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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

wow... i'm running for president. this time voluntarily. heh. i'm just tired of being nominated, not winning, and the WORSE thing is, not having any fun of campaigning. i definitely know that i wont be a politician, so there's a big probability of me not ever having the fun of campaigning again. so... what the hell... might as well enjoy it. i'll probably lose like EVERY semester. hahah. but i'll have fun. if i win, i'll do my duty, and give it an all out. i've always been a good worker. might as well push it up notch right? so.... please


Sexual Orientation

yes... a new entry.... if you watch the american tv lately, gay couples are getting married, even though people rally against it, but they still do it. somehow being gay in the US is nothing wrong, compared to a country like Malaysia. what do i think? hmmm.... it is a sensitive issue. but frankly, i'm saying what i think, and what i feel. i'm against gay culture. sorry. but it is written somewhere in the quran, i dont really know which part of the quran but i know its there. allah made men and women for balance. everything He created has a balance. tak kesah aa org nak cakap aper, tapi aku rasa org yang gay, definitely akan dilaknati allah. nauzubillah. truthfully someone i know is gay. sedih? yes. of course. ingat lagik dier ajak gi solat aper sumer. and skang, tatau laa. scientist did a research stating that gay is a hormone that's developed. but no, its not. you choose to be that way. Allah cipta kita manusia lengkap, ada otak nak fikir, ada choice, ikut apa yang btol dan jauhi yang salah. i maybe a hypocrite pasal aku pun ada gakk buat yang salah. aku nih bukan perfect. anyway, you choose to be that person. kalau tetiba nak bunuh org, ada conscious kat situ, choice, nak bunuh org ke tak. nak tumbuk org ke tak. Allah bagi otak bukan sesaja. ada reason. utk fikir. oraitsss.... chowsin

Monday, March 29, 2004

well... enough with the previous entry. end.

Well well... its spring again. hell yeah. now we're talking. the sun is up, the birds are coming out, and the insects are buzzing again. out of all the seasons, yes, spring is the best. well for me at least. dont know bout anyone else. tadi masa hantar fifi balik i was cruising in my car, with sunglasses, driving down the highway, rasa cam kick ass road tripping sengsorang plakk. heh, jiwang sebentar. but really, that is what i'm gonna do with the manly man of RPI who are not going back. from here, to Calif baby. hell yeah. harap2 aaa jadik. well spring is here... the smell... and masya allah, THE RAIN!! i love rain. i dont know why. but i love rain. if you walk in the rain, and carry a sword, it'll make you look like a travelling warrior. sadly, i never tried that. i only walked and yes.. just walked. but its still great. gonna start joggin outside tomorrow. muahaha. i loooove spring!!! it smells nice. and best of all...

TAROI KITA BLEH GI FISHING. ingat, next week saturday, tak pun rabu nih, kita gi beli fishing equipment. i wanna see your ass kicked boy!! hahahah...

sprrringgg feveeer.....

Monday, March 22, 2004

yes... baru seminggu after spring break... my life has been quite hectic. this is all due to my last minute homework doing thingy. so the lesson kids... go to school, and there's a break, dont do it last minute.... NOT!! i just found out that sometimes, working under pressure helps me understand more, and finish my homework earlier than expected. hahah. ude came here for spring break, i couldn't really entertain him much due to my hectic week. and by the end of the week, i had one presentation that really really fucked me up. it was a hard case study, about National Medical Enterprises. and that was a LOONG case. and later i found out how they actually bribed the doctors, and physician to make the patients stay longer so that they could gain more income from them. aint that a bitch. and if you read the case, they really really had no interest what so ever towards the patients health care or trying to improve the and care about the patients and the medical technology. all they think about was cash revenues and what not. i'm not a finance, or a management factor, but still it is fucked. heh. right now fifi and foi are rocking RPI. hell yeah. two best mofos i've ever known. another interesting happened to me this week... my sweetheart is hurt. everytime and take her along, she'd vibrate now. poor Sophie. yes Sophie, my red saturn. gotcha there. it was snowing, and as was driving down the hill i lost control and my car swerved and hit the curb. thus my driver side's rim tyres is dented pretty good now. and everytime i go over forty she'd vibrate a lot. sigh. nak kene pegi junkyard and buy new rims. btw, i watched this really good clip, milk and cereal original and asian version. it was fucking funny. haha. i think i'll make a malaysian version. muaha.

remember.... Trix are for kids!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

hahah.... lama giler tak sentuh. lot of stuff happened during spring break. I went to Vegas, won lots of cash in the machine slots. it was rad. from there i drove down to grand canyon where i saw the most beautiful view i have ever seen. the red rocks glows as dawn breaks and the breezy air brushes through me just makes me shiver and smile. by this time, you should have known that i only dreamt that i went to vegas and won a lot of money since i am really truly broke, and the closest thing i got through breezy air is my short, well actually long trip to brisk cape cod. well not actually brisk, but it was friggin cold. hahah. but somehow, to me, it was worth the drive. i got out of troy, peed on the ground outside of a closed restroom with the guys, and stood by the shore watching soil erosion and the endless horizon, wishing that Willy would just jump out of the water and michael jackson would pop up somewhere singing the free willy theme song. haha. bullshit. but all in all it was fun. i went there with great friends, i ate hainanese chicken rice, kang kung belacan (my most favorite sayur of all), and some kind of sotong that ellias ordered.

the cold shore...

choking on a burger in cape cod

me and ellias rocking quincy market

by the time i came back, i only have 60 bucks of cash left. haha. i didn't really spend a lot for the trip since we only drove with my car, and seeing the view, taking digital pictures, and having fun was worth it. i only had to use the left over money for car insurance and credit card. hah. btw, i went to out back. it was fabulous. for the first time i tried something else besides ayers rock strip and rack of lamb. rib-eyed steak was juicy, delicious, and tasty. i'm saliving as i am writing this thing. shoot. i watched way too much movies this spring break. but somehow i still feel it was worht it. i spend my whole semester sitting in front of books, rushing back and forth, waking up 6.30am everyday, and missing my late wakeups. yess, although i did not go anywhere for spring break, it was worth it!! watched unfaithful which was so hot, somehow women over 40 nowadays just lifts me up. well... SEXY women over 40. then i watched boogie nights which wasn't really good. passion of the christ was cool. too graphic but cool. i definitely know that one of the best movie now is Battle Royal. recommended. the girls in there are so hot with their hot cute student uniform. and somehow kawada-san was one cool dude. but he cant top the kid who joined the game for fun. i dont remember his name though. but that was pure evil. however not as pure as William Cutty from Gangs of New York. i have to admit, out of all the movies i have ever watched in my life, i find that William Cutty the butcher is a very bad ass character and Daniel Day Lewis played him very well. that's pure evil.

anyway, now i'm back to the books, back to the morning wake ups, and back to the back and forth to work. tiring. but 7 more weeks of school to go. one of the best quotes i've heard this week is from my friend. "Ego doesn't do you anything". too much ego that is. some ego is necessary. too much ego could cause you loved ones, friends, and your life. treat life well, everything well, and life will treat you well....

"life is too short, if you dont take the risk, you'll never live life" -> me.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

okay.... now is officially spring break. so as a college spring breaker, i want to get out of this TROY. so kengkawang, this is my thoughts where to go...

a) NYC (dok umah CG, makan best, pegi round NYC yang tak pernah gi lagik, etc, musuem, met, bla2, makan penang!)
b)Boston(aquarium, makan penang, dan tak pun singgah BROWNE Uni jumpa phatma, baru pegi boston makan penang)
c) CMU (jumpa member india aku) and philly (jumpa cousin aku yang dah nak balik mesia)

oh yekk... and btw duit skang ada 150... heh... soooo... kene pikir budget. dgn 150. iskk.... oorrrr nak jimat duit yang sgt best sekali ialah.... CROSSGATES!!! weeehooo... most probably sticking to crossgates. watch a movie, and kill a kitty. <-- heheh.

Monday, March 01, 2004

huuhuu... controversial sungguh gambar magazine di bawah. I dont know if they have Sports Illustrated in the UK but definitely not in Malaysia or Japan. So, i would really really like to stress that Sports Illustrated is NOT a porn mag. i repeat... NOT a porn mag. sports illustrated is a monthly magazine of the best US sports from basketball, American football, Ice Hockey, and lots of other choices. it rocks. but... annually, they have a swimsuit edition of sports illustrated, and have these hot classy models (who are NOT porn stars) to fashion these new swimsuits. for the american ladies, usually they read this for new updates on swimsuit for the coming spring and summer. well... for the men, we like to see the car adverts that are also in the book. REALLY, there ARE car adverts in the mag. really good ones too. heh... hehe....REALLY....