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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top movies of 2009.....

Well, I know it might be late for countdowns, but as a movie geek, i have to say, i need this state this countdown. One might wonder what goes through my head at times... id say, at times there's just too much information too process to the point im starting to think i might actually suffer from minor ADD. and there are times where there's not much in my mind rather than a blank wall waiting for someone to paint Graffiti on it.

Either way, one day as i was sittin down at night, at random, i just wondered what most ppl's view of what's the best top 5 movie of last year 2009.

Obviously, the highest rated movie last year and actually brought to this year was definitely Avatar. that was no give away. i must say, the story line is a cliche, but everyone still loves their confused hero gone rogue on his own team. but if James Cameron didnt have all that cool 3D shait going on, Avatar is probably just gonna end up as one of those cheesy weekday afternoon Star Movies.

Another cool movie i'd say i like on those lists i got was Drag Me To Hell by Sam Raimi. I gotta be honest, when i saw the poster, i wasnt expecting much at all. it was like, this movie is gonna bomb like all the horror movies asian horror wannabe shit. but then, when i watched it... it was a totally different game. Sam Raimi makes his horror movie CHEESY, FUNNY, yet poked fun in the cheesiness to the point you actually enjoyed it. now that is what a guy i would name Persuasive.

I'd have to include Zombieland as my fascination with zombie doesnt end and seeing a movie that pokes fun and reality of how woudl the world be like when she's infested with zombies, like driving hot cars, shooting thing in the brain, and have so much fun living life does seem super cool. and the flashing rules that pops in... genius.

Another personal favorite would definitely be Hangover. As the title and the synopsis of the movie may drag you to a distant memory of your peak teenhood life with all the pimples and uncontrollable hormons and actually enjoying 'Dude where's my car?' Hangover actually represents something so much better. funny, adult adventure (not the raunchy type), and so much funny stuff in it which includes Mike Tyson come gunning for you.

Come on who does not like District 9?? either im a sci fi freak, or i just think being able to man a robot and cause so much badass destruction around u is cool. SUPERCOOL. the story line was great, they were all unknowns, but yet, they truly DELIVERED. it was an underdog, but the promo was great, the movie was cool. I was totally into it. shows u no matter where or what we are, prejudice is a contstant moving object that will follow you to where we are made into pure energy. no bills, no power, no structure etc. Right now, we're alreayd struggling with kyoto protocol yet alone create ourselves into pure energy. as long as we dont end up in some container waiting for some weird robots to take u out of ur lying misery, im cool with that.

Finally, other great movies i would say UP! and startrek. the ride while watching the movie.... great.

There are also some movies that had so much hype but in the end blew like that annoying pimple you have on ur nose and u just like it squirted and gone and give you that satisfaction you may have found the best cure to acne. Among them are Transformers 2 (oh dear goooooood why does a bumbleebee have to be a bloody cchevy????unacceptable.

welll that's all yall...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sugar Rush....

Well, recently after the high rise and fall of the Oil & Fuel price, the government has announced a Sugar price hike. and in actual fact, the sugar price hike isnt only an issue in our beloved country, but actually throughout the world.

Obviously, in regards to this decision, there have been some retaliation, protests, by everyone around due to the price hike. if people had their own way, like all other millions of ignorant protesters who dont get a permit, or go parading a cow's head like a bloody group of neanderthal douschebag idiot, these sugar loving folks wouldve marched through putrajaya or KL, and try to bring down the pain and hit every stalls that raised the sugar price like a throng of angry zombies hunger for flesh.

my take? unlike the fuel price hike, i'm actually totally RELIEVED that they're increasing the sugar price. i'm hoping, this way everyone would start to realize that they should bloody well reduce on their sugar intake, and start noticing a better healthy living. seriously. dont they realize that obesity, is starting to plague the world. no no no people, the world's number killer i think isnt aids, or cancer, or bird flu, or whatever new virus that comes on the grid suddenly. i think it's obesity!

obesity is fucking killing everyone physcially, mentally and their social lives. that indulge themselves in that countless plates of rice, food, supersize my bigmac to extra titan so i'll bloody choke to death with it. a slow death. and that sweet teh tarik that just engulfs you slowly, taking you in even worse than weed.

these days, when i sit down at pizza hut, or McD (simultaneously not feeling proud of it, although i know you need to indulge it once in a while) id get a glimpse of a normal looking parents, feeding their obese child who's probably only about 4 years of age. normal parents, obese child. no people, realize that the child is not big boned, not just eating profusely just so he needs the energy to play (of course if he did he'd probably wont look like a cow at such an early age).

I also truly hate the fact when you sit down, eating dinner with a group of people, and you only take half a rice or a small portion of food compared to others, they'd say you're on a diet, or that typical 'alaa muda lagi, makan kenyang2' in translation 'hey, you're still young, enjoy all the food you can!' and try to force feed you more food than you can already handle. 'young' they say, so what? you wanna wait til you get sick and regret every moment of your life for overeating? you had your chance.

seriously, people you're not your parents, you're not your grandparents who eat a lot but bust their bones working hard PHYSICALLY to earn a living. most of us now live a SEDENTARY life and most of the time you'd sit down in front of the tv or the computer being slaves of technology and make fun of those you-so-call-idiots who go jogging, workout coz they want to feel healthy. people, at this current time, the hell with age, the hell with status, you need to say healthy, and work out and stop binging on that bloody sugar. YES, bloody literally coz if you make a mistake of it, it'll be stained with your blood one day (lame gila perumpamaan).

But then again, as i was typing through, this sugar hike will only help people if the stores who sell the drinks actually DO reduce the sugar to meet with the same price instead of maintaining the sugar and INCREASING the price... what a twisted world we live in.....