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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Food for thought....

Well yesterday i was at a local restaurant about to pay for my bill when i saw on the counter something that really caught my eye. something called "Kismis Doa", or "Blessed Raisins". Actually i've seen this on the same counter numerous times only up until yesterday my thoughts started processing it (because before this i was just too busy to notice).

i've learned about this so called "Kismis Doa" since i was in secondary school. but instead of calling it kismis doa, they just call it kismis. we were given in a talk that raisins are a good supplmentary for B-Complex which enhance the thinking process of a brain (i guess?). well, being young and gullible, we took it in and succumb to the idea. back then though, i just bought California raisins.

then wham bam 15 years later (damn im that old), some genius came up with kismis doa. so here comes my thought process... what was the difference with me consuming the normal california raisins? is it because there's a pretty woman on the box? wait a minute, that's a different brand. that's Raisin Brand. California Raisin is where there's a bunch of grapes with deep black voices and sing awesome motown.

anyway, so what's the difference? sure, it's blessed per say? so does its supposed to enhance better then the other normal raisins? wait a minute, lets go back to where the raisins are processed. vineyard, grape, dried, same like normal raisins but unlike others, there another step which is the Doa stage.

here's some intriguing questions
1. a normal nice person with reciting a short prayer for a california raisins, and eating it.
2. a disturbing individual, naughty, messed up, your typical juve, eating the kismis doa.

are you saying that'll change the messed up juve? or are you saying the normal nice person, who says at least the standard Bismillah on his raisins before consuming it will BE the messed juve kid and in turn switching places?

and i think, blessed things should not be sold.... unless they're a wooden stake to be driven into a vampire's heart. am i wrong to think that way? the main concern is Vitamin B complex in the raisins right? why such a person wants to make money that way? and what kinda person buys one anyway? i got a feeling that a lot of people are with me on this one. i believe prayers make a difference, but the ones that are sincere, free, and most of all, if it comes from yourself that has value (aside our parents and loved ones).

till next time....

Sunday, March 06, 2011


oh how much is my life a twist. previously, i went to an interview, super awesome about 4 hours drive still away from my wife, but i'd take it either way. Reason being:-

1. Well, it's 4 hrs DRIVE away. things are still in my control.
2. Despite having less pay due to some allowances removed, i was actually very excited no matter what because i've told myself to start new.

yes... i told myself, what ever the situation, i would want to a fresh start. new motivation. and i accepted. not long after i returned from peninsular, next thing i know, i got another offer (actually two of which i turned down one because it didnt attract me as much). this time, the offer was a project of my own field. the catch is, i still have to be further away from my wife. which is about 2.5hrs flight away. just a bit more than Bintulu. nevertheless... this place has so much mooooore frequent flights to KL. where's the posting i'm talking about? none other than, Kota Kinabalu.

Yes... after almost 17 years being away from Sabah, and being most of the time, either a) tourist b) a lost visitor, there's a huge possibility that i'll be back there again. yes, despite the distance, i've discussed this with dayana and we both agreed that it's best for my career and if i do well, moving to KL after wont be much of a problem. plus, she has more meetings in KK than she has in Bintulu. verdict: if this really happens, then, KK, here i come.

what's not to love? living by the beach, staying with your parents that you havent caught up for a while, making new Sabahan friends, and working out to the max on my favorite jog spot. Yes... oh Allah please let it come true.

i've yet to post my pictures in my recent visit to vietnam. will do when i get the chance =).

have a great week ahead... yeaaaaay monday! ( i can hear almost the 70% of the country's population crying deeply inside).

i'll leave you with a super great video

i bet if i could sing and play the guitar like this, dayana would think im the most sexy man ever... after already being sexy. yes i am.