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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

type type type type type......

okay, so now i'm home, sitting down in front of my laptop, listening to etta james with the fan in my face and the soothing cool rain in the background. i wonder if it hits my mood. let's try.

"I'm not a plastic bag"... that freakin bag

so yes, i think roughly two-three weeks ago, I just reached KLCC for breakfast and meeting immediately after. When i was there, suddenly Marien called me up and asked me to go up the 2nd floor just beside San Francisco coffee. My guess was we're gonna have breakfast there.

Obviously my guess was wrong as me telling you how my breakfast with mary and watching weird people, some pretentious, some dorky having their breakfast is not exactly a great topic to discuss.

Once i reached the 2nd floor, I saw marien looking down to the first floor. i'm like... hmmm she shouldve just told me to go to the 1st floor instead. so anyway, when i looked down i was in awe. Anya Hindmarch, supposedly a renowned awesome designer just released this bag called "I'm not a plastic bag". for a designer bag it's in a very limited edition and supposedly there's only 500 of them selling in Malaysia and the one in KLCC has only 200 of them. So this is how the line is okay, it was from the Anya Hindmarch store... which is on one end of KLCC, till the other end of KLCC, and it goes up. and btw, it wasnt, WASNT a straight line. it was a line curving back and forth like a pig's intestines. actually like any intestines that's supposed to be called intestines. hehe.

Amazingly, Marien's colleague bought 15 of them before the bag turned famous. I'm like, so what's so special about the bag anyway? yes first for a designer bag, it's mad cheap which is roughly 50 ringgit per bag. what i dont understand is, the people who lined up for the bag since midnite (that's what i heard) is definitely MORE than 500. seriously guys. definitely people who lined up for these designer bags are educated. Cant they fathom the fact that they WONT get the bag if they're in the line that passes the middle part of KLCC?

and dudes, male, man, whatever you wanna call yourself... lining for the bag... dude.... what more can i say.... get a life.

Okay so i looked at Marien's "i'm not a plastic bag" tuh... i dont feel anything special at all. i think i can go to the filipino market in KK, bring a guni, and ask them to jahit until it looks like a nice acceptable bag. and heck, while the woman's at it, sew the word 'I'm not a plastic bag as WELL'.

So put all that aside, the purpose of the bag is to support the environment, in which, i truly support. so basically, in every person's right mind the reason of the bag is, when you go shop, for groceries, or for anything, you dont take the plastic. you tell the cashier to keep the plastic, and put it in your 'I'm not a plastic bag' bag. hmmmm. somehow, with the rave of the bag, i dont see people doing that anytime at all. they'd just buy the stuff with plastic, and just put it in the bag. itu pun if they feel like it. other than that, they'd probably be very psyched to just carry the plastic bags in their other hand and the 'i'm not a plastic bag' bag on the other. totally defeats the purpose. sigh. just shows how fashion and trend can sometimes not click together at all.

but mary, i dont mind you having the bag at all dears. as long as you put your plastics away and put your buah2 and sayur mayur in your 'i'm not a plastic bag'. hehehe.

Malaysian stupidity in rush hours....

okay, so this is what i dont understand about Malaysians. yes I've blogged about this a number of times, but this time is another thing about the rush hour.

have you gone into a train and people are just so crammed up and they sooooo cant wait to get into the train. or, or, they push other people to get into the train AND out of the train? yes they're very annoying indeed. have no respect for the public and other people. and when they get out of the train they start running for the escalator rite? seen that happen? yes everyday actually if you're working in KL.

okay this is what i dont understand, they're just sooooooo in a rush rite? if they're in such a rush, why in god's name did they suddenly stop on the escalator and block other people who are in a rush? i mean, they're in a huge rush, but somehow the escalator makes them stop from going to their destination, like another dimension that completely locks your feet to the escalator. DUDE. seriously? If you're not in a rush, there's this sign, wahai orang orang malaysia tak reti baca ke? it says stand on the left and let people pass you. people who really... REALLY... REALLY are in a rush.

I can just imagine one dude, running out of the train, pushing others, and reaching the escalator, empty escalator btw, pastuh stop.and looking at his watch and looking at the other end of the escalator...'ishhh... why laaa this escalator so slooow?' looking at his watch. dude... you HAVE LEGS. WALK. an escalator is just stairs. if it breaks down, it just becomes stairs. if it doesnt it moves you FASTER with less less steps to step on. got it? no, no, go read this chapter all over again and fill it in your head until you understand these three concepts

1. stand on one side of the escalator to let ACTUAL rushing people pass
2. courtesy man, dont block other's way
3. escalators are moving stairs, it's supposed to make you walk to the other end... FASTER.

btw... this same concept goes to the walkalator at the airport. people who are traveling, boleh jangan jadi mangkok and block other's who have loved ones waiting or catching their plane please. can? can? again, read this one more time, comprehend. dah? dah? bagus.....

Why do women go for older men?

So i had lunch the past few days, and this conversation was on the table. I was the only guy who was under 30 at that time at the table.

this guy has been talking about how young ladies give him their phone number asking them to call to ask him out.

and this is what he says laa from his observation and looked at me while saying 'this is what i think la young man okay, and i think this is true, u know why?'

i'm like... hmmm let's see what this dude has to say.

'women like to go for older men because the younger men only thinks about sex. and older men have more substance to talk about. and it's just more than the sex.'

i'm like.... i didnt know i think about sex all the time. hmmmm. but seriously dude... boys will be boys, women plays an important role in your life.

maybe yes, there are women who fall for older men's wisdom, but there's still much more women falling for men around their age group. kalau tua pun, probably not that big of a gap. and dude, how come you think the women go for your wisdom ONLY. you practically have a treasure chest at home and can afford tiffany's at at least 4K. so seriously... men, they dont only go for the wisdom, the pocket matters as well.

and women, dont go saying 'ish tua miang nak menggatal' if you're dressed a certain way, of course people will look you douschebag. isn't that why you dressed that way? bijak pandai la. heck a 7 year old could get a hard on if you're dressed very sexy. eh chup... provided you have the face of an angel la. if you have a face like a trak sampah, sure... go ahead. hehehe. muka okay, not size, coz i know some plus size women who can be very... very hot. kudos.

there you go... a good update. i'll put in more pics later, especially on my travels. hehe.

take`care n have a great week ahead.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

time's not an essence....

okay... actually mood is an essence in writing the blog besides time. I wanted to write it initially sometime tonite, but had to go out to dinner. so... i'm just gonna hang in there and remind myself what to write about in my next entry.

1. "I'm not a plastic bag" bag... that freakin bag.
2. Malaysian stupidity in rush hours....
3. Why women go for older men? this would be interesting...
4. I would like to tell you about my latest adventure at this longhouse roughly a month ago, but the hype of writing it is already fading away... so will just update a bit on this one and show you more pictures of it instead.
5. i have to look for a new adventure soon. paris? europe? new zealand? aussie? anything life threatening with possible me coming back with a macho scar that makes women throw themselves at me?

okay tuh jekk la kot. remember irfaaaan. remember.

also this short slip is dedicated to Amin Ramli, who just had his baby... Congrats dude!!! selamat datang ke zaman ke-ayah-an!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

time... currently is NOT an essence.....

currently i dont feel like time is much of an essence to me. last week when i had time to update my blog, my room i stayed in didnt actually have any internet. so.... not fun.

i wanna update right now, coz i have all these pics, and new stories, and anecdotes of AGAIN malaysian mentality of using public transport AND public property like escalator, walkalator AND the LRT. but... with the current situation of me feeling a wee bit under the weather. i think i should just end it here and get some good sleep.