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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chocolate cream chip frap....

right now, you're probably reading this.. and wondering... why chocolate cream chip frap? have i been mugged by a kid over my chocolate cream chip frap since i last updated? Or did some nerdy loser, who's trying to impress the starbucks lady accidentally flipped chocolate cream chip on me while i was queuing in the line? well, in actual fact... neither of those happened. it's probably the only non coffee drink that i got here in Starbucks KLCC while i updated my blog. i dont really have much idea what to mainly write about other than my thoughts and ramblings.

btw... sitting down updating my blog on my white laptop here rite now seems probably one of the coolest things to do in KLCC!! why havent i been doing this? well i've actually wanted to do this for a while but either the power source are all occupied, or i didnt bring my laptop. but now that im actually doing it, it's pretty cool coz i get to sit down, and since i have the ability (chewah, macam citer heroes jekk) to type without looking at the keyboard, im having the privilege of checking out people, especially ladies while im not even looking at the screen. dam im pretty good at multi tasking. just now i just saw this one girl in a black tom abang saufi-ish batik pass by.. not baad. not baaad. but still... like i mentioned, kebayas are THE hottest.

So Ok, enough about all that... i actually thought about some materials.. (whoa... hot girl again.. and yes, while im typing)... where was i... yes.. materials during the past week and yes also during raya weekend.

How was Raya? well it was same ol same ol. but this time the family was having a complete first raya since i started working. made some more cool friends, got sick, got into an accident, got a ticket summon (whoa.. tall hot swedies lady wearing 70s looking aviators!! how do i know she's swedish, she wore a name tag that says she's from sweden), made a visit to the orphans in hoping to spend time with them before raya starts, but due to some bad miscommunication on their side, i ended up buka puasa with my friend and sister in gas station. blows. yeps... not THE best raya, but KK was always awesome, and holiday is always nice.

yes sure to people every monday is a black monday, initially i thought so too, until something weird happened. not weird la, but very rarely. i was already about to leave for work early but i could because my car was blocked by my housemates, so then i decided to take my sweet time instead. so when finally i left for work, i stumbled upon a VERY heavy traffic, and for people who live around my area, crazy traffic like this would only conclude three most likely things that could've happened. a) road construction, b)road accident, c) there was an attack of killer pigeons pissed off at the raging growth of the industrial business in the area.

i wanna go with c) coz i'd be really pissed off if i were a pigeon, but i was guessing b) instead. but seriously, those damn pigeons should start doing something about the pollution. rather than just pooping on our cars, they'd should start taking some kickass action seriouuuusly.

so yes, my guess was correct, so i wasnt suprised... initially. then i saw the accident... or my i say.. accidentS. with a big S at the end. because it was a freaking 15-car pile up!!!! so i started thinking not long after, that it'd be scary if i actually did leave early, i could've been 16! so, regardless i got to work a bit late, well... my sweet red sophie is okay, and im okay. so yeps... i try my best to look at things a bit more practically but still realistic and comparable. jangan la sampai compare 'people in palestin are dying!!' yes yes they are, but it's not about making you sucky for their predicament. we need something in which we can at least laugh on. am i even making enough sense here?? or is typing while looking at people isnt really the best method?? hahaha. but oh well... you got the idea.

Superman or Supervain?

during the raya holidays, HBO was showing Superman returns for like god knows how many times. yes it was a great movie. and yes, Superman is definitely, without a doubt, whether you like it or not, is THE most influential super heroes since he was created in 1938.

but these were some of the thoughts that both me and my sister went through...

first, there was a scene where superman was in the ocean, and then he flew up to the sky since he drew all his energy from the sun. and here's the thing... about his hair. i just dont really understand, how in the world did his wet hair sudden got dry, and nicely combed and fashioned? getting it dry might be explainable since he could've flew so fast and the temperature was so sufficient enough to induce condensation at a higher rate. but having your hair perfectly shaped as it has always been since he was a kid, how'd he do it??? yesss... maybe he styled and combed his hair on the way up there, but then where would he keep the comb? he's just wearing a tight spandex people!??

okay next, im really puzzled, when he disguise himself as clark kent, where'd he hide the red cape? wheeeeere? did he folded it nicely into his back pocket?? if he really did, wouldnt there be creases on the cape??? where'd he have time to iron especially in a cramped space in the phone booth? and even if he did iron it in fast speed, the speed of the iron heating up isnt as fast as how he moves! im thinking that the cape is probably custom made by dockers no wrinkles.

if you think about it, Superman is probably the most Supervain metro sexual guy on earth that he didnt actually go to the phone booth in that nick of time, but actually went home to iron his clothes, make his hair, take a crapper instead and go out back to the booth!

and lastly, about superman, cant people realize it? it's just clark kent, without the glasses and a dorky suit!!! superman only had that little hair curl in front, that's it. back then i thought it was cool, but now i think kids who actually DO do that, has some parents who's just a bit weird. they'll probably putting the kid through a heavy trial tribulation in school and a social outcast!

oh dear god... im soooo sleepy rite now. work hour is almost done. i slept late last nite coz i was catching up with the usual suspects. and probably tonight will somewhat do the same. tapi dengan kata line... soooooooooooo sleepy. the hot women passing by pun dont have much affect on me right now. blows big time....

Best action movies of all time....

So i tried listing this out since early this week. here's the thing, i've had my top 5 best action movies of all time in the 90s. well, i named it that way mainly because i was still in high school when i made that ranking. hehe. and i realized i my have to re evaluate the ranking.

here's the ranking in the 90s.
1. Face Off
2. The Matrix
3. The Rock
4. Speed
5. Bad Boys

but when i started thinking for my new list, i realized there's a lot of great action movies i've seen since the past 8 years of my life in the new millenia. Kill Bill I, Casino Royal, all the three Bourne movies (damn kick ASS movie with MACHO written all over it!), Bad Boys II, Mission Impossible II, a lot more!! so i cant really decide. i may have to really sit down and evaluate it.

but regardless what, i still think Face Off would probably be one of the greatest action movies of all time. seriously, think about the plot really. so damn unique and utter genius. there's no main actor in the movie! and both Nicholas Cage and John Travolta executed their character as good guys and bad guys very very well! and i dont care no matter how illogical you think it is, switching faces is just totally an awesome, AWESOME concept.

holy shit, white girl on phone with short hair and tall and very pretty, like the ones you see in guess magazine covers just pass by. sigh....

but anyway, yes... i think it'd be really difficult. and i think i'd have to make Bourne trilogy as one story, mainly because all three movie is just so damn good, that you cant possibly separate it. they're all just so gooooood.

but i know two of the movies that has to be in my list is this two set of movies, bourne trilogy and face off. gotta figure out the rest... hmmm.....

more weird lists im coming up with.....

okay, there's this one list im thinking of coming up just for fun. 5 people i'd sit down and have a drink with. yeps... i think that would be a good list to do. and you also have to take into account the other guests as well, and not just picking the person for the sake of the person, coz then it wont be a very cool hangout session.

to my friends, especially those who has their blog, like Fera, Atie, Faidz (mangkok yang takpernah update), Lana, Jaja, Nini, Lya or whoever, try it, come up with a list of people you'd want to sit down and have drinks with. the person could be a historical figure, stalin for example, any awesome figure, with reasons. Right now, i have some random names, Hitler and Osama so far are some of them. hmmm suddenly in random i think it'd be cool if i could sit down with jack the ripper as well....

but then, i dont know if Osama would get along with PRamlee... heck, i dont think he'd get along with Stevie Ray Vaughan.... Damn... this is a difficult list of guest.

Well.. i think that's all for now... maybe not as interesting, but i'd definitely spice things up soon. pictures... sorry maybe not now, but soon la. have to choose which pics first.

till next time guys.... laters.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2007!!!

okay okay, very short one since I've been moving around too much hence i dont get to get online that frequently.

I would wanna say sorry to everyone, my friends, or even my non friends who stumbled upon my blog and got offended. anything that i've written, said or done is just my own opinion and i have no means of making anyone uncomfortable. The reason i write is to make ppl laugh, smile, and probably even lift themselves up after a day's of hectic day.

So, Slamat Hari Raya, kepada yang Jauh and yang Dekat, to all my Semenanjung friends, please do know i miss you guys, and yes, i've never celebrated 1st or 2nd Raya in KL. hehehe. I wish flight tickets were so cheap that i could travel there in one day and come back later that nite. hehe. but the reality is, i'm not a pilot nor am i a colombian drug dealer. okay okay, i know this is a freaking hallmark moment, but so what, once a year pun rite. so fuckit. McGiffs, miss you guys a lot. Dont get that weight after that one month of hardwork... FERA!!

Fera, i just wanna say, you are pretty and cool and very far away. so selamat hari raya. (good save? heheh.. peluk peluk cium cium).

Atie, Selamat hari raya lah orang jauh, sorry no kad raya, bintulu's option is really bad. i have no idea why. i'll make it up to you one day okay? in fact i'll hire a male stripper for your bday, or heck, if ur in town, i'll just make a silly dance for you okay?

Abe, Tod, Faidz... wahai mangkok sekalian... ketahuilah bahawa encik todi skarang sudah jadik player, en Faidz dah jadik pelakon tetap hallmark moment, dan en Abe orang yang takde progress sampai ntah biler. actually, i think im in the same boat. but at least im meeting ladies. mnuehehehe. but anyhoo... slamat la wei.

Selamat Hari Raya dari kami... Four You Two SEE!!! (play your favorite 'bergema takbir' by 4U2C here)...