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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will not quit writing... but less updates... ehehe.

Well, i know i havent updated for such a looooong time. hehe. but i DID say i'll never quit writing, but just updating it has been quite a hassle really. I dont know what's the problem actually. But being an engineer... a bored to death engineer who's almost sick of engineering or hell...maybe engineering IN BINTULU, have come up with some analysis or root causes of why it is terribly difficult to update.

1. Married

well... i dont think it's being married per say, i think it's being married and being away from the one you truly love. well as mushy as it is, basically, what happens is since i'monly able to write during my offdays (currently on shift), and most of my offdays when it intersect with weekends i spend a good lot of quality time with my loving wife, family and even friends. So there you go. Unless i have a blacberry (babi tak mampu lagi) updating as frequent as i have kinda seem difficult.

2. Working on Shifts

Well there you go. the best reason as well. being on shift, as much as i get some good allowance, it is pretty difficult to update as i tend work on my offdays whenever they fall on a weekday. for obvious reasons, offdays during weekdays will only get one called to the office to do some work, meetings, and catch up on your projects etc. by the time you really get a full day off, you're tired, you just want to laze in, and the topic of which you would like to mention no longer exists

3. Less creativity time

Being on work most of the time makes you spend less time with your friends, which then eventually creates less creativity for your mind to expand and think about some stupid funny creative shaaits. not to mention i've almost run out of creative funny DVD series of which ive always gotten my inspirations from for my random thoughts.

well that's what i have. so yes... hence, a2 = b2 + c2. Snort.

The year 2010....

Well it's 2010 tomorrow, and i know i definitely need to come up with a to do list so i have something to look forward to every year. so here goes.

1. Go Angkor Wat, Cambodia
2. Bring wife to bali for the second time
3. Go for one diving trip
4. Buy ticket to go to Australia/New Zealand for January 2011
5. Request for a transfer to KL
6. Write and complete a good script
7. Buy a suit
8. Buy new set of cool shades. thinking of another WayFarer/Aviator
9. Buy wife a nice handbag she'd love

well i think this works.

Highlight of 2009....

Well since TV shows had great highlights of the year, i think i might as well have one as well. But let's just make it a top 5 list of the year shall we?

5. Climbed up Mount Kinabalu for the Second time
It was honeslty woth every penny. the pain, the cold, the energy was WORTH it. I was truly honestly happy with the climb and after reaching the top for the second time, i can only say... 'LETS DO THIS AGAIN!'. Nothing beats adrenalin and the beauty the Almighty has bestowed upon all his creatures.

4. Went to Indonesia for honeymoon

Well it was my first trip to Indonesia. Hell, it was my first trip after 4 years coming back from the states. All i can say it was a great experience, and my wife loved it, WE loved it. there were so many things to see, so many things to learn, so many things to experience and we're still not finished! hence, the reason we decided to go back to Bali for another honeymoon. marriage life ROCKS.

3. Holiday in Penang

What can i say, holiday with the wife in penang was truly a bliss. the food was superb. full stop. the view was normal, there were some nice buildings, but all in all, the food was worth every moment of it. and yes, we're planning to go again!

2. Roadtrip honeymoon in Phuket

Also... a blissful honeymoon. riding on a scooter with my very lovely wife, viewing such beautiful landscapes just reminds you the best things in life. the massages were awesome, the food were great, the view arrgghh... amazing, but the hotel was far. FUCKING far. yeaps. and yes... we are planning to go again!! hahaha.

1. Got married...

Hell yeah it was the best thing ever. the hell what people say nor think. all I can tell you, I've quite enjoyed my life before I got married and marriage life is on a totally different level. the feeling of waking up (when im with her lah) beside the one you love is a feeling that takes your breath away every moment and the feeling is horrible everytime you have to go away for a long time. it may be expensive, it may be tedious, may be difficult, but it was worth every penny, and to be frank, it does make you a better person as a whole.

There you go... a good update =).

btw... this is my worst new year i can tell you. for almost 9 years, i've had a good new year. this was a completely new turn. working on new years.

2000 - Scotland
2001 - Kuala Lumpur
2002 - San Francisco
2003 - New York City
2004 - Kota Kinabalu baby!
2005 - Los Angeles
2006 - Kota Kinabalu at rocking it at shanny's
2007 - Kota Kinabalu at feizal's anime costume
2008 - Kota Kinabalu probably chilling out at feizal's again
2009 - Kota Kinabalu with tunang. hehe.
2010 - BINTULU.... WORKING.... YEAP.

So everyone... have a wonderful happy new year.