wait, i can do this.... sorry what was i supposed to do again?

Thursday, January 29, 2004

alamak.... sorry people... beberapa org tersalah paham. heh. sorry. camnih, what i wrote down, was not about me... most of it are about the stories that i've heard from others, and i always listened to their problems, talk them out, because, they need somebody to talk to. really they do. somebody they can pour in their feelings, with the person they trust next after to the person they love. heh. me, i'm all good. very good. good lookin'.

btw... this is dedicated to my friend..... hehehe

What a smiley nite....

last nite i chatted with my friends, Lan and Tonjang. it was nice to listen to them again. funny, laughed out loud. we asked Tonjang what he did for his winter break. well... he told me he went to florida. and the best thing of going to florida, TOnjang told me, is that, he felt... "special". he just dont know why, but he did. well... me and lan are happy for him........................... KOROK Laaa. hahahah. demmit. tonjang jiwang skaang. ciss... selamba tak nak bagitau aper2 citer kat kiterang. ecececececece. dah bercinta tuh bercinta laaa. dulu aku ingat, selalu sembang2, kat uniten makan sesama, tengok movie sesama. semayang sesama. hai. aper laaa nak jadik belalang. dulu, masa b;day lan, sanggup tuh drive down ngan kirah. ooouu.. pandai skaang. skang, Lan ntah ke mana, kirah ntah ke mana, aku ntah ke mana. pedih beb. pedih belakang gue. awek member citer bebaik nyer slow talk ngan bestfren dier, kiterang tanya, aper jadik "per citer? tader citer beb!" kau tau tak tonjang, kau ada gajah, kau nak semunyi guna selimut. hek enen. heheheheh. all in all... memain jekk tonj... you know i got love for you.... chowsin....

Monday, January 26, 2004

sitting down in the library. thinking, wondering pondering.

i woke up this morning, with my three sweaters on, two thick comforters, and had one of the best dreams, yet, still wondering, would it happen? i've never felt so good after the dream, since i reached rpi. no, NO, its not a wet dream. do you think dreams come true?

dreams, are just a part of your unconsciousness, that seems to just keep flowing, and thinking, without you even knowing it, when you walk, when you play, when you drive, and when you sleep. from some research, dreams are a gamut of what you did that day. everything you did that day just combined into smushed blurry movie, that lets you see what you did that day, what you were thinking about that day, or what you would want to happen that day. it is what ppl in the 50's found out that and named it REM, where at that time your eyes develops rapid movement in your sleep, or clal Rapid Eye Movement, or, in another version unscientific way of describing it, your just dreaming.

some say, dreams, is the devils game. it shows you want you a different view or something that you detest or just something that you would not want to happen so bad, that you know it'll just push you off the edge. the dreams would usually involve snakes, worms, disgruntled figure of yourself, or just something really really scary undefined in the merriam webster dictionary and is only left to yourself to know how scared were you at that time.

some say, dreams, is something to show, what could happen, if you pray really hard, and being sincere about it, and think about it all the time. in this case, people pray about it everyday, and just hoping that it would happen. and your brain just develop the electrokinetic energy, that simulates the neuron, via thalamus, and produces emotions, and the brain's cortex would then develop these disparated images.

well, all in all, i dreamt about a lot of stuff, snakes, worms, ghosts, flying, falling from klcc, dating siti nurhaliza, being a strong soldier with my full metal jacket protecting a girl in an empty abandon house with banana trees all over, or just what i dreamt last nite. and i think it is up to you to pray, and to know what's is good what is not. well, i think the dream i had, has been my thoughts of what i had for a long time. and what could happen if i just pray, and pray, and hope without pushing it, it could happen. insya allah....

Sunday, January 25, 2004

new say of the day....

as i was surfing at my friend's site, i saw my other friend, in my friend's website nih. (sound complicated? good i did that on purpose). shoot. DIER MAKIN LAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


hahahahahahaha. itu yang best nyer tuh. tak nak cakap SIAPA.

sigh. you know that feeling when you go like "WHOA!!!" and then you were like "Whoa!!", and then you were like, "~whoa~". kinda like that. heh.

SIAPA?? SIAPA BUNUH ALICE?? lawak bodoh? yaaa bodoh nyer lawak tadik.

demmit, how i miss those 'not in college' years. it rawks.

btw, awek2 member aku, sumer hot2. Amir lemah, awek ko lawa. tapi kau tetap lemah di mata aku. hahaha. Lan hitam. Tonjang... ah babi aa... mmt nih tak cukup modal nak kutuk sial. celaka nyer botak. hahaha.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

everyday, i have something to say... maybe because i dont have much stress in my class... NOT YET!! but i definitely know it'll start next week, so berkurang laaa my piece of mind.

okay, i take back what i said about nasha aziz being all hot and stuff.... she's in her early 30's, well, the age fact doesn't really concern me, (unless datin2 yang perasan hot and dah kawin, thus that rules out), but dier takdek ler lawa sgt biler carik gambar dier kat net. but she is such a babe in laila isabella. and i assume that was her latest movie, but i know there's a coming up movie by her too, the trauma thingy whatever crapt. but when i looked at her pic yang rambut panjang, brrrr... changed my perception completely. hmm... i guess, women with shorter hair appeals to me more. meg ryan, my prof, and others on the list. i do like long hair, but not the long straight ones, its like going out with the women from the ring. that just freaks me out. so nasha off the list.

ipeng. well, yupp that's how ppl calls me. truthfully, i never liked it. NEVER. i still reply of course ppl calling me ipeng. but i never did like it. i DONT hate it. i only hate it if some people that are used calling me irfan, just suddenly change it to ipeng.i just preferred people calling me irfan. that's why, no matter how i dont like someone, when they call me irfan, i kinda get softer. when people call me irfan, or ipan (my closed loved ones call me that, nenek aunts, so i consider this a family name), or ifan (well, usually cute ppl call me this), i'd listen more. i like my name :). i got that ipeng nick when i was in form 1 alam shah. hmmm let's see... it started out as irfan, then ayam, then cicak, then one makabuci (without me knowing it), then some s'wakian guy thought it would be funny to change it to t'ganu like name, ipeng. and i got that name ever since. no, no, i'm not mad nor am i angry, ppl calling me ipeng. just my preference. i listen more to people calling me that name. if ppl called me 'fan', or 'if' like some ppl did in school, it'd still be okay, coz dekat gakk ler with my name. you'd still get it. but when it comes to 'peng', or 'ip', of course no one ever calls me 'ip' what kind of name is that? i'd ralways reply to peng, ipeng. :). of course. but it feels great being called on to by your real name. i've always loved it. never complained, and always thankful with that name. so, kesimpulan, call me ipeng if you'd like, but i prefer being called by my real name. i wonder what is it going to be like when i start working for a big company like petronas persay, and ppl call me ipeng, "nice doing business with you, Ipeng, we'll keep in contact with you soon". aiyaaaa so not professional name. kalau jadik artis, without looking at me and just hearing the name, first image would be like some org asli, or kenya, or well, org asli laaa. hahahah. well... that's that....

tengok video clip kat lana nyer site. damn, that kid is so comel. reminds of myself when i was a kid. funny, cute, and innocent and pure ;). where'd the days go??

winter kata pergi, spring kata mari.....
'is there anyone out there coz its getting harder and harder to breathe.... '