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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ketupat dan Rendang.....

Dear all,

i'm writing this on the night of Raya. It's usually the night where our phone lines are all jammed up because almost every single muslim in Malaysia, yang puasa ke tak, sends all these text message of wishes.

So, to not contribute to that jammed up network, I would like to bid to everyone with a typical ucapan from URTV

Saya, Mohd Irfan Mahmud ingin mengucapkan Slamat Hari Raya dan Ribuan Maaf Zahir & Batin. Bila makan ketupat rendang tuh, ingat2 la saya, kalau memandu tuh, kalau ngantuk, berhenti la ek! kehkehkehkeh.

I hope that sounds perfectly spot on. i only dont have the typical picture with baju melayu beside the pokok bunga.

have a great raya guys. muslim or not, malay or not, it's a time to celebrate. Selamat Hari Raya again, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Holiday....

What an update of the zombie huh? anyway, i'm back in my lovely hometown of which I will always love no matter where i am... Kota Kinabalu.

So many things have been going on these days in this world from the United States major economy drop, current world market for fuel dropping, to the very volatile political state of our own country.

Honestly, I would so love to blog about all these especially on our own country, but to be honest my knowledge of our country's politics, especially our own country's historical political journey is very minute compared to others like Rocky's Bru, Marina Mahathir, Jebat Must Die, KickdeFella, etc etc. I've learned from my point of view, a very wise man, that it is best you learn more about our country's political history and her journey and just scream out 'Reformasi'. it's so much deeper than that. My only advice to my readers are, do research, learn about our history, and keep yourself updated on news from blogs, online news, both on the government and opposition side and do not ever make judgment if you are engulfed in anger.

plus, to blog about it will spoil my holiday raya mood... so i'll blog about more of a Raya thing....

Soul searching again....

So far, every year I've made a point during Ramadhan since i started working to do as much donation as I can and tell people about it not to brag but in hope that it will affect others to do the same for the needy and remind themselves how lucky they are, to have what they have during breaking fast, to know they have new clean clothes on their back and to know that they have someone who loves and care for them.

This Ramadhan was probably one of the most emotional time I've felt in my soul. With the help of my beloved mom who works for Baitulmal, she helped me distribute the donations through some of their own events. This year the money I collected among three people including myself was split into two. half to be given to 22 kids among the orphans and fakir miskin, the other half given to a group of island villagers of Pulau Gaya categorized as fakir miskin mostly elderly.

The first half, the kids, I've been to school a school that, honest to say probably the second poorest school i've seen in my life, even compared to the one in Tatau in Sarawak. I was told however, the condition it is now is far better than what it used to be where the students' tables were only plywood, and one of the classes once had only ground dirt as the floor.

the little girl who's being taken care by her sister while her other sibling has been given away....

one of the 3 yatim piatu (has no parents at all) and now living with the grandfather

The old school....

the new school....

A teacher introduced all the kids one by one as they came over to me to receive their gifts handed out. The first one... the first child... almost dropped me down to my knees and cry my eyes out with all the snots. It was only a very little girl, i think around 7-8 yrs old. an orphan without both parents, and currently being taken care of by her own elder sister, of whom i was told had to quit school. they actually have a younger sibling, but they had to give the sibling away as the sister could not afford to take care of more kids. the teacher... while explaining this, was already crying. it was so difficult to hold in my cool as some of the mothers attending were also crying their eyes out.

most of the kids were fatherless child where the fathers left them. and most of them come to school using a boat from a nearby island. during low tide, they had to help the boatmen to push the boats across and come to school dirty, but that's considered lucky. sometimes they couldnt even come to school. and i started question myself, for not being thankful at times going to school or work feeling bored in car with the radio volume at the max while these kids had to go on a chartered sampan. and believe me, i think i'm not the only person who think so. sometimes we throw away unfinished food after dinner when in actuality, you can pack it up nicely and place it in the oven or microwave the next day, sometimes even 2 days after. and yet we overlook this sometimes.

my friends, take your time to ponder of the things you do, the doorgifts you get at work or events, things you buy just for fun and couldnt even care less of, and compare it to these children, to these people. see that you are far better off compared to them. dont be too choosy of what you eat and what you wear. go out there and do this yourself, to an orphanage, to an old folks home and sit with them, learn more about them and look back to what you have.

Well the next day I went to Pulau Gaya. For most of you who dont know, Pulau Gaya is right off the coast of Kota Kinabalu probably about 10 minutes away from the port. Pulau Gaya has always been perceived by the locals as the island of immigrants, the Sicily for filipino immigrants, the Macau for filipino gangsters. It is the biggest island of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Island parks in KK and yet one of the least commercialized for tourism. and im willing to bet, about 90% of the KK locals here has never ever visited Pulau Gaya.

this is the Immigrant side...

What most people also dont know about the Island is, it actually is also a residence for real locals of the Bajau ethnic group since the British colonization. Currently it has roughly 500 local villagers staying on the island. there's 2 mosques on the island and one primary school and one secondary school. and almost all these houses, including the mosques and the schools, are on water. now... how cool is that?

my initial thoughts of the village was that it would be dirty, and turns out the only dirty part of the island is the immigrant area while the locals and the school areas is pristine. yes there is some clutter here and there, but i think that's from when people were still unaware of cleanliness back then. now they even have nettings that trap the trash before it goes to shore. cool huh? and again, honestly, the school is probably one of the most beautiful school i've ever seen in Malaysia, period. like, it's a school surrounded by ocean!! who wont think it's cool??? the goverment has helped the schools to also look like a resort! yeps... at that time in my mind, damn it would be so cool to go to school here. only thing is i realized the kids could not skip class... as they're surrounded by the ocean and to silently get out of school is get a boat. yeps.

These are the schools... on water!!

the local village... see the contrast between the immigrants side?

Well, part of the donation was distributed to the villagers here who have been categorized as fakir miskin. regardless how poor these people are, most of them were always smiling, and even though age has caught up with them, they still managed to walk stalwartly, shake my hand, and carry that huge sack of rice. and we complain with the fact that we have all the facilities within short driving range. these people has to look for someone to hitch a boat ride to even go to the bank or watch a movie... and they're not even complaining.

These are the local villagers of Pulau Gaya....

it warms me up and lifted me a bit to see this and i hope, this short stories and pictures will give you a thousand words and create a spark within you... to always be thankful, and fortunate of what you have, and with what you have, also help those who in need, for their prayers that go to you would be one of the most 'makbul' ones.

Finally, I would like to thank Yusland Radin and Dayana Aishah for all your contribution as well to help our muslim brothers and sisters in need in this month of Ramadhan. On behalf of them, thank you so much.

well then... it's the night of the 27th Ramadhan everyone... dont forget to do your late night prayers guys!

and for the non muslims, have a great weekend!!

I'm gonna try my best to post one before the night of Syawal and wish everyone a great Aidilfitri but in the mean time, kalau sibuk sangat...

I would like to wish everyone a very Selamat Hari Raya and a Happy Holidays to all muslims and non muslims. and to everyone regardless religion, age, race, i would like to sincerely apologize for anything that i might have done to make you uncomfortable or maybe even hurt you. I sincerely apologize to everyone. for my mistake, comes from my own carelessness and the good things I do comes from Him and His blessing.

Slamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Happy Eid Mubarak!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


okay... i dont think i'm seeing things... BUT lately... honestly... i've been seeing a LOT of locusts here in Bintulu. it's not like there's a huge swarm of them coming in buzzing, eating the trees and crops and all the plants here. but honestly, weirdly... i have been seeing a number of them in so many places.

i remember one of God's wrath upon unbelievers and sinners was having locusts eat their crops and anything eatable by them. So it did got me thinking a bit. although there's no crops here in Bintulu, but there is an abundance of kelapa sawit... they might eat those. or heck, maybe even our clothes. scary seriously.

i hope it's just a coincidence.

How to defend yourself from a zombie attack....

okay... seriously... i bumped into this like SUPERCOOL website, and honestly i dont even care how dorky u might think i am coz i think you'd definitely think it's like super cool as well.

it's this website called HowStuffWorks, and everyday, when i surf that site, there's always like a super cool fact, like top 10 computer virus of all time (they taught me how does the Trojan Virus worked... HAH! bet most of you didnt know that!!snort), Top 10 scariest hotels of all time, and the coolest thing of all... i bumped into this one when i was about to sleep after sahur. yes people... sahur is important. one gulp is still good enough.

but anyway... about the website... i bumped into 'How Zombies Work'.

like seriously man... they know it kinda doesnt actually exist, but they researched it anyway!! now seriously... how awesome is that. i have a soft spot for zombies u know. always imagined what would it be like if there's like a zombie attack and you're like running away from a throng of them and you're like the only 20% people in that area who were still alive trying to figure out how to save mankind (my guess is definitely to procreate... A LOT).

a brief history summarized by Moi on zombies.

turns out guys, this zombie thing actually comes from Haiti. the word 'zombie' could've possibly been derived from the haitian word 'jumbie' meaning 'ghost' or nzambi from the congo word meaning 'spirit of the dead person'.

i actually think it might've been derived from a group of delinquents where one of them looks like a retard and coincidentally his name is zabie, or jomie or something, and his gang was having fun by saying 'duuuude... that stupid guy's pulling a zabie!!' of course in haitian slang which probably sounds so much cooler which created a tipping point that eventually created the word in the dictionary later on... hence... zombie. yeah... i think mine's more convincing. and yo... stop pulling a zabie while you're reading this... sheesh.

and well basically, the 'bokor' or the sorceress poison this individual until their reach a coma state like dead... u know, like Romeo & Juliet thing... where Juliet drinks that fake potion thing (another thought crossed my mind on this). yeah... and so when the person drinks that, they wake up in the grave only to be dugged out by the sorceress dude who in the end claim they brought them back to life so they have to devote their life to him. so yess... that the short summary of zombie history.

now, if in god's green earth, one day, there's really is a zombie attack, like the ones in the movies... what do you have to do? (the ones in italic are my own thoughts)

1. Don't panic. (yeah right, try having a horde of zombies, probably your own mom or kid trying to eat you up. try not panicking in that zone of mind)

2. Get away from the zombies. Most of the time, you can move faster than they can. (unless if the zombie version of the new Dawn of the Dead or 28 days later. if you're not fit... i consider you excess luggage man. so start working out!)

3. Gather food, water, an emergency radio, flashlights and weapons, and retreat to a secure location. (this is really important. radio to look for signs of life, flashlight to find out where you're pooping, weapons to crack open the can of food coz obviously, in these dire times... you cant find a can opener. i wonder how'd they do it on tv. there u go... one more on the list... a swiss knife!)

4. If possible, retreat to a shopping mall, general retail store or other location where you'll have easy access to food and supplies. (oh man... if i was a kid... this would be heaven. all the toys, the DVDs, man. well actually, if i was an adult too, that would still be pretty damn cool. can you imagine being stuck in something like Midvalley Megamall?? AWESOME!)

5. Stay away from densely populated areas, where the infestation is likely to be heaviest. (well i dont have to worry much then... Bintulu's probably a bit too lame for the zombies to live in)

6. Barricade all entrances and stay put at all costs. (dude.. have you even SEEN a zombie movie? they'd get through ANYWAY sooner or later!!)

7. Don't get surrounded or backed into a corner or other enclosed space. (at this point, just think of, being bitten by zombies is relative... it's not a virus, it's just evolution, and you're being proactive. that way, even if you're a zombie , you're probably zombie-CEO material)

8. Remember that anyone bitten or killed by a zombie will become a threat to you and your party. (i believe this man... u dont wanna see you're own little baby suddenly running around looking like a gremlin who ate after midnite... no sir you dont)

9. Wait patiently for rescue and make long-term preparations for your survival. (may i suggest burn all the dead or rip out their clothes to make a hug 'X' sign, or if you have more access something that reads 'Help I am a Survivor', or 'you come pick me up and i give you good lovin')

Of course... dont go into the common mistakes guys...
1. Sheltering in a vehicle to which you do not have the keys

2. Leaving blades, cudgels or other basic weapons out for zombies to find

3. Teaching zombies how to use firearms (this would be so funny)

4. Giving your only weapon to anyone who is hysterical (i suggest bring a zombie dvd movie with you as a surviving guide as well... it helps)

5. Retreating to a basement or cellar without taking supplies with you (OR a can opener!!)

6. Getting into an elevator in a building infested with zombies (go into the see through elevator, and some keroncong song pops out while you see them eating your bestfriend isnt exactly relaxing)

7. Letting personal feelings and arguments get in the way of survival (reality TV applies as well, maybe try form an alliance, and vote one person to be the scapegoat for you to run away if they get hysterical (refer to point no. 4))

See... there's something you probably dont know much about zombies before. HAH! who's the dork now!!!???

Monday, September 01, 2008

It's that time of year again....

it's that time of year again and i would like to remind people its also the time for them to do their best to give and do better for themselves for Him. we usually only fall on our hands for prayers to Him when we are in dire need, but most of the time, when we're happy, when things aren't difficult, we usually tend to forget. And worse thing is... sometimes, the good things are also but mere challenges from Him to see how strong and thankful you are of His rewards... the air we breathe, the muscles that enable us to move, our sight that shows us the best and worse of the world, the sounds that enables us to listen and make us better, our minds that can be the strongest weapon and also the library that can never be much better than your latest laptop running on Windows Vista, with Microsoft office 2006. All his rewards... and demands only one thing... our loyalty....

Happy Ramadhan guys... and for the non muslims... happy buying Ramadhan food from the Ramadhan stalls...