wait, i can do this.... sorry what was i supposed to do again?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will not quit writing... but less updates... ehehe.

Well, i know i havent updated for such a looooong time. hehe. but i DID say i'll never quit writing, but just updating it has been quite a hassle really. I dont know what's the problem actually. But being an engineer... a bored to death engineer who's almost sick of engineering or hell...maybe engineering IN BINTULU, have come up with some analysis or root causes of why it is terribly difficult to update.

1. Married

well... i dont think it's being married per say, i think it's being married and being away from the one you truly love. well as mushy as it is, basically, what happens is since i'monly able to write during my offdays (currently on shift), and most of my offdays when it intersect with weekends i spend a good lot of quality time with my loving wife, family and even friends. So there you go. Unless i have a blacberry (babi tak mampu lagi) updating as frequent as i have kinda seem difficult.

2. Working on Shifts

Well there you go. the best reason as well. being on shift, as much as i get some good allowance, it is pretty difficult to update as i tend work on my offdays whenever they fall on a weekday. for obvious reasons, offdays during weekdays will only get one called to the office to do some work, meetings, and catch up on your projects etc. by the time you really get a full day off, you're tired, you just want to laze in, and the topic of which you would like to mention no longer exists

3. Less creativity time

Being on work most of the time makes you spend less time with your friends, which then eventually creates less creativity for your mind to expand and think about some stupid funny creative shaaits. not to mention i've almost run out of creative funny DVD series of which ive always gotten my inspirations from for my random thoughts.

well that's what i have. so yes... hence, a2 = b2 + c2. Snort.

The year 2010....

Well it's 2010 tomorrow, and i know i definitely need to come up with a to do list so i have something to look forward to every year. so here goes.

1. Go Angkor Wat, Cambodia
2. Bring wife to bali for the second time
3. Go for one diving trip
4. Buy ticket to go to Australia/New Zealand for January 2011
5. Request for a transfer to KL
6. Write and complete a good script
7. Buy a suit
8. Buy new set of cool shades. thinking of another WayFarer/Aviator
9. Buy wife a nice handbag she'd love

well i think this works.

Highlight of 2009....

Well since TV shows had great highlights of the year, i think i might as well have one as well. But let's just make it a top 5 list of the year shall we?

5. Climbed up Mount Kinabalu for the Second time
It was honeslty woth every penny. the pain, the cold, the energy was WORTH it. I was truly honestly happy with the climb and after reaching the top for the second time, i can only say... 'LETS DO THIS AGAIN!'. Nothing beats adrenalin and the beauty the Almighty has bestowed upon all his creatures.

4. Went to Indonesia for honeymoon

Well it was my first trip to Indonesia. Hell, it was my first trip after 4 years coming back from the states. All i can say it was a great experience, and my wife loved it, WE loved it. there were so many things to see, so many things to learn, so many things to experience and we're still not finished! hence, the reason we decided to go back to Bali for another honeymoon. marriage life ROCKS.

3. Holiday in Penang

What can i say, holiday with the wife in penang was truly a bliss. the food was superb. full stop. the view was normal, there were some nice buildings, but all in all, the food was worth every moment of it. and yes, we're planning to go again!

2. Roadtrip honeymoon in Phuket

Also... a blissful honeymoon. riding on a scooter with my very lovely wife, viewing such beautiful landscapes just reminds you the best things in life. the massages were awesome, the food were great, the view arrgghh... amazing, but the hotel was far. FUCKING far. yeaps. and yes... we are planning to go again!! hahaha.

1. Got married...

Hell yeah it was the best thing ever. the hell what people say nor think. all I can tell you, I've quite enjoyed my life before I got married and marriage life is on a totally different level. the feeling of waking up (when im with her lah) beside the one you love is a feeling that takes your breath away every moment and the feeling is horrible everytime you have to go away for a long time. it may be expensive, it may be tedious, may be difficult, but it was worth every penny, and to be frank, it does make you a better person as a whole.

There you go... a good update =).

btw... this is my worst new year i can tell you. for almost 9 years, i've had a good new year. this was a completely new turn. working on new years.

2000 - Scotland
2001 - Kuala Lumpur
2002 - San Francisco
2003 - New York City
2004 - Kota Kinabalu baby!
2005 - Los Angeles
2006 - Kota Kinabalu at rocking it at shanny's
2007 - Kota Kinabalu at feizal's anime costume
2008 - Kota Kinabalu probably chilling out at feizal's again
2009 - Kota Kinabalu with tunang. hehe.
2010 - BINTULU.... WORKING.... YEAP.

So everyone... have a wonderful happy new year.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Never will i quit writing....

Ok, i was about to start to write, suddenly my friend switched on the Discovery Channel and showed this spider called the Portia Spider.she creeps in behind her preys silently which includes... other spiders!! and she's such a genius predator that she is able to deceive other spiders by plucking the spiders' web & imitate other spiders and also go incognito and just snaps the head off the spiders!! they move like ROBOTS!!! it was just soooo super cool.

okay... dah abis.

now random thoughts... to be frank, i dont really have any. all i know, it's been almost 2 months since i last updated. i hated every moment for not writing as its where i vent out, where i harness my creativity, where i voice out my opinion in my point view. writing makes me more articulate, sharper and yes, happier. which is why it is not a surprise that i love coming up with ideas of ads, scripts and movies. the thing about coming up with a movie script however, i never got to it. i write... but i never finish it. so, i've always been wondering what would be the best catalyst to write a script and be real disciplined to actually be consistently writing and finish it while... maintaining the story line.

i have yet to bump into such dedication. i think, part of it, is maybe due to being here in Bintulu, and i'm not able to enhance it to the optimum. weirdest thing is, it only starts to come out when im there with my friends and my wife. maybe... just maybe... they're my real catalyst. also.. TV. hehe. oh well.

Married Life... 2 months....

So yes... I'm married to my wife, Dayana Aishah, on the 30th of May 2009. Honestly, I have never thought, ever, in my life, I'd be so lucky to end up with someone whom i know, would take care of me, and making me a better person everyday, and especially patient with my weird shenanigans. and best thing is, being married is a totally whole different experience, understanding each other on a higher level, making each other better individuals and better for each other insya Allah.

One thing i must share, i know there are a lot of men and women here in Bintulu facing the same predicament having their spouses on another continent and only be able to see them only once in a while. i saw how they do it, i've always thought it was easy. but in actual fact, it is difficult. and yes, the ache when you leave your spouse when you're leaving far away for god knows how long, is much more difficult. Regardless... we take challenge as part of our challenge and He definitely has something stored for us.

Either way, I would like to thank you, again, to everyone, my two buds, Fifi and Foi, walaupun jarang jumpa, but they're still my friends nevertheless, the McGifferts, my RPI buds, Makcik Ati, who has been there for me, thick and thin and a huge part of my life for quite a while, my colleagues and friends in Sarawak who taught me to be a better adult as i grow older.

my family and friends i will always love....

my lovely wife, i love with all my heart... thank for loving me.

Honeymoon in Bali and Bandung....

yesss yess... i know its been quite a while, but yes, i went to Bali and Bandung for my honeymoon. i wont delve into it to details as, honestly there's just too much to talk about. but here's a flash of highlights that you should go through. and yes, I will rank it properly.

1. Uluwate Temple and Kecak Dance (it's a MUST! could actually be the highlight of the trip)
2. Spa. A LOT of Spa. trying do it in front of the paddy fields at Ubud. one word for the view, Breathtaking. wait a minute... is that two? or counts as one?
3. Try the Luwak Coffee. you gotta try the luwak coffee somewhere. not at shops or stalls. try it out at the coffee plantation itself. now that's cool.
4. Food. of course not the babi guling lah. there are some nice halal delicacies like the Sapi Dinding, otak sapi, and the sambel... bloody amazing.
5. Have a very chilled out dinner on Jimbaran Beach.

Things i would love to try but didnt manage to.
1. Check out Kuta at night.
2. travel to Tanah Lot
3. travel to Lake Tirta, supposedly the biggest temple there in Bali
4. body surf at Nusa Dua
5. More and more SPA.

I love this concept... the Elephant God with an Idea...

oh isteriku yang ranggi....

Guess what?? the yellow one is the Cow's brain... chewy, gamy, wont do it again though.

The beautiful view of Ulu Watu and the Annoying monkeys that I would like to slap silly....

1. Shop obviously
2. Shop for chips/crackers/dodols (try the pisang Salai. oh heavenly)
3. Stay in Sapulidi Resor

Things i would love to do but didnt manage to
1. Go to the Kawah Putih (something like that)
2. Go to Tangkuban Perahu
3. Pluck strawberries

Sapulidi... Gorgeous....

Oh isteriku yang comel dan seksi....

Yes... that's the highlight of bali and bandung. it seems like there's nothing much, but honestly, it was worth every cent.

Also, it doesnt hurt to buy one Lonely Planet Travel guide. it helps... a LOT. hehe.

Next plan with my lovely wife...

1. Angkor Wat
2. Australia (either Melbourne or Gold Coast)
3. New Zealand (this is the ultimate dream)
4. Turkey
5. Morocco
6. France (another ultimate dream)

Niah after my honeymoon....

Finally, after being stuck here 3.5 years, i had my chance to go with a random group of strangers (excluding my schoolmate Bon and Chobie)

one thing i can say from that experience, regardless what a lot of people say... i thought it was just so effin cool. COOL. no wonder Batman wants to BE Batman. Not because bats are cool, or being dark is cool, or wearing a costume cool, it's just because caves are just sooooo soooooo cool.

the hike wasnt much compared to what i went through for mount kinabalu, but the view was nicely different. went into a huge cave, that definitely can fit a 737, smelt AND feel how Guano feels, saw a scorpion in the dark, and when we turn out the lights, everything is just soooo soooo pitched dark and scary and you wonder if you stayed just a bit longer, you'd turn into Gollum. that's how dark it was.

the cave's majestic size, color, darkness just completely absorbed me into the moment of when Batman just raised his arms and had all the bats fly around him. of course, i did not stupidly do that in the company of strangers. that would just as well be me dancing around like a sissy in the middle of KLCC. no no. i do that Batman thing in my own time... if that's not too much information, let me deviate you from the image of Vanessa Hudgens half naked currently being spread around the internet.

but anyway, back to the caves, did you know along the way to the caves, there were a LOT of rock formation between 1 meter to 4 meters high and these rocks looks like a maze around the area but you're not allowed to step off the bridged trail. It's something like a movie, i kept wondering what would happen if i went off the trail? would flying monkeys come and get me? i dont know. anyway, these rocks looked so cool like there were layers of it. and the coolest thing is, the tour guide told us that all of the rocks, the niah caves around us, millions of years ago, were all actually underwater. and those, are coral like fossils. yes. that's how it is. when i stepped into the caves as i was looking up, looking around, i cant help imagining how would everything look like if it was underwater, with all the fish, turtles, huge sea monsters and tiny divers swimming away for their lives. that was cool

another cool aspect of being in the caves were the drawing of the cavemen those days. there were skeptics from this guy from taiwan, and honestly i understand where is he coming from. the drawings were not protected properly like how in the western country they'd protect da vinci's and picasso's art. after god knows how 2 - 3 centuries, the art was slowly deteriorating, and scientists, researchers are doing their best to maintain the drawings. weirdly enough, in Niah cave, the drawings were only protected, get this... by a fence... so people wont touch em. like seriously... it doesnt really seem to make sense. but me, being patriotic, defended it with my life. haha. oh well.

another thought that comes into my mind... were about the cavemen. i wonder how much different were they from us? they probably have some parts of the cave that spells 'Apartment', another part of the cave that spells 'Projects/Ghetto'. and conversation they would have are something like 'Dude, check out the new waterhole i got from Caves are us. it's pretty cool, now i can have a party inside my own home!'.
Or something like, 'Danny, can you please pluck out the bird's nest for mummys kitchen? it's there behind the rocks.... no no son, not the rock with the bats on it, the one with the swallows, how many times i have to teach u?'.

and you never knew, the life of a bird's nest forager would be filled with malice, drama, murder, blood, lust and money. yes... as dramatic as it may sound, it's the real deal. it's gangsta shit going down there in the caves. in other words there's a whole totally whole DIFFERENT world in the caves. one day i'll have my own Batcave... or at least a Fortress of Solitude.

The old seabed....

caught someone making out... giggity....

This is where you start humming your Batman Theme and do a Joker laugh to add the eerie effect....

Random Thoughts....

1. Michael Jackson's dead. yes... there goes an eccentric talent. the guy who revolutionized the music industry in so many different levels. Sadly, people are still circulating gossips, emails, true or not those stories are, people... PLEASE what is wrong with you... stop it already. let it be in peace

2. Yasmin Ahmad... passed away. another great talent. as much as you wonder what her past may be... also, let it go. she was a great talent that defied the odds, regardless how much it could actually generate public unrest. Al-Fatihah to her, and hopefully, another great talent will come soon and evolve Malaysian entertainment industry.

3. Kings of Leon... one word for it... AWESOME. They're just so cool, that they're out there. soooo out there. sometimes i wish their songs were playing when i was back in the states. have long hair, keep a thick mustache, drive with my windows down, smoke a cigarette, listening to the songs, while having my long soul searching roadtrips. Listen to it! you can also request is on weekdays 8pm - 12am at FlyFm from FlyFm DJs Hafiz and Basil. that's free advertising shit there yo.

4. Zee Avi... I'm proud to call malaysian. songs are soulful, chilled out, and boleh bawak tido. favorite songs so far, Kantoi, and First of the Gangs to Die... of course is however a cover.

5. Hari Raya is close. it's going to be my first hari raya in KL! hahah. this is gonna be an interesting experience. Puasa is coming soon, and i cant wait. need a lot of soul refreshing. these days soul searching is nice.

6. SETEM... watch it. such a cool Malaysian Movie. by the same director of Sepi and Cinta. However, there were some cheesy effects stuff i think that should not have been incorporated and there were parts where i thought they should've just ended it. it was kinda anti climax, but nevertheless still interesting.

7. New phone needed... my second phone after i graduated has finally gave up on me. actually i could just repair it as the speaker mic is the only this yang rosak, but i do need a new phone definitely. and hopefully my dad would sell me his. hehehe. and at what a good price too. thanks dad. wait for the pic soon. no no, not an iphone, so far, i've never had a cellphone that costs more than RM1000. highest price so far was RM680. hehe.

8. My Father in law sure knows where the best place to eat. he brought me to eat at this place at Batu Road, called Shanta (however the signboard says Selera Kampung. probably nak jimat duit kot). Regardless what it's called, it's almost always jammed packed with people. and what's so good about it? imagine... a self service Chapati with never endless kuah kari yang gila best. like, i never knew there's such place in the most uncommon places! and i know he knows so much more good places to eat. He's also planning to bring me to eat at Nathan's Fish Head curry somewhere in Sentul ke Selayang. He claims it could be a close rival to my favorite fish head curry in the world, which is obviously KRISHNA baby!!

9. Bintulu get's lonelier everyday.... yes bintulu gets lonelier everyday. my closest friends here are slowly going away, slowly leaving me here till god knows when. the feeling, not fun. but i know He has plans for me. Insya Allah, if ada rezeki, things will start happening, and i'll be closer to my wife. Amin.

10. Legal Antivirus... is just soooo cool. the cool goes up another notch when it's on discount. hahah. and it goes up another notch when it's endorsed by Jackie Chan. hahah. went to the PC Fair last week and it completely blew me off. well i think when i bought this laptop im using now had a cooler setting with speakers just having it's own ballroom, but this was still okay. spent an amount of money i wondered if i needed to anyway. hahahaha.

11. Digital SLR Camera.... contemplating whether i should buy it. especially the fact that these days everyone claims they are innate photographers... so i dont want to be left out. heheh. but seriously, i love the views and all, going to Bali, taking pictures, sadly some of the pics werent really sharp and nice due to my shaking hands aaaaaaand not to mention sometimes the darkness kills you. and the fact that im planning to tavel somewhere with my wife, kinda hoping that i have a nice camera to take nice shots... dont know if my pics are really nice, but oh well... i like it and i hope you love it too.

Well those are my thoughts for now. Will update it weekly based on my offdays from shift. and hope you enjoyed the pictures too =).

Last set of pics... random pics of my trip to Mukah... also a place with a history of trials and tribulations, murder, death and blood due to the Sago plantation. yes... dramatic... but its true....

When there is a gorgeous sunset... you can bet on two things
1. Pictures of people jumping
2. Pictures of people who's hoping they had the pic for an album cover.

we covered all both. who's cool now? snoooort.

i dont know if it's a culture in Mukah, but this Makcik randomly grabbed my camera and looked at it without my consent. totally freaked me out. hahahah. i was just waiting for the moment she takes out a knife and starts stabbing me. ok... that was over the top....

the little girl who has the teeth of steel and thinks the water bottle could be eaten....

when there's a nice lighting spot... there's nice pictures....

loving the Melanau culture... it definitely takes a Malaysian to be Truly asian.... chewah... memang tagline....

my old friend... yes i ate em... just one... just for the dare....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Married this Saturday.....

Well people, I'm now in KL, preparing for my coming wedding this Saturday.

What do I think about getting married?

Well, I look forward to get married. It's high time i settle down, be more responsible, and again, i do this in His name.

But what do i think about the process OF getting married?


At one point, you just tell yourself... come oooon let's just get married already!!!

What advice do i have for you guys? here you go.

1. Never think money is THE biggest problem in the process of getting married. a wise man once told me that those who say that, they definitely have never gotten married. biggest problem would comme from the families. muehehe.

2. Patience... a whole shit load of it. at one point you would just want to run to a corner and brush your teeth, cook an egg, watch tv, eat cookies, and then cry yourself to sleep. but trust me, you need it.

3. start saving. unless you're a trust fund baby, then you can ignore this rule. simultaneously, there will always be last minute need of extra cash, both marriage related and non. example, car insurance, tax, last minute addition of wedding attire, house loan, etc.

4. Pray and pray. pray a lot, understand your responsibility as a husband and father, son, son in law. sometimes it may be overwhelming, but trust me, with a lot of thought, prayers, you'll see things clearer, you'll be more confident. cheesy as this may sound, its as true as it is.

5. your family and close friends matter. no matter how the situation goes, your family and your friends will always be there for you to make things better and take you through the thick and thin.

6. lastly, savor every moment of it. it'll be the experience of your life, and definitely an experience you'll be sharing with the people around you, your kids, friends, random people eating a roti canai stumped with you suddenly approaching them randomly, hoping to inspire them and maybe even scare them shitless and having fun doing it too. but really, do savor the best.

but well, let's just face it, without all the intensity, the pressure, the always changing guest list, the unconfirmed photographers, the confusing wedding programs, the sudden ADDING to more programs... you wont be able to look back and tell yourself 'I went through a LOT of shit to get married... but for all i know, it's damn worth it'.

i've been through dinners, presents, hugs, speeches both received and given. some are sad knowing that i'll leave my bachelor life, some are inspiring, some are borderline annoying, some are just... annoying. eheh. but all in good times. of course i have all the pictures but i'll post it later soon.

lastly, i love my wife, so much, and Dayana, thank you... for loving me and accepting me the way i am. i will try my best to improve myself to be a better muslim, husband, father for our family everyday.

thank you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Moments of Stupidity....

I guess... once in a while, normal human would go through moments of stupidity. no matter how cool a person think they are, smooth, diva shaits... you cant deny it. we're only human and eventually, a hot girl could still pass some gas in an elevator and not get away with it.

the past few weeks i've seen some moments of stupidity... of which, i was sadly involved in some.

Case #1

I was cutting up fresh fish for our BBQ. A LOT of fish. got really tired at one point, plus havent done it for a while so it took me a bit of time to figure out how to gut them. then i saw something in the fish. i wasnt sure if it was the eggs or not. i love fish eggs. called up to my housemate.

for comprehensible reason for my readers... the language used was bruneian, and not translated to TV malay.

Me: Dude... ini telur or paru2?
Housemate: hmmm... i think its telur man...

2 hours after that moment...

Housemate: Dude... what'd u ask me earlier on the fish?
Me: ini telur or paru2?
Housemate: dude... ikan tak ada paru2.

Moment of Stupidity... Dong Dong (sound of a church bell like law and order)

Case #2

We were preparing BBQ fire the next night. yes... we decided to have bbq two nites in a row. one of my housemates called up our friend to come by and join us.

Housemate: Jom cepat la... ramai orang kat sini. Makanan tinggal nak masak jek, kitorang dah bakar api.

for those who hasnt notice... read the sentence again... at the last two words. you dont burn fire....

Moment of Stupidity... dong dong

Case #3

I was at another BBQ (yes... we have a LOT of BBQ to fill our time here in this place. was having dinner, my friend was sweating across the table and her friend helped her out by drying her sweat with the given tissues.

we were chatting all along laughing and all... then i knew my mouth was a bit oily. grabbed my tissue to clean up. about a fraction of seconds after that incident, i realized that i did not get a tissue earlier from that same table

Moment of stupidity... dong dong

Case #4

my friend was talking to his friend on the phone to check on the bbq we were gonna do. but at the same time, there was some rain that could actually compromise our bbq. his question was 'weh, jadi ke tak hujan ni?'. my friend answered 'well... i'll check with God if he has other plans'.

Moment of stupidity... dong dong

TV and Reality....

People often get mixed between Reality and TV life. some people think the Jason from the Friday the 13th, or Mike Myers from Halloween, or Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw are horror movie that would come to life. some people believe that you can really fly by just using your thought if you focus really well. most cases, they end up either in the hospital mending their broken bones, or in another hospital mending their short circuit up there.

sad thing is, the Malaysian culture overall, succumbs to TV terribly (and yes I'm one of them but trying my best to control myself). Honestly, I try my best to not watch MTV anymore. i remember as a kid i used to want to find out, who's the artist of the month, or how does Eminem's new music video look like. but somehow,

as i grew throughout the years, i realized most of that are just another attempt to create a world where people are branded like cattles whether you're pretty or ugly or just plain both. whether you're an awesome player with great game getting chicks numbers like 'Key to the VIP', and you have talk shows coming from celebrities telling their viewers like 'Marriage is a big mistake, look at us, we're mid 30s and still having our way of life with women and booze. all you have is a wife getting fatter and 3 kids'.

one thing that differentiates us and them is our unique culture, and religion. these two are the two main things that will probably be the last reminder for us and our children of tomorrow to always look back at your morals, and your way of life instead of the westerners.

remind ourselves and especially kids under 23, the ones who are usually at the peak of their teen life to live life, but still accordingly. you dont just go run into a Bank and scream to the top of your lungs 'I am LIVING IT!!' with a devil hand sign up front.

I myself slip up too sometime, but yes i will try to be the best.
I slip up too... but i try my best to be a better person. Do remind the others :).

Reality TV....

Speaking of reality, well American Idol is coming to the end. Akademi Fantasia has already ended. those who know me, knows i dont bother to follow the update of AF. i'm not being anti malaysian and all, but the voting system and culture has always been askew. it's more of a popularity vote rather than real talent, and performance on the actual day.

American Idol makes you vote after the show ended to ensure you see the whole show, and vote wisely and you have a space of 2 hours to vote.

Akademi Fantasia makes you vote continuously on a certain day based on percentage that you see on the screen and immediately after the last show of the week, the voting is closed. now, where's the fairness in that? I can talk on and on about the voting mentality and culture but let's just let it be.

let's talk about American Idol. Kris, Danny and Lambert. great artists and they really put up a good fight. I'm usually more interested to see in what Kris does as almost always, he'll do a song he chose and make it sound like it's his. that's what's amazing bout him. Adam is definitely good, but most of the song he sings is quite close to the original.

but... all in all... this season had a lot of supergood contestants. for those who dont know, go to youtube, and search for 'Clef Hangers'. It's Anoops old acapella group from his alma mater. check out I'll Make Love to you. pretty awesome.

Extreme Chess!!!

Well I just got back from Miri for a Sports event that was organized but the corporation i work for. didnt play anything but nevertheless, i made a point to come and support anyway. there was netball, football, hockey, then... there was chess.

I was trying to figure out how to cheer for the chess team but then found out that no noise is allowed in the room where the competition is held. the competition is superbly intense. fun to watch but intense. i wanted to cheer so badly and also though how would the cheer look like if noise was really allowed in the room.

Commentator A: Player A has done the move of putting his fingers and tapping it on his lips! what a good psyche towards the opponent.

Commentator B: Wait a minute Commentator A, Player B is suddenly intensifying his fidgeting movement. We maaaay have got something good in play pretty soon.

Commentator A: Player A has started his move. Oh! Graceful check done by the black knight assisted by the queen on the right and bishop on the left.

Commentator B: Wow! A great interception by player B! Something truly unexpected! Player B sacrificed his Rook and Bishop but supported by his knight while his queen is getting ready to start the attack anytime Player A drops down his guard.

Commentator A: What an intense Game!! with the endless ticking clock and the light tapping of the clock by the players, it doesnt get better than this!!

simultaneously, every movement you have the stupid guys who paint 'C.H.E.C.K' on their belly and pulls up their shirt everytime there's a check. and does a wave to piss off the opponent by doing waves. At times you'll have a hot girl who suddenly just strips down half naked and hugs the players having to be escorted by the officials immediately.

now... that is extreme chess....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Focus me Arse....

Halluuuuu people!

I know, I know i've been gone for a while. I really do need someone to keep bugging me to update my blog. Thank you for those who did. it took you guys a while to bug me jugak. haha.

anywayyyy... i've had sooooo much stuff going through my head since i last typed. like massively a lot, cynical, serious, but most of it slowly faded with time. but lucky me, some of it are articles i bump into and immediately forward it to my email as a reminder.

let's do this one first....

Hey look at my tiny brain!!!

Well, someone sent me a link of one of Allah's best creation. i thought it was so amazingly unique in SO many different ways.

Basically this article talks about a fish that has a transparent head.... yes... it is very very true. if that doesnt spell coolness, then you should get yourself checked.

Can you imagine having to be in that fish's shoes??? or fins of that matter... of course first of all you'll be labeled as a freako. but now imagine the possibilities if you were COOL having a transparent head. you could even be a superhero... aaaaand you dont need a mask. someone comes attacking you from behind or the top (god knows, maybe some bad spider man juju shit), you'll be able to act like a ninja and just say 'aaaah... dont you even think!' and pull off some ninja stuff on them.

also... you could actually SEE how your brain works!! and ladies... now you can finally figure out what are men thinking about every 1 minute..... besides sex.

you can even check out that booger that has been annoying you in some hard to reach places in your nose and craft out some equipment to help you extract that amazing discovery.

yes... i think transparent head is cool....

Facebook in 30 years....

Now i'm not a big fan of forwards... but those good ones... I really do keep. since i need to save memory in my laptop... here's one good forward which i thought was possible and funny at the same time.

I can probably imagine mine....

M Irfan M thinks his children are adorable yet very annoying and would like to give 250 ringgit if someone could babysit them for one week while he and the Missus go for a holiday. Half now Half later... his pay only comes in at the end of the month and he does have other bills to pay....

Final Countdown....

Sometime early last month, i had a very cool course on Plant Performance Monitoring full of engineering calculations that made me feel like i was back in Rensselaer studying.

anyway, that's not the main thing. Since i drank a lot of water in my course, i pee quite frequently. and knowing the hotel restrooms, they'd always have some kind of songs to serenade you to make everything peaceful, jolly and nice while you take a shit and pee. but not this hotel... of which why i think this hotel rocks was because, in my urgency to pee... the song "The Eye Of the Tiger" came out while i was waiting in line in pain. yess... the song where Rocky was training extensively for his fight. the song pumped me up to do the best while i pee and do it my best. and i wasnt even doing number 2.

I think they should come up with these awe inspiring album compilation for Hotel Restrooms rather than the normal romantic, classical ones. Here are my suggestions for the album compilation for you to play and hopefully help to ease you during your toilet sessions....

1. The Eye of the Tiger
2. Final Countdown
3. 25 minutes too late
4. Back at One
5. Feeling Good
6. I Smell like Teen Spirit
7. I'm Not Gonna Miss a Thing
8. Gone, going, gone
9. Lost Without you
10. Hard to Explain
11. Hard to say Goodbye
12. Harder to breathe

great songs for your toilet session... :) enjoy.

Currently so much stuff going on with my wedding preps... so will share again soon :). in the time being... enjoy!