wait, i can do this.... sorry what was i supposed to do again?

Friday, February 27, 2004

mmmm... SI... cant get my head off it... the worst thing about this edition is... heidi klum is not in it. shoot.... but there are some really hot ones in it too. again... i love to read the articles and look at the cars advert....

Thursday, February 26, 2004

wow... the reactions i got, and the response is wow. thanks for the inspiring emails, and IM. but the best thing is... i got not questions. sweet.

some people has been wondering the song that's on now, which creates the mood. John Mayer - Comfortable. i first listened to the song at a John Mayer Concert (yes, it sucks being me. but he really knows the guitar). when he was singing this song as his last performance for the nite, one girl beside my friend was practically crying. but ah... that's another story.

so i watched a french movie "wasabi" last nite. the movie was funny, wasnt action packed or great, or very very funny. it was funny. plus, being the japanese sucker i am, i just banged my head on the table wondering when will i reach kyoto, or tokyo, or osaka visiting those old temples, and castles. another thing about this movie, ryoko hirosue, playing the jean reno's daughter, is so hot. well... she's a wee bit flat, but still so hot. somehow, japanese women speaking fluent french was the biggest turn ons of the week. well actually, one of the biggest turn ons of the week. i bought a 'book' today. verrrry interesting. i love the 'articles'. haha. if you guys are thinking playboy, or penthouse or hustler. get a life. too much of those just deteriorates your brain. i'm talking about the "sports illustrated:swimsuit edition 2004". perrgh. my first swimsuit edition was a present from my "special" friend tonjang. he is soo fucking sweet. hahah. thanks.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

yes... i'm getting busy, as you can see the slow progress updating of my say. right now, sitting down in the library, just waiting for my pdf's file to print. you see, i have about more than 100 pages to print. so i need to save space, paper, and electricity (yup one more step to the enve thingy), in order to do that, i have to print 4 page on one sheet. but it would do that unless i print the pdf file as image. and the problem with 'printing with fucking image' is that it takes about 5 mins to read the the file of 4 pages, before it can print. wtf sial? Weekend nih giler hectic. sigh. i dont really have much cash in my pocket, but ah, it challenging... huyeaah....


Why do people do stupid things? satisfaction? entertainment? action? love? geram? just for a joke? or just plain stupid? Some people think others that have blogs are stupid. Some people think others who think that are stupid. Just how degrading does one have to be rated as stupid? well i think definitely the things the people do in "Real World" are stupid, except of course the only matured and only "Real World" that i like. But, personally i think the most important thing is what does the person who is doing that thing think. Everything done by a man, usually, there is a reason behind it. One cant just lash out to these 'stupid' people as they say without knowing the main motive behind the act. Sometimes, that indiviual doesnt really tell why. So just dont assume out of the blue. there are a lot of stuff we might not know about the other person. sometimes they just wont say, because like usual, the truth hurts. Always understand the problem, overview, analyze, and then action comes in. I never liked people who dont reason. one of the most people who nearly never reasons are my SAS warden. Always reason. then take action. hmm. for example, this blog thing. like i said earlier, some people just find it too stupid. but then as i was browsing at nazha's page, she pointed out something very reasonable, and totally makes the stand. having a blog is actually one way to reach out to your long lost friends. i have 100+ contacts in my msgr, friendster, whatever, but i never do have the time to IM or email each one of my buddies. not that i forget or just ignore them. its just there is not much time in one's hand. from blogs, people could just look up their friends, and check out what how they're doing lately. Really nazha, you made a good point. Sometimes, men usually pursue girls that others know they are so out of the league, or never going to get what they're going for, and they are pointed out as stupid. well... personally, after so much experience, (thanks rina :P), the challenge is always great. and sometimes, if it didn't turn out like i wanted to, usually it'd be ending in great terms anyway. me rina, me ayun, me Jennifer Aniston, me Charlize Theron. besides, its always always nice to have someone special to talk to, comfortable with, and in my case with miss Jennifer Aniston, we cuddle sometimes too, although i always hoped it to be rina. demmit. :P. just kidding. Sometimes when i plan to go bungee jumping or sky diving, people call me stupid, but i dont think it is. I like the thrill, the excitement, and most of all, the adrenaline rush, that gushes through your vein and beautiful things that god created, and you're heart beats so much faster, knowing that you have life in you. huyeaah. well... all in all, i dont think we should say how stupid people are without rationalizing their motives, and their reasons. i wont deny it, i'm not perfect, and i do call people stupid too sometimes. heh. but sometimes, if you think about it... there's always a reason.....

Thursday, February 12, 2004

hahaha. i cant help it... this reminds me of malaysia so much. damn how i miss home even though i went back just this winter.

anggap ini macam minum kopi, minum teh, minum nescape....

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Some girls are all about it
Some girls they love to let it fly
Some girls no doubt about it
Some girls are born to make you cry

Some girls can't live without it
Some girls got twenty reasons why

Over & over again ....

huyeaah..... homework... best nyer byk homework. masalah hidup. huyeaaah... bestnyer ada masalah hidup. proud of who i am, what i do, and what i decide. huyeaahh. best nyer....

these smiles are just a mirror for the sun.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

ah yess.... mid terms. it starts. with this, people start staying up late, waking up early, ending up with really bad hair day, BO, or really really bad day. now is the season when both men and women have their 'moods'. pms now stands for "pressure midterm syndrom". and somehow, yet somehow, the antidote, is usually coffee. mmm. coffee. people have always said, that marijuana or ecstasy or whatever crapt is the most consumed drug in the world these days. however, they have overlooked caffeine. subtle, and silent addicter, it just sucks you into consuming them. and yes the market has grown even better. with people now have the choice of having tall, latte or grande, white choc mocha (my fav), mocha latte, double, single espresso shot, and maybe some of ellias's great coffee mix that you have no idea what the ingredients was. the smell just puts your craving to the edge and would make you just jump out from your seat to resolve that craving problem, and yes, sleeping problem (which doesnt work always). i remembered the most coffee that i consumed in 1 whole hour was when i was in permata petronas. i think it was like 7 - 8 cups. maybe even more. it made me hyper, which i know i usually am, so u could imagine what that made me, and by the time it was afternoon, i just ran flat on the chair, listening to the faci's talking. well not listening, more blubbers to me at that time. heh. that just comes to prove how caffeine has the power give you the power, and then take that privilage just moments after. remember, about 85% ppl drink caffeine everyday in the states, imagine that. how many people would be hypered up and just shrivel after that. imagine that black sweet coffe, or white, with the whipped cream, and a dash of choclate, just drags you in and making you, its captive. aaaah yes... coffee... mm... ah who cares, it taste good anyway right? huyeaaah....

Monday, February 09, 2004

yes ppl... the worst has happened...

yesterday, they were still there. sweet, and soft, making your heart melt everytime. especially when it touch your lips.... i was to greedy, to ignorant to think about the future... what would i do without you.... those white puffy round....... kuih makmur. tssk.. tskk...

kuih makmur ku abis!!!!!


ah, fuck it.... i'll just have to learn to make em....

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The internet....

well i dont really want to talk about the internet in general. but obviously, you are reading my thoughts through the internet too. strangely enough, the internet started being used in Malaysia massively when i was about form 2 or form 3. so that's about 1996-1997 or so. Thus i think the Us has started using them maybe about two three years previous, maybe earlier, and ever since, the internet business and communication and all the yadda yadda hass been growing so rapidly.

i dont know about other people, but it seems that internet now is one part of a person important essential. in one day, you'd be facing the laptop, connecting to the internet, chatting, browsing, downloading, at least once. at least once in a day. especially in a US college, an email, which is part of the internet connection, is essential. you cant go on a holiday just one day and not think about how many emails that you'd be getting by the time you come back from the holidays. maybe 4, maybe 5, maybe 15, maybe 100. and maybe out of that 100, only 20 is an email that is really for you, and the rest is just junk. and from that 20, maybe about 15 is just some yahoogroups, or some blaa group that you're signed up to, that you dont really intend to read because you know about 95% of the email your group sent is usually just BS. thus out of the 100, could be only 5 emails that you really really read and get concerned about it. but why did you worry for a one week holiday about emails? flooded? excess email? i dont even know what i'm talking about.

damn internet. sucking our daily life from everything. first maybe during the 60's or the 70's it used to be the movies or panggun wayang bergambar as allahyarham p ramlee stated it. and then during the 80's and 90's especially, with the invention of cable, tv became very essential for as we malaysian say, "Berita terkini, hiburan sensasi". now in the 21st century, our life has been exploited by technology without us even noticing about it. yes i read about myn's writing how technology could evolve our grand grand grand grand and so on children into mindless beings with big bobbing heads and large goolgy eyes, and trying to take over the world!! well another world at least. and i agree with that.

back then when i was a kid i used to run around and communicate with others face to face. playing fox and hound, or malaysian terms "kejar2" or sabah terms "bubut2". it was great having to communicate that way. i communicate with REAL people, and get REAL bruises, and get REAL friends. now its different, the kids could be communicating with UNREAL people from the UNREAL online tournament game, and get UNREAL bruises, and UNREAL friends that could be just michael jackson and his fetishes if cute innocent young boys and claiming he is a white 12 year old girl looking for a "buddy" that is fun, loving, and would prefer to sleep on a large creepy mansion with, god knows "toys" in his neverland where you'd have the best "fun" in your life.

of course i wont deny the benefits of using the internet, you can talk to a long lost friend, talk to family who live half a world away, cheat on your boyfriend, and then break up with him at the same method (rather than talking on the phone or using stupid post it notes, of course i got this from sex n the city), or look for a job, or communicating with professors, finding out if school is open today or other blaa and yadda and etc stuff that you know you yourself can elaborate.

cant we just organize ourselves without using the internet or email and just leave notes anymore? yupp... i dont think its plausible anymore. its not impossible though. can we reduce our internet use, and study without having our desktops or laptop on and having being distracted by those long lost friends, or long lost monkey, or family half a world away, or ex bf's coming up to you saying "hi, just poppin by, to say hi, how you doing" and then in he end, being end up chatting and laughing and thus forgetting your loads of work that is actually due tomorrow, or about 30 mins from now. why is it so hard?

well, thus i proved myself, how disorganization and lack of discipline of using the internet could cause you just being way off from what your schedule is planning to be, because i have work dua about 1 hr from now, and yet i'm still typing. yes ladies ad gentlemen. i'm still typing. still am. there i go again. why am i not stopping. yes, disorganization and lack of discipline of using the internet. could we organize ourselves and just block our view from this internet thing that is just completely sucking our whole life into it. and maybe one day when technology rule the world, people would start to wonder if Neo would actually going to drop by and save them from the matrix, the AI that took us away from all the treasures that He gave us. And amazingly ladies and gentlemen, i am STILL typing, and now my work due time is lesst than an hour.

thus feeling so disorganized and lack of discipline, i think i really do should stop this crappy thing and start worrying about my chemical process control and dynamics...... haha. there i go again, still typing....

to be concluded <-- my ass to be conluded, bodoh nyer matrix 2....

Monday, February 02, 2004


watching movie for two: $18
two pair of gap boxers: $20
Eating at subway: $6
A good DVD: $10

Having a great time yesterday: PRICELESS

selamat hari raya haji!!