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Friday, January 21, 2005


This is probably something we have always thought about since we could actually remember. and amazingly, our thoughts of money changes from time to time as we grow older. when we were kids seeing our dad swipe that credit card seems pretty cool as your getting stuff without needing to pay. now, swiping with a credit card just bums you out since you know you dont have cash in hand, or cash in your checking account. back then 1 ringgit seems a lot. now, 100 DOLLARS seems like nothing and something that could be spent in one whole day. back then money just seems like it grows on trees, that just kept coming whenever we wanted toys or fast food from our parents. being the loving parents they are, they kept giving the reasonable things (mainly food), just to see that smile in their childrens' face. now as we grow, money is to be earned, working your ass off for something. and when you get the cash, you feel awarded, and spending it gives you a sense of satisfaction.

but... have we ever thought, quoting from azizi ali's "millionaires are from different planet", is money working for us, or we're working for them? they could be your best friend when they're around, just making you smile knowing that tomorrow you'll still have that extra dough puffing in your pocket. they could be the worst enemy, when you suddenly face an emergency thus needing to spend it, is knowing that tomorrow means you have to sit down and probably work extra hard for it. when its around, spending jewelry, tshirts, DVDs, pair of jeans, shoes, and amazingly, all of them are ont from the reject shop, tj maxx, marshalls. most of the shopping goes on nikes, hollister, abercrombie, delia's, H&M and what ever human branded stuff that was injected into you as you were growing up. and the other amazing thing is... WE ALREADY HAVE ALL THESE SUFFICIENTLY IN THE CLOSET!!!! and when i say WE, i also include myself. i would not lie that i shop, especially for DVD's and at H&M, but of course most of my shopping is done almost two to three times a year. but then again, i do have a car and have to think about gas and insurance and all that shit. but then again, i know i shouldn't have spent some of on my guilty pleasure... sadly, H&M. (alright, they have nice looking shirts that looks like armani's but is WAAY cheaper).

funny thing is, we're all still in college. next thing we know, we'll be working with firms, companies, and working our sweats off to buy a nice house, nice car, nice future for a family. our pay off to the sponsors may seem like 8 years at first, but then it'll build up probably to 20 years finding out you have a house mortgage to pay off, good education for your kids, which, by then would cost waaaay more than our days in high school. stationaries, school clothing, and OH MY GOD TEXTBOOKS!! we complain now how expensive those things are, and it probably rarely crosses our minds that our parents were thinking about this when they were raising us.

getting this off my chest, yes... shamely enough, i am working for money right now, only hoping that money would work for me someday. insya allah, when i do have the sufficient money, probably i'll go into the real estate business which is pretty hot these days. and i think a lot of people, mostly my age are already thinking about their future. house, income, marriage and all that shit. already dedicated themselves to working exceptionally hard for a secured future. but the amazing thing is, some ungrateful bastards, who are already senang, and do not have a hint of these hardwork some people put through, just sometimes seems to be taken for granted of what they have. parents paying for their new home, new car, great incoming life. hey, look back once in a while, and look down, remember that not all your friends, and your past are as lucky as you are, our parents may not have connections to give us a lead to a nice scholarship, secured job, but our spirits and mentality are probably higher than yours. maybe not in terms of education, but in terms of street smarts. however, not all org yang dari family senang are ungrateful. i know some of them turns out to be really cool people who spends efficiently, have money listen to them instead of listening to money. help those less fortunate and see that they have feelings and needs much more than they do. and being friends with these type of individual earned so much respect from me.

so... are you working from money, or are they working for you? think about it.....

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


classes finally starts... but i dont really have classes today, no classes on tuesday and friday. muahah. anyway.... last time went snowboarding. funniest thing happened. well actually it wasnt funny when it happened, but when you think about it now... it kinda is. we were driving along a countryside road heading to the ski peak, when suddenly, you know, in small roads, there's a wire kinda divider between the streets and the forest, so suddenly while i was driving, we saw this nice little deering prancing around happily, and hey, we thought it was cute. yes... it was... until it suddenly jumped into the middle of the road making us screaming and literally having my front end of the car with its head about 2 feet away. bambi left my heart pounding for days. moral... not everything cute is nice. some of them could be fatal....

here are some new pics. there are of course more if you just click at pics link. have fun. kalau nak yg besar sket, email/msg me. chowsin

Born to be wild...

On the way to san fran

on the way to hoover dam

me and mickey

Pendekar Laut

Capoeira at Golden Gate

masterpiece... i like this pic... looks poisonous. something i found in the desert

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Just go back from holidays... ada sedih, ada marah, ada tersilap bahasa, tapi semua tuh bleh di maafkan.... yang penting... most of the trip... was kick ass BEST!!!! i think one of the best part has to be driving down the desert heading towards grand canyon with born to be wild soundtrack playing at the back. again... kalau ada terkasar, terdisrespect... beribu maaf saya pohonkan.

Human Standards....

One of my friend has already pointed this point... i wanted to point it earlier heh... but she got to it first. anyway... what are human standards? somehow i was thinking about this for a long time. technically most of us are living our whole lives to reach that human standards. goals. some of them are ridiculous, some probably benefit us, some we really need to reach. but do we really need to follow most of the standards? standards that'll make us a stereotype of what others want, what other think is the best, and only the best could achieve. medias, our friends, and our parents themselves gave us a mindset of what the best could be.

but if everyone already has the same stereotype of... the BEST... and everyone is going in that direction, than, no one could be unique. TV giving us countdowns of the best top 40 songs, where everyone listens to avril and her being in the top 20 (i dont know which number she actually is but i dont really care coz i think she's not punk and tries to --> my standard), giving us worst 40 songs... if it was worst 40 songs... then why'd they like it the first time? tv shows like mtv cribs, or "it's good to be...", gives us a view how so called life should be. lavish, rich, big house, chrome rims. the swan, biggest loser, gives us a standard of what our image should be... if ur slightly buncit, you are ugly, if you have stretch marks, you're hideous, if you have to much pimple, girls are not going to like you, if you have big heads, men arent going to go out with you... all standards. should we be consumed by all the injection of the media, trying to make us all brad pitt look alike, and those who doesnt, will be damned to the side of the ugly gollum for all eternity until they evolve.

scholarships, peers view and comments, GRADES, SPM, SCHOLARSHIP, standards.... if you get higher than 10 aggregate, you're bound to Malaysia's ground forever, if you study here in OVERSEAS, you're better than studying in UKM, UM, UiTM. all standards... standards that everyone think how the best should be. being a petronas scholar would take you to the top. being in JPA would probably wind you up in debt for eternity. news from ear to ear, comments from heart to heart. but is it really something that all of us need to pursue? does it benefit everyone. bill gates defied harvard, now he is in microsoft, eminem defies the stereotypical of hiphop and becomes a music genius, mahathir defies the west and take the east and brought our country to such a far stretch, so is standard everything?

We could probably be the best if we do not follow the crowd... but instead, making the crowd follow you. then, it makes you the best. bukan jadik kepala gangster semua org ikut, abis samseng aa ingat. nak carik gaduh, belasah sorang, ajak geng korok dier. berani one on one laa. wont it be great if you could be one of these leaders. wont it be great if I was.... defying standards... its up to ourselves... and what's inside......