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Friday, July 09, 2004

hahaha... thus it has been another chapter of my life. lama giler tak update. why? coz i was doing nothing, so, when doing nothing, you're just plain... lazy. some sort of summary of what's been happening lately in my life. its summer, after my last update, we had that midwest thingy, after the midwest thingy, we had that paintball thingy which was awesome. then next we had... ermmm... well... nothing. but there were a lot of hanging out and watching movies. and my bestest buddy went back to malaysia and now just missing her and her gang. elle, jangan makan banyak2 nanti bonch. so im going back to malaysia. went back already last time, but still pysched. just cant wait. haha. coz if i stay here and do nothing, i'll be wasting money and just sitting down getting malnutriotioned. kesian giler bebudak sini, takdek makananan. kebulur siut. duit takdek, tenaga utk masak takdek. makan maggi ngan telur tetiap hari. tak pun kalau hari yang best sket, makan nasi putih ngan kicap. pergggh.... well last week, out of the spur of the moment i agreed to teman foi meet his aunt in philly by driving there. jebat and fatah followed. this the fun part. we missed the exit. and accidentally sampai Washington DC. serious. but the coolest thing is kat DC ada great 4th of July celebration everywhere. but we didn't really watch the fireworks. we ended up sitting and watching the fireworks on our way back. to Atlantic City!!! huyeaaah. cool giler. gambled it lil bit. just for the fun of it. bukan table. table tak mampu aaa. tuh dah mmg taik judi giler. just went to the slot machines. damn. setan mmg jahat. pandaaaai jekk nak tarik org. memula dier bagi kiterang menang. at one point... menang jadik gian. gian jadik kalah. kalah jadik abis investment kiterang. ahahah. kick ass. seb baik abis 7 bucks jekk. on the way back to troy, we went to woodbury, did some shopping for the family, and enjoyed every single bit of the whole trip. hehe. but all in all, the trip would be better if the apizha, elle, ninie would be there. hahahah. well going back this sunday. tak tau laa rajin idak kat sana. kalau tak, tunggu sampai class start laa gamak nyer. anyway, HAPPY BDAY JULIE!!!! here are some cool pics for the past tak update....

after our nite with the incubus

foi kat DC

me n apizha at paintball


me and foi from band of brothers

after paintball

origami that i made by myself with the help of an old nice japanese woman

fishing 2004

Taroi kene saman... eheh, pasal per? tanya taroi...

couple comel

start midwest

winners for basketball women division

hazrat n me

myn comel n me

wanita wanita comelllll

bahiyah n me

ferr n putri n me

dinosaurs arrrr


nice sunny day in DC

lincoln memorial

its good to be... donald trump

depan white house

encik lincoln

after paintball again...

check you out next time... take care.. and have a grrrreaaat summerr....