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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Oraitss... It's been a while. hehe. why? coz i just had too much stuff to do. finals, work, moving out, moving in, and just a lot of other blaass. muahahah. so what's new lately? i got my job at the MRC, doing research on allergen, and updating every study i can to improve mankind's immunity to these allergens, which could involve pollen, aerosol, second hand cat dust exposure, dust, IgE-mediated, bla bla bla and lots of other blaaa. muahaha. tell you the truth, still blur ngan aper yang aku buat research.

Then around a week after finals, we had a surprise birthday for my dearest girl, shazatul rina. happy 21st birthday!! although kau dah tua, kau masih bebudak dalam hati aku. (chewaaaah!! eat that shah reza!!) anyway, rina skang dok kat exxon mobile berkerja buat hari kedua hari nih, dan semakin bahagia dgn en jon. (cis kau jon). miss you so much, hope to see you soon dear!! jgn makan byk sgt, nnt aku jumpa kau, aku bantai gelak jekk kalau kau makin berisi. the japanese restaurant (well its japanese but run by chinese), was sooooo f'in cool!! best giler!! i think the chef are trained assassins. they threw their knives like they were throwing pencils in the air and cathing them back. and played with fire, and damn, it was just awesome. bought something that rina wanted dulu, hope you enjoy the DVD. hugss...

So, anyway, the next thing i did later that week was send rina and david to newark, in a hot looking volvo!! bleh control volume, cd, sumer kat steering wheel. pastuh ada sunroof, leather seats, bau gajah lagi tuh seats dier. and then after sent rina to the airport, we went to shopping with kerk izzy kesayangan, and went to nyc to eat, which was of course tak lain tka bukan en penang. perrggh. konyang eden.

Next, we went to see Troy, and hmmm somehow, i think personally, Last Samurai has a better impact on me. not only that, i feel that Eric Bana's character Hector is way way better than Achilles. but the story was pretty good. but ive seen better. Then the day after we went to see... SHREK 2. now, THAT is a GREAT movie!! the animation is already so obviously awesome as we see in SHREK, but this time with a plus, a hot great story line, with an addition of a cool funny character, mr PUSS IN DE BOOTS played by no other than mr.zorro, antonio banderas. the setting of the area was also funny, having starbucks, versachery, burger king, all around the Kingdom far far away, which, not just figuratively, but literally, Kingdom Far Far Away. great show to bring in the kids and family, and well actually all ages.

We also had the grad nite which personally i think has to be the coolest graduation nite ive ever encountered, with the oscar style event, having read the nominess, being the seniors' chauffer, and great performances by amri's band, the men in black, poetry by irah, and our sketch. however... being the critique i am, there is one main part of the event that i think should have been improved, as i think the whole nite was a complete success except for one mistake. but pulut dah jadi bubur pulut hitam. there's always next year to improvise. all in all, you seniors deserved it. congrats!!

then there is also the commencement. kali nih, takdek STEALTH!! bugger!! i was expecting a stealth flying over. tapi sedih sungguh takdek. and the speaker was well, not bad, okay, not bad, but last year was better. the funny thing was right at the end of the event, terus hujan lebat. haha. but the penutup for the gempakss... IKAN TERUBUK TIGA EKOR PANJANG SATU HASTA!! perrggghh.... bakar, makan sambal asam, kicap, nasi putih, perggghhh. thanks to the chef taroi and julie dearest. that was definitely a great meal!! makes me have that feeling to go fish again. muahahah. taroi eat trash!!

pastuh pindah randah. damn, my back hurts so bad after the pindah randah. entah baper bijik fridge we brought up, 3-4 flights of stairs. come on laaa RPI nih kan engineering university, cant they build an elevator?? sheeessh!! banyak giler laa barang ktierang. i think because of the fact that we never moved out for nearly two whole years. lagik2 laa amri, 3 thn. cant wait to move back in colonie, and have the whole Colonie A apartments to myself n just hush. however, dok kat sharp hall is not that bad either. i have missed that feeling of duduk ramai2, and feeling like i was back in High school. dok ramai2 tengok tv, dok ramai sembang2, it was something.

Lastly the coming midwest. cant wait for midwest. ran everyday, went to the team bola nyer fitness training which, i think really benefits everyone, no matter how tiring it gets. i think it was just awesome. and then tolong team basketball main, and then shot some hoops by myself, cant wait to play. i dont even know if im playing or not, but alaaa dapat main jekk laaaa. huyeaaaah. anyway, catch you guys later... dont know how later, yeah.... huyeaaaaah.....

here are some view of what happened in the past nearly 1 month

amin n me on commencement

me foi n jaja

tayar pancit kat tempat cool

tgh tukar tayar

berpindah randah

berpindah randah lagik

org2 buangan

grad nitee oscar special

amin tido after grad nite

hokkaido baby!!

rina dearest, happy birthday baby!!

young and dangerous

now... lastly, EVERYBODY HAS THE LOVE FOR AVIATOOOOR. monster dog boleh jalaan. muahahahaha

everybody looks hot in the aviator. muahahah

Sunday, May 02, 2004

So, anyway, nak dengar citer best tak?? haha... okay here goes....

So semlm i went to Shalimar Restaurant, and when i finished my lunch, as i was going out, i passed these group of people, and then one of them stopped me. so it went like this

A: Hey, wait a minute, you're the guy from the AAW right?
Irfan: huh? (starting to blush) haha. yes i am.
A: Johan right? WOW you're sooooo GOOD!!

and then B comes in

B: if i was the girl i would not dump you!!
A: yes!! that was a great performance
Irfan: errrr... heh... thanks.....

and i left the store... damn smiling. that there my friends, was a "brad pitt" moment. hahaha. cool takk? huyeaaah. next stop hollywood baby!!

Btw, arituh bbq, took a lot of great pics!! (well not me only laaa sha is the great photographer! touche!!)

BTW SORRY ORG2 DARI MALAYSIA NAK TENGOK GAMBAR NIH, MESTI LAG. cant help it. if you want it personally, just email me okay.

Lana comel n i

Rina lawa n i

Rina mata lalat

ija and jebat


Me n elle

abe baling frisbee


ellias cacat


nih masa petronas gath

grunge gilerr

smart giler

nih masa geo field trip

meredith yg baik (but mulut dierr... sheesh kalau laki, would not hesitate to tell u to fuck off... hahaha)

kalau nak lagi pegi laa mahmum!!!