitched a ride to join us for the reunion. She really do love us. a big hand for Pn Murizah Mohamad, the coolest english teacher in my book. oh, and for those who dont know, NO Sekolah Alam Shah is NOT in Shah Alam. not even close. back then it was in outer cheras closer to KL city. Now it's in boring putrajaya.....

Alam Shah Old Boy 9599... the batch of the millenium... amazing how we still remember our school song and our cheer after 8 years out of school....

the raihans/brothers/rabbani or whatever names they used to give us back then and our pretty physics teacher with a very cute yet jual mahal daughter (Nadiah, if ur reading this hehehehh... i'm just kidding...NOOOOT =P).

me remembering the time where i made kids do pushups on tar... oh and before that, i was doing the pushups when i was a junior as well. but i think the tar wasnt that bad though. heheheh.

Those who stayed overnite in school... sigh... it was amazingly nice. we all felt like kids again. yes the restroom still looked like something from a japanese horror movie. didnt change, but spending time with your friends, with mattress that's full of bed bugs that actually bite no matter how u wish those bed bugs dont bite. high school definitely rocks... not as much as uni, but not too far away either....

okay this wasnt our highschool outing. more of like a movie chillout with Abe, Tod, Faidz, Eleanor, Sasha, and their friend Nana. and dear god, Eleanor can kick boys' ass on foosball and pool!!! She's a monica in the making. =). Elly, if ur reading this... hehehe. you really do kicked the guys' ass. we're never gonna be the same again... hehehe.

happy Ramadhan!! (i know i know, been saying this too much. hehehe. Spread the loooove).

Sunday, September 09, 2007

4 days before Ramadhan....

It's 4 days before Ramadhan. I've always love Ramadhan. not because it's closer to raya. call me cheesy, but yes, i do like the fact that it's a month of forgiveness, giving, and sharing. I cant wait to go to the orphanage again towards the end and spend time with them. thinking of looking for another orphanage, but i have no idea where to look for though. it was either that, or i'll just try something new and spend time at the old folks home.

but anyway, i dont think i'm writing much today. dont have much running through my head the past few days. mainly because immediately after i got better from that rotten jackass food poisoning, i decided to go back to KK and relax. so rite now i'm writing to you from my beautiful hometown that i've always loved... KK.

I didnt do much during my come back this time. just relaxed, chilled, watch all the movie channels (yes at bintulu i'm deprived of the movie channel). i ate a LOT of ice creams. like almost everyday ice creams.

besides that... i dont really have any new anecdotes or potentially good funny thoughts to write down. u know what this means? I need to start reading the news more often again. been neglectin it for a while since i traveled a lot.

but as for your info... now i'm not gonna travel a lot. not till november.

alrites guys... i know it's been a boring update... but heck... it's an update.

oh btw... check Abe's blog at fly.fm. maybe blog seorang pemalas... but untuk tarik peminat, he manages to pull the cute2 thingy attempt macam amin on paint software.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Food poisoning sucks big time....

okay, so food poisoning really sucks big time. i woke up on sunday morning in KK during my merdeka weekend, only to feel ill sick on my stomach, squirming, twisting and turning looking for the best position to sit,lie down, stand or what ever.

I think i ate that lamb bruschetta in upper star that made me that way. and worse thing is, marien uttered the word lamb today, and i've already started feeling a bit nauseas. why is this not good? i love lamb so much... see?? thinking about 'it' is already making me feel sick. last time i felt like this was when i puked on mayo when i was a kid, hence i have a bit of fear for mayo, and also cappucino. i hate the smell that when i got sick because of that, hearing the name was already making me sick.

so this is now my new irk. worst thing is, it's one of my favorite meal. lamb. aaaa shaaaits. thinking about it makes me sick to the guts. oh well. food poisoning SUCKS!!!


does anyone know that Gah is actually a malay word??? it's a malay word for keangkuhan, kemashyuran. something along that lines.

It doesnt seem like it was supposed to be a word at all. i think back then in those days, the malay scholars were probably stoned on opium or something, and on the table, one person said,

'hey, we should come up with a word for keangkuhan or kemashyuran something like that dudes'.

and someone said 'Gah~~~~'. which was mumbled across the table. the scriber, who, i assume was also jacked up, heard some muffled up sound, wrote 'Gah~~~' and some scribbles. in the end, when they sobered up, they decided to just go with Gah. hmmmm. maybe huh?

neighboring conflicts....

I've always wondered why do neighboring countries has to be not so clicking anywhere in the world.

there's obviously the canada and US, US and mexico, England and Ireland and Scotland, Japan and China. Somehow though, sometimes i think Malaysia can have a wee bit too many rivals. Thailand due to the border thingy, Indon due to the better singing talent, Singapore for god knows being so ignorant that Malaysians can actually do better than they do. Aussie's the poor one. since their the only island down under, they need to pick a fight with malaysia as well once in a while. oh well. but i guess i know why. not because the 50th merdeka spirit is in me, but yes, i think this is very true, Malaysia has indeed grown into a relevant power in so many aspects from business, entertainment, to politics, that other countries that dont get as much attention or better yet better progress as we do are a wee bit jealous.

but Malaysia, we still got so much more to go. i'd suggest we should start brushing up on our love for the environment and lessen the illegal logging done by the chinese gangsters of borneo probably by some bribing by irresponsible authorities god knows. how can i help it? i'm a hippie dude, so save the trees ppl.

cocky are us.....

two things i dont like... 1st... cockyness. cocky yang konon dier paling hebat. baru buat benda tuh skali dua suddenly dier hebat. translation, this schmuck been doing something just once or twice, suddenly thinks he's the best, let's saaaaay paintball. oh come oooon. i played in the states much more times that you did you ass. something like that la.

cocky about other things. sometimes in the way they say it. some ppl just say it kiddingly. that one, i dont mind, and i know. there are some ignorant BASTARDS who say it unkiddingly and meaningly, thinking the world really revolves around him.... now that... pisses me off.

another thing that pisses me off... someone who KEEEPS on saying... KEEPS on saying KEEPS on the fucking time almost all the time saying 'rileks brader'. RILEKS my ARSE u fucking rempit. one thing i know is relax, dont tell me to relax of because im just a wee bit hyper from you, ignorant prick.

wow... havent written something like that for a while. i must be really pissed.

and again... guys... dont dont dont dont do this. i dont think all my other straight friends touch their guy friends on their hips or love handles. what the fuck is up with that??? okay.... i'm done. havent written something pissed off like that for a while. will write something new soon. on a much much lighter note.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wingman of the year......

What I am about to tell you is the task i had to go through last Friday night, and i am honored to have received the award for 'Wingman of the Year' from Abe.

So basically last Friday Abe and I got an invite from a lady friend to go clubbing at Zeta bar. for those who dont quite know where's Zeta bar, it's in KL Hilton and only for 21 yrs of age and above.

So Abe, been wanting a nice dance with our friend for quite a while really wants to go for the dance. being me, although not so much into clubbing, given great company, i dont quite mind. But the problem is, i couldnt get any of my friends to join me as Abe have fun with our friend. So, abe asked his colleague to ask if any of her friends would like to join. but a warning was given out in advance... hmmm how should i put this nicely... there's this thing called being blonde rite? but this is way beyond being blonde. basically not really my cup of tea lah. but i thought it wont be too bad lah as that's from another's view. so im hoping at least they could probably be reaaally cool in person.

so nite came, walked into Zeta with abe and our friend. actually i was already having quite a nice fun just the three of us. i dont mind if i was the tree lah actually. and then not long after abe picked up his phone, and told me that they're there. so.. okay lah rite.

riiiiiiite. okay 'indeeeeeeed'. out of all the ladies that i know who knows abe, not one did he invite them. well actually he did lah, but they were too occupied. okay, so i thought, never mind, maybe not my taste, but they could probably have great personalities. rite.

riiiiiiiite. personalities 'indeeeeeed'. maybe not the kind im very used to, but i told myself, maybe at least they're good at the dance floor. rite.

riiiiiiiiiiiiiite. dancing 'indeeeeed'. But since I know abe needed the personal time, so yeaps... i pulled the wingman. forcing a smile while i hold myself from wondering where in the world did they learn to dance... namibia? sesame street? i think grover and elmo has better dance moves than that. yeaaaah. i know im mean. but this is the nicest way i could put it really.

looking at abe having fun was not easy. had to utter 'im taking one of the team... taking one for the team...'. actually, i took two for the team. two really worrying ones. suddenly in the midst of all of those struggle, abe picked up the phone, and he has to pick up faidz who's waiting in KL central. abe gave instructions 'dude, take care of our friend'. immediately i took an opportunity to at least put a smile on my face, dancing with someone fun.

lucky abe she could dance. and when there was this one classic song pun, i took her hands and told her we're gonna do swing dance based on the music. and she didnt know how, but she managed to follow as i lead. twirled her, and laughing and really had so much fun. in my mind at the same time 'damn it abe, she can dance!!!'. yeapss....

but anyhoo... being me, i feel bad ignoring abe's two friends who's totally in their own freaking world. so i pulled in our friend to dance with abe's two friends. then i let go of our friend and grabbed the hand of one of the ladies to ask them to follow me for the swing dance. oh dear god... bad baaaad mistake. with her mulut muncung while dancing i dont know what's the reason, she completely slaughtered the swing dance without even understanding the concept of following me. she was even twisting my arms in a manner that i prefer to have held pure hot boiling kettle than hers. yes... im puttting this reeeeally nicely.

immediately i let go and said 'no worries, you go girl!!' turned around to our friend, and continued with the nite. at least i had fun dancing with her. but then abe came in, so i had to give him his time again... but this time faidz was around. im hoping faidz would pull a good wingman and at least lessen my burden.

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite. lessen 'indeeeeed'. faidz was probably the worst wingman i know that nite. i was still dancing with both of the ladies, and okay, imagine this, so this two ladies were dancing together while facing me rite? and what faidz could do was stand beside me and face THEM while dancing. but this genius... genius pilot friend of mine, danced while facing ME. ME. totally gayed up the moment, and when you think things cant be any gayer... some dude started touching faidz's hips from behind leaving faidz flabbergasted and worried. so who's fault was it? hehehe.

at the end the two friends left early leaving me and faidz together while abe was dancing with our friend. it was a bad nite for us, but a great nite for abe. i think i pulled my task as a wingman really well. regardless how bad i think the nite was, it was a damn great funny story to tell the next day and after and probably years to come from now.

here's to the wingman....

here's some new pics... actually they're not new lah. but i took during my trip to the longhouse last time which i promised to write. heheheh.

batang ai dam... believe it or not, there's a hilton there... and it's pretty cool really. not shit. in the middle of the jungles of borneo, in the middle of the dam.

bumi ku yang hijau....

this wasnt exactly an easy fit. i had to go off the boat god knows so many times and push the boat as the river was really in low tide.

tuai irfan....

wondering what it's like to grow up as a kid in the jungles of borneo as your playground....