wait, i can do this.... sorry what was i supposed to do again?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Word up....

Well.. again... I was missing. Not because i didnt wanna write... but only because the hotel i stayed in... DIDNT provide internet connection!!!!!!

i'm sooo gonna try other hotels from now on.

for those who didnt know, i was in KL for more than a week. at the same time as i was writing this... Abe is probably flirting with an indonesian model, in which, i COULD be there as well... but weirdly enough, i turned it down for work. WHY DAMNIT!!! the sucky thing is... i got back here... and even my housemates told me why the hell did i leave a hot indonesian model named luna maya for a place like this. fuck.... okay... im regretting every moment now. bollockss....

my highlight of the week has to be last weekend when i attended abe's uncle's wedding. flat out serious... that's THE most expensive wedding i have ever... EVER... EVEEEEER... attended!!!

everything like guccis, omega watch, mas kahwin of 20K, and a frame with a check worth 50K, dude, seriously... i kept telling abe... im soooo not gonna get married anytime soon. SOOOOO noooot!!!

other related matters... hung out a lot at abe's and hani's apartment. daymmm... that place is history in the making. good history. thank god im a part of it. Abe, Faidz, Hani, Awe... daym... u guys are fucking hilarious really. talking about MSN and all. i looooove the tripod concept. i'll pick a good one later for you guys.

oh, i managed to meet makcik julye for dinner. still very petite and cute. cant believe last time i saw her was with atie...so atie... COME HOME!!!!!!

sorry not so much in the mood of writing today. so tired. sighs... will furnish u with good pics soon though.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Confusing confusing confusing....

Yes... i have not blogged again for more than a week. Not because i was lazy... but the days i usually update my blog, usually thursday till the weekend, was swamped last week. yeapss. believe it or not, i had a last minute trip which i did not see coming at all. It was a cool weekend last weekend, that I have not had for so long really.

How cool was it? I shall not elaborate but with this short sentences and for you to summarize

My cool last weekend.
  • Abe + Faidz + Irfan = Terror trio combine!!
  • Family reunions, yeaps... havent met Abe's and Faidz's family for a while. so to be able to meet them again was really nice, really great.
  • Maya Hotel, shite... its a room... for doing it... literally. the only sucky thing was i ended up going there with two other guys. not a good example. but bet abe and faidz were having reaaaally a good time. if u know what i mean. abe's been very lonely... if u know what i mean. faidz really misses abe... if u know what i mean. they had each other at hello... if u know what i mean.
  • Chillin at Abe's apartment, talking, with camera spinning around, and talking about... bandul... weird, stupidly weird
  • Raju's... DEAR GOD sooo good. THE best indian restaurant in Malaysia... EVER. undisputedly THE best.
  • meeting my sister who seems to finally know how to bergaya. good good.
  • KLCC + meeting = confused what to feel. happy? sad?
  • for everyone that i couldnt meet during my stay... im really sorry, it was such a last minute thing, and was also occupied with work at that time, imagine, doing work in KL while two of ur friends go crazy and ur sooooo tempted to join. sucky feeling.
So... its a new year again... 2007... and i'm gonna be a quarter of century. i wonder what this year has stored in for me. beautiful ladies? girlfriends? part time work or project with the terror trio? or the most important thing at all in my life rite now... a job that i really really truly enjoy? just praying for the best.

I've got so many thoughts going through my head the whole time this whole week. Makes me wonder, that, if i could do a job just by giving people weird advices, id probably be so fucking rich by now.

first of all, I am now hooked with Grey's Anatomy. Really, its soooo addictive. The drama and all. It made me remember back when i was deciding what to do with my life after SPM. i had these three choices of what to be back then:-
  • Architect
  • Marine Engineer
  • Forensics
but naaah... had to do environmental engineering, something i had noooo clue of. hahaah. genius of me. well fate had a nice way of working my way, and i end up having one of the coolest experiences ever, surrounded with a mixed group of people, some of whom, are now people that i have always been honored they took me in as their buds.

but anyway, yes... grey's anatomy... now still in season 2. yes yes, im a bit late, but who cares. all i know, im having so much time. my favorite character has to be Christina played by Sandra Oh. the guys seem to disagree, but i think, yeah of course la she's NOT the hottest actor on the show, but because of her acting, her being a realist, and such a strong character, i think she's really hot because of that. she so deserves the golden globe. and something i found out about myself this week... women who can ride big bikes... easy rider bikes... is SUCH a turn on. SUCH a turn on okay?? Also, i found out that this word would be such a turn on, i think not only for me, but for all men in the world. these words, uttered by a lady, in the morning...

'never met a guy who wouldn't fuck me again in the morning...'. yeapss... oh, of course, provided, the lady's hot too. yes... i'm biased. oh btw... those werethe words uttered by this hot girl hlly aper tah from entourage season 2....

Due to my totally mixed emotions, with office drama, and home BS and shaite this week... i think i became quite lazy. been sitting at home in my room in the dark most of the time, listening to music, reading online comics and watching downloaded tv shows on my laptop. didnt do much workout, the only workout i've been doing are my pushups and pullups. didnt jog and all till this morning.

i seriously think im morphing into a monster. i think level 1 of being the monster is being very lazy, isolating myself in my room in the dark. 2nd level, i'd probably stop brushing my teeth, and i stop shaving. 3rd level, i'd start nesting in my room, piling up my clothes and papers in one corner and curl up, and not answering any phone calls or door knocks and not having dinner. finally, i'd have horns and fangs coming out, and i start communicating with animals, insects. yeaps... i think stopped at level 1 though since i managed to go jogging yesterday and swimming today. otherwise, people would probably need to put me down... but its not gonna be easy.

Weird Malaysian Mentality....

So, okay, the past raya haji, i was watching this movie... Rempit. sure sure, its a malay movie. honestly, like most malay movies, i think they over acted on some characters, but i must say, there are some very brazen attempts of the movie, and i really respect them for that, where they show the current reality of the malay culture. although im not so exposed to the rempit culture, and i honestly dont really care. but the other aspects of the malay culture. showing a man and woman, half naked in bed, the words and other things. that's something really. u dont see that shown much in the malaysian production. however, again, like i mentioned over acting in the malay movie.

Also, okay, being a martial arts fan, i'm kinda apalled when they did this. its STREET FIGHTING okkaay. but somehow, like all malay movies, tetiba everyone bukak bunga silat aper tah, and then do all the flips, and then the rollings and all. DUDE... come ON, in real fights, you take people down. 80% of real fights, people end up on the ground immediately. dont you watch UFC. OR better yet, i'd say one of the best real fights I've honestly watched was in Bridget Jones's Diary. now THAT's a real fight of the upper class people who never fought or exposed to any martial arts. I enjoyed that one really.

another thing... now back to the audiences. So what if they show what they show in the Rempit movie. like it or not, two different gender individuals do have premarital sex and all that shit. people do fucking swear in real life. it's a reality!! then you mention how kids should not be exposed to such media coz that'll spoil them. Bullshit. in the end, its up to the parents' upbringing okay? how you explain to them, how you teach them right and wrong, teach them religion. taboo to the malaysian media. but then, when it comes to the western production, that stupid steven seagal and arnold seems to be the admiration of most boys, and they all definitely watch the movie. and you dont mind them being exposed to the western culture and their truth of the world. what kind of fucked up discrimanation is that? of course honestly i think the westerners are full of shit sometimes, like how US needs to save the world's ass most of the time and what not. but still, dude, be reasonable. its up to you, and how you raise your kids okay? and you think your child is so damn innocent? there's the discovery channel, then their other friends are exposed to all those. come ooooooooooooooooooooooon.

enjoy the pics, and the vid....

Me trying to be all indiana jones....

Lana & Helos... congrats (i know its late posting, but yeah... was swamped....)

aaaand u wonder.....

Weapon of choice video...

working hard... damn i hope i get the one thing i want most rite now.... something i really wanna do....