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Sunday, August 24, 2008

flat lined.....

im just really super tired... like super super tired. i cant even think straight. need help of input or any randomness from anyone who's reading this. help....

mock interview....

i was reading FHM like god knows when... basically the multilingual Janet Hsieh was interviewed... she's not only super hot, but super bright as well. suddenly i wondered... what would an interview me look like? am i, 'The Edge' type? 'FHM' type? 'Men's Health' type? or some weird cosmo sci fi type?

im just gonna base the interviews from different interview questions in magz.

So you studied in the States? how does it feel studying back in the country you were born in?
hahaha (laughing while he sips his favorite lipton green tea). well... honestly it didnt feel like much. i went back home to malaysia after i was 2-3 ish, and been there since. so i was actually bred in Malaysia... and honestly... damn proud of it.

So i understand you went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, first of all... can you please spell Rensselaer for me?
oh damn... i never get to figure that one out properly. R.E... double N? no no no... R.E.N double S, E double L.A.E.R? im always confused on the spelling.

i'm sorry, that's wrong.

So were you a big geek when you were studying?
well, i wont consider myself a big geek, but i was a bit geeky. studied engineering, but i was never really good at it. i was ok, sure... but not good. i excelled in my electives though, language classes and psych classes.

now you're back in Malaysia, do you still keep in touch with you homeboys there?
honestly i dont have ma homeboys back in Nu York... yo yo! (flashing the east coast sign). hahahahahah. snort snort. i'm so not gangsta. most of my friends were still malaysians, and things didnt change much coming back here. they're still my friends and my rock and we chill out, make fun of each other, and laugh till our heads blow up. honestly one time, i think i laughed so hard that i think i almost got a hernia.

what's the coolest thing you've done this year?
oh man... this is difficult... hmmm i didnt do any crazy things and all. oh yes, i remember. i went scuba diving. it was actually cool coz i managed to cross something on my list. hehe. and like dude, one time, when i was diving, there were like 10 - 15 stingrays that were swimming around me. now if that's not cool enough, wait till i dive in Sipadan one day.

a list? what do u mean by list? can u share?
laughs... well i cant remember much of the list, but one of them has to be doing my Haj, bungee jumping, watch bull fighting in Spain, eat croissant in Paris, dive in Sipadan, open a coffee shop... well there's more but i cant remember it on top of my head right now. its a to do list before i'm 55. i think it's important for everyone to have it, kinda reminds you of things you've yet to accomplish in life.

who would you want to be with? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Connelly??
Oh man, that's difficult. Angelina Jolie would be my first choice, but she's just way too hot and sexy and wild. i would wanna settle down with Jennifer Connelly. her cute mole on the top of her lip, caring motherly look. Jennifer, if you're reading this... yes... i want you to have my baby.

what's on the top of your playlist these days?
I'd say Yuna's Deeper Conversation and Dan Sebenarnya. Also Colbie Caillat's realize. and finally... Gavan... or as us malaysians know... Gaban. it's amazing to know our old anime tv shows had like super cool soundtrack.

Well thank you so much for joining us in our magazine Wira Tunggal. Our readers would be fairly delighted with reading about you.

if that doesnt spell wannabe... i dont know what does....

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Stripper.....

Okay, so yes... i know i have not been updating for so long. i truly apologize for that. just getting way too caught up with work. i'm currently working on shift, struggling to understand every operational process in my work since i've left teh engineering field for roughly 2 years. i work 2 days, 2 nights and i got 4 days off. as of today, the only day off i got since 3 weeks ago was half a day. interesting.

just to show you how a major nerd and dork i can be, i've been reading through this equipment called The Stripper. in my head, as i was writing an email in how to troubleshoot our stripper, i cant help how damn hilarious would this sound to most of my friends and my readers. and believe me... i'm so damn serious.

First of all... how does a Stripper work (i'll tell you in a very simple way... hopefully)? Well a stripper is a tall column that's full of packing that looks like a manual hair curler roughly 20 meters. It is utilized to reduce some concentration of our plant discharge by spraying our high pH (alkali level) discharge from the top of the column. with high pH the discharge is unstable in ionic form. The discharge is evenly distributed throughout the packing in the column to add surface area. simultaneously, external air is pushed from the bottom of the column and goes up. this way, the air STRIPS the desired unstable ion, absorbs it, and goes up and out through a stack, while the discharge goes down and further treated by other process that all of you might find boring. heck, i bet most of you are already confused. go google up 'Ammonia Stripper' for further detailed explanation. hehe.

okay so anyway, it was in maintenance, so i had to write an email on the process to troubleshoot the stripper.

Our Ammonia Stripper (sadly, Ammonia is not a hot actual Stripper name huh?) is currently having very low flow. we need to troubleshoot the stripper and figure out what is the cause of the problem. we've opened the manhole (yeaaaaaah) and saw only two nozzles discharging (eeeewww). next, we've proceeded in shutting down and discharging the stripper. then we connected the 5" diameter hydrant into the stripper (yeeepssss) via the drain valve. when the hydrant valve was on full blast, we immediately saw white precipitates coming out of the line (doesnt get any more coincidental than that). this may have been the cause of initial low performance.

so yepss.... just a brief explanation of what the email roughly looks like. and believe me, as kinky or sick as it may sound, it's all technical, and my correspondents took it seriously. yeeepsss. Ammonia Stripper, low efficiency. maybe she's made in china. heheh. snort snort snort. this is where you can call me a dork.

E! Channel's major poyoness.....

i dont know why some people still watch E!. i honestly cant take it as much anymore. what makes them so good to comment on other people's fashion & style, and most of all mock the people who dont have it? sure sure, it's a boost to make the person they're mocking to improve, but these are the kinds of degrading shows that makes the generation behind us conscious on how they look, how others look, and insults them quietly, laugh at them at the cafeteria while the person walks with their shoulders slouched to the table that says 'Rejects'.

and they wonder why suicide rates gone up, depression rates gone up, and scandalous rate creeps slowly into our culture. Don't they realize it? i'd say just block the channel from our satellite receiver and boost everyone's morale. they shouldnt be judged on how they look, what's their size, what's in and what's not. the hell with it. the hell with it, i say. you make what you are, your personality matters more. of course, it doesnt hurt to clean yourself up. that's obviously important. its hard to concentrate talking to a person with bad BO. Dont listen to everything what E! says.

but of course, there are times, while you're browsing through, suddenly you find yourself stopping at E! and next thing you know, it's been two hours and you're glued. it definitely is a guilty pleasure. (like i said though, let's just block it on our receivers).

Olympics... is a shouting competition....

in the light of the Olympics... i've realized one thing... besides the fact that Michael Phelps is a ROBOT... i've realized that humans get stronger & faster everyday. Take Michael Phelps, the current faster swimmer alive has been breaking world records (others AND his own) for like six or seven times? dude... how fast can you go? maybe he tested negative for drugs... BUT have they tested his urine for motoroil?? like i said... he is a Robot.

It really makes you wonder how far can the human push themselves to their highest capacity. how would the olympics be by then? will they be running just so super fast for us to even cheer? will the 100 m run by then be humans running on their arms and legs? will the swimmers then have fin like fingers and gills? will the weightlifters have biceps like an elephants leg? it really makes you wonder.

on another note, what's really so cool is that most people on the Track & Fields events scream after they finish their turn. excluding the Runners where they scream when they finish first and celebrate while the losers weep and cry or congratulate the other when in their heart they actually wanna say (i sooo wanna break your hands now). so, when people jump, they scream. when they throw a javelin, they scream. when they throw their shot put, they scream. the longer and louder they scream the further they go... at least that's what they want to think.

here's what went through my mind when they do that.

1. after they throw that away, they turn into a complete retard, and only groan and moan when interviewed, like 'Garrr, AArrrr, blarfgg, gargle' and all that shit. and his name's actually kronk, Plank or something.

2. screaming is how they actually are. like 'Dude, can you pass me the keys please?' and the guy threw the keys from him and suddenly screamed as much as they can, and suddenly the next housemate just runs up from behind and made a measurement. that'd be so freaking cool.

Read While Waiting Project....

Well, one time i was browsing through online and bumped into the 'KL Unison Freeze' project. it was superbly cool where everyone just suddenly stands still for 5 minutes and then leave. it was based on the 'Improve website'. The americans did this Improve thing and was just SO awesomely cool. 250 people just froze, and other people just wondered. like the happening, but instead, something is ACTUALLY happening. hehe. everyone just completely Froze and after 5 minutes, they just left like nothing actually happened.

Now here's the comparison with the one in KL, god knows how the press got there, and at the end, instead of freezing, they all clapped, interviews etc. that was a bit of a spoiler there. However, it was cool the fact that everyone froze on queue without any alarm or anything and like the person said... everyone no matter age, color, race froze. unison. coolness.

The only thing that gets me is there's some of the project where it just got waaaaaay to mainstream, with all the countdowns and people winking when freezing and it's no more a statement... it's just trend. blows big time. but anyway.... good step though.

finally, there's another project the malaysian's are doing and i think majorly in KL.

On 23rd of August which is this Sunday at 3pm, currently 6500 people everywhere will just stop and read where they are for 15 minutes.

The major venue has yet to be decided. you can check it out RandomAlphabets website.

why am i supporting this project?

Simple... I love reading... and my only hope that this will instill in our culture the habit of reading. hopefully it goes on, and instead of waiting doing nothing, you'd read and this will not only fill yourself up with so much soul and knowledge, but you might effect other people while doing it... and the best thing is... it's a damn good thing.

I wish i was in KL then and I would definitely do it. sadly i'm working that day. hehehe. so, i wont be waiting and reading. i'd be running around, probably putting my hydrant into a Stripper.

Anyway, here are some interesting links for the improves....

Sigh... sometimes it makes me freakin wonder... why in the world dont these cool things happen when im around?????

When durians attack....

enjoy Some pics....

Durian Rocks.....

abe's office....

when i take these pics, how i wish fera was here.....

Great people, great company... as always....