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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the Alliance of the kids who cant read well institute....

all of these times, i've always posted videos of faidz doing his thang, being man raped by Abe, so as a tribute to faidz for being such a sport... here's two handsome wackos... in the Middle of KL, Malaysia, dengan julat suhu tahunan 29 darjah celcius, sambil sorang memakai winter jacket dan sorang memakai sweater.

if there are any demands for me to paste in the My Chemical Romance I video of Abe and I singing to Helena, please do tell me. for the time being, enjoy the video....

btw... i'm going back to KK tomorrow for Raya Haji, so everyone, Slamat Hari Raya Haji!!

to the non muslims... HAppy Christmas!!!

to everyone... if i dont update next... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (damn, i think im gonna update it anyway, so yes yes, see you again soon). for the time being, enjoy the two wackos.

single hot ladies out there... please do contact me for Abe or my number.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Previously on Hippie dude smokin Cubans....

My list of awesome TV shows

1. Family Guy (FUCKIN AWESOME)
2. Band of Brothers (macho shit going on)
3. Heroes (what man didnt grow up wanting to have a superpower?)
4. Arrested Development (sarcastic, sharp, unique, one of a kind)
5. Entourage (makes us boys feel smooth, cool, and wanna walk in a straight line and pickup all the hot ladies)
6. Friends (well i grew up with it, wasnt so funny towards the end, but it was good)
7. Weeds (watching it right now... AWESOME. sigh, those were the days... ehem, and Mary Louise Parker is HOT).

Grey's anatomy used to be cool initially, but then too much drama. it's like watching a soap. so, decided to bump that out... sorry atie sweetie. i know u love it (throws up). Scrubs is awesome, but its a bit Ally McBeal-ish. not so original, and very family guy-ish. Naruto should be on my list, BUT it's just way too freakin long. too hard to follow. u know what, let's put Kenshin on that list. number 8.

8. Rurouni Kenshin: the Battousai (which guy dont wanna be a cool Samurai and speak in a cool voice every time you're about to fight aaand dont look stupid doing it??)

My List of baddest bad ass characters in Entertainment....

1. Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting of Gangs of New York.
This character is just totally bad ass. with that fake eye, and how he respects is arch enemy even after he murdered him. now that's how you be a Man.

2. Sylar of Heroes
seriously, he plays the character so well, i hate him so much every time he comes on screen.

3. Jules Winnfield of Pulp Fiction (played by Samuel L Jackson)
come on, a guy who preaches before he blows your brain out is not badass? even I wanna preach before i blow up someone's brain away. and yes, surprisingly, his name is Jules.

4. Tyler Durden of Fight Club
Amin R is right. Tyler Durden punched Jared Leto into a pulp, and is definitely just totally bad ass when he kicks others' ass. it doesnt end there. who can ever forget 'first rule of fight club, you dont TALK about fight club'.

5. Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development
Now who dont hate the mom? you just totally hate the Bitch? great actress.

6. Brick Top of Snatch
This guy scares you. feeds you to the pigs if he dont like you, and it's all about business. kills his henchman who sucks up to him.

I wanna add one more, but he's only a cartoon character. cant remember the name of the character. he was in Kenshin. The rightman to the burning guy. he only smiles politely and kills without a regret, or remorse on his face. slits their throat while smiling. now that's bad ass.

Make that step....

Okay, a lot of people come to me for relationship stuff. unless you're in the list of my Entourage (refer to facebook), please continue reading.

So here's the thing... if you like someone, dont just sit down and have all that crush swell, and swell, and swell, and next thing you know that crush just wilts away, goes on to another person for attention or whatever.

Dont give me that shit that you or your crush dont have time. MAKE time. if you like your crush so much, just fuckin say it before it's too late. of course, i know, the timing has to be right as well. and that, you should base it on your instinct. and TRUST your instinct of when.

seriously, dont waste time. say you want your crush. do you want to look back, 30 yrs from now and think about the what ifs? if shit goes down when you confess, profess, or whatever cheesy shit you call these days, at least you know you tried.

So, kesimpulan di sini, jangan buang masa, go for it. or how the creators of Nike would say, 'Just Fuckin Do it'. well i know they dont have that tagline, but damn they should. i'd so by the merchandise.

Frozen images....

it's been a while... and going to be much longer after this... sigh....

i'm not kidding here... that phone on the table is a functional phone. i was too stumped seeing this guy using it til i forgot to take a picture then. and i thought it was just me, but the whole starbucks were in awe that people actually still USE that phone!!

u talking to me? seriously, who has the upper hand here? EAT LEAD!!

boys will be boys... give a dude a gun, no matter how old he is, they're just gonna feel that macho charge come flowing in.

more than 2 years i've been in this 'Primatech' company, pocho2 comes to me just so easily. haha. it's a company thingy. and seriously, who says armies can't have fun?

we had a kids creative session, gave them plasticine to create robots or insects or something. they're still pretty adorable. it sucks to know your creativity fades away the older you get... you stop coloring, you stop drawing, you stop sculpting, you stop pointing... you just become really old and boring....

Take me to your leader earthling!!!

one of my favorite pictures this month!

inflatables ROCK!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

pretentious bitches....

it's amazing how that these two words 'pretentious bitches' rhyme. what's even more amazing, these two words almost go hand in hand with today's world scenario.

1. stop thinking you're so pretty. if people think you're pretty, dont be a fucking blonde about it. those who do, deserves to have their big shades that cover up their ego and their 'too far apart' eyes and shove it up their ass. if u think you're so pretty, i bet u there's more prettier ladies out there than you. and coolest thing of all, they have better personality than you, of which im guessing most are just backstabbing, backbiting biatches. guess what finger am i holding up?

2. ladies... i learned this when i was still on my predeparture prog to the states. come ooooooooooon. dont bitch about your relationship to other people. 'oh tapi dier best friend aku'. guess what finger im holding up? UNLESS... u want your relationship to crumble... well that's the way to go. oh btw... some guys do this too. come oooon... people, it's called relationship for something. the guy's or lady's weaknesses has to be accepted and improved between each other. 'till death do us part' wasnt put into the minister's speech for nothing.

3. dont be too over sensitive about everything. everything happens for a reason. and i especially hate it when people jump into conclusion. making assumptions without basis. here's something... 'assume will only make an ass out of u and me'. guess what finger im holding up again? and im betting you it's not my thumb.

damn im on fire tonite. hahaha. too much entourage and watching how Ari Gold expresses his every pissed off moment just pumps the FUCK out of you to FUCK other people's emotion. FUCK yeah. hahahaha. damn i havent written like this for so FUCKing long. miss those good old angst times.

btw... if u really followed my writings, i dont write like that as much anymore. we have to grow up. life's too short to hold a grudge. but i think i just needed the message to get across.

fooking forward....

this is awesome. i dont usually forward emails except those i think are damn worth it. here's one.

At a recent U2 concert in Glasgow , Scotland , lead singer Bono asked the audience for total quiet. Then, in the silence, he started to slowly clap his hands, once every few seconds.

Holding the audience in total silence, he said into the microphone, "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies."

A Scottish voice with a broad accent from the front of the crowd pierced the quiet... "Well, foockin' stop doin it then, ya evil bastard!"

if only it were true.

i'll add more post soon. 1 week to HOLIDAYS!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Tipping point....

I believe in fate...

I believe... that even that minute decision, that minute gesture, like moving a small pebble from a path way, avoiding yourself from being hit by a falling coconut, could create such monumental result. a result that would create a chain reaction like a domino effect, a nuclear bomb, that would change a person's life forever.

I believe... when you try so hard to be something, and then something happens especially when one foot is already there, that completely changes the course of your whole life, and unexpected move let's say, would completely make you a totally different person.

I believe... now i have to set my priorities straight...

I believe... now it's time i should start growing up fastter.....

and I believe... as much shit as you have to go through, there'll be something out there much better.

I totally believe in... in Karma....

and most of all... now, i believe or at least i have the feeling... that everything happens for a reason. it's up to you to take it like a man.... or keep it to yourself and work your way through alone.....

believe in yourself.....