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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

well... i know its late, but malaysian reality, nih baru nak masuk raya ke empat, and ikut kata melayu, 'raya kan sebulan'. so dgn kata2 itu, ingin saya mengambil kesempatan, mengucapkan ribuan ampun dan maaf, to anyone i've ever offended, ever dissed, ever talked about accidentally or not behind their back. to one individual, i dont think you're reading this, but really, im very sorry for everything, and wish it never happened as well. to my family, i love you guys, i dont even know if you guys are reading this, but i love you guys so much, just i dont really show it or say it. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Strangely enough, this has to be one of the worst ramadhan, if not, the worst, for me. maybe unlike anyone who is excited that its already syawal, i didnt feel like celebrating at all. i think only org yang layak celebrate raya are the ones who really2 utilized it to the fullest. and sadly, im not one of them. i regret it, but insya allah, i'll do my best for next year's ramadhan.

well, just finished capoeira. i must say, this is one of the best martial arts ive ever taken after silat. i cant say that i CAN kick someone's ass, but at least i know i would when the right time comes. its good work out, it hurts, pain on the thighs and the back, but yupp... i love capoeira.

at the end of capoeira, this guy, (paham2 laa kan american nih suka bercakap tetiba kat ntah saper) started to bring up a topic that doesnt really have an impact to my life, but it did make me smile.

The guy A is the one who brought up the topic.
A: you know what's one of the strangest coincidence in human history ever?
B: what?
A: a japanese guy from japan, wakes up one day, and figured that he's going to start a game, with two italian plumbers, named mario and luigi, and both of them live in Brooklyn.
B: but i thought mario was from donkey kong
A: yes but, still, it was the japanese guy who thought of that. i dont think a japanese guy would come up with that crapt today.

I smiled, not knowing whether to acknowledge that strange comment, but somehow, there could be a little truth in it. i think.