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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chewwy and Gooey....

Alrites... was in KL last 2 weeks. i just had so much shit to do, i had to go through the pics to remember the chronological order of the stuff i did throughout the week. i'm definitely not going to tell you what i did the whole time. here's a short summary of it.


met my sister and her boyfriend. picked her up at the Menara Rebung. seriously, a LOT of hot ladies in the area. seriously.

then went to watch Cloverfield with the guys. my take on the movie... awesome movie. seriously. unique... it totally shows you the perspective of an individual of how would people react in such circumstances. people get selfish, sometimes it drives them closer. and it also questions you, if you love someone just so bad, would you go back all the way into the danger zone and risk the lives of your friends and yourself? it was really good.

one draw back, dont eat before you watch. i almost puked. yes... im weak that way. haha.


well, we didnt do much, just went out for lunch with Abe, Liyana, and Abe's colleague, Basil. cool guy.

oh yeah, went out for dinner at chili's, and after that went to Tod's apartment.

Tod dude, seriously you need to clean up the apartment. i felt faidz was gonna turn into a rapist.


had breakfast at Raju's!!!

Did u know there's this halal beer from iran? i was imagining the kind of ad they would have on TV.

deep voice: Moustapha... (a guy with beard turns around)
deep voice: imran.... (a guy with critical chest hair turns around)
deep voice: and hannan... (a fat guy with a turban turns around).
deep voice: things are gonna get wild tonite... with Iran's best non alcoholic beer... DELSTER!!!

and everyone picks up a guy who's drinking Delster, and all of them cheered for Delster... then all of them come out together at the end of the scene.... 'the best Halal beer around!! Takbeer!'

That'd make one helluva commercial wont it?

well after that we played scrabble a bit, then met up with Faidz's new nephew, so cute and fragile, then immediately after it was a mini RPI gathering coincidentally at the curve during FlyFM champur chart.

Me, Abe, Todi, Sung, Mary, Pichan, Ija, Jin, Mel, Mekju (yesss Mekju!).

other attendees:
Faidz, Ainur, Ainur's cousins Hana and K. Nor? (sorry Ainur, cant remember her name!), Awe, Zyman who is mary's colleague, Millies (this one only i know). Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskandar, Hans Isaac were not there that night. hahaha. gotcha didnt i?


Horse riding for the first time ever in my entire life. what's my take on that? AWESOME. nuff said. seriously, it is ultimately satisfying. Men should ride horses more often. you create this beaming macho aura out of you with the horse's combination. seriously. never knew there's so much intricate details on riding a horse. communication with the horses, let them know you're his/her friend, talk to them as you stride, kiss them, pat them. yess... one of my to do list... is now to own a horse at the age of 40.

you get all this horse smell on you, still, completely adds that macho aura on you. yeps... i'm gonna get a Golden Retriever i'll name Bendahara , and a horse i'll call Gagah. yes, i prefer malay names. more classic. plus, regardless how annoying our country can be, i still love the cultureS.

so, everyone should get a horse. women look hot riding them, we men, just get cooler and macho.

putting aside all that coolness, we had Carl's Junior that nite. seriously, if you wanna eat Carl's Jr, you have to make sure you have not eaten anything. you'll enjoy every bite. average price of the burgers in Carl's Jr is roughly 20 plus.

later that nite after one round of taboo, we went driving around to ampang for just drinks at the mamak. we were looking for a signboard that says Kuala Lumpur (yes atiee, i think you have a nice pic of which i would like to compete with!).


nothing much happened this day. just went to Tonjang's wedding, congrats man, i dont even know if you're reading this, but congrats. you look skinny, bald and happy.

after that, I was looking for THE BEST BOARD GAME EVER MADE which is called 'The Betrayal of the House on The Hill'. it's just so hard to explain by writing. but basically, you never play the same game twice! go google it. amazing game. but for your info i didnt find it. haha. only got it at the end of my stay. yepss.

after that met up with pichan, faidz, ainur, awe, wow yes.. Awe hangs out with us without Abe. totally awesome. hahaha. he'll grow up faster than his other friends. and then after that met up with Foi after a long time. nice catch up.


Didnt do much on Sunday. just woke up a bit late, had lunch in Nadu's yeps... best Nasi Ayam in the area... you should try. i cant remember what we did after though. after lunch, picked up my bags at Abe's, and then checked in at KL sentral. i think that's it.

that night i arrived kerteh, and my day was fairly boring there aside from my work of which i will not discuss. BUT let me tell you this, Pantai Kemasik, probably one of the best beaches in Malaysia. not for swimming, but just the view. South China Sea baby.

Thursday.... which is also Valentine's Day....

okay, i'm sorry but i dont celebrate Vday. i arrived KL, and just chilled out at hilton, and after that head to laundry bar with the guys to chill out. that's it. oh btw... we headed to this place around Kota Damansara, a place called Papa's Kopitiam Tiam. 2 cool things happened there.

1. Faidz, Me and Tod sat on a table number 11... and we were all born on the 11th. how weird was that? some constellation aligned shit or something you know?
2. Dino Milo. yes... i dont know why, but Abe ordered this thing called Dino Milo, and immediately I had a tagline for it. it's just repeating the word DINO MILO full heartedly in a fast pace. that's our iklan from now on. when there's a sudden silence in a conversation, DINO MILO should be uttered. the tribe has spoken.

btw... here's why i dont celebrate Vday.

personally, i think it is just one of the Corporate Media Bullshit(CMB) to inject in the minds of people that if you dont get a card, a chocolate, an expensive date at a hotel, for that special someone, you are basically screwed. they make you more aware that there's only one day of the year that you have to celebrate Vday.

Fuck that man. we defied it. had dinner in Kopitiam with DINO MILO. and late chill out at laundry. We'll love who we wanna love, when we want to. here's two fingers of our compliments to the corporate BS to show we dont succumb to your prevarication of your pure intentions.

nothing much happened on friday, quite relaxed, but i think the highlight of the nite was definitely playing THE best board game EVER made.

BETRAYAL of the HOUSE on THE HILL!!! jeng jeng jeng.
I dont know how to explain it, but basically, it's a cross of cluedo and added with some blood gory stuff, or as Tod's sister would say... 'that's morbid'. google it up, and find out more about it. it's quite limited edition, so to get it, you have to go to Bangsar Shopping Center to buy it. check out the comic shop beside the Actors Studio. damn kick ass cool game. we actually played again the next day @ todi's.

oh yeah, i met this cute girl... 5 year old, but completely drained my energy that nite, with her questions and all. most of all... so damn photogenic. well i hope i'll get to know her more. life still goes a long way.

well... that's all. nothing much.

here's the post 2 weeks after.....

let me tell u why the title says what it says. took me two weeks to write that effin blog. been busy, been tired. either way, im in KK and im having fun... and amazingly, both for work related and chilling out with cool people.

i have one thought of what to write... but it's just gonna get waaaay too long for you to read. so i'll leave the topic for next time. laters guys! and again, very sorry.

btw... enjoy the video. never done something like this my entire life!! enjoy guys.and abe, i did this for your bday. you better fucking remember!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Niah Cafe....

okay, so yes, the title isnt THAT commercial. basically, rite now im updating my blog without having an internet connection at Bintulu’s airport, in front of Niah Cafe. I have to do this because i know it’s gonna be mad ass difficult for me tpo update when im back in KK and then travelling again a while. Finally, after so long sitting silo, im travelling again. I know it’s not gonna be long. Probably this is gonna be my last travel for a while after i switch job position.
Anyway, enough about me, let’s update. But before that, i just have to say sorry to my readers. Tak nak tipu web audience. Macam some ppl, update blog, pastuh dah tak jalan dah. Ehem. I dont know who... but i think you know who.

Death of the Joker....

What a weird start for the New Year. It started with Benazir Bhutto assassinated, then not long after, Sir Hilary something, the first man who climbed up Everest died, after that Bobby Fischer, one of the world’s renowned American chess player. But he was in exile as he hated his own country so much. Then i don’t know if this matter to you guys, but the last native Alaskan speaker died as well.

But i guess, one of the biggest impact to the world for this month’s death would be the death of Heath Ledger. I don’t really wanna write an obituary here, i think they have that everywhere on the net already. Now, there’s a lot of mixed opinions of his death. First it was drugs, then it was pneumonia, and i don’t think the post mortem has come out yet. If it was drugs... well bro, tough luck.

But whatever it is, one thing everyone understood. He was an amazing artist. I think it was because of his character in ‘10 things i hate about you’ why the song ‘Cant Take my eyes off you’ is played more frequently in the early 2000.

One thing i’m not gonna be surprised, his portrayal of Joker in his last complete movie, could actually be award winning. Even from the trailers, you could see how he’s so intense in the character, making the character grittier, dark, dramatic, psychotic... REAL. It was also mentioned, that Heath was so immersed in his character that even kept a personal diary while shooting ‘The Dark Knight’. You think it’s normal? Think again, he wrote the diary as Joker. Such a serious actor, but sometimes it scares me, if i was ever in his shoes, not being able to differentiate between reality, and fiction.
Nevertheless, Batman is coming alive again, because of the creativity and chemistry of Heath, Christian and other prominent actors. They’ve made the movie less comical, and more of a thriller, scarier, worth watching, and award winning.

Well my man Heath, i don’t know if you faked your death or not, either way, you’re a damn versatile actor and just damn good at it. I may have to substitute you one day in Hollywood. But if i could play a villain, i’d probably wanna play Clayface, yeps... that’d be awesome.

Bull Rats....

Okay, so currently, my office is facing a rat infestation. It’s weird you know, i’ve been exposed to rats infestation since i was in highschool. But the thing is, be it 10 rugby players, tough kids, trying to catch the rat, but when it starts running at them, they’d all just run and jump on the bed. Yeps. Including me. See, i’m not scared of rats, but just a bit creeped out by them if they start running at me. I can chase them with a stick or something, but if it starts coming at me and pass by my legs... yeps... i’d just freak out. Hahaha.

Which comes to my other story. I read through BBC sometime early this month, and researches in Peru/Chile, cant remember found that back then rats grew up as big as a bull. Can you imagine if those animals crawl around in our homes? Next thing you know, you’re hungry at nite and walking to your kitchen, only finding a family of rats, the dad reading the paper, the mom rummaging through the fridge, while the kids just plays around with your cat like it’s a doll. Now wont THAT freak you out seriously.

Painted Thoughts....

Just for your information... haha... i started typing this three days later after i arrived in KK. Didnt do much, but just nice enough to chill with my family. Went out for dinner, then jogged with my parents, went to 2 weddings (in which, seriously, karaoke in weddings SHOULD be BANNED!!), went to the driving range with my sis and dad while my dad taught us to make a drive. i totally felt like going to the driving range after i watched ‘the greatest game ever played’, and im like... oh man. And amazingly, im not even BS-in you here, my shots were flying sky high 150 – 200 for a beginner. Not bad. And now im typing in Coffeebean after doing some flowcharts (work related, not for fun, nopes, im not that nerdy enough, not as nerdy as a math minor.. . ehem) while trying to look cool and staying awake.

Let’s skip the part about my nice relaxing life on a Monday while everyone’s at work thing and go to my next point of the blog. Roughly last two weeks, i accidentally entered a paintball competition in Bintulu. Team name... Rahsia. Yes... bukan nak berahsia, tapi memang nama Team kamekorang Rahsiaaa. Chewah, do i sound like salesman melayu?

So anyway, seriously, if you guys played paintball before, im telling you this for real, not even kidding you, when it comes to competition, it’s totally different from playing for fun. The intensity just builds up, and i’ve even approached a ref for a bad call while screaming to him ‘you calling me a liar man??!! You can just say im out instead of letting me play on! You Jerk!’

Yes... not a pretty picture. I’m never pissed off at a game. Just weird u know. Such a nice game turned serious and ugly and pissed off players. Another thing i found out... in competitions, being a runner does not help. If you’re shot while ur running, and you cant stop coz of all that momentum, they’d call u a huge foul and get a 1 for 1 which means that im out coz i kept on playing after im shot, and then as a penalty, my teammate is taken out due to my foul. Yess... and guess what i said after ‘WHAT?? U think i wouldn’t want to stop!!?’ and all other cusses followed after. Hahaha.

So here’s the thing, im definitely not meant to play paintball in competitions, but i did learn sooooo much. The guys want me to play again for the March Competition with the same team. Tengok la kalau ada mood.

Btw... we got fourth placing.

Life on another planet....

I was browsing this on the news last week or was it the week before. I cant elaborate much. All i know, just look at this picture of some where in planet Mars below. It was taken by a Nasa Spacecraft. NASA officials are going apeshit rite now. Trying to figure out what’s that figure walking down the hill in Mars. here's the link btw Aliens on BBC

notice that thing that looks like its walking on the left side of the pic?

I don’t know what would happen if there’s an actual alien invasion coming to earth, would humans suddenly unite then? Regardless religion, color and culture? But then again, if it really IS aliens, im not acting suddenly all religious here rite now, but it was stated in the Quran, humans ARE the best creation. We can think, and we can think for ourselves. Which could mean, the creatures in Mars (if any), are like bigfoot, apes, gorillas and etc. With the exception with only one eye, like the mythical creature, Cyclops. Damn... that’d be freakishly awesome. Just as long as it doesn’t go apeshit on earth and start infecting ppl and turning them into horny hot women while leaving me as the only Male that could provide them the satisfaction. Man, what a world would that be. (insert your patriotic song here).

Awesome running songs....

Okay, i don’t usually share this. but here goes. When i run/jog, i need a good beat. A beat that keeps me going, on my toes, and i can hum to it while i run, and feeling good about it.
1. Foo Fighters – The Best of you
2. Kanye West – Gold Digger
3. Kanye West – Stronger
4. Snoop and Justin – Signs
5. Polyphonic Spree – Light and Day
6. Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode

Okay, I’m not a FAN of Kanye. Let me get this straight. But those two songs, have a very good beat to keep my feet and my breathing in line, that i feel like im on spring and this positive vibe when i jog. Same goes for Snoop and Polyphonic Spree. The songs just keep me on a nice adrenalin pump. My steroid.

Foo Fighters, best of you, and Chuck’s Johnny B Goode, i’ll listen if i wanna run fast. As fast as i can till my legs fall off. Another song that could actually work is All American Rejects’ Move Along. Yeps... that’s for speed.

But when im cooling down and doing my calistatics, i’ll just either listen to soulful songs, but most of the time, i’ll just turn it off, and listen to the waves and winds if i was jogging by the beach, or the sound of the insects in the jungles if i was jogging in... the jungles. The amazing thing about being in KK. Hehehe.

Well I don’t know what else to update. I got some more cool newspaper clippings, but i think i'll save for later. This is a cool article. I’ll talk about it soon.
Curvier women much more intelligent than skinny women. Heheheh. Research baby... research. And ladies... don’t need to be too skinny. I’ll voice my view on this one later.

(PS:- i'm posting this when i just arrived in KL. hehehe. havent had chance to upload the pics yet)