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Monday, August 20, 2007

Wingman of the year......

What I am about to tell you is the task i had to go through last Friday night, and i am honored to have received the award for 'Wingman of the Year' from Abe.

So basically last Friday Abe and I got an invite from a lady friend to go clubbing at Zeta bar. for those who dont quite know where's Zeta bar, it's in KL Hilton and only for 21 yrs of age and above.

So Abe, been wanting a nice dance with our friend for quite a while really wants to go for the dance. being me, although not so much into clubbing, given great company, i dont quite mind. But the problem is, i couldnt get any of my friends to join me as Abe have fun with our friend. So, abe asked his colleague to ask if any of her friends would like to join. but a warning was given out in advance... hmmm how should i put this nicely... there's this thing called being blonde rite? but this is way beyond being blonde. basically not really my cup of tea lah. but i thought it wont be too bad lah as that's from another's view. so im hoping at least they could probably be reaaally cool in person.

so nite came, walked into Zeta with abe and our friend. actually i was already having quite a nice fun just the three of us. i dont mind if i was the tree lah actually. and then not long after abe picked up his phone, and told me that they're there. so.. okay lah rite.

riiiiiiite. okay 'indeeeeeeed'. out of all the ladies that i know who knows abe, not one did he invite them. well actually he did lah, but they were too occupied. okay, so i thought, never mind, maybe not my taste, but they could probably have great personalities. rite.

riiiiiiiite. personalities 'indeeeeeed'. maybe not the kind im very used to, but i told myself, maybe at least they're good at the dance floor. rite.

riiiiiiiiiiiiiite. dancing 'indeeeeed'. But since I know abe needed the personal time, so yeaps... i pulled the wingman. forcing a smile while i hold myself from wondering where in the world did they learn to dance... namibia? sesame street? i think grover and elmo has better dance moves than that. yeaaaah. i know im mean. but this is the nicest way i could put it really.

looking at abe having fun was not easy. had to utter 'im taking one of the team... taking one for the team...'. actually, i took two for the team. two really worrying ones. suddenly in the midst of all of those struggle, abe picked up the phone, and he has to pick up faidz who's waiting in KL central. abe gave instructions 'dude, take care of our friend'. immediately i took an opportunity to at least put a smile on my face, dancing with someone fun.

lucky abe she could dance. and when there was this one classic song pun, i took her hands and told her we're gonna do swing dance based on the music. and she didnt know how, but she managed to follow as i lead. twirled her, and laughing and really had so much fun. in my mind at the same time 'damn it abe, she can dance!!!'. yeapss....

but anyhoo... being me, i feel bad ignoring abe's two friends who's totally in their own freaking world. so i pulled in our friend to dance with abe's two friends. then i let go of our friend and grabbed the hand of one of the ladies to ask them to follow me for the swing dance. oh dear god... bad baaaad mistake. with her mulut muncung while dancing i dont know what's the reason, she completely slaughtered the swing dance without even understanding the concept of following me. she was even twisting my arms in a manner that i prefer to have held pure hot boiling kettle than hers. yes... im puttting this reeeeally nicely.

immediately i let go and said 'no worries, you go girl!!' turned around to our friend, and continued with the nite. at least i had fun dancing with her. but then abe came in, so i had to give him his time again... but this time faidz was around. im hoping faidz would pull a good wingman and at least lessen my burden.

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite. lessen 'indeeeeed'. faidz was probably the worst wingman i know that nite. i was still dancing with both of the ladies, and okay, imagine this, so this two ladies were dancing together while facing me rite? and what faidz could do was stand beside me and face THEM while dancing. but this genius... genius pilot friend of mine, danced while facing ME. ME. totally gayed up the moment, and when you think things cant be any gayer... some dude started touching faidz's hips from behind leaving faidz flabbergasted and worried. so who's fault was it? hehehe.

at the end the two friends left early leaving me and faidz together while abe was dancing with our friend. it was a bad nite for us, but a great nite for abe. i think i pulled my task as a wingman really well. regardless how bad i think the nite was, it was a damn great funny story to tell the next day and after and probably years to come from now.

here's to the wingman....

here's some new pics... actually they're not new lah. but i took during my trip to the longhouse last time which i promised to write. heheheh.

batang ai dam... believe it or not, there's a hilton there... and it's pretty cool really. not shit. in the middle of the jungles of borneo, in the middle of the dam.

bumi ku yang hijau....

this wasnt exactly an easy fit. i had to go off the boat god knows so many times and push the boat as the river was really in low tide.

tuai irfan....

wondering what it's like to grow up as a kid in the jungles of borneo as your playground....

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Much ado about nothing....

Rite, I'm still not updating properly. my bad guys. been moving around a lot, busy with my course and stuff. been back and forth from bangi to KL and by the time i got back home usually, i was already too tired to do anything and just pass out on my bed. isnt it amazing how hotel beds, no matter how crappy the hotel is, the bed itself, is REALLY comfy. i think it could be the aircond. oh well.

I had some materials to write about the whole week, but due to being tired most of the time, its always lost by the end of the nite. but here's some things i kinda pointed out this week.....

understanding what 'old' people say....

I dont know if it's good or not if you're sitting down at a dinner table with a group of seasoned men talking about the iskandar development region and the difficulty of getting the tenders and contract with all the political hassle behind it.

and the worst thing is probably, some of my friends' jokes or comment dont seem as funny as much anymore. its either offensive, i dont get it, or just not funny. well definitely excluding the McGiffs and Terror Trio definitely of course.

Sometimes i find their immaturity of their thoughts, talks, suggestions, irresponsibilities also get to me. me, being a killjoy definitely is not something i would do so i'd just pretend and smile but without any comments. not because i agree with whatever they say, just that i know putting up an argument could deem pointless and to me i think it's up to them to grow up by themselves.

I wonder what does it take for someone to mature and grow up? i dont know if i matured, i definitely dont wanna be a killjoy and not being part of the kid on the block, but also i think at times, being the kid on the block forever isnt a very good image for a person at one point. hmmm. i dont know how to continue this sentence actually. kid on the block needs to grow up? kid on the block needs to get a work? kid on the block needs to leave the block and groom himself into a man but still once in a while be able to go back to the block for old times sake and chill down memory lane? ntah.... for those who get what i mean, what can i say, you get me. for those who dont... dude... grow up.....

What ifs....

what would happen if superman had a business card? what would it be like? I wonder where does he keep it? under the cape? he sure as hell dont carry a wallet. unless that 'package' he has is actually his wallet. and i wonder what does the card say?

Clark Kent by day, Superman by night?
Not just another Superhero?
In trouble? Scream something obscure like 'is it a bird? is it a plane?'

gee... i wonder how in the world did people mistaken him as a bird? maybe in real life superman actually has a very ugly face. well probably not ugly, but definitely looks like a bird no?

What if i had a burberry wallet? i think it should feel really good... cause it dooooooesss.... alhamdulillah.... been wanting it since god knows how long.

well today i have my 8th year high school reunion. okay okay, i know some people ask me, 'why tak 10 year jekk terus???'. i have no idea. hahahah. but heck, this could actually been interesting. you've always thought it was easy to meet up with everyone after school, after uni, but actually its not. with commitments and all. but you must agree, it could be something you look forward to at the end of the week after a stressing out at work.

well... i'll definitely give better updates next week as im back in bintulu and i'll try to figure out what to write at the same time throughout the week.