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Monday, July 18, 2005

This sucksss....

so, its been a week im here in Malaysia. and right now, im already wishing i could get a job ASAP. honestly, it sucks. back in states, i have my own place, my own car, if i travel, i could easily commute in my own car. kalau travel, if i need a place to stay, senang jek. but here, its not what it used to be, back before i went to the States. now all my buds are grown up, and working. segan nak kacau. sigh. it sucks growing up. wishing i could be an indian TA teaching Heat Mass Transfer in RPI. back in RPI, i could just chill with the guys in front of the TV, and i must say, lay back and flow like old times in 201. boleh dgr ellias bercerita pasal life, pastuh tengok TV lagi, main chess lagi, pastuh bleh kuar tengok movie, chill with my friends. CHILL!! sigh. this is.... depressing....

Jalut... Si Tukang Urut.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I've been here 5 days, and i could not stop noticing the banner, the advertisements, the articles regarding the 'BEST'show ever made in Malaysia. Akademi Fantasia!!! YEAAAY!! best giler weyy!! mawi tuh, nyanyi best, felix tuh kelakar giler wey!! lagu dierang nyanyi sangat laa hebat, pastuh dierang nih memang berkaliber.

first of all... for those who didnt get it... i call this sarcasm. secondly, those are the only two people that i know of, because ive heard felix's name coming out of my TV set in a commercial for nothing other but, of course Akademi Fantasia. As for mawi, i saw his name on the front page of berita minggu, and the endless flooding on the chatbox at astro's channel 15. check it out if you havent. it's a great representation of what our malaysian culture is. full of wonders, excitement, and supportive spirit. so full of it, that you may actually throw your remote towards the TV screen so it would stop. and while you're at it, you would probably purchase a rocket launcher from E-bay, and blast off the satelite dish that gives all the audience the great touching diari.

Yes, this time there are sabahans again, as it was last year. i would want to say im proud, but honestly, ive had it. i want to watch akademi fantasia, but yes, i've had it. not because of the show, not because the corporate bullshit i have againts astro's connection with maxis, but just maybe.. i think, and this is probably 90% maybe (i can come up with bullshit statistic too, just to make sure i can convince my readers), i think, somewhere inside me, and god help me, that i think, just MAYBE, is what clear minded invdividuals composed of 'ramai penonton2 belia' also think, the reason i refuse to watch AF, or most people who hate AF, is mainly because of the extreme obsession of AF BY the fan themselves.

there are more important issues to be concerned of in this world, if ur into current issues, you'd probably know that now at least 4 suspects have been identified of pakistani descendants who are also british citizens. if ur into something like sports, you'd probably know right now in the US is the beginning of baseball season, and you should start putting on your Red Sox hat and hope they win another world series just to show that they were always the best team in the 'world' where the past years of many2 games they were ALMOST the best team in the 'world'. if ur into economics, well... then you should try read the wall street journal, or read forbes, coz i dont really know what's current issue on that one. but then there's entertainment. now... AF is in the entertainment business. but dear readers, it is SUCH a BIG impact towards our lives. if we dont watch AF, i could actually hear someone crying out loud 'why oh why is AF not on the air? bodoh nyaaaa' yess... memang bodoh... pasal kau pi obsessed sgt.

if im not mistaken even datin sri hendon is irked by the fact that our community, harapan bangsa, are just way too obsessed with something that is just so trivial, that doesnt really motivate an individual to study, to trigger their minds and actually become an entrepeneur for our rising nation. damn im getting to myself. but honestly people, fans actually fight just to give a stand that AF is way better than Malaysian Idol, or fight their way through a throng of crowd with their kids (heck even a baby) in their arms just to grab that 10 ringgit ticket, so they can scream out 'Felix!! bangga aku bah!!' or 'Mawi!! ko idola ku!! ko nyanyi paling sedap sekali!!' compile all the CD's and actually be proud that you have all those episodes, even from season 1, and memorize their stats, AND the fact that you're over 30 with one kid, or heck even in the 20s, to be overly obsessed with such show. Im sorry dear AF fans, but honestly, a line must be drawn. there is a line between loving it, and obsessing about it. if u find that you wake up the next day, watching each and every reruns of AF, and getting constantly AND overly pissed by your favorite's dismissal, AND, you're over 20, please, PLEASE give ur self a REALITY CHECK!

okay, im sorry, but that's what i think. nak tengok, sila, heck i think after this entry, i'm probably going to watch some of it, just to know who's who, so i can actually cope with what's what, and if some people actually come up with these characters as an analogy, or heck even in spur of the moment topics in meetings, i think i have the right to know some of it than just being too ignorant. but please please PLEASE remember, tolong laa berkadaran, and just dont get way too obsessive about it. my family has actually stopped being way too obsessed about it, and alhamdulillah. the only thing they watch is the concert, which is only once a week, and dont even bring up the topic to the dinner table. very satisfied already.

20 years from now, these guys would probably be in a malaysian version of Surreal Life, and someone who is an equivalent to Da Brat would actually just say it to his or her face... 'dude... you're a HAS BEEN. PERIOD. you could've done better if you were doing real estate business.'

so dear fans, please PLEASE, give yourself a check to find out if you are OBSESSED with AF, or you just LIKE AF.

Thank you.....

(amazingly, im writing this in a pissy mode, and i have not cursed one bit. fuckin strange... hehe)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Home... home down the range....

Back... actually ive written one entry already right after i came back. but then due to streamyx 'FAST' connection, i was disconnected. and couldnt get re-connected. thus, after two days, i'm writing another one.

how's the flight? like every flight, amazingly cramped, unbearable, abe was sleeping like a rock, i was listening to my ipod, reading a book (which im currently reading... Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them, by Al Franken. great writer, and very articulate when he speaks on TV too), and not a lot of interesting stewardess. there was one steward who kept staring and smiling at me. FREAKING me out man!! so arrived in KK, first thing, my dad brought me to a restaurant, eating assam fish-head and mixed vege. yumm yumm. i must say, i have not eaten chicken since i came t sabah. ive only eaten fish, and veggie. and damn it... i love it.

the next day, due to the unbearable jetlag, i woke up early, watched the kumars at no. 42 (funny as hell!!) at astro, and then my dad brought me to karambunai resort, one of the best resort in sabah. the feeling? GREAT!!! went there, my dad had a golf game, i went jogging by the beach, empty private beach, and just sat and watched the oceans. im getting darker pretty fast though. then went to a restaurant where i DONT HAVE to pay coz my cousin is the boss for the golf club there, and i just chilled under the roof, with the fun spinning, and it was outdoors, and its just NEXT to the golf course. feeling? GREAT! i sat down, sipping tea, reading men's health magazine, and just relaxed. ahaha.

the next day, i drove a lot though, btw, my dad let me drive his new toyota hilux pick up truck... feeling? GREAT!!! driving in sabah... feeling? FUCKED UP!!! people here really really dont have respect for each other, AND themselves when driving. im not only talking about sabah, but the whole malaysia. kalau bagi jalan kat sorang, segala satu hutan pun amik peluang, all the gajah, all the badak pun mau lalu. tension giler. parking? SUSAH!!!

today, woke up early, dgr Azan (which, is such an amazing feeling. azan kat laptop pun takleh lawan), sent my mom in the heavy traffic, and again... the driving just really sucks, and then went jogging. jogging here in Malaysia tires me easily. the heat, the dehydration, just sucks the life out of me. but all in all... so far... i am NOT bored. so no complaints, i miss troy, miss my friends (as i dont have any here in sabah), and hopefully i see you guys in KL!!!

take care... and much love....

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Time to say goodbye....

well... from time to time, i see people come and go here in Troy. Now, it is my time. my hour. actually i have only 4 hours left before i go to the airport. hahaha. all i can say is that, 4 years here has been great. especially my great buds like abe, todi, ferr, sung, ellias, ija, elle, taroi. without you guys, i'll probably be dull bored and alone. kerk izzy rina, thank you for all your thoughts, and food, and place to chill. to odus and kak ziah, you have been great people of providing me with a job and all the great foods to remind me of home. there are just too many names i need to say, but all i can say, i may not be the best person here in RPI, maybe i have made some confrontations, but hopefully, what i could do, is say sorry for everything, forgive me for all my mistakes, im only human. if i owe anyone anything, either halalkan, or just tell me please ASAP.

i will certainly miss my time here in my process of being an adult, and was always in a rush to get out of this kampung. sadly, being the last day here, all i can advice to everyone is... dont rush growing up, take it easy, and chill with your last circle of REAL friends that you can probably ever make in your life. take everything cool and easy, but not until you completely neglect your studies or your career oppurtunity.

Take care, and thank you all... drop me a line if you guys are in Sabah, or South Africa, or anywhere i'll be posted by Petronas.

till then, thank you... and my last laaaast advice to students who havent graduated is.... CHILL AND TRAVEL... A LOT!!!!!!

Mohd Irfan Mahmud....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Troy kata pergi... Malaysia kata mari.....

sigh.... yesterday went to send the last batch that's going before me. sadness just keeps overflowing. airports only means depression and sadness. i'm sure as hell going to miss arguing with Hadi@joey, and posing in still memories with kakak ilana-chan. but hey... 'bertemu, berpisah adat manusia'. aint no lie in that.

my 4th of july celebration sucked big time. the only thing that was nice was driving on the way back to troy from newark. now that's great view of great fireworks. all i can say is, driving back, and looking at everything as i pass by, was, well... different. it just gets to you in the heart.

its amazing how time works. one minute you're having lunch at ihop's, next thing you know... wham!! within one day difference, you're eating in a mamak's stall asking for the best roti canai in town, and the price is equivalent to a cup of hot chocolate here in the US. one time you're chilling with your buds, wham!! next thing you know, you're sitting down bored to the bones only to drive around in kota kinabalu driving your sis and mom around(dad doesnt let me drive his new monster truck). hehe.

basically, i'm still not sure if i want to spend some more money here in the US. there are slightly some more stuff i need to buy, but its not even for me. cash is just flowing the longer i'm chilling here. last time went to woodbury, 'duit' (harga sebenar di rahsiakan), hilang begitu sahaja. damn, and one of them is something i dont think i'll be wearing frequently except on very very very special occasions. bollocks.

lastly, a friend of mine says im a nerd. hehe. but hey, i think everyone has their napoleon dynamite inside. everyone has that strange anal-ity of something nerdish. the most macho or craziest looking men might play chess and was a wakil daerah or state or sumthing. the hottest girl in school probably studies and reads abundantly from news papers to current issue magazine. and if someone starts making an intellectual joke, and everyone laughs, everyone definitely has a nerd deep inside them. all in all... we're ALL NERDS. snort snort.... freakin idiots.... GOSH.... hahhaahahha.